I am a Breeder - Theresa Viesto - Labrador Retrievers

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AutorYour dogs are overweight! Feed with a measuring cup!
Autor: westmeathguy
AutorHi theresa
Autor: Vinit Madhavi
Autorhi there, i have a lab but its tail is curled. can you tell me if its pure or not
Autor: Deepak Kumar
AutorIs there any possibility to get one lab puppy...
Autor: Sarun Sathyan
AutorHmm, great with old people? Not sure... our lab would always jump up on my elderly grandma when she came over. I was worried about him knocking her over. :( The problem with labs is that they don't think about the consequences of their actions, well, no dog does... therefore you can't generalize and say they're great with such and such.
Autor: CheesyTV
Autormam what is your name?
Autor: Rohit Mane
Autorhow to contact you?
Autor: rajika anderiezon
Autormam can a Labrador be a good guard dog..
Autor: Prachitosh Mohanty
Autorvery good dogs
Autor: jagjit singh
Autornice video; well made! this maybe an old wives tale; but was told years ago the blk females were some of the smartest of the breed? i just prefer a yellow or lite chocalate
Autor: Gra 7961
AutorWhat about all the dogs and cats in animal shelters that might die!?!
Autor: Aleshia Parham
Autorbreeding labs are hard trust me every lab breeder wants the puppies to be a litter of every color but that's a 25%chance to happen it's a WAY higher chance for the whole litter to be all one color of one of the parents and about 50/50 chance for 1/2 to be one of the parents colors and the other 1/2 to be the other parents color
Autor: Cheese Lover Girl
AutorIf a family wants the specific qualities and health testing of a breed, there is nothing like the experience of getting a well bred dog.
Autor: Leah Shirokoff
Autorin delhi
AutorI love labs they are beatuiful awesome and fun dogs your labs are are great looking labs
Autor: michael anderson
AutorI got 1 with a few problems, me .l like dogs . G
Autor: Jonathan Boerema
AutorThank you for this video. People don't seem to understand the point of dog breeding is produce better dogs. I think that people who want to rescue dogs are great people, however, I do think pure-dogs are just as good, if not better, than a shelter dog. Shelter dogs are not for everyone.
Autor: Amanda W.
Autorhow to know the lab retriever are mix breed or purebred and how to gain the weight of 45 days lab retriever
Autor: kiran M
Autoris there any diffrence in lebardor and lebardor ritriver
Autor: hawkeye rohit
AutorI have a labrador puppy 🐶
Autor: Just A Equestrian
AutorVery good you can tell how much you Reilly much you love your Labrador´s. I have a Labrador have a Labrador and day are a great dog
Autor: John O toole dog games
AutorI have a black lab and she is my family
Autor: mike 1025
Autormy sweet dog... simba
Autor: chandan das
Autorwhere are you leave ?????,
Autor: Manpreet Kahlon
AutorI love them! Mine died 3 years ago and it was the worst thing ever! They are great dogs you seem like an excellent breeder
Autor: Bee Snort
Autorhow to identify English Labrador and American labrador.
Autor: Priyanshu Dubey
AutorNever was into labs until I got a bullmastador. The more I read up on labs and talk to people that owns them. Their starting to grow on me.
Autor: Faarooke4455 Hill

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