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AutorTruly inspirational..Heavenly sent
AutorBrave teenager!
Autor: Anderson
AutorI love him alot he is hero, cute, strong and optimistic😍😍😘😘😘
Autor: Chro Kamal Hama
AutorEscaped from area51
Autor: 김민재
AutorIt is very difficult to come into such a platform and speak about how to have a happy life when you have the rarest condition. Had it been me probably would have said that you people who god gave everything are ungrateful but he tried to make us understand that if it’s possible for me it’s possible for you . We must learn from him , he had expectations for his future like us he wanted to be someone in this world . So instead of looking at the negatives focus more on the positives.
Autor: Fiza faizal
Autorlove you sam..
Autor: sadman syed
AutorGod bless your Soul forever, Sam. My sentiments to family and friends. Such a luminous human being.
Autor: Miguel Carvalho
AutorOnce in an era,such personalities like SAM Bro appears and leaves us a message to adapt..Rest In Peace.
Autor: Mahesh Mohan
AutorI don’t always comment, but I just have to this time. Beautiful speech, beautiful man. May God rest his soul
Autor: Game Station
AutorThis young man inspired me a lot
Autor: Mariam Alqhtani
AutorThis guy has amazing speaking skills for a 17 year old
Autor: STLCODPS3123
AutorM watching it in 2019.
Is sam alive??
Autor: Vinay Pratap
Autorthe people who disliked such a meaningful talk like this are just heartless
Autor: Safxtn
AutorAs a sousaphone (marching tuba) player, This warms my heart that they helped him specially make a snare drum for him that he could march with. But it’s very sad to hear he passed away, this talk was amazing. His mindset is what I aspire to be in everyday. To anybody who’s never experienced marching band or met a marching band kid, I highly suggest doing so when you get there chance. They are some of the most accepting people on the planet.
Autor: Kriscoda
AutorMarathi dili var Türkçe yok aq
Autor: Karahan Ertürk
AutorHe is so cute!!! I just want to squish him!!!
Autor: Holo trash can
AutorTogether, some of us WILL change the fate of the world. It is going to be awesome.
Autor: Lisa Schuster
AutorBEST Ted ever!!!!!😎😎😎
Autor: Roohma Mohideen
Autordamn is that mega mind THE mega mind?
Autor: Line dart
AutorThis was a sour sweet talk. Sam was already struggling to breath and talk. His message was very simple and beautiful, but it was also very sad. Life is hard: I like to look around some videos of YT when I can. And there is so much hate, so much desperation in the messages. At least, this guy achieved something that not many of us will do. He did his best to give us hope in his short life.
Autor: Ligeia D.Aurevilly
Autorgood work sam, u changed the world by sharing ur philosophy for a happy life
thank u
Autor: hector barbossa
AutorIts so sad that he is dead now... He died only 1 month after this ted talk
Autor: Mile HD
AutorThe people who disliked this video are those ones who were blurred vision with tears in eyes.
Autor: Drift King
AutorHe’s so cute! This boy is so sweet :)
Autor: Calliope Hilborn
AutorWould I be considered a "bad" person if I said I did not like this video
Autor: Rhomez
Autor: Melek Nur
Autor성대는 안 늙나보네
Autor: 허준재
Autorhe is the messenger of god
Autor: Harshit Chaudhary
AutorU have too much energy even haven't us. U r so simple and Strong. Salute u....
Autor: channel of fun
Autorwonderfoul message, i love this
Autor: Liv Spencer
AutorTq bro☺
Autor: chitradevi suresh
Autormakes ya wake.up n.stop feeling sorry for yourself. get into life.
Autor: Lucie Luz
AutorVery inspiring
Autor: Monali Patil
Autorthank you
I love your attitude:-)
Autor: Chonnipa Tirapornchai
Autorwhat's wrong with those 9.9k dislikes?
Autor: nhor abraham
AutorI saw in the description that he had passed away before watching the video. I did not expect to get so emotional when I first clicked on it, especially when seeing how hard he himself was trying to control his quavering voice. RIP man and thanks for sharing this with the world
Autor: 30gsp
AutorI cried cried and 😢 oh my God why they were like that??? Thanks God that I'm not like them!
Autor: Azamat Zhanadilov
AutorI like his confidence.
Autor: Ismacil Abdisamad
AutorRip Sam❤ily and I know your having a lot of fun in heaven doing band and all your other things and watching your family
Autor: Jada & Lexi Gibson
AutorBest Ted talk ever
Autor: Rhodora Patricia Melliza
AutorIt’s terrible to hear about your loss 💔...A good heart has stopped beating
Sam Philosophy for a Happy Life:
1. Be OK with what you ultimately can’t do,because there is so much you CAN do
2. Surround yourself with people you want to be around
3. Keep moving forward
4. Never miss a party if you can help it
Autor: Mohamad Nazari
Autor: 10101010
AutorR. I. P. <3
Autor: ShIr LeY
AutorThis is the sign of a true leader! Know what you can do and can't do - simple but profound. Sam Berns is a remarkable young man! Your perspective brings us great encouragement. You are a person of high quality. See each other for who we are on the inside. Provide a positive influence and have others provide a positive influence. The community can make a significant positive impact. Keep moving forward. Don't look back. Strive for the things ahead, a forward-thinking state of mind. Acknowledge troubles but move past them. I believe I can change the world. Being brave isn't supposed to be easy, but sometimes you just need to make that decision. Never miss a party if you can help it. God bless you and your family Sam.x
Autor: Bk ylu
Autor: TNS RMS
AutorIm crying:(
Autor: Sara Yap
AutorVery strong soul
Autor: Homie Sid
AutorLiving Legend ❤💯
Autor: Ram Maheshwari
AutorHi Faith Love god
Autor: Faith Hanes
AutorGod bless you Dear Sam
Autor: Peter Parker
Autorهاذا شخص حقيقي ي جماعه؟
Autor: Mnoosh Kamakl
AutorLütfen Türkçe çevirisi de gelsin
Autor: Sena Güler
AutorThose eyes jesus christ
Autor: Redzilla 5022
AutorRIP Сэм. Земля тебе пухом..
Autor: Фасоль Хачитуряновна
AutorPlease add Turkish language.Every language is there but you are resisting for added Turkish language
Autor: Yusuf Eren Bilban
AutorSam, I want to shake your hand!
My deepest respect for you!
Autor: Ya Ummatana
AutorKeşke Türkçe altyazı olsaydı
Autor: sem a
AutorWhy is there so many dislikes? I’m actually curious
Autor: Soleil Bleau
AutorHe is incredible
Autor: Gaming King
AutorThat is a real man. So smart and tougher than most will ever be.
Autor: glockman945
AutorPerhaps the most powerful thing I have ever seen. Real heroes don't wear capes. Speechless.
Autor: Remy Carreiro
AutorAlexander HAMILTON
Autor: Mrs. Nightmare
AutorGod bless you. Good talk!!
Autor: Xheii C R
AutorThank you
Autor: Brandon McMullen
AutorIf you quote Ferris Bueller in a presentation...your life has had a good road
Autor: Alien Bacon
AutorWise soul
Autor: Journey 333
AutorR.I.P 😢😢
Autor: Game Fan
AutorSuch a beautiful person
Autor: Chris Van Hanswyk
AutorWhat a brave heart ...
AutorGood job you did well. Gone too soon.
Autor: Sufi Khal
AutorSam was a genius. May his soul always rest in peace :)
Autor: Krish Gupta
Autor50 pounds woah
Autor: Personnage vivant vivant
Autor9.6k dislikes? What happened to humanity?
Autor: Syafiq Moffet
Autor: Shivangi Sawant
Autorwe all know this kid is not happy
Autor: Sarah Harris
AutorPeople with progeria age 8 times faster. 17 times 8 is 136. That’s a long time for anyone.
Autor: SiLenT Fortnite and CSGO
AutorEmocionante!! Todos deveriam ver isso ❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻😢
Autor: Gabrielly Fávaro
AutorIam Feeling very Sorry For him! I want Every one from the world to encourage , support children/men/women like Sam!
Autor: Shaik Mohammed Adil
AutorYou are my idol
Autor: UnMecSansHistoire
AutorWyh havent turkish
Autor: Sümeyra Çay
AutorLess than a month later he died.

Autor: Buried Unborn
AutorRip brother
Autor: confidential information
AutorSo beautiful😍😍😍
Autor: Flurina Aggeler
AutorInformation is the key to confidence and awareness. Disinformation is the reason we run from our GODLINESS.
AutorI love this so much. ❤️
Autor: Bella Kait
Autor: Sinan 35
AutorA very smart intelligent human being
Autor: Maxx
AutorYour body language, and speech are both very confident. I aspire to be like you!!!
Autor: Jory Stultz
AutorWe have lost a truly beautiful person to this world. Thank you Sam
Autor: Leanne Groom
AutorКакой же он умный в свои 17, мне 26, а ощущаю себя на 15
Autor: gamover47
AutorI'm in the marching band!! I want to be this dude's friend
And my brother plays snare drum!!!
AutorGuyz i balled my eyes and now i just figured he died a month after this ted talk. Sam you surely are in a better place.
Autor: 7625e
AutorHonestly you're so cute you know. Keep trying my love
Autor: Minh Anh Phan
AutorTurkçe altyazı neden yok??
Autor: Pınar Ozdemir
AutorCe type est admirable, esprit brillant, force morale rare.
Autor: Troll Encore
Autor: ut video
Autor: Leonor Salinas
AutorGod bless him
Autor: John Tyler
AutorThe bravest man i've ever seen
Autor: ishak ben
AutorYou are the strongest
Autor: Ershad Zafar
AutorOmg I’m so sad!! I’m seeing this video just now, and can’t believe I never knew who he was. I decided to look in the comments, and they’re saying RIP. I’m so sad he’s gone :(. Glad I got the chance to see this, and I’m glad he was able to live such a happy life and share his message before he passed. RIP 😞❤️
Autor: Rylie Maedler
AutorBest story..... I hv heard in a long time
Autor: priyanka shaji
AutorGrazie !!!!💙💙💙
Lo so che hai ragione , da 8 anni ci sto provando , è si , adesso so che esiste la felicità, il mio traguardo è renderla costante , in modo da poter esprimere la mia gioia di vivere , dare la mia energia , non sprecarla nello stare male , mi sono stufata di stare male !!!!!
Autor: Paola Zini
AutorRespect you strong articulate being
Autor: World King
Autorbe thankful. alhamdulillah.
Autor: iskandargasm
AutorMa Gah!!!!!!!
Autor: CGSS1W25 extra
AutorR.I.P. Sam and this quote from Nelson Mandela applies to you " I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear". You did conqueror not just the fear but our hearts to and you will not be forgotten.
Autor: Beysim Yakuboff
AutorIf u want motivation to change yourself just take an advice from Sam Berns
Autor: Pablo Picasso
AutorReal inspiration right here for anyone who makes excuses
AutorNo matter what anyone says, he is the most beautiful human being I've evr seen in my life! Bless his soul!
Autor: yasas chandrasekara
AutorSuperb Sam👏👏👏❤❤❤.. Life is too short most other life for the sickest and melancholy and happy there it's paradise. Thank Allah for the blessing of Islam.
Read the Quran dear Sam defines Nabi Ayoub's story is also a very rare bemrs was sick.
Autor: Aem Hij
AutorBasically nothing new. Why did he feel the need to have this talk?
Autor: Mykhailo Hohol
AutorEveryone, just like me would be thinking that he looks so weird and ik maybe he does but a human is not from outside but from inside.
Autor: sanyam chawla
AutorHe is so much stronger than Most of us 🙏 he gets all of my respect ❤️
Autor: Hannah Schmalzbauer
AutorWho dislikes this. Whoever dislikes should suffer
Autor: Max Hamilton
Autorso sad...i cried about 10 times
Autor: Jeevi Ratnam
AutorThere's 10K+ dislikes for this video.What type of people are they.
Autor: loRDheLLfiRE 4660
AutorRest in peace 💫💕
Autor: Ecem Deniz
AutorThank you for this amazing message. Rip🙏🏾
Autor: Royal Pepe
AutorGlad he lived a happy life, wasn't expecting to know he died shortly after this TedEx. He has plans but death don't wait. He should have said "Godwilling I'm doing so so". May God let us be from those who remember Him.
Autor: mentaleur
AutorBeautiful Sam!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Autor: José Sanchez
AutorThank for your message Sam.
Autor: Boom Bog
AutorДавно хотел выслушать этого человека
Autor: Lekar
AutorRip dislikers
Autor: pradeep medikonda
AutorSalute the intense positivity 👍
Autor: Shaswati Roy
AutorI feel so sad at the moment i see him....
Autor: Vitamin Pro 5
AutorWhat a truely inspirational story. He didn't allow his illness to limit his life. And hearing that he died a month after I'm beginning to think that he achieved his goal in life because through his message many people can start being grateful and appreciative of the blessings we have in our daily lives
Autor: Jerry Rawlings
Autor: CB'shipper EXO-L
Autorhe is so lucky. Not saying anything insulting but people with progeria usually die at 13 in the mid teens. He was lucky
Autor: Arzoo Imran
AutorAND I have a happy life too
Autor: 마녀와 찐빵 LogInChina
AutorI literally cried watching the video.....very touching
Autor: 12 gsc
AutorSucked in
Autor: Poomers KJT
AutorDear Sam,
You have inspired me so much. You are forever in our hearts. RIP.
Autor: Huncho Peluche
AutorYour solution. Not a divine one. How can we attain peace unless we submit to the peace MAKER ? My brother, no matter how good you are in this world, if you die a disbeliever, it’s a loss that lasts forever hereafter because that’s how long time lasts there. And no matter how bad you are here, if you die a believer, you live the fruits of your win forever in the hereafter because that’s how long time lasts in the hereafter.

It might seem like what I wrote above might’ve killed your beautiful vibe here but no matter what happens, the truth does not change for anyone, people change for the truth. Those who don’t..... well I guess you’ll know what happens regardless of whether or not you believe what I’m saying.
Autor: Ummati 93
Autor27 days later he died
Autor: ghaith maini
Autor: 박토돌이
AutorThank you for helping me. Your speech is powerful and gives me hope. I will go back to it many times, as I need now something to hang on.
Autor: 07momisan
AutorGod only takes angels. Sam, l had never met you when you were alive - but l feel like l know you now. You make me proud to be a human. Thank you for this gift. I will keep it in my heart forever. 💪You changed the world - & my 🌎. Rest easy buddy.
Autor: ArmandoM4387
AutorSir salute ur really good
Autor: Kera Tam
AutorR.I.P. Sam Berns!
Autor: Trinity Livingston
AutorYou are champion ...Love u
Autor: Abhijeet soni
AutorBiri bu videoyu Turkceye cevirmeli
Autor: berika yazıcı
AutorHas he passed away? He’s become a beautiful butterfly or one of the brightest stars in the sky❤️
Autor: cristybello
Autorsuper like
I love you Same ❤️😍
You are really inspire me
Autor: Osama Chess
Autornecesito subtítulo ):
Autor: Directioner/Zquad Argentina
Autorbersyukur pada tuhan.
Autor: iskandargasm
Autorfuvk dislikers
Autor: X-finer
Autor: Just Garbage
Autoryour words inspire me a lot. Thank you so much
Autor: ty ‘s
AutorNot to be insensitive at all but is he purposely moving his right arm forward when he talks? it just looks a bit like an unusual movement
Autor: Zoe Pearson
AutorFrickin incredible
Autor: Tanayr Panday
AutorHe is like an alien
Autor: Satyaprakash Swain
AutorRIP great soul
Autor: Navtej Singh
AutorThis guy is the best example of determination and being brave.
Autor: loRDheLLfiRE 4660
AutorSe parece al Sr mackey
Autor: Jose Cardenas
Autor❤Brave Heart❤
Autor: manish Ambawat
Autorye jandha ha
Autor: sadia yousuf Shamsi
AutorEveryone can use more of his mindset. He may be physically gone, but his influence and strength remain.
Autor: Julian Shadrin at Keller Williams Realty Pros
AutorI remember listening to a girl with progeria on a tv show in my country. She was a little bit younger, but I was equally inspired by her speech and her maturity. Is it their very short lifetime that gives these children some much wisdom about life and happiness? I love listening to them, they have so much to teach us.
Autor: Analheme
AutorHis concept of happiness can be explain using mechanistic theory. This was the best.
Autor: Sand Sueno
AutorThis guy is no more, Rip!
Autor: Abbasalt Afridi
AutorI had a disabled child who died. He suffered dreadfully but was the bravest, most cheerful little warrior! He really taught everybody the meaning of the word LOVE. But some people told me after he died that he was better off dead. They didn't see that he was an angel of love. People, please think about disabled people differently!
Autor: Eleanor Smithwick
AutorBeing brave doesn't have to be easy 💔
Autor: Asjad Alagied
Autori dont wanna cry i dont wanna cry i dont wanna cry
Autoryou're bless Sam 💐
Autor: catur cayo
AutorWas Mr burns made after him
Autor: rian dunneleavy
AutorI've discovered you right now, in 2019 in a continent so far from what was yours. You were amazing. I could see your fear in your eyes and discover it in the tone of your voice. It had been an injustice you had to leave so early. Rest in peace faboulous human being. I'll try to share your message as better as I can.
Autor: Betta Saracini
The wisdom this guy has is something some people never reach.
Autor: Subscribe to PewDiePie
Autor: Togo Burrows
AutorWatching this at 5 am is totally worth it!!
Autor: Mrudul Vemuri
AutorSam was a beautiful young man with a beautiful attitude. His wisdom and maturity far exceeded his years.
Autor: J Ernest
AutorDeserve to respect
Autor: Amine Laichaoui
AutorI thank god for my health and well being
Autor: Dr Log
AutorA beautiful soul.  Thanks for sharing.
Autor: Susan Christiansz
AutorThose 9.9k dislikers 😶😶😶
I mean seriously
Autor: S A
Autorone exceptional,inspirational and most courageous human you....thank you for educating us with your disease and showing us how much energy and mental strength it requires
Autor: Dana Oneil
Autor: Youmad Uknowumad
AutorWho clicked this just to see what he sounded like
Autor: SpedFiles
AutorThank you Sam 🙏💕 thank you for making me who I am now rip Sam we will miss you 💘 thank you for making a Difference in the world everyone knows your name 💘 you have made a Difference 💘
Autor: Harkiran Pajjeta - Sir William Gage MS (1519)
AutorGreat people ,
leave us early...
people says it was a msg...
but it is a very difficult task that you handover to us...
Autor: Redzilla 5022
AutorI know so many people that have so much that are so miserable, good kid!
Autor: Richard Coates
AutorHis voice really sounds nice & comforting!
Autor: Akash Mahata
AutorWhat a legend
Autor: Dy80
Autorinspiring talk.brave talk.
Autor: Bijo Varghese
Autorone of the most beautiful souls ever lived on earth. I'm blessed I come across his messages. Thank you for your life lessons. Made me more grateful to life. I believe you're in heaven now.
Autor: Esther Sali
AutorEven though I respect this man. I’m a meme boi. And thus, Ayy Lmao. RIP Sam Berns.
Autor: Jayden Calderon
AutorTurkish translate please
Autor: Aslı Han
Autorbecause you, the world had been change. thanks sam berns !!
Autor: Jack game
AutorBless him "god"!!!
Autor: Diamond Sparkle343
AutorSo sad to think that this man died about a month after his ted talk. Fortunately he got to send his message out to the world. May god bless him
Autor: Lukeeeh
Autor17th time watching this video and I can't stop crying.
Autor: Emmanuel Obi
Autor: 指定Z-
Autor: miumiuoshi
AutorI think Amitabh Bachchan played a similar character in the movie Paa!
Autor: Akash Mahata
AutorHe died in 2014
Autor: darkstar poop
Autor: Leonor Salinas
AutorI lov u dear.good job
Autor: Indira Liyana Arachchi Liyana Arachchi
Autor"Don't judge them by their outlooks, we have to look INSIDE"
But I'm so sad that many people don't, but He is not afraid of his out looking, and just look inside of people.
I just want to be like him, someone who judge by their inside feelings.
Sometimes, I looked myself and think that why I'm not smarter than anyone and why I'm not prettier than my friends.
But after I watched this video, I felt sad for him that I have a healthy body because he doesn't.
But I was so happy that he was keeping going forward even though he's out looking is different than normal people,
I learned a lot of important things from him and I'm looking forward to myself.
And I also know that I don't have to be smarter and prettier.
Because there are precious things inside of my heart, there are things that no one else has.
But it doesn't mean that being brave is easy, that's why he is an amazing and bravest person ever I know.
People know that he has already died, but he still living inside of my heart.

I hope many people learned that every single person is special, and there is nothing you can't do it.

 Thank you, I learned a lot of things from this video.
Autor: Hailey Choi

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