Hubblecast 96: How many galaxies are there?

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Autorلا اله الا الله
Autor: محمد الغامدي
AutorThen, we estimated there are 200 billion stars of bright stars in milky way galaxy based on visible light telescopes observed.
Now, we estimated there are 400 billion stars of dim (brown) stars, glowing (red)stars, illuminating (blue), shining (yellow) stars, and bright (white) stars in milky way galaxy based on infrared, visible, UV telescopes observed.
It is the same dilemma for how many galaxies in the universe.
It will be the same dilemma for how many different alien species in the universe.
Autor: Xi Le
Autor120 billions galaxies in the observable universe. How could anyone have imagined that? And that may be only 10% of the total number. Gadzooks! Who can wrap their mind around that?
Autor: Noe Berengena
AutorNice video!
Autor: Ramiro Antunes
AutorSpace is like a spider's web. Space is spreading its web. Black hole is B1 B4 Biological elapse. Wound in a cut healing itself
Autor: Lewis McElroy
AutorBy laws of probability our galaxy alone should contain thousand of life forms in other calculate that with billions of other galaxies.
Autor: Augustine Dundos
AutorThe universe....the mind of GOD....we cannot begin to understand it’s vastness. Let’s not try. We’re all gonna die someday, let’s see if God wants to answer our questions. If not, that’s ok. Read the Bible, get enough answers there.
Autor: Tomnator Tomnator
AutorDoes this change scientists' thinking on whether the universe will continue to expand and suffer heat death vs. eventually collapsing back on itself to be reborn?
Autor: grant50
AutorWe think we are smart, and yes we have come so far that our technology has been improving, but we are far not intelligent enough to contact "the others", because we can't even get to Mars now. So how can we contact or search the other millions of habitable zone planets with in our Milky Way Galaxy? And we are only talking about our galaxy, and there are trillions of galaxies out there? Maybe in another life, I will be an alien living on Planet Kepler.
Autor: Qi Sun
AutorPrevious estimates had been 125 billion plus. This is significant. I have updated my earth science and astronomy curriculum presentations to 2 trillion galaxies.
Autor: Art Ellis
AutorWe will never know how big the universe is.
Autor: Dan Aldom
AutorHow great the creator!
Autor: Raana Waheed
AutorIt's all a hologram.
Autor: Mary Shaw
Autorscience has later revealed that the dark space between stars are actually fragments of exploded "memes", remnants of a distant past
Autor: 8040
Autor: Lieke Zoombelt
Autorim guessing the number of galaxies are infinite!
Autor: sillysongbird
AutorWhat really blows my mind is that people keep thinking we know all there is to know and then oh wow we know jack shit. Pick up a history book, this keeps happening over and over again, but for some reason because we are in this moment of time, we got it all figured out. Let's make critical thinking courses mandatory to get any degree in science please! You have to learn how to use your brain first before you start trying to figure everything else out.
Autor: Chris Ali
Autor1st. everything is expanding away from everything.
2nd. Galaxy's collide.
3rd. it's all rubbish nobody knows.
Autor: B 2
AutorThere are over 1trillion galaxy's idiot women
Autor: Yannick Ray
Autorwho were they to make and base assumptions anyways? just because their space scope couldn't see past threshold of visible light, they assume in all their arrogance , that's it no more galaxies, everyone go home, I mean how fucking absurd must you be to assume on the basis of fuck all ! Vedic texts make more sense than those people!
Autor: Psilo Cybin
AutorWE ARE NOT ALONE! like if you agree!
Autor: Qi Sun
AutorThe universe is infinite.... a function, not a figure.
Autor: Riot4Peace
Autor2 trillion! This is not observation but 'extrapolation'. They've filled in the far away voids with they can see nearby - very disappointing. What if what we see now  is how it really is - it thins out and that is telling us something important on its own. It's not that we don't see galaxies on large scales. I predict they are wrong.
Autor: Blair Macdonald
AutorImpossible to know, but much more than we can imagine.
Autor: Will891410
Autorjew dropping!
Autor: yahui chiu
AutorEarth shrinks again.
Autor: Drenn Workman
Autorits infinite you neva can calculate.
Autor: Aragti
AutorSpace is like a spider's web. Space is spreading its web. Black hole is B1 B4 Biological elapse. Wound in a cut healing itself
Autor: Lewis McElroy
AutorA new best estimation suggested that there are 2 trillion galaxies are there in the universe more than 90% previously thought
Autor: WWE Maker
AutorHow much can you count? Much much More than that MG1
Autor: MG1
AutorO que está para lá do desconhecido?? um longo caminho de curiosidade que nos desafia e nos faz querer conhecer mais deste vasto e surpreendente Universo... O número de galáxias conhecidas é astronómico...mas será mais se souberemos o número exacto ...imaginar se terão formas diferentes .. quantas estrelas, planetas existirão..le uas, como serão os cometas, os asteróides, pulsares, buracos negros ou outros que desconhecemos??
Autor: Maria da Luz Moutinho
AutorIf you DON'T know how many ants are on Earth, you are you must probably too arrogant to even calculate what you will never see.
Autor: Merveil Meok
AutorI wish I could talk as sonorous as the narrator.
Autor: Mary Seacross
AutorGod is great people
Autor: rozy ize
AutorPsalm 147:4....."GOD knows every star by name!" Each galaxy ( that we are YET aware of ) contains an estimated 100 million stars! And now we learn the etimated number of galaxies out there....was VERY low! The more we learn of Creation....the more we realize how LITTLE we really know. And YET....The intelligent designer behind these wonders...." Knows the very number of hairs on each of our heads!" Luke 12:7.
Autor: Dennis Mackey
AutorThe estimate of 13.5 billion years for the cosmological horizon depends on the assumption that the speed of light had been pretty much constant from the moment of the Big Bang till now.
Autor: A M Salim
AutorIt's fascinating and also confusing. When they say there "are" possibly 10 times as many galaxies in the observable universe, they reference the galaxies that are the faintest, that is, the galaxies that existed at the earliest ages of the universe in the past. The video then mentions that the number of galaxies has drastically reduced today because of merging together. For all we know, all those galaxies that were extremely faint don't exist anymore since we see them as they were so long ago (some going as far back as 13 billion years ago). At least we can say that the actual number that exist within the bubble of the observable universe "today" is somewhere between this upper bound of 1 trillion+ galaxies and the lower bound of 100 billion galaxies. That is... if cosmic inflation or other factors don't skew this number even more than we can predict.

There are just so many more questions, but this is pretty awesome nonetheless!
Autor: Sdetton
AutorThis music mixes so well. Makes me want to go back in time.
Autor: Viq
AutorI am completely embarrassed by what is going on here on this planet we should apologize and try and point out that not all of the species are like the few in charge ...we need to create a new paradigm quickly before we are wiped out by the barbarians... one that is so mature and wise that it makes the present conditions obsolete and completely supersedes the present situation and makes it visible as a completely ridiculous way to live just by creating an inclusive productive and efficient and sustainable way of living not in conflict with the old but parallel and just so superior that people just begin to start living in a decentralized and locally caring positive environment and it will quickly siphon away the people who see that the other way IS totally ridiculous and unhealthy for all...the universe is self organizing and infinitely creative ...a living example
Autor: nonslave
AutorGod created a realm and we are trying to understand what and how big it is. Just acknowledge the truth behind this perfection. God really exists and it will be hard for whom does not believe in...
Autor: kafakoparan
AutorThank you Hubble and all his engineers 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Autor: Christine Bethencourt
AutorI find myself questioning why space is there and how it got there quite a bit, Life just seems so minuscule in comparison.
Autor: 75 Cordoba
AutorAll insides have outsides just like all fronts have backs. The observable universe is inside something, which is inside something etc etc
Autor: The deathless face of the unborn mind.
AutorMind boggling. I always knew it was more than a few 100 billion. It just felt off. I still think there's a lot more & I think dark matter has something to do with black holes
Autor: Normz thezoundman
Autoris James Webb still coming?
Autor: Alex B
Autor"Ten times more than previously thought" is just a wild guess. It could be truly infinite.
Autor: Landrew0
AutorSuch a huge universe and not enough space for all of us to live in peace? Sounds ridiculous, isn't it?
Autor: Timeship
AutorHow many galaxies are there ? esa es la pregunta y la respuesta es que es imposible contester la pregunta , cuando el hubble ve una galaxia , por ejemplo a 100 millones de años luz , eso que estamos viendo sucedio hace 100 millones de años , estamos viajando al pasado ,probablemente eso que estamos viendo que sucedio antes que estuvieramos aqui ya no existe o existen otras galaxias que no vemos por que su luz aun no llega , asi que no piensen en que la humanidad pueda ir hasta alla , y si pudieran viajar cuando lleguen probablemente no esta , van a tener que conformarse con llegar a marte algun dia
Autor: pablo rivera
AutorWanneer wordt de zon in ons zonnestelsel verduisterd? En trekt haar glans terug?
Autor: Obbe Nauta
AutorHard to believe that its not even been 100 year since we thought that our galaxy was the only one in the universe.
Autor: CC C
Autor"Once again nature has surprised us beyond our wildest imagination" Felt goosebumps when she said that. I'm sure it would go easily beyond trillions the more we go deeper into the space.
Autor: knightly wayz
Autor: Ashutosh Sonar
Autor wats those lines like moving so fast
Autor: xTWICEx xBTSx
Autorjust how many there are ..... will never be known
Autor: v8kiwi
AutorMind blowing stuff to watch on acid
Autor: Bill The Bull Gates
AutorMaybe we need to spread out a bit 👽✌🏼
Autor: Nina Pena
Autor10 times more aliens to worry about xD
Autor: Namidu Indunel
AutorGlory be to God the creator
Autor: elredentor10

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