The hunters – the detection of gravitational waves

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AutorGreat video
Autor: Paweł Gliwny
AutorEine grossartige Bestätigung von Einstein. Unglaublich, welch grosse Messleistung. Kaum vorstellbar in welchen Bereichen heute gemessen werden kann.
Autor: Schomo
AutorGravitational waves do not exist. If they existed, that would be a fatal blow to quantum mechanics:

"Rethinking Einstein: The end of space-time (...) The stumbling block lies with their conflicting views of space and time. As seen by quantum theory, space and time are a static backdrop against which particles move. In Einstein's theories, by contrast, not only are space and time inextricably linked, but the resulting space-time is moulded by the bodies within it. (...) Something has to give in this tussle between general relativity and quantum mechanics, and the smart money says that it's relativity that will be the loser."

Is now quantum mechanics the loser, after LIGO so gloriously "discovered" gravitational waves?
Autor: Pentcho Valev
AutorGreat video! Great interviews with great people. Good job!
Autor: Farmer Jaake
AutorSind Gravitationswellen auch "rotverschoben", auch wenn sie natürlich keine farbe haben?
Autor: etlam262

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