The Terrifying Truth About Bananas

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AutorGrommichel are away in the west Indies, yes, that third world world,backward place that USA can't stand. Gross mechel.
Autor: hot pepper
AutorSad even if we think we aren't eating gmo foods we are our fruits and veggies are genetically modified
Autor: Tu Ch
Autori have banana growing in my neighbors garden. i wonder if it has seeds. better steal one.
Autor: Jevon Kelly
Autoryou is noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob
Autor: Nicholas Halkias
Autor#1 selling item in walmart is a banana cause 98% of black people shop there
Autor: Coon_byYah's Gaming
AutorDamn, that was a big banana!
Autor: Guillermo Molano
AutorUm... why are scientist engineering genetically different bananas, as opposed to just growing other types of banana more? There must be other banana varieties right?
Autor: Hecate Mist
Autorwow lol imagine the reactions of hippys and people that only eat organic foods 😂
Autor: DJ Almanac
AutorDamn, my life was a lie
Autor: Mohamed Rida Bourhila
AutorRip people who ate bananas in the 1960s
Autor: Pixel Punches
AutorLike the show, but the editing is bad.
It's ok to slow things down a bit, don't need to fill every millisecond with talking. have a pause, take it easy. Reference "it's ok to be smart" channel. MUCH better and easy to listen to (the editing that is).
Autor: M Lowry
AutorThe old bananas tastes like the candy ones!! I would have enjoyed it more
Autor: CoffeeClash Gaming
Autorthe horrible truth is when you you work out your being led by one in life.
Autor: Magnus Wootton
AutorI don't understand some of this guys' speech.
Autor: Leroy Brown
AutorAnother dumb americunt
Autor: Sir L
AutorThat's why we are all sick. GMO crops, but why didn't people just leave the food alone ah😧😧😧 we are now forces to put death in our mouths for someone else' profit.
Lefatshe lena... ho hobe kannete.
Autor: Thoriso Molefe
AutorI have a banana between my wife loves Chiquita
Autor: iggy p pp
Autorhe opened the banana the wrong way, all other species peel it from the butt end
Autor: Happy Fox
AutorAww.. now I want to taste the old bananas!
Autor: Dollysdoodles
Autorlmao everyone be studying for social 10
Autor: Martina Mazzotta
Autori don't eat monkey food, i'm a an enlightened human being :X
Autor: charles parkhurst
AutorGros michele is called pisang ambon (ambon banana) in Indonesia. It is our favorite banana.
Autor: Mariano Tirta
AutorI only eat mountain apple bananas. They are much sweeter!
Autor: Drael Mun
AutorIf bananas have no seeds how do they reproduce?
Autor: Noriel Sylvire
Autorare all americans, muppets?
Autor: Bob Eden
AutorIs it true that bananas are radioactive?
Autor: Albedo Bear
AutorI prefer plantains myself.
Autor: Annie Isaac
AutorGod, you sure speak too fast as if you are going to catch a bus next. Slow down.
Autor: Mick Carson
AutorOh pleeese..what utter rubbish!!
Autor: David Fildes
AutorI will only eat bananas I can climb a tree to pick.
Autor: William Schutter
AutorThose that dislike these video prefer "hot banana". Lmao.
Autor: Wellington James
Autor: Samuel Martin
AutorAnd THAT is what’s wrong with GMO: monopoly-driven monoculture, not food safety (well, there’s also the fact that GMO plants are made to withstand greater levels of pesticides, which leads to greater levels of pesticides in our environment, etc). Monoculture is bad!
Autor: Jace Cavacini
Autorbananas are like super mutants from the fallout series
Autor: the eighth survivor
AutorAt "bananas were created by people", REALLY !?!?! Then tell me how did man put all its cells and atoms together, and how did man put together the banana plant and its fruit DNA together in their labs? Please tell me....
Autor: cubaniton74
AutorWhy didn't I learn all this from the "Smart Banana?"
Autor: b3j8
AutorCouldn't that bannana exist in the wild still?
Autor: Colton Lazeroff
AutorA tree grew in my backward. And it gave the real banana fruit.
Autor: Tawshiq Hassan
AutorI grow apple and ice cream bananas in my back yard.
They reproduce just fine no fertilizer, no pesticides, no fungicide.
Autor: De Oppresso Liber
AutorI'm going to have to find another fruit I can go ape over.
Autor: Stooji McStooj
Autor: Reading And Northern 425 The Average Train
AutorWhen it's finally goodbye to the Cavandish... I will eat no more bananas. If the alternative are these "marvelous" GMO's...I am through.
Autor: Eidann63
Autorgreat job
Autor: Marvin PhiRatio
AutorThis is one of my favorite science facts to explian to people. Now i have a video to direct them to. Thank you
Autor: Joseph Trethewey
AutorLie, from I come from their are plenty of bananas as you call them
Autor: Eduardo Baz
AutorWe here at Jurassic Park have found a prehistoric Gros Micel preserved in amber. Guess what happens next? Velocinanners...
Autor: S. Smith
Autorhere in philippines we eat gros michel all time. they are available everywhere.
Autor: Alfonso Soriano
AutorNope. The terrifying thing about bananas is that your brother uses them and puts them back without even rinsing them.
Autor: formless777
AutorAt 52, I'm still learning new things. Excellent brain food.
Autor: Brian D. Stone
AutorGMO banned in Europe only USA grows careful what you eat
Autor: whitedust696
Autorclick bait
Autor: Amak Kiki
AutorHow large is your banana?
Autor: minecraft love
AutorWOW you know about bananas and yet you don't know how to peel one open the correct way go figure????????????
Autor: Shane D
AutorI started slicing my bananas up and freezing them in freezer bags if they started to over ripe. They are delicious in smoothies or just eaten right out f the freezer. Kids love them and you will never throw any bananas away again.
Autor: Rebecca Lauren
AutorGrowing up in the countryside in Brazil in the 70's, I used to have 7-8 different types of bananas of different shapes, sizes and taste ... now half of them have gone extict, replaced with so called Cavendish type ... 😣
Autor: Pablo Neruda
AutorLove bananas 🍌
Autor: SandStorm XII
AutorI worked at Walmart as a cashier and people would buy 40 lbs of bananas at a time. Still wonder why. Is it a Breaking Bad thing?
Autor: Marc Colten
AutorSo Bananas were created by Incest.
Autor: K L
AutorI ate a banana yesterday....
Autor: petrol devo
Autorthe best bananas are for sure guineo niños... so bangin...
Autor: andy. ec
AutorI thought that you were going to say that bananas are radioactive.
Autor: Maynard Johnson
AutorYou forgot to talk about the Chlordecone pesticide that has been made in but banned from the USA. It has been bought by the big plantations in Martinique & Guadeloupe. It has been contaminating the soils & the people for the last 20 years while the French government did nothing under pressure by the big land owners the "beques" who don't give a sh..t about people while stuffing themselves with European subsidies.
Autor: Rémi Marmol
Autor"god" was created by people too. Huh evolutionary biologist and astrophysicists alike? wonder why this is so unknown to most people? 😝mao
Autor: San Fran
AutorMeanwhile, we have too many varieties of bananas in Southeast Asia 🤤
Autor: Cor
AutorIs that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?  CLASSIC
Autor: Cold Beer
AutorYou only have the Cavendish banana?
Autor: Khairil Abrar
AutorI wish they can change the host to someone less annoying
Autor: Leonardo Burgos Jr
AutorWhy can that turkey not speak like an ordinary human being?
Autor: Owen Picton
Autorsouth east Asia got some no seed banana, look, taste exactly as banana we eat every day
some other kind of banana taste better, way better ,sweeter way sweeter
and can be dried and store for long time
don't worry about banana extinction
world is not a back yard garden
Autor: Du Nguyen
AutorAs if tech can't retool other types-meh!
Autor: karrskarr
AutorIt's common in Bangladesh to find bananas with seeds.And markets sell many different species of bananas.
Autor: suf sanin
AutorWho came from Tierzoo???
Autor: Martin Ma
AutorThinking of growing bananas, but had heard all this recently and was surprised.
Thank you.
Have that happy!
Autor: Terry Jackson
AutorI'll ask the same question I've been asking since finding put about the Cavendish; how to we make the seeds fertile?

New twist on the question, though; considering the state of affairs.... how do we make the seeds fertile without genetically modifying the plant & fruit?
Autor: deadfred821
AutorWhat a delectible gmo.
Autor: Alexzandria Stormwielder
AutorIf that fake banana flavor tastes like the Gros Michel then I for one am very grateful to the Cavendish. Save the Cavendish!
Autor: Yirabeth
AutorAnd native to Australia :)
Autor: Flea Chamberlain
AutorDid you just have a lot of energy from eating bananas? Or do you speak fast in all your videos? 😄
Autor: MrChazz10
Autorwho's bananas for bananas
Autor: Jesus Aranda
AutorI live in Panama and have a continual crop of bananas without lifting a finger other than cutting down clusters . These are smaller than either subspecies I see in your video . This stand of self perpetuating trees has been on this land for maybe 20 yrs now , so not sure why there is a problem other than the mass market side of things.
Autor: Jim Daggett
AutorMy bananas are radioactive ;)
Autor: R4Z0R84
AutorAll the bananas I get lately go fungus-sy around the stem and the end, very quickly. This is BAD.
Autor: Peter Somers
AutorWho was saying that GMOs were bad?
Autor: Damn Pineapples
AutorBananas are horrible for you. High sugar and rot your teeth.
Autor: Hungarian Nationalist
AutorHe peeled the banana from the wrong end.
Autor: Semper Fidelis
AutorI came here from "Are Humans OP?"
Autor: Evan250250
AutorWood warming
Autor: Mike Watkins
AutorHe talks like an idiot.
Autor: David Bate
AutorClick bait crap...
Autor: Michael J. Spencer
Autor: Chuck Bodnar
Autor: Tyler Weather
Autor: Bobbi Van Eman
AutorThe flesh on the peels help rashes. Helped mine and you cut off the ends and boil the peels you can eat them. No flavor but they're edible. I ate mine. If a banana gets brown on the peel it's NOT rotten. Just ripening more. The banana that gets brown in the flesh is NOT rotten. It's soft and sweet and edible! I liken it to applesauce in consistency. Mmmm! Well with things nowadays why can't someone clone them. You get magnesium and potassium you need from bananas. Evens out blood sugar which is great for me being hypoglycemic.
Autor: Lisa Godin
Autor@Smelly: Yeah! & 5k of them. You gotta wonder about those 5,000 people?
Autor: Eric
AutorWild bananas are also found through to northern Australia - 2 species in fact :-)
Autor: Teale Britstra
AutorI remember those bananas. They were so good.
Autor: rastapatch Mail
AutorEat wax bananas
AutorWoah dude slow down otherwise good video
Autor: Ruthie C.
AutorSounds like a a hostile takeover in banana world within the gmo community behind every disaster is an agenda
Autor: C&C Phx
AutorBananas are full of insect eggs and worm larvae, parasites that drill into you're stomach lining , brain and organs and lay thousands of eggs
Autor: legendhasitstudio
AutorOrganic Bananas?
Autor: Dean Hudson
AutorI ate some bananas on Okinawa and got the shits.that was it for me.
Autor: Bill Grant
AutorWhy u are soo hungry bro... You are tooo fast to understand...
Autor: naveen rocks
AutorOUR HOME GROWN,,,,organic bananas,,,taste awesome,,,,even the skin makes great compost,,,best wishes.
Autor: tommy sport
AutorWhy does it take me to a site where you can buy subs and views when I click on the references link lmao
Autor: n
AutorTotally gone bananas on the subject.
Autor: Jacques de Molay
AutorFood, war, diseases & disasters perpetuated by a certain people who invented global warming, depopulation, eugenics, etc and claim this is all synonymous with a ‘god’ they say doesn’t exist.
Autor: Blake Woodcrest
AutorBananas ARE good, full of vitamins and minerals, AND lots of sugar.
So unfortunately, bananas are not good for people who have diabetes, like me.
I love banas but I am restricted about one or two per month.

So eat them while you can.
Autor: Ken Lyneham
AutorHahaha Cavendish are just for pigs in the phillippines they are not true banana, even monkeys don't like it so don't worry about it getting extinct😆😆😂😂😂😂😂
Autor: Anooblikeguy Lol
AutorIn this channel, they show very less photos, and videos. Feels kinda boring just listening to anchor
Autor: Hello Hello
AutorVery educational.
Autor: Manny P
AutorBoring presentation
Autor: Xray Chan
Autor4 minutes of useless information.
Autor: Mr Burns
AutorI would think milk sells more than bananas. Also, if they are going to genetically modify a banana to be resistant, why the cavendish and not the gros Michel?
Autor: T. Hunt
AutorAren't their banana seeds in the World Seed-bank in Svalbard, Sweden?
Autor: Fritz Smith
AutorThese facts aren't terrifying. They are simply facts. And not particularly new facts, either. Thumbs down
Autor: lucy girl
Autor: Ziigmund
Autorcan't you speak as a normal human being ?!!
Autor: arlind lindi
Autor Of course the Cavendish banana was created by God: don't you see that little sticker on it? That sticker is from God: the Dole Corporation.
Autor: The Ultimate Reductionist
AutorI grew up in the Caribbean eating ripe bananas from the tree. When I first moved to the US and ate the bananas here, I got sick. The taste was horrible, not just bananas but mango & oranges.
Autor: Hess B
Autorwhen you said terrifying truth, i thought perhaps you meant all the wars and coups over bananas
Autor: luciferangelica
AutorJohn green is particuarly good in this video! He loves the bananas!
Autor: Muhammad Arsalan
AutorWould feel bad if i am the planter and all my banana die..
Autor: Theeraphat Sunthornwit
AutorThis is bananas.
Autor: Anth M5859
AutorSo ignorant. It's sad you call yourself a science channel.
Autor: Leonardokite
AutorBananas were most definitely created by God. They were selectively bred by humans to be long and skinny, have more sugar, and no seeds... bred just like animals. God made a generic dog. We bred them to be wiener dogs. God created biology and DNA so that plants and animals could adapt to a changing environment. We take advantage of this to create bananas and wiener dogs.
Autor: Brian Lanning
Autor: Takeru Yamato
AutorThat was absolutely terrifying.
Autor: C W
AutorCan you still buy a Gros Michel
Autor: Frank Emerson
AutorMost bananas are sprayed with DDT , TYPE POISON
Autor: legendhasitstudio
AutorThe best is “lacatan” native to Cebu and the original variety that started Chiquita banana and has hybridized or genecallymodefied??
Autor: Eduardo Suson
AutorI got sweeter banana. In my paantss!!! ;)
Autor: Sai Tui
AutorDamn banana cream pie , ice cremesunday, banana schnapps etc...
Autor: D H
AutorWow. I'm a nerd. I liked this and now want a banana.
Autor: boo boo
AutorThe banana is the best fruit, followed closely by the strawberry.
Autor: Draconicrose Gaming
Autoradd a touch of pink or grey salt and wow.. it's even BETTER!
Autor: Mary Albrecht
AutorWhat terrifies me is how many sugar drowned dohnuts americans eat.....kirk camerons homo erotic banana vidio comes 2nd.
btw, bananas taste like ACTUAL bananas when you can smell them as they age, the ones you buy are gassed yellow and are no where near ripe, they take a week to ripen fron the shop display before you try.....thats right....wait till they age....we in Australia lost all the crop in cyclone Yasi in 2011, it only took 2 years to get it back, now they are better than ever at 50 cents each.
Autor: scott left
AutorSo we were forced to clone? Now what’s left is still too nutritious and isn’t harmful enough to our health that oh The cavendish is on its way too!
Mother Nature has seeds and wants to reproduce. Not Monsanto! Walmart. People time to wake up and start growling our own food again and realize no matter how convenient fake and modified organics are they eventually rid the earth of real species and leave us with FrankenFood.
Autor: Remy wholeness Light and Dark
AutorStill buying lady finger and others here in far north qld Australia, much tastier 👍
Autor: Linda Gerhardt
AutorLeave it to man, he can f*ck up anything!!
Autor: Michael Rutledge
AutorWe have d Gro Michel in Trinidad and Tobago still.
Autor: Shelbourne King
AutorSorry no GMOs for me, when they become GMOs that’s when I stop buying them like I did corn😋
Autor: Justin Ferguson
AutorMoko the jamaican rasta chef (here on YouTube) has Gro Michel bananas in his orchard right now. Maybe not extinct, eh?
Autor: T-bone Jones
AutorSo, who could possibly tell that THAT fruit is sterile.
Autor: G S
AutorHolly grail I've been poisoned ambushed by my bananas someone call the cops on that mexican b*% Chiquita !
Autor: CANDIDVOICE 4Humanity
AutorIn all actuality God created everything. We use what God gave us to make other things.
Autor: William Powers
AutorThis is bananas🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
Autor: Vvv Ooo
AutorSo is our current store bought banana not a fruit? I mean part of the definition of the fruit is that it carries seeds, the cavendish doesn't...
Autor: ugn669
AutorBananas are really considered herbs.
Autor: Jeffrey Hoge
AutorThey were Much better in the sixties.
Autor: opnwndo
AutorAnd thanks to all the people working for miserable wages in miserable working conditions, so our bananas cost a few cents less...
Autor: Moritz Nesbigall
AutorWhy only cavendish in US... There are many varian of banana...

If you come to southeast asia, you will get many type of bananas for different purposes... One type for sweet cooked desert, have similiar shape with cavendish but green in color (ambon varian)... There are some type for fried dish (kepok varian), there are for snack just like cavendish (milk varian, cavendish, etc), and many more...

And a bulk of banana (around 2kg) cost only $1 to $3 depend on the varian...
Autor: Aeris Reyha
AutorI also made a video about bananas
Autor: Dump
AutorAt "today's bananas are sterile mutants", Why are people so ignorant, yet pretend to know about a subject they know nothing about?
The common bananas sold in the supermarket, are not grown from seeds, because they grow from the root system of the mother plant; there are many, many different types of bananas, some grow from seeds, while others grow as off springs of the mother plant, directly from the root system.
Autor: cubaniton74
AutorThat moment when you realize that "Gros Michel" is a French sex joke.
Autor: GalloViking
Autorso much work goes into keeping these bananas alive but they are so cheap?
Autor: Twilightraven123
AutorI love bananas!
Autor: Koreyite
AutorSo what is terrifying ? You know what is terrifying ? Around WW2 everything became artificial. Everything has been replaced by fake look-a-like food. They are often cheaper. People wanted cheaper. They made butter of plastics. We now do everything with dairy butter. It still has taste. Yes its expensive. We still have cows. Sort of. Almost everything has been modified and refined. Because real food is very scarce. First I didn't believe it. But the problem with real food is already so very old. Thats why we have now trade wars too. Food wars. Wars for food. Entire countries are starving. Even parts of the world. Its really insane. Its preplanned. I am sure about that. Its genocide.
Autor: Peter Rkrs
AutorAs a mutant i am triggered by this.
Autor: gordon trimble
Autor: MuricaMottoRider
AutorSo... is there any DNA of that original type of banana people liked a lot somewhere? Could it ever be cloned and then edited to give it diversity? Like, it would be weird if ALL the DNA of that type is completely gone. Maybe there’s a close relative? I want to taste the extinct true banana

Edit: apparently they’re not extinct, but no one really sells them. Weird. Is it actually not better?
Autor: Ben Goodwin
AutorSo whats so terrifying? Big deal eat something else !
Autor: Pat Boyd
AutorI just ate a banana
AutorHeck yeah Hank gree. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Autor: undeadninja 951
Autor"All but extinct" so its not entirely extinct...?
Autor: creepy truck driver
AutorYou missed out the weird bit. Cavendish bananas were named after William Cavendish, 6th Duke of Devonshire. Modern bananas turn out to be a British export..
Autor: Martin Whitfield
AutorI guess those bananas were more slippery and fit in most tailpipes..
Autor: chris the vancura
AutorHow is it extinct?
Autor: Shelbourne King
AutorWhats "terrifying" about them?
Autor: Ian Plant
Autorthanks scientists you're great and wonderful
Autor: Eclypsa Queen

the Panama variety was intentionally infected so that Monsanto could sell their genetically modified variety and make billions of dollars
Autor: Bob Steenson
AutorStore bananas weren't created by man. Their evolutionary path was influenced by man. There is a huge difference. I saved a 3 year old from drowning one time. Does that mean that I created her?
Autor: Tapajara
AutorMy banana plants always fall over well before the bananas are ripe. I've given up on them. BTW, it should be possible to splice disease-resistant genes into bananas plants as stated in this video.
Autor: Lenin Lives
AutorWe're destroying nature
Autor: MystiC's World
Autorwould it be possible to somehow get the gros michelle back through genetic engineering?
Autor: Zemo M.A.
AutorMother Nature gonna kick GMOs ass.
Autor: 龍大海Bickle's the Bomb!
AutorThese bananas are not good for your health. Choose burro bananas or small bananas.
Autor: Gerardo Contreras
Autorbla bla bla so annoying speaking
Autor: joe pesci
Autor WRONG! I live in Vietnam, and I can tell you that there are at least 5 different types of banana eaten here. Delicious, all.
Autor: Lower Tones
AutorHi, Your story about Bananas is not true, well not entirely true, but certainly worth talking about. Yes, most these days are cultivated. But the bananas beside my house, will plant themselves, well actually not the bananas, but they have a large seed pod at the end of each banana producing arm. So the sort of seeds inside the banana are not used as you say. The bananas I am talking about have grown by them selves and even very hard to cut down and stop them growing again and again from their shoots. ( I do know how to stop them, I have to stop them moving into my garden. Most people do not know this. ) But yes, the easiest way to grow new plants is from the stems as you say. . However, I do agree with you about the danger of mono-cultures. And yes, other verities do have different tastes, which is perhaps not surprising. OK, I am not much into growing bananas, so I might only recognize 4 or 5 different verities that grow here, most are wild verities.
Autor: Hugh Leyton
Autorit's almost as though they learned nothing from the Irish Potato famine...
AutorIt's a high fodmap food of the fructan variety so try to eat them in moderation if you're sensitive.
Autor: Velma Velvet
AutorBananas are good in patasiumm God made them period...
Autor: coral hiers
AutorAre bananas real? They sound like clones of clones, continually replicated...
Autor: First Timer
AutorEwwww at the end
Autor: History Channel
AutorWe didn't learn anything. Corporate farms still clear all diversity and plant one type of crop - genetically modified or otherwise. Diversity within an agro system is necessary or it is just a matter of time until some pathogen mutates and bypasses our "wonderful" gmo folly.
Autor: Craig Lee
AutorBananas are overrated.
Autor: Archaeoptery X
AutorSo you mean to tell me this isn’t pornhub?! I hate when this happens
Autor: Karma Ghost
AutorFirst thing first banana 🍌 was created by God.
Thank you Jesus for it as a cash crop!
Second thingy there are over five hundred species of bananas 🍌
The bananas that are sold in stores are one of the basic varieties.
It's 30% as tasty as the average field grown variety
Autor: Meso Anto
AutorCan you do a video on exorcises you should never do or best exorcises that are most beneficial.
Autor: Seban JP
AutorWhoah this geek dude eat and speak at the same time!
Autor: Rex KIng
AutorI eat wild bananas
Autor: Dump
Autorits about time we have a new flavor of banana
Autor: Cheyenne Forbes
AutorI remember first time I ate a banana seed and thought that it was a stone
Autor: Tasnim Islam
AutorI like to eat eat eat apple and bananas {song}
Autor: Roblox Hacker
AutorIve retired to the philippines, I dont think they know anything about this.
Autor: Jonny Gross

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