5 Fun Physics Phenomena

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AutorHe had to censor the apple logo...
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Autorthe first trick i caused because when you go to the center of mass with your right hand, for example, it tips over and it makes the right side heavier so it has more friction than the left side so the left-hand moves and the right doesn't and then the same thing happens with the left hand and so on until you reach the center of mas
Autor: GreekGaymer
AutorBetter check out the physics of this.....NASA document 1207, states that the earth is FLAT and non ROTATIONAL .108 page document of the derivation of a linear aircraft,now unclassified document on the maths and the mechanics physics of the structure and flight of an aircraft on a Flat non ROTATIONAL Earth.Stick that right up your global arsehole and join the majority.
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Autor: Iqrar Awan
AutorI'm not sure but why tea bag paper takes off after its fully burned because as it gets fully burn then what are we left with remains of the burned paper so as hot air rises up it takes tea bag remaining along with it as well... I don't know its right or wrong.....
Autor: CCC Network
Autor1.friction, 2. Weigh center, 3. Tension, 4.(no idea) , 5. (No idea)
Autor: Elijah Hua
Autorcereal is magnatic becasue if you read on the box, it contains iron, and if you mix a cup of cereal with half a cup of water in the mixer, and put them together in a bigger cup, and put a strong magnet on the cup, you'll get a black spot (spoiler alert: it's iron)
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Autor4 out of 5 phenomenoms I could explain without searching for it ( probably right, but not 100% sure)
Autor: Tintor HD
AutorYes sir , love you
Autor: Jayparkash Jayswal
Autorthe phone experiment is because of the atmosphere or of the composition of each part of it has different mass
Autor: Anna Tylla
AutorObviously you are smart enough to sense the center of mass, serial has chopped bikes. You are creating a oxigen vacum and the water is being pulled by the van dr waals forces
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AutorKorean Subtitles!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soo much
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AutorNumber 1 is the normal force and friction. The further the finger from the center of mass, the less Fn it has thus less Fs it has when compared to the closer finger...therefore the further finger will slide while closer finger wont slide. This will happen alternatively between left and right finger until both finger arrive at the center of mass.

Number 2 is because our hand just cant perfectly execute the flip on the center axis of the phone with the left and right side being balance. And also the different component within the phone might not be uniformly distributed thus causing the left and right having different inertia, thus the difficulty.
With old type nokia, I like to flip them so that they rotate chaotically and then land perfectly on my open palm. With current smart phone however...

3 4 5 no idea at all.
Autor: Eleeth Tahgra
Autorthe phone components don't have the same mass, and aren't distrebuted equally, and if you record a flip in slomotion, you'll see that it always flip in the same direction, no matter with which hand you flip it, or how you place your fingers while flipping it
Autor: Diimoo_Tr
AutorNumber 3, I guess its because of a high concentration of positive electrolytes in regular house water... maybe?
Autor: JOnhatan mizmarra
AutorMy theory on the tea bag is that the smoke rising has more force than the tea bag weight pulling it up
Autor: AngrySlime11
Autorcereal moves because it has iron in it
Autor: lliamk686
AutorCereals have iron which is attracted by magnets
Autor: kartikey satyarthi
AutorLast one is easy.
Heat rises
Bag burns
Bag flies up once it’s light enough for the heat to lift it.
Autor: Nerdling
Autor1. You will alway end up at center of gravity because the weight on one side has more friction for your finger to slide... number 3 explain number 4..
Autor: Wayne Evans
AutorCereal move to a magnet cuz it has actual iron particles inside
The flying teabag paper flies because it fire it lighter than the air which is why the flame go up so the fire is strong enough to carry the burnt teabag up
Yea thats all i know
Autor: daneulaz
AutorThe phone problem is clearly because hardware inside it is not balanced.
Autor: Lukalot
Autor😫 #2 should have been #5, the last one !!! Because after demonstration #2 my screen cracked into pieces when it hit the floor and sadly I wasn't able to see #3, #4 and #5.
Autor: Ba A
Autor1: As you move your fingers in, the cane does get off a bit, but that side ends up heavier than the other side since there is more mass on that side. Because it's heavier, it increases the friction with that finger, but decreases it with the other finger, allowing the finger with less weight to move closer to the center. That continues until your fingers are together under the center of gravity. Put on a sticky glove on one of your hands and it won't work anymore.

2: You don't flip it well because it it's spinning around the center. It's off a big because of the longer distance you're trying to flip it around.

3: That happens because you're using tap water and not pure water. That tap water is full of minerals, including iron, which is magnetic. It's those magnetic particles that are attracted and they just happen to pull the water with it.

4: Pretty much all cereals are fortified with iron. You're attracting the iron in the cereal.

5: The fire generates air flow upwards. Once the paper becomes light enough, it gets caught in the air current and is pushed with it. Also, aliens like tea, so they are trying to get the tea bags up in their spaceship. Why'd you burn it? Don't you want the aliens to have tea?
Autor: Atheist In Louisiana
Autor: Josh Vlogs
AutorThe bending of the water is due to trace minerals in the water is my guess. Perhaps it doesn't work with distilled water.
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AutorPhysics gets my dick hard
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Autor Dude, everybody knows it's an Apple iPhone. You don't have to hide the logo
Autor: P e w D i e P i e e
AutorThat was booty'0s cereal
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Autor#5 goes much better if you use cigarette rolling paper
Autor: Steven Van Hulle
Autor lol it looks like a advertising xD
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AutorWonder sir
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Autoryour own add was on this vid lol
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AutorI made this test and I showing this evidence
Autor: Maciej Ma
AutorCane: the finger with the least weight over it moves because it has the least friction, it flip flops back and forth as the weight distribution is changing.

Phone flip: is it because of the gyroscopic force of the internal hard drive?


Teabag rocket: the flame creates a column of rising hot air, once the bag is completely burnt the very light ash is carried up in the updraft?
Autor: Wes Humphries
AutorHoly crap! That's why it looks like automotive engine oil "bends" when you pour it into a plastic funnel. I completely forgot about this. I thought I was seeing things at first 😆
Autor: JC
AutorQuestion on @Quora: If a bullet is fired with speed of light, will it pass thru earths core and come out on the other side?
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AutorWhen I heard phenomena, I immediately thought of Phenomena tu tuu tu dudu, phenomena tu tudu du
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AutorWhy did he kept asking why but didn't answer it. It's frustrating for me
Autor: NO S̶T̶R̶S̶S̶
Autoryour white house became the studio
Autor: Pushpalatha doddapaneni
AutorI wouldn't do that with an iPhone...
Autor: Jordan Plattner
AutorCeream is magnetic becuase it have iron in it lol so simple
Autor: Tonghai Oeng
AutorCereal has iron in it.
Autor: Sonny Parker
AutorAnyone who broke/damaged phone?
Autor: Şahin
AutorWhen he said teabag rocket i pictured multiple cod players teabagging a rocket
Autor: Yousef .H
Autorthe cereal its because it have iron dug dug thchhhh
Autor: bagged milk
Autor: daniel charlie fernandez
AutorThe cane may work by friction, the end with more mass will have more friction on that finger and allow the other to glide more freely, at the end, you're in the center.
Autor: Justin Boye
AutorI love this channel from india🇮🇳
Autor: prakash singh
Autor because the iron inside
Autor: AndreLeonardo
AutorIs the cereal magnetic due to its iron content?
Autor: Nate Lav
AutorI did the tea bag rocket in kindergarten
Autor: Crockett
Autorcereal is magnetic because of the iron thats in it
Autor: Chocobo
AutorIt's centre of gravity and not centre of mass.
Autor: Rishabh Kumar
AutorКто-то говорил про эффект Джанибекова
Autor: Феникс
AutorThe minerals in the water under the piece of serial is magnetic
Autor: Spenny Howg
Autorit's whichcraft
Autor: mytube1968
Autor: Gacheru Mburu
Autorwater is a molecule with a more positive side and a more negative side? maybe he mi misspoke?
Autor: SapperJohn
AutorThe burning shows how CG moves.
Autor: Venkatesh babu
AutorPlease tell me I'm not the only to flip their phone in the "impossible " way. Don't blame your shitty hand skills on imbalance.
Autor: Mr. Chomsky
AutorThe first insident the more and more we speed up the hand both hands come at a same speed as it is not possible to move one hand speeder than the other. So they always come to the same place at a same speed. So they are able to come to the center... Is this true
Autor: Ashen Gamage
AutorTheres iron in the cereal
Autor: ResidentEvil302cuba rican215
Autorwhy it doesn't charged positively?
Autor: Sumit Verma
AutorWhere are the answers
Autor: Sparsh Agarwal
AutorI lov u Ur most handsome physicists ....
Autor: Akshay Shahare
AutorMy take... Probably messed some up...

1. The cane gets stabilized by the fact that the lighter side of the cane gets less friction form Your finger than the heavier side, so that finger moves faster towards the COM of the cane. This causes the effect to flip and the fingers slowly align themselves around the center of mass...
2. The phone is not evenly weighed, so spinning it in some axis would make it destabilize, right...? Well, the same effect is observed when spinning a brick (it fell on my foot... twice... while I tested that) that I played around with. I believe this effect occurs because of the fact that the center of mass of the brick/phone is in the middle of the whole object, so rotating it around the axis that allows more mass to rotate around further from the COM will work because the particles far away have to have less momentum, the spin is easier. On the other hand, spinning the phone the other way makes more particles have more energy, so this state is unstable. The phone starts to spin in a way that makes some of the particles decelerate, which is a more stable state (rhyme unintended). The same thing is observed when spinning around and then extending Your hands out, which causes You to decelerate.
3. This one is a bit of a troll... I tested deuterium water and distilled water... and the distilled one produced no (less) effect! It’s not the water that is attracted to the cup, it’s the stuff in it (ions)!!!
4. The cereal contains some iron, which is magnetic. This makes it attracted to the magnet... Maybe, but what is interesting is that water and glass, fex, are pushed away by magnets... it’s diamagnetic! Anyways... Maybe the magnet makes like a small cavity in the water that the cereal falls into? I did not observe one, I do not know, but I did manage to destroy a box of good cereal and throw the cereal all over the floor!
5. Hot air rises. As the hot air creates a rising bubble, the material the tea bag is made out of slowly burns away. When it gets light enough, it slowly flies up...

Hope I am correct. :)

HAND! (Have a nice day...)

EDIT: Watched the answers video... :)
Autor: Alto Bluedot
AutorI know the answers but I cba typing. It's AM. Goodnight.
Autor: IamHmad
AutorA clip from one of your videos was on an episode of the English show 'QI'. (S11, E4 I think.)
Autor: Tyler Hanley
Autor: Ali Raza
AutorThe cereal should go away from the magnet because it's a cheerio. Ba dum tss
Autor: Pseudo Nym
AutorYou didn't move your fingers at the same time
Autor: The Hood Pastor
Autor: bindu khadka
AutorLe fifth also works with tabacco rolling paper ! x')
Autor: Maxime Demarets
Autorthe phone one pisses me off
Autor: rowleta Dolor
Autorthat's awesome what's the real fact
Autor: Shital Chougule
Autorteabag physics pls!!!!
Autor: Swaraj Bhosale
Autorthe water one is better with a balloon
Autor: April Rose
AutorWhat is his name? I forgot it
Autor: Nigina Talbanova
AutorAnybody know the brand of the phone???
Autor: Pablo Ariza
Autor: Leaetta Hyer
AutorSticks answer
The. Mind wants to balance the stick. So. Even if we dont know the mind is. By natural feel. Adjusting the. Fingers in such a way to balance the. Leverarms. To. Produce. Equal moments. On bot the sidea. So to cancel each other and avoid falling of the stick. So un knowingly. We. Are actuall reaching. At the cg. Via. A scientific. Equation LHS=RHS
Autor: Kumar Rahul
AutorIf you have iron in your blood and you walk by a big magnet ... ??
Autor: James Sheppard
AutorHow far apart do atoms have to get to transmit light, become transparent, become invisible?
Autor: Jerry Gundecker
AutorWoooow. With the phone one they tried to blurre the apple logo xD
Autor: Oscar Rasmussen
AutorCane changes its level of friction with your hand based on how far off of the center of gravity you are. So as long as both hands are moving you always reach its balancing point.
Cell phone is not balanced thus centrifugal force applied to it will always seek out its true mass axis instead of your forced axis.
Water moves closer to the cup because of the air currents it creates. Side closest to the cup is in a vacuum.
Not sure on cereal could just be lack of surface tension resisting the cereal and minuscule amounts of iron in the water allowing the cereal to move with the magnet. Just a nerdy dads guess.
Teabag lifts off when its mass is less than the lift generated by the flame.
Hope I got them right! Now off to see in the comments.
Autor: theyetirulrs
AutorMom xooks and i figure out to over come fear... ..
Autor: s c
AutorFor the first one, it is all in terms of moments. The two fingers act as supports and the upward reaction force from each finger and the centre of mass of the rod are equal, hence no movement. As one finger moves, the reaction force at the other decreases, and as a result so does the friction between this finger and the rod. This finger will then move a bit and the same occurs but in the opposite direction. This repeats until your fingers are at the CoM, at which point no moments are acting and thus you have equilibrium.
Autor: Stu Wilkes
Autor: Harold Hart
Autor“Number one, have a friend...”
Well there goes that I don’t have any friends
Autor: Evan Salmonsen
Autornice video
Autor: apps information
Autor i didnt know it was an iphone
Autor: joe pw
Autorso you aren't going to explain anything :/
Autor: Alyssa is my spirit animal
Autorloooooooool!!! Dump the tea. (in the Boston harbour 1773)
Autor: MsSilverdemon
Autorvsauce copy
Autor: AJ
AutorWhere is reason
Autor: Syed Mudasir
Autor: Ayan Ali
AutorThat's iPhone se
Autor: Punyo Milo
AutorHow about a YouTube video that just tells us at the end
Autor: Long Dong
AutorThe trick with the can is easy..
Autor: MrDanMan
AutorNice cgi
Autor: Anmol Verma
Autor1) Only works because the human is focusing on not dropping it. If a machine were to do that I doubt it’d work.
2) The human hand is not perfectly balanced. An uneven force is placed on the phone (torque) causing it to rotate initially. The phone has objects inside it making the mass distribution uneven as well. With this when gravity acts it applies a force proportional to the mass distribution causing more torque and therefore more/faster rotation.
3) Water is polarized causing an electric field. The closer to a charged object another charged abject comes the stronger the electric force becomes. So when the molecule rotated it becomes closer to the attractive side causing a net force in the direction of the cup allowing it to move toward it. This can also be explained through magnetism but would be more situational.
4) I don’t believe the cereal is attracted to the charge. I would say that is the water molecules rearranging and pushing the cereal toward that side.
5) This is a mix of chemistry and physics. When objects burn they lose oxygen molecules, some others and become lighter because of it. Couple this with the fact that heat is caused by the increase in kinetic energy of molecules (increased movement) it can float. Yes float because it becomes less dense than or equally dense to the air around it. This creates a buoyant force allowing it to lift and the kinetic energy from the heat gives it that rocket appearance.
Autor: Mylez Frazier
AutorWho else flipped their phone during this video
Autor: jon Meade
Autor This is actually one of traditional games in my country. But normally we use an oil paper or newspaper. First we glue every end of corner each other, then we make a little hole at the center by using a needle. Then we blow the paper from the hole until it expands like a pillow. Finally we light every corner of the pillow paper at the same time. It will fly and look like a Japanese fireball ghost in the sky
Autor: Andi Tarigan
AutorThis is old, but I'll reply anyway. The Cane trick is simple. More weight = more friction. Less weight = less friction. Need I say more?
Autor: Donnie Frank
AutorFlying teabag---> same effect using rolling papers
Autor: Donavan LoForte
AutorHaha these made me laugh
Autor: Trey Ballard
AutorThat phone one made me nervous just watching
Autor: Erik Olexiewicz
AutorBroke my phone trying to do 2nd
Autor: Reino 30
Autorwonder full sir
Autor: Muahmmad Osama
Autorwas this a blackmail video to subscribe...??
Autor: Hippøz Hipos
AutorThe distribution of mass due to the inner components of mobile might be uneven.
Autor: John Paul
AutorYou Are genius bro love from india
Autor: Dharmesh Patidar
AutorFor the first one: it's because the normal force that is included in static and dynamic friction formula is greater at the hand who's the nearest from the mass center of the cane (we can ascertain that with momentum force calculus) P.S.: excuse me for this poor English. Hope you could understand what I meant
Autor: luciou2
Autor5 million views and almost 5 million subscribers!
Autor: Burgo
Autorthis chemistry book argumentation of the water bending is, as far as i know as general stupid youtube comment, is actually the way a cpt works.
Autor: sN0wBody
AutorMost cereal is packed with raw iron
Autor: Max Grantz
AutorIt's magic
no kid it's not physics. Veritasium is lying
Autor: Snowman 雪人
AutorI don't understand the phone one, I've been flipping my phones like that for years and been catching them cleanly, my current the note 8 also the same
Autor: redeye 11
AutorThe cup has a tiny gravitational field perhaps?
Autor: Pele raz
Autor: Rashid Masizn
AutorVeritasium, The Young Freddy Mercury
Autor: DutchPhysicist
AutorI like yours vedio...
Autor: noor mn
AutorThe cane itself was inappropriate.
Autor: Jyotishka Ray Choudhury
AutorHere’s one: Did you know that time can go sideways?
Autor: Julie Cahoolie
AutorThe last move was anti_vsauce
Autor: Shreyas Pawar
Autorbecause the serial has iron components in it
Autor: Asim Guru
Autorelon musk ??
Autor: Ahmed Tarek
AutorI think,i know the last one. Hot air is less denser. Right?
Autor: Creative idea
AutorThe weight displacement in the phone has nothing to do with it? 😑
Autor: rayraymartineziii
AutorThis is a great video!
Autor: Canal do Étore
AutorI've been able to flip a phone long ways along its intermediate axis without it turning along its other axis.
Autor: Brett_Kendrick
AutorI know that the cereal is attracted to magnets because of the ferromagnetic Iron it's got.
I can figure out that the water stream is bent by electricity not because of water itself, pure H20 is not polar, but because potable water is never 100% pure H20, so the impurities in the water are the ones that are attracted to it.
The teabag elevates because hot air always goes upwards, and it is not until it reaches the bottom that the hot air can lift it.
And respecting the cane, I don't really figure it out.
Autor: Señor Gato
Autori am not agreed on first one
Autor: Zee Tube
AutorFor the phone the weight isn't distributed evenly as you think. If you place a pin in the center of height and width you'll find that it starts falling to one side, now that you give it acceleration it will will turn the the heavier side.

As for the teabag, when you lite it the heat fills the inside making the air denser.
Once it has gotten to a certain size and weight the pressure will have to decrease, as the faster moving molecules will rise lifting the tea bag.
(To better understand this, lite a fire and a release a small paper directly above and not touching the flame, it will rise until the air is in a normal density)
Autor: Thomas Gourlay
Autor5: When it burns off it becomes so light, that the heat from the fire can lift it. Because heat travels up, it brings the tea bag with it when it gets small, and light enough
Autor: ChaseusOSRS
AutorI love physics
Autor: Mukil Arasan
AutorWell i do have an explanation for the tee bag rocket, its to do with my model of gravity, and thanks, i will use water charges as one more of my proofs. In the teebag experiment, the amount of mass was burned away, leaving a structure light enough to be lifted by the energy created in combustion, this ten following the air dynamic, and heating surrounding air assisting in the rise.
Autor: Republic of Aquarion
Autorthis guy is a true genius.. getting 2 times the views by making two videos.
Autor: Erant Blowig
AutorThe Tea-Bag Rocket works due to the ash being so light, that the rising heat pulls it along.
Autor: Astro
Autormy question is:Why the cup is negatively charged
Autor: Sumit Verma
AutorCereal is magnetic because of the iron in it I’m guessing?
Autor: Chilli Extract
AutorShouldn't #4 work because of the strong magnets pulling the water under the cereal rather than the cereal it's self?
Autor: Carson Bailey
AutorThere are small traces iron in cereal that’s why it’s magnetic
Autor: Clorox Bleach
Autor1 Static friction becomes greater when one of your supports comes closer to the center of mass. So one finger moves until it's sliding friction is > the static friction of the other finger and the roles reverse.

2 The insides of the phone are not symmetrical in weight. The battery on the left side of the phone has more mass than the circuitry on the right side. It's only apparent on the axis he's talking about because the phone is more symmetrically spread out about them. It has a lot to do with rotational momentum and moments, which is more than I want to go into at the moment...ha.

3 Tap water is quite conductive and it is electrically connected to ground. The charge on the cup is creating a capacitive effect on the charges in the water (not necessarily the water itself) and pulling the water stream, which stays cohesive due to surface tension, towards the cup.

4 Many cereals are fortified with iron for health reasons, iron is magnetically conductive, so viola.

5 The fire creates a plume of heated air going upward, sucking air from below. The tea bag is turned into ash, ash is very light and so the leftover airflow from the fire propels the light ash upward.
Autor: DJ CaptainFalco
AutorI like your video nice and interesting
Autor: Souprem Kota
AutorCereal is high in iron
Autor: berb
Autorcereal has iron in it
Autor: 21st Technology
Autor: Shubham Mittal
Autor1. When your friend handed over the stick to you, you simply put the fingers in the middle, but the centre of mass is not exactly at the middle due to unequal distribution of mass on the stick, hence it fell down. But when you were doing the same demonstration on our own, you were actually putting finger a little bit toward the side of more mass(handle of stick), becauese the mass centre has shifted towards that end, and then you could balance it easily.

2. The phone doesn't rotate properly in second case because of the efffect called, Gyroscopic Effect.

5. In the teabag rocket, when the material is burning, it is consuming oxygen around it(from outside and inside of the square wall), this heats up the air inside column, which makes that air lighter. The lighter air tires to go up. The column stays down because of self weight (of unburnt teabag), but as soon as the last portion of teabag column is left, the lighter air pushes it upward, so that the heavier air can take place of it.
Autor: Akshay Dhivare
AutorI expected something that wasn’t easy to explain, but these are all easy
Autor: Swankytpt
Autorawesome video sir but the where are the answers
Autor: Vigghy kumar
Autorthe reasons are :-
1. u move ur hands while balencing the rod . untill a point . so at that point it would be cog .
2. momemt of inertia of the phone is greater along longer side .
3. water contains impurities like minerals.
4. serial is attracted by magnet bcoz it contains iron .
5. the ash moves up due to low air pressure above it caused by upward motion of smoke .
Autor: Shahid Meir
AutorThere it fun in studying the physics material, we can make old base to a new base through recreating the formula base.
Autor: عبدالاله اليمني
Autorliterally i had biology last year and couldn't get what polar even meant until THIS VIDEO.....
Autor: ImHeadshotSniper
Autorjust broke 3 i phones. sorry jb hifi. :)
on the plus side, you were right, and this flip thing with rotation makes it harder to catch.
Also, i paused the video directly after you said tbag rocket, as i was sure i already knew this one. my girlfriend was not impressed to wake up with my balls in her mouth. there was no rocket phenomenon, but there were a few punches and foul words from her. i tried to explain the science of a tbag rocket, but she saw no humour in it. fyi, she said she will punch you if she sees you in the street. sorry dude. but the tbag rocket was a fail.
Autor: Michael
AutorThe cereal have a lot of iron
Autor: RabixYT
AutorIts amazing!!!!!!
Autor: Pratibha Pragya
Autor1.26 blurring the apple logo..?? The iPhone is so popular we already know even if you blur the whole iPhone
Autor: Adventure Fighter
AutorThe first one works because the finger that’s closeset to the center of mass dosent move because there is more weight on it. When the other finger gets closer than the other one the weight goes to that finger and this alternates until their both in the center.
Autor: Jeikdoe [GD]
AutorIts cool
For more vid
Autor: KI NG
Autor#1:The end further from the center of gravity pushes less hard on your hand.
#2: The air pushes on a greater surface area of the phone. This makes it very unstable.
#4: cereal has iron in it.
#5: The tea bag is porous so it holds some of the hot air in the paper. Once it burns down enough, the tea bag is light enough to lift off.
Autor: Anonymous Person
Autorhow did you did that explain dude
Autor: Aditya Yadav
AutorI'm using crutches at the moment, and only 45 seconds into the video, I can completely confirm the first physics phenomenon.
Autor: Kanzu999
Autor agreed
AutorCereal has iron. Sooo........
Autor: Dawn BlaZe
Autorthe first is easy the finger closer to the point of mass has more weight on it ->more friction and the ather finger moves and the tee bag flys becaus of the heated air reising taking the bag with it the rest i dont know
Autor: Comet
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Autor: vsleboss cacakaka
AutorCereals contain Iron.
Autor: Jacob Arnell
AutorHmm teabag rocket, sounds like a complicated expert level teabagging you can execute in halo with a rocket launcher XD
Autor: Ben Clifford
AutorCerial is magnetic because of the iron in it.
Autor: Vic Rattlehead
AutorCan you please explain the reasons behind it
Autor: Sushil Patil
AutorThe cereal contains iron and so it is attracted to the magnet.
Autor: rakhi mondal
Autor this just became a cooking show
AutorInstructions unclear.

Teabags got dumped in harbor.
Autor: Mcgarty
AutorMake a video on science of blue black or white gold dress
Autor: Achint Rastogi
AutorPlzz make the video for there reason as well
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AutorBounced on my boys d to this video, had a blast (much like what ripped through my asshole) the only way I think you could have improved this video was by making it about psychics like The Great Salvio who is of course the biggest money of all. (_)_)====D~~(*) that's my butt

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AutorDerek dropped an iphone like 3 times and it stayed unbroken, pretty sure he is some sort of omnipotent being
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Autor1. Cane: From the ends the pressure will be greater on the finger closer to the center. This increases friction on that finger allowing the other finger to move. This is why the fingers do not move at the same rate.

2. Phone Flip: ? best guess: the long axis is unstable - like placing an egg upright on its small end. A tiny momentum in left-right axis will increase the instability until the phone also flips left-right. However the instability quickly reaches equilibrium otherwise the phone would start in 1 direction and end in another.

3. Magnetic Cup: ? best guess: the water if following the magnetic lines of force emanating from the charges on the cup.

4. Magnetic Cereal: cereal has sufficient iron in the ingredients to be attracted to magnetic force.

5. Teabag Rocket: Heated material becomes lighter as a result of expansion - thus hot-air balloons. The teabag is also heating air. When the teabag burns enough weigh off, the lift provided by the rising air is sufficient to lift the teabag remains. The flame continues to heat the air and provide lift. Once the teabag burns out it will cool off and start to fall.
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AutorI once nailed the phone flip using my flat hand to flip it stabile on one axis
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AutorHow can you Show-Off when Apple symbol is blurt
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AutorI like your idea on getting people more views by making two videos
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Autor How the Galaxies formed spirals. According to top scientists its time for a BIG change. "Newtonian gravity appears to fail spectacularly when used to calculate the dynamics of galaxy rotation. The problem is that stars far from the galactic centre rotate much faster than predicted and should be flung away from the galaxy."
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AutorEhh... veritsium...u owe me a new phone...broke mine when it fell....
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Autor1) The imbalance on one side of the cane causes gravity to create greater friction against the finger on that side, meaning that finger will stick, while the other keeps sliding - until they even out.
2) Flipping the phone with its flat side against the wind creates greater opportunity for air resistance to exaggerate any initial discrepancy between the phone's centre of mass, and its centre of measurement. This means the phone will start to twist to one side.
3) Not immediately sure. Good question.
4) Iron in the cereal.
5) The heat creates a rising column of air, sucking in cooler air from the sides/bottom. The airflow isn't enough to pull the material up at first, but as it burns down and becomes lighter, the remnants of the material are sucked up with the last of the hot air.

Now a question for you, Mr Veritasium: From what Continental European heritage did you get your finger counting style? I notice that when you held up your fingers to show "three", you included the thumb. This is the Continental style (starting with the thumb as "one", then adding the index finger as "two" etc) - as opposed to the British and American style, where we start with our index finger, and only add the thumb as the last one to make "five" :)
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Cane - Has to deal with the friction due the the weight of the cane as your fingers move toward the center.
The friction generated under each finger is directly related to the part of the cane extending out (that is unsupported) and half the distance to your other finger.
As your fingers move in toward the center there is a dynamic back and forth of increasing and decreasing friction on your fingers. Less friction let’s one side move in faster than the other, until they reach frictional equilibrium, then they both move in at the same rate reaching the center of mass. See picture.

Phone flip- Has to do with ratio of length of the rotational axis and mass of what’s rotating around it. I could find the answer if I dug out my physics books. 🤪

Static and water - Negative charge pulls on the positive side of the water molecule if it’s oriented the right way. The rest of the water molecules appear like they’re being pulled toward the cup due to the cohesive properties of water. Maybe?

Cereal - I have no clue. Sorcery!

Teabag rocket - The heat produced makes the air inside the column act like a vacuum. Or a leaf blower? xD
Hot air rises and is replaced by cooler air from below. See picture. Shooting hot air up as it pulls in cool air from the bottom.
Eventually the force of the tea bag is less than the uplifting force of vacuum produced by the fire and lifts off the table.
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Autorbecause cereals have iron in it. and everyone knows it attracts the magnet :/
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AutorOwesome videos
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AutorCereals move toward magnet because cereals have some amount of iron in it
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AutorThe way you hide the apple logo of that iphone 5s is horrendous
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Autor1 friction adjusting in real time 2 unequal mass distribution 3 air currents /suction? 4 iron in the food 5 warm air rises and takes the residue with it
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AutorWhat did the sub atomic duck say?

Autor: George Pantelidis
Autorthe cereal thing is because cereal has iron
Autor: the gamer legends
AutorIron in the cereal, vortex/ cyclone from the flames, friction from the cane being out of balance
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AutorThe cereal is because it's fortified with iron- at least, in the US.
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