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AutorI have a few questions. Before I get into these questions, I just want to say, this is an awesome video. This was very helpful. Anyways, so I'm an international student, who is hoping to apply for Harvard. Should I take both the SAT and ACT exams? And the two Subject tests?
Autor: Vineta The Explorer
AutorColleges want you to think they look at everything, but actually, if the SAT score is garbage, that's where your application goes before anything else is even looked at.
Autor: matthew kirkland
Autorhi I'm pradan from Sri Lanka. I would like to studying physics in Harvard

1)I'm in my Advanced level ( in sri Lankan education system there is only advanced level and Ordinary level exams)
2)I'm studying in mathematics stream and these are the subjects I'm study : pure mathematics , applied mathematics , physics , chemistry
3)I found out I can take sat and act test in sri lanka ( at Fulbright)
4) QUESTION ; do I have to take the biology test too in sat and act exams?
or can I only take math level 1 and level 2 ,physics , chemistry test in sat and act exams ( I haven't study biology since my ordinary level exam) in order to apply to Harvard
Autor: network
AutorThanks for the information!
Autor: Andy Yeboa
Autoryou do not make any sense
Autor: Dhruv Parikh
AutorI got a 1410 new sat score on October and in my country (KSA) there r no community wqorks to do. What should i be doing +AhsantheArtist
Autor: Mohab Arafa
AutorGOD😷😢😢I'm feeling so bad😷😷I got 1200 in my new SAT,and I've been dreaming to study in Harvard for so many years,so sad:( I have no hope now
Autor: Susana Dong
AutorHi. Thanks for your videos, they are really helpful. Could you give me some insight as far as applying to some of the ivy leagues because I feel like I'm not even qualified enough to apply. Currently I am an IB student in my junior year. I am taking 6 (maybe 7) weighted classes this year, including 1 (or 2) APs. I took 2 APs my sophomore year and am planning on taking at least 2 next year in addition to all of my IB classes. I am by no means a stellar student, but I am hard working (most of the time). If all goes well this year I should have a cumulative unweighted GPA of a 3.65-ish and my weighted would be a 4.1, I have not taken the SAT yet, but am hoping to achieve at least a 1500 (for reading/math). Do you know if those are adequate scores and also do you know if colleges actually look at your scores individually or do they just look at the whole sat score. I have heard that colleges don't actually care about your writing portion of the sat, so is this true? My extracurriculars include: madrigals (this is something that I am HEAVILY involved in we have 6 to 9 rehearsals once a week, we perform outside of school, I have participated in district chorus,  I also volunteer through the organization, and partake in the spring musical), I am also in church youth group, Spanish honor society, nat honor society, and boy scouts (I should be receiving my eagle this summer). I really don't know where I would stand in the admissions process because of two particular grades that I have on my transcript that are bringing my gpa down. I have had a C in Algebra 1 and Chemistry. These were two classes that I consistently struggled with, especially chemistry. I did take a remedial course for algebra 1 and received an A, which doesn't actually count toward my gpa, but do you think any admissions council will take that into consideration? Also, I have heard that taking ap physics and ap calculus are something that colleges such as Harvard are looking for. Do you know if this is true? I really haven't gone very deep into the college process, but I am always looking at different schools sites and rankings so I have a pretty good idea of where I should apply. I think that as of now my top choice would be  Georgetown. I also really like William and Mary. I will probably apply to a couple of other prestigious schools besides Georgetown, such as Johns Hopkins, UPenn, and Cornell. Do you think I should apply to any other ones? I know that Cornell is the easiest Ivy league to get into, but I should not be basing my decision on whether or not the school is labeled as an Ivy League. So, thanks for all of your help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Autor: Michael P.
AutorHello! Firstly, I want to thank you for uploading this video as I find these really helpful. I would like to ask you a question regarding the range of GPA score. Living in Indonesia, it is pretty much impossible to have a GPA of 3.9, not to say 4. Will this affect the chance of getting into Harvard?? Thanks a lot!
Autor: Evelyn Mulyono
Autorin my school they have gpa till 4. SO what gpa do I require? ?????
please help me!
Autor: Suyash Dubey
AutorThanks! Ahsante, did you get a chance to interview with Harvard admissions? How bad is it if you don't interview with the admissions and you have a mediocre but still considerable application?
Autor: RoomWithAView
Autoryeah, if youre black and not a half-wit, youre in................ thats how that bs works
Autor: Carter Jones
AutorI'm not applying to Harvard but instead to other schools in the U.K. that require pretty identical scores to what Harvard wants minus GPA and your videos have been really helpful! You are beautiful and intelligent, thank you for the content you put out! xxxxx
Autor: Minimus Mouse
AutorHave I a chance to get admitted to Harvard, Stanford, and MIT as an international student, if I am the founder of a startup, the finalist at international startup contests, learned to code when I was 13, but I scored 1270 in SAT? (Math-740, R&W-530)
Autor: Alex Roberson
AutorWhat is your concentration Ahsante? 
Autor: Steve Macario
Autorwhat did you get on the sat
Autor: Jahlyssa Blackwin
AutorThanks for your awesome advice Ahsante!
Autor: Camila Cruz
AutorHi did you take the sat subject tests on the same day? How many months did you spend studying prior to taking the SATs? and the subject tests? Thanks!! :)
Autor: Tasha Mw
AutorWow! You really give off an intellectual and sophisticated vibe. I love your videos. I have one question, and I've been receiving mixed responses. Do you know if Harvard looks at 8th grade high school classes? I took a foreign language class in 8th grade without the knowledge of it being a high school level course, and received 2 Bs in that class, 1 in each semester. Other than that, I've gotten straight As, and by the time I graduate, my unweighted GPA will be 3.95 or so because of the 2 Bs. I know most Harvard applicant have a 4.0 or higher, but I feel slightly disadvantaged since these Bs came from middle school. Thanks!
Autor: Tara Menon
AutorAlso, how rigorous do you consider the course work? I know it depends on the major, but is the average workload standard in humanely demanding?
Autor: RoomWithAView
AutorHello Ahsante the Artist, Thanks for the informative vids on your channel. I am 18 from India and Planning to apply to the Ivy leagues (Mainly HARVARD. When i was 15, i started up a luxury clothing brand startup with my elder sibling and pitched for angel investment for the startup to an investment firm, it wasn't taken ahead and dissolved because of a trivial dispute with my sibling (p.s I have the mails as the proof of my interaction with investors) later when i turned 16, i discovered a oyster fossil dating back to 5-20 Mya that was guessed by american museum of natural history just by the pictures (i have the mails as a proof of it too). From the above details the conclusion we have is it all makes up for the field i am looking to study (Economics - Earth & Planetary Science) And also the most important thing. When i turned 17, I became an author and wrote a self-help book "Be the one" on personal success and listed it on Amazon . The only thing i lack was GPA. I have a really low GPA wandering somewhere around 2.0 - 2.5. The reason for my low GPA was these above activities. My query is, can i still get in? I Haven't taken the SAT but going to this May and determined to do well in it. What you think the chances i have? and also any tips are welcome.

Rohit Raizada
Autor: Rohit Raizada
AutorHello there. I wanted to ask you something important. Where I live we don't have SATs, GPAs, APs...I live in a village which also doesn't have charties, activities, or any other stuff to join and have fun. This makes it really hard for me to apply anywhere! What should i do?
Autor: d t
AutorDoes the extracurricular have to be in high school? or can it be outside of high school? will Harvard look at me differently because my extracurricular wasn't in school? I was considering doing graphic design as a major, and I'm also in the progress of developing an app to put onto the app store, would that help towards my application if it were completed and on the store? Also, I am in the UK, but I am going to retake some of my gcses (school subjects) to get a higher grade, will the college frown upon me for retaking? and do they accept retakes? thanks :)
Autor: Anthony
AutorI want to go to Harvard Law School.....
Autor: Sammy Wu
AutorGreat video!
My son wants to go to Harvard. How should he improve his SAT score?

Did you do online, books or paid Tutoring program to improve?
Autor: Armon Anthony
AutorI know this totally irrelevant but are you West Indian/Caribbean?
Autor: layla
AutorHarvard rejected, but Princeton accepted 🐆
Autor: パンプキンパイロイヤル
Autorhello - I'm from South Africa and our school curriculum is very different to America... if I do 7 subjects and get an average of 93 will I get into Harvard? I also play hockey for south Africa u18 and head prefect for my school... :)
Autor: Red HutZ
AutorMy classmate who went to Bronx science highschool scored a perfect score on the ACT and sat, has a 4.0 unweighted gpa ,almost all ap courses,is the president of the swimming team,debate team, math team,and has over 1500 community service hours. He maxed out the stat sheets and pretty much everything else. The problem is he was Chinese kid who's parents owned a small shop. He was no CEO kid,just another Asian nerd who statistically have to score 150points higher than everyone else which he has. He only got accepted into 1 out of the 8 Ivy league schools.
Autor: Sniper 313
Autordo you think I could get into Cornell with a 4.3 gpa, 1410 new sat and some extracurriculars? (Honors, student council, tennis and history club, also french at the alliance francaise) I also plan on taking the SAT again since that score was my first try, I'm puerto rican btw
Autor: Andrés Lladó
AutorI'm one of the smartest kids at my school/in my grade (we have a small program and it's very vigorous) I have an AP chem class as a freshman and I got a C the first marking period. If I do amazing in my classes year after year and do extra curricular's, volunteering and high SAT scores do you think they will look past this because I'm honestly really scared about this. I love your videos btw :)
Autor: Spiffy Syd
AutorReally, then why are most people attending Harvard, National Merit Finalists?
Autor: Dude From Nowhere
AutorAlright so I am applying to Harvard this year so I want to know if I have a chance at getting accepted. My SAT score is nowhere near the scores of average applicants (i only have a 1780 and its likely that i won't score substantially higher on my last test for it in 2 weeks). I do have the highest GPA at my school (as far as I know) but i know schools are paying less and less attention to that because GPA's can be really doctored and meddled with. As far as extracurricular go, i have done a lot of work to improve literacy in my community but mainly through independent projects (i am in a few clubs that do community service but am only an officer of 1). I feel super unqualified for the Ivy Leagues because the only people that i see getting in are awesome test takers and people with inspirational back stories like my teacher (who went to Harvard). So basically my main question is whether or not you think my low SAT scores (by the Ivy standards) would really penalize me/ lower my chances or not in being accepted. Regardless of my chances I am still going to apply because my teacher says I "have what it takes" to be in an Ivy, but I am trying to be realistic so I don't get my hopes up.
Autor: ReadHeadPat
AutorThat freaked me out! But it was pretty helpful so thanks for uploading!
Autor: kavya das
AutorDo you know any online test or books that can help you prepare for the SAT?
Autor: nicole espinosa
AutorI think I have a 3.4 GPA and a 1650 on my SAT. I come from the poorest area in the US so hopefully that will make up for my poor scores compared everyone else. I am class president though, and i started many clubs including honor societies at my school because we had very little. I volunteer a lot and I am in gymnastics. Do I have any chance at any of the ivy leagues?
Autor: Leonardo Ramirez
Autorhi! This is a great video & It really inspired me as I would like to go to an Ivy League. I'm a junior now ( and still undecided) & I take the SAT next month! My psat I did average so I was wondering what you did to improve upon your score, or figure out what you wanted to be. Also, Ivy Leagues are terribly expensive, did you receive a scholarship with admission?
Autor: Sabrina M
AutorHow to be interesting? How to be more interesting?
Autor: Beliz Güney
AutorHello :) Your advice was really helpful.
About the GPA range, is that for weighted or unweighted GPA?
Autor: Megan Rutkai
Autor+Megan Rutkai Couldn't reply directly, but it's for the unweighted GPA :)
Autor: Ahsante the Artist

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