Jordan is Not Safe

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AutorJordan is the safe place Daniel 11: 41, 2 edras 8 Christ is coming back to attack moab. Ammon, edsom his self, isiah 16 speak of that and how moab will protect us, pkesse , here the word of Lord, I live here now and the people testify that this is gods country and will be protected and is peaceful even to this day
Autor: Hameedah Jibri
AutorFake news...i am now Living in Jordan and i am make Car Sport v10-v12 World Business....I have 9 Condominium in Jordan and it Still Ok even save nothing happen...this guy is Homeless and Weak like Her Father..
Autor: D.I.N. Music
AutorJordan is safe and people are nice, I have been there several times! Not sure what the problem is! They have a very good security as far as I saw! And food is great :)
Autor: qoqo13
AutorEliyahu's message is correct and accurate.Don't be fooled by anyone teaching to go to Jordan, the timing is wrong.And you most likely will get yourself killed if you stay.;)
Autor: shane stewart
Autorplease, please research God's calendar in Genesis is not one of the ten commandments, but nevertheless, it is still a strict commandment from The Almighty to let the Sun, Moon, and Stars be for Days, Years, etc. We must walk as Christ walked; he kept God's commandments, he kept God's Calendar. It makes perfect sense too me that God's Holy Sabbath should be calculated and observe by God's Calendar. Saturday nor Sunday is the true Sabbath of God.

Man has invented many things contrary to God and the Gregorian Calendar is one of them. It is a false system of time; it can change ANYTIME. For example, Sunday could become the seventh day around other parts of the world like it is in many countries today (the ISO 8601 calendar).... then Saturday Sabbath Keepers will be worshiping on Sun-day like many today.........However, God's Calendar does not change; it sits in the heavens where no man can tamper with it.

The Roman Catholic Church /Pope, other churches and organizations around the world are clasping hands to elevate a false rest day Sabbath. Every man, women, boy and girl will have to decide who he or she will follow: God's Holy Sabbath by God's Calendar or man's false rest day Sabbath by man's Calendar. By obeying and following man above God a person will in reality be worshiping Satan that gives power unto the beast (king/kingdom) I believe Satan will deceive many to take the mark of the beast through a Calendar controversy. Let us worship and obey Him that made heaven, earth, sea and all that is in them PEACE WITH LOVE
Autor: grannysword
Autorit's been revealed to me a safe place in USA...more than a safe place but more equal as in another Israel. good luck to all. and love. think huge.... like that if you truly obey and love God no matter what you call yourself, when we worship Him we must do so in Spirit and in Truth, and when you do this Revelation comes to youUS then....this is the true Revelation rather than in the biblio's containing the last book called u understand what I m trying to say. please do not worry for every knee shall now and no weapon formed against us shall prosper.
Autor: C. Tucker
AutorWhat a great video! I have been so concerned about those believers who are going to Jordan because they want into Israel and aren't welcome YET. It concerns me that there are well known names associated with the movement into Jordan and therefore, people who don't trust their own communication and relationship with YHWH and/or professed believers who can't hear HIS voice for one reason or another, are following them!! Yikes!
We are in the midst of the Psalm 83 war which ends badly. I pray they return to their homelands until this war is over and then prepare themselves and wait for YHWH to reveal HIS timing and submit to YHWH leadership to return in the 2nd Exodus, as an orderly nation, as they did in the 1st Exodus! As I recall, YHWH chose only 1 leader not several. The leadership then picked the elders and tribal leaders under him for order.
YHWH hasn't changed!
Thank you Eliyahu for a great teaching loaded with documentation and scripture! Shalom!
Autor: Jblue Null
Autorthis is the great falling away
Autor: Lori Sunzeri

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