Sore throat vs peritonsillar abscess

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AutorYou use your hands while talking along with facial expressions. Although, I don't not understand what was being said, I think you really ought to learn sign language if you haven't yet. Sign language isn't for just anyone because it really depends on how expressive a person can be. I'm serious.
Autor: Cassie Cates
AutorI got a cold and my throat hurts when I swallow
Autor: tootsiepopssmn Gaming
AutorToo much nonsense!!
Autor: jeffrey lee
AutorI have a question...If don't got tonsil's does that make person more likely to gain throat problems?
Autor: Bluestarwarrior1
AutorI have the same thing. but mine is covering the left side of the little punching bag thingy in the back of the toungue. went through ALOT of discomfort sleeping, trying to eat , drink , speak. worse experience ever. couldnt even swallow my own spit. ive had it for about 48 hours but i thought it was just a sore throat at first until i got a flashlight and looked in the mirror. went to the hospital and strep came back negative also but they put me on meds and im in the process of getting better
Autor: Killa Kev
AutorMy throat is killing me! I have a very white tongue now, it's hard to swallow, I'm scared even to drink water cause' I'm not sure if it will harm my throat. Also the sides of my throat are hurting badly, when I lift one of the sides, it stings! It hurts so much! Also lots of mucus and my breath smells awful!!!
Autor: Audrey Cutie
AutorIs something wrong with me?
Autor: Username
AutorThe general consensus is that if you have a reason to think you need a CT, then do it. The 1/1000 figure you stated is true, but the risk of whatever you are looking for going undetected is a far bigger risk.
Autor: PfeifJarobi
AutorHello Doctor, I just had a possible peritonsillar abscess yesterday, not sure, but did refer her to the ER, I work in a clinic (such as those seen in walgreens or other pharmacies)  that is one step below an Urgency Care, it is usually solely staffed with one NP with no other back up person, just us.  If I have decided that it is beyond my scope, instead of suggesting an Urgency Care for their higher level of care, I actually push them towards an ED, I would rather them be in a spot that can do a CT scan, or have specialists that can visit them in the ED, etc.

I wish I could have taken a picture of yesterdays throat so that you could, if you wanted, give a better reflection or opinion on it, but let me describe it... the left tonsil was only slightly enlarged, but the right tonsil was large, it was also hidden behind the skin that normally sits infront of the tonsil, but both had pulled over, or swollen over, to almost 3/4 of the way towards the center.  The uvala was not hanging straight down center, but  instead the tip was pulling towards the right pointing toward this enlargement.

It was very strange and I referred her on to the ED. I've had cases where I was on the fence about these, but usually gave antibiotics and told them if no improvement in one day or two, to go on to their favorite ED or PCP.
I do not know how this case ended, I rarely do after I have referred them away, but what are your 'outside looking in' thoughts? Why was the skin also pulled over with the tonsil?

It would be nice if you started a site or forum for us newbies or even students to present strange cases for your reflection, it is hard to grow and learn without some sort of feed back, and we are busing thru the day seeing many patients at the ground level...

I think the type of clinics I work in have a wonderful place in improving medical care for all, as we can take care of and treat the much simpler cases, bringing down the congestion in the EDs and PCPs. We also see sick folks that won't get care at all because they don't want to go to a busy ER for these sinusitis, or even their Flu, I am see Type A almost on a daily basis, they are not that hard to treat and send home, keeping them out of ER waiting rooms that may have immunocompromised or elderly sitting next to them.

***The key to these lower 'one NP' clinics growing in these large drug stores, at least how I see it,  is the NP simply knowing when to refer out, but also, when to hold on and treat using of course our evidence based guidelines, sweet new patient care avenue, Thanks!
Autor: Vegan Nurse Practitioner
AutorDid you also refer the pt to ENT for follow up? Guess it depends on the kiddo's hx too. I got mine out at 25 after getting sore throats every few months for years. I went to an ENT buddy of mine and learned something interesting, that once a person gets tonsoliths, that infection is actinomyces and will only be remedied by removal. Wish I had known that when I was younger! Thanks for taking the time to produce your vids Doc, I've learned some very interesting things from you! Take care!
Autor: johnnykATL
AutorIf you do a CT scan to everyone with a bit of a sore throat and swollen tonsils, you'd cause a few cancers. That throat was clearly not PTA, and if it worsened the kid could come back. But certain headaches do (re: tmunds1's reply). Worst ever headache, or thunderclap headache need CT to rule out SAH - which is often missed and very serious.
Autor: tbird81
AutorI drank hot coffee and it burned the back of my throat, then my tonsils swole up.
Autor: Daiquan Blunt
Autorsince you are a er doctor i would like to ask you a important question if my daughter has tiny bumps on back of her throat and she is a little sore and has a meduim size puss pocket only one tough what do you think that could be note she also has oral alcers
Autor: Karen Crabel
Autorwow his tonsils were huge!  I bet he gets tonsil stones all the time!
Autor: Ms Creek
AutorJust get them out... It's not that bad... And all your pain is gone
Autor: michelle rodrigues
AutorI had this procedure done earlier today...first off the numbing stuff didnt do SHIT. First they "numbed" it with a spray and an injection, then he used a pretty large needle to suck the pus out, did that twice, and holy fuckballs did that hurt. After that he made an incision with a scalpel, then used forceps to open the incision so it became wider.  That was it.  I was scared shitless after reading what others experienced.  It hurt like a motherfucker, but maybe not as bad as i was anticipating.  Feels a lot better tho as far as swelling and i can swallow again.  Still cant talk all that well tho.  And i got a big bottle of liquid vicodin :)
Autor: XA7XX7AX
AutorYeah, I know. That's why I qualified my remark with "if you think you have a reason" to do it. In this case, probably not. But you should never skip CT because you think you are over-radiating the patient. At least that is what is the general consensus among radiologists and those weird MD/PhDs that study this sort of thing.
Autor: PfeifJarobi
AutorThere are a few components to natural treatments for nose polyps. One resource I discovered which successfully combines these is the Jits Polyp Plan (check it out on google) definately the most useful resource i've heard of. Check out the unbelievable info .
Autor: eran2016
Autorisn't it illegal to record at the doctors?
Autor: KonnerCrouch
AutorI have had one of these.  I was told for over a week that it was only tonsillitis despite seeing about 4 different doctors.  Luckily my wife is a ER nurse and she demanded that I be kept over night.  The very next day I was given a CT and rushed to a specialist ENT hospital to have it drained, it really sucked ass but man I healed quickly - the next morning I felt 100% (was still really weak, but wow [Owen Wilson] what a relief).

I had a few really bad experiences with some SHIT doctors and one that refused me the prescribed antibiotic by the ENT (she treated me like a drug seeker).

Hot potato voice? LOL I had NO voice, I could not eat / drink or swallow much (the hospital gave me RICE for dinner - ever tried eating rice with a sore throat?  I ate some because after a week of no food I was STARVING)....I heard a lady in the ER over night ward say to a nurse 'is he ok? he seems very, very ill' (what a sweet heart :)) and the blokes in my ENT ward after surgery thought that the bowels of hell had been opened and wondered how my wife could sleep through a freight train pulling up every (I don't normally snore loudly)
Autor: Semicon07
Autor: Duskworker
Autor90% of the time, sore throats are caused by post nasal drip, which can definitely cause some serious pain and discomfort. But when you said that the sides of your throat and your breath smelling bad, it kind of leads me to believe that its your tonsils. You should get it checked out if it lasts more than 3 days, check your throat for white patches, have someone grab a flashlight and put your head back and look down your may be strep, which is cured by antibiotics,
Autor: frizzykid100
AutorYou Mean The Taste Buds?
Autor: MusicFlick
AutorThe process is fucking horrible oh my gosh! Like my left tonsil was inflamed and it had to be drained it was almost the size of a golf ball. The process is that they first numb you're mouth with this spray, then they put this needle down your throat and puncture it. After he punctured it he gets a thicker needles and its almost like it is digging inside your tonsil and you feel like gagging but you can't move or he will hit something. So just imagine a fucking needle sucking up this shit in the most painful way possible you can't move and its almost like he is sticking it in and out of the tonsils. I literally teared up from pain
AutorDear doctor, please help. for the past 5 days, I had bad pain in my throat. its always on the bottom of my throat, above my collar bone. the pain come and goes, it usually lasts for an hour and goes away then comes back. i dont have any swelling and when i look at my tonsills, they seem normal. but i do see some red lines. what could it be?
Autor: SakuraBlossom15
AutorIf u have strep throat ot any other throat sores dont even drink any acid like citrus drinks its will burn like hell
Autor: keely shea
Autoris that red dots on the tongue normal?
Autor: sometimes unnaccesible
AutorA ct scan with contrast can cause 2000 dollars?
Autor: gilang kristiawan
AutorI have that right now
Autor: Jalissa Rodney
Autor: Naser Naser
Autorhi there. I actually dont have neither of those. and my pain went away two days ago. so its weird
Autor: SakuraBlossom15
AutorI had a sore throat early in the morning I had that.the sore throat went away so the tonsils went away
Autor: Adyanabanana Baker
Autori was hospitalized with a tonsillar abscess. stayed there for two days... had to be immediately drained. i felt like the life was getting sucked out of me. sucked majorly.
Autor: Jess C
AutorOda! huhuhu
Autor: natz
Autorlooks like they have strawberry tongue as well!
Autor: dream0eater
AutorIve got a peritonsillar abscess its the worst I cant eat, sleep,talk, hardly drink fluids. I constantly am chocking on my spit when I lay down for more them 5 minutes. I thought it was strep or swollen glands at first waited a misreble 2 days before seeing a doctor. I got some antibiotics and hope its couple days wont need it to be drained...
Autor: Jacob V
AutorSeriously... By the video thumb I could swear the stick was a load of pus about to drip out from that mouth.
Autor: Gabriel Ribeiro
AutorREPLY BACK VERY SOON: ok doc, on the back of my tung,I have a medium bump. Few, actully. It's like 3mm...I'm kinda worried, though. Is something r
Autor: Username
Autori have a ques can u add me or message me on [email protected] please ?
Autor: Jad Hyar
AutorLord I’ve had a sore throat move from my left side to right within the last 3 days I had mild cold with itchy scratchy throat that caused this sore throat and was told no strep but I decided to take amoxicillin anyways ...which I’m like ummm I dunno 🤷‍♀️ move I have allergies and I had cough and like phlegm,but my throat looks normal just a. Little red I also have acid reflux occasionally what are the tx for this bc my throat isn’t swollen
Autor: Mom Eats and advice
AutorAt the ER with my daughter now shes only 14 very scared for her to get this thing drained there has to be another way so she can avoid anymore pain
Autor: Marlena Anderson
AutorGood vid
Autor: Ula La
AutorI have a lump on each side of my throat where my tonsils are and they are really big and they feel like bruises on the outside and on the inside it doesn’t hurt at all
Autor: OTX_ Juan
AutorI like how you talk to us and explain. Where do you practice? Are you only in the ER? I live in California in America.
Autor: V Blondin
AutorWhat's your Account/page Name
Autor: Jad Hyar

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