The Bacteria & Parasite Deception - Raw Food Fearmongering - Aajonus Vonderplanitz

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AutorWhat is the song at the end?
Autor: Square Dog
AutorDude, you are on fire with the content over the last year. two thumbs up
Autor: mrunconventional
AutorI loved seeing the Doctors squirm.
Autor: Krow mother
AutorThis video is so cool with the bacteria in the background, they look like spirits or ghosts.
Autor: Ianoodin
Autoris garlic antibacterial?
Autor: Remmy Kauffer
AutorInteressant video om det å spise "Raw!"

Katter er forskjellig fra oss, MEN... hvor mye påvirker koking og steking av mat, det er et interessant spørsmål!

Autor: Odd Kristensen
AutorBut think about it.... No living animal (besides humans) treats the meat with fire.

What if.....

Meat kills us because we kill it with fire before eating it?
Autor: Templar Spirit
AutorWhat about Ecoli
Autor: Ababmer Vid
AutorI think we should change the very word "parasite", at this point.
Autor: Iron Oxide
AutorI wonder if people that eat raw meat do they at least season there meat? Do raw carnivores miss a nice sear on there meat? BTW, I like Sushi & I like my steaks rare but I gotta at least have a sear on mine.
Autor: bucsrno1
AutorHow to get rid of candida overgrowth and sibo? I have all the symptoms for years.
Autor: Clement Toubin
AutorAnd you should eat food that gows in you'r area and not some exotic shit
Autor: Jakob Petrov
AutorThe condescending hand on the shoulder by the doctor towards AV, priceless! 😂
Autor: Jeremy Sheldrick
AutorI got typhoid from apparently drinking bad water. I didn't "cook" the water so how did I get sick? Not being a dick I just did't quite understand the doctors theory.
Autor: btron1234
Autorhow come he doesn't get sick tho i know if i eat a raw chicken i will be ill, i dont disagree but can some one explain
Autor: Dav Mar
AutorMy auto immune disease I've had for over a decade (oral lichen planus) is disappearing after only eating raw steaks for 2 weeks... Absolutely amazing!! And i'm able to sleep so much better. Fuck new world order witch doctors. I'd like to drink their fucking blood.
Autor: Samuel Denman
AutorJust look at Bear Grylls and how many raw creatures he has eaten, the only times I've seen him cook stuff is when the animal has been dead for days
Autor: El Anónimo
AutorP.s you should critic the "Freaky Eaters | Raw Meat Addict (Full Episode) | Only Human" when you find the time. It's fucking pathetic to watch.
Autor: Samuel Denman
AutorMore exclusive Ajanous clips please...
Autor: kyle ober
Autorso in case one has pinworms or similar, would you suggest just letting them thrive?
Autor: M V
AutorShit but seriously are All parasites ok for you? I mean in the same way some natural animal like a tiger killing you, it is logical to assume that at least somo parasites would be dangerous? Or not?
Autor: Stef Diaz Diaz
AutorI would Skype you for an hour for pay. I want to be consulted on harmful bacteria so I don’t end up in the hospital with bad bacteria again. When I do the raw diet.
Autor: That Bro You Know
AutorWhat is the name of the song at the end of the video? Artist?
Autor: CecilRyuTaekwondo
AutorI love aajonus but why’d he have to be so weird on tv. Look if he changed his personality a little and shared the stories of everyone he’s helped he mightve been able to reach some people. Instead he had to act like a common carnival clown. No disrespect, again I love the guy but come on.
Autor: Sam Johnson
AutorMy brain is exploding. I have been trying to kill parasites forever. This makes way more sense though. Holy shit. Also, I NEED to stop reading all the comments it just confuses me more. I started with Freelee the banana girl a few years ago and was eating 40 bananas in a few days. Today i bought lambs brain and beef liver from an organic farm. Seriously considering eating the liver raw now. My life
Autor: Allie’s World
AutorThis is a breath of fresh air. I am so paranoid about bacteria and parasites. This perspective resonates though me and is awakening something dormant deep with in.
Autor: deathdenyzme
AutorMDs [malpractice dipshits] have ZERO education when it comes to nutrition.
Autor: Tommy Rad
AutorI have regularly eaten raw muscle meats simply because I like it. I would only add to all this that I won't eat any ground meat from the markets. If I am to eat ground meat I grind it right then and there so I know what I am ingesting. Sauerkraut is a great fermented addition to the raw steaks I eat.
Autor: Steve Zee
AutorAren't there parasites and bacteria that are known for a fact that they can kill you? Like worms that can enter your bloodstream, go to your brain, and kill you because they nest in your brain.
Thats what I know from 'mainstream medical knowledge', anyways
Autor: Meggazo Catto
AutorCouldn't you get the same effects by eating fermented foods such as cabbage or yogurt?
Autor: econogate
AutorFor a million years humans ate anything they could find, scavenging other predators kill. Roots, nuts, berrys. Fresh killed animals & rotting meat. We cant very that too much without problems.
Autor: Jed Sparks
AutorSo what happens when the guy gets to Thailand eat the fast food there and get's back with shitting himself to near death... I don't get the idea, also there are people who eat there, raw blood soup and many of them almost died of it... how then?
Autor: oNNN1 -
AutorThe news reported on a teenager who swallowed a garden slug as a stupid dare. He got a rat virus/bacteria. I will see if I can find the story and post.
Autor: Pass The Torch
AutorIf you freeze meat are you destroying all the bacteria?
Autor: Jeremy Sheldrick
AutorFor the sake of all seekers. Aajonus Vonderplanitz died in 2013. I spoke to him back in 2002. A home balcony he was on in Thailand collapsed and he was hurt. His refusal to get professional help is what eventually furthered the problems from his injuries in the fall. Now, this is from my heart to all of you. I have lived on the edge of life and death. I have done things I will never do again. Some of us people that have lived long enough or not long enough have an urge to feel the unspeakable things of life. I know from my experience being around others like him and other extremists that we push the boundaries without thinking things all the way through. To the young people watching, I know what it is like to watch my body fall apart from a vegan and vegetarian diet. It will take time for me to get something back that I lost do to the emotional and illogical pull the movement had on me. The government is NOT trying to kill us. We are killing ourselves with hatred, poor sleep, poor eating skills, too much religion and not enough facts. You must learn how to learn and apply that which is right for you. At 64, I am still learning and I enjoy it. There is a whole world out there for you that wants you to have a wonderful and fulfilling life. There are articles written by people close to Aajonus when he was alive. He had his problems. I felt for him. I wish we met. I kept copies of our email for years. But my life had to go on. He hurt people. Our emotions as humans can be very fragile. Stay the middle road and alway pan the view as you travel through life. Be happy. Stay healthy. Eat well. Find your balance. Peace. Art
Autor: Arthur Konstantino
AutorIm gon make some tartar 2mrwcand leave a like on this vid today
Autor: Forty Nine
AutorThe natural bacteria found in your digestive system is a easy example of symbiosis.
I worked in nursing homes with senior citizens the stupid doctors over prescribed antibiotics which causes c-diff in the digestive tract and uncontrolled diarrhea.
Autor: Deep-fried south
Autor'Vegan turpentine cleanse' - what a bunch of asinine dangerous bullshit. The only reason that would work at all is because turpentine is a solvent, and worms etc, find it very difficult to hold their protective shit together in the presence of a solvent. Vodka is a solvent too, and the Russians have always used vodka as an anit-parasitic. Why do you think the Greeks drink raki and ouzo after a meal? Same reason. Why do you think The French have 'un petit digestif' after a meal? Same reason. Of course, if you have the psychotic puritanical mindset of a vegan, going into a liquor store is gonna be 'sinful', 'evil', whatever. They're so fucked in the head, they'd rather go into an industrial paint store and drink industrial thinners. LOL
Autor: Highland Fleet Lute
AutorWow this makes me so hopeful, so what part of the intestine should i consume? And how? I could probably find wild boar , would that work? thank you so much for all the videoes. Saving lives ❤️
Autor: Oskar Edwall
AutorRaw food from supermarket is shit and if you cook it is still shit food from the forest or meat or egs from forest are ok
Autor: Jakob Petrov
AutorNah, like plants, there are some bacteria that want to kill you and there are some that want to work with you.
Nature kills or harms carnivores/ omnivores with parasites and diseases all the time.

I understand your distrust of certain mainstream views but I don't think jumping to every opposite extreme is a good idea.
Autor: wait wot
AutorThe DOctors has to be the worst show on television
Autor: Sh0t
AutorSo.. Tapeworms are friendly?! I struggle to believe it.
Autor: ChelseaBaby95
Autor: Keen Eyed Joe
Autor "Non gmo corn"
Autor: brown brown
AutorAccording to Vegans life can't exist in acidic pH. But somehow the bacterias will exist in raw milk which is acid. Vegans are retarded.
Autor: Devansh
AutorCan I eat raw Beef from the supermarket in Canada?
Autor: Come Aun
Autor The bacteria in my lungs that gave me pneumonia and almost killed me last year was not good, nor was it man made. WTF? LOL
Autor: Hebe Kikenburg
AutorThere is a difference between a microbe that is natural to humans and a pathogen which is not. Pathogens are created in a lab. Even these only become a problem when in the presence of a frequency that makes them grow unnaturally.
Autor: Marie Lewis
Autorwhat about tapeworms
Autor: johny appleseed
AutorI ate a raw beef liver today for the first time
Autor: Lola Phoenix
Autorso would coconut oil be detrimental occasionally??? 😰
Autor: Adrian Arreola
Autor"the system was created to kill you... hehe. Peace!" - great stuff AHAHAH
Autor: Khristophesaurus Dinosaurus
AutorI like how sv3rige doesn't interrupt his guests like those Oprah Nurses did. We can all learn from that.
Autor: Rusty Nickels
AutorOmg it’s like a suspenseful movie and when that big pointy bacteria with the claws came on the screen, I jumped and closed my eyes. But watching the smaller bacteria was quite calming. They’re kinda cute
Autor: Frosty Locks
AutorI love how when you are talking about the knowledge you have, you often laugh impulsively, as if it makes so much sense you can’t believe it’s not common knowledge.
Autor: Shaman primal
AutorVonderplanitz is awesome!!!
Autor: savyge
AutorI can't fucking find raw milk in my town !
Autor: Anthony J.
AutorHere's the problem regarding the inserted vid on the biome. We can sterialize carnivores and maintain their gut system in the sterialized state throughout their lifespan. They are as healthy as non-sterialized members of their species and on average have greater longevity. Every human cell is a creature. Cells can eat each other. Mutated cells can attack and eat healthy cells, and in the autophagy process healthy cells attack and consume mutated or dead cells. What this suggests is that homo sapiens, a carnivore species, does not require foreign single-cell creatures in any of our biological systems. The thing is, we can't keep them out in any practical way. But by keeping a digestive pH in the 1 range (by a fatty meat diet) we can kill all pathogenic and alkalophilic bacteria upon entrance into the stomach. The acid-loving bugs are not generally a problem.
Autor: William David Hilton
Autor''... the sytem was created to kill youhehepeace'' xD

Great videos, you're opening me up to very interesting new concepts.
I've been following the microbiome stuff now for several years and am greatly convinced they play, perhaps the biggest role in our overall physical health.
Will probably try this out very soon with my freshly bought natural beef ;)
Autor: Roy Wardenaar
Autorfinally something that makes sense
Autor: Iulian Corciac
AutorSo should I not bother doing parasite cleanses then? I already consume fermented foods and I would be willing to eat raw meat in time.
Autor: LowCarbNiki
AutorHoly Crap...I'm 63 and I've NEVER heard this!!!
Autor: Michael Solosky
AutorGoing raw is going to be insanely difficult but the benefits seem undeniable..
Autor: Robert Frey
Autorsv3rige - Can you please tell me: Is vinegar bad or good? And please shortly explain why. Thank you
Autor: Kris B
Autor@sv3rige How do I get into eating a raw meat diet? Do I have too slowly work into it or is it something you can jump in and be healthy right away? "100%"
Autor: brown brown
AutorCan someone please help me understand it, in the video at , pasteurized milk when added to raw milk, the bacteria grew instantaneously and thus the byproducts were dangerous. I just don't understand this. Since pasteurized milk is free from bacteria and then how would toxic byproducts be formed? Please provide clarification.
And if possible please provide sources link. Thanks!
Autor: Aakhil
AutorRaw meat does taste good, or at least it doesn't taste bad, which is a lot better than eating a dry cooked meat which you can't even swallow.
But I'm still not gonna take any risks.
Autor: SillyTube
Autorlol that end
Autor: GargaGaming
AutorGreat visuals!!!!!
Autor: Juan Baca
AutorWhats the song in the end?
Autor: igor olech
AutorI feed my bacteria roots and they make me nutrients. :--
Autor: TurboScuba
AutorI have no problem eating raw beef, but I ain't fuckin with raw pork or chicken
Autor: Big Chungus
AutorAnd what about the various species of parasite that can enter the brain and kill you
Autor: Ababmer Vid
AutorWatch out. Those drug dealers wont like their addicts going clean.
Autor: NPC Blacksmith
AutorOkay. Where can I start getting GOOD raw meat and milk?...Whats the cost?
Autor: Marti Paige
Autorunpasteurised milk Is bad... interesting. I've been drinking fresh milk, that was still warm only filtrated through some cloth and I was ok. Everybody did this and nobody was questioning the fact that this is ok. Suddenly now it's wrong... I'm still not sure about raw meet because I've never tried it (except tatar which is great). Maybe I'm just prejudice to this but it sounds quite reasonable. I've always been wandering, why in all animal world only human needs to cook everything...
Autor: manogame
AutorSigh - is raw chicken safe or not? Is it just dependent on the farm/sourcing of the meat
Autor: Ababmer Vid
AutorI am a little scared to eat raw meat and eggs. Maybe one day. Maybe I’ll start with an egg.
Autor: Emily Kellen
AutorHey. Can you tell me where you got the video you used in this?
Autor: Eric L
AutorBut I don't understand. If you get sick after eating raw milk or meat and get lets say kidney failure. What is wrong then? Just that you have a weak immune system? In this case, what can you do to prevent sickness?
Autor: Daniel Wells
AutorI am alive because of God. I have established there’s a war between vegans and carnivores. I can’t with it, there should be a balance.
Autor: Codech Tapia
Autorseeing how all those doctors became instantly so defensive and critical of him for eating raw meat really shows that they must really not want people to know the true secret to health. lol definitely right about the ginger and papaya seeds, I feel like garbage after all of these and Apple cider vinegar, all of it. the only time I feel okay is with raw milk, raw milk cheese and medium rare organs but I will go ahead and go full raw on the organs and meats now I'm going to try this for a week to see how I feel. I still have much damage from antibiotics and the vegan/vegetarian diet I think it's time I try this
Autor: Keto Kyah
Autorit depends on how the animal was raised. if you eat raw meat from wild animals, then there is a chance to get nasty parasites.
Autor: Cool Stuff
Autoris hydrochloric acid killing all parasites in the stomach ???
Autor: Robstar
AutorI've seen you eat raw eggs, isn't there a salmonella risk? and what about raw chicken? is there any difference between raw chicken and beef?
Autor: Fabio119
Autor"The system was created to kill you, hehe, peace" great words.
Autor: Guido Bisocoli
Autor"The system was created to kill you". What system are you referring to?
Autor: TheGolfster3
AutorIn order for me to have an opinion on any given topic, I first embrace all aspects. I then conclude an opinion that is always evolving.
Autor: G3M1N1J0K3R
AutorHow i eat raw meat ?
Autor: Jack Samcro
AutorBut why would the "government" want us to be sick? What would they gain from having their worker bees and essentially slaves being sick and weak and dead? a country/system of sick and week individuals/cogs would only hurt the clockwork and drive it into the ground, so why do you think the government is trying to kill us by telling us to cook/destroy our food and include toxic indigestible plants into our diets?
Autor: Nyx Fenris
Autor You were right bud.
Autor: Fake news, Fake food, Fake world
Autordo you think if you get trichinosis once and recover after that you will not feel sick from the parasite?
Autor: Jonathan Clark
AutorFrom not just the video, but the comments - I am getting more red pilled than I have in a while. Holy shit.
Autor: Steven McCartney
AutorCould someone please explain to me their argument explaining Tuberculosis (and various other deadly bacteria)?
Autor: Kalamity Force
AutorExcellent, thank you for this information👍👍
Autor: Shane Kelly
AutorThose doctors are dumb to the max.
Autor: Dario Mendeš
AutorI still don't get it. So if we already have all those e.coli, salmonella and stuff in our system, why do people get sick of eating more of it with raw meat/eggs? And parasytes are cleansing tools?
Autor: ЭХОВ
AutorBefore raw meat :1/10 after raw meat (and partially cooked carnivore): 5/10.
AutorDoctors hate him
Autor: standing buffalo
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