The coelacanth: A living fossil of a fish - Erin Eastwood

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AutorWow. This was the most silly documentary ever.
Autor: Zaxio 005
AutorI greatly enjoyed this video
Autor: Celestia S
Autor. Darwin?? 😮
Autor: Loki Vanni
AutorI remember getting excited about this when I learned about it in the 4th grade years back. Has TED-Ed ever done any research on the ocean sound 'the bloop'. I used to think it was a cryocism, but after today when I really listened to it.. I.. it sounds like a symphony deep within the ocean from life. Huge beasts could be down there
Autor: Valice
AutorIf it IS a coelacanth, and not an evolutionary offshoot as most species are of prehistoric animals, then there is a living species of life on this planet that hasnt evolved ONE BIT in 65 MILLION years, despite surving an incredibly trying extinction event (which I call selective pressure).  This opens up a slew of questions about evolution theory, or places doubt on the time table.
Autor: CogitoErgoCogitoSum
AutorI have an issue with the narrator saying this fish is "back from the dead" when in reality it was alive the whole time. My dog doesn't die when she runs behind a bush, then come back to life when she re-emerges from the bush. It's this simplistic, lowest-common-denominator thinking that holds back science. Ignorance is not proof of anything.
Autor: BariumCobaltNitrog3n
AutorI really like the animation in this video, it looks messy, but it's awesome :3
Autor: Nat
AutorHowever I don't think that this disproves God. I cant help but think that if a loving source made our world that it was done so lovingly that all the evolution was part of it. I just think if those authors of the bible didnt understand it at the time. It was written through their view of it.
Autor: Stephanie White
AutorI was always told that there was a 'missing link'. Judging by this info the evidence has been in our possession for about a century.
Autor: NPC#563.114.512.128
Autorall these creationists in this educational video were like "fck u!! I will stick to my belief and none of your science bs will make me change it." Its either theyre permanently blinded by their doctrines, OR they cannot grip the fact that a fact, is a fact.
But afterall, a scientist can read dozens of books in his lifetime and think theres more to learn. while a religious person read one book and think they know it all.
Autor: Pro2.0 nokks
AutorWhy haven't the fish continue to evolve?? Because that's a long time without genetic changes.
Autor: K W
AutorThe animations are beautiful!
Autor: Meeping
AutorGoodbye GOD. Hello FISH.
Autor: holyshetman1
Autorevolution is not real science, evolution is a joke & a religion for atheists. 
Autor: Kung Fu Dan
AutorMy pet!
Autor: LePezzy66
AutorDid not enjoy the animation. 
Autor: Holo
Autori like how the credit for finding the "living fossil" fish is given to the whites when it was the blacks and asians who actually did the finding.
Autor: VvVincent
AutorWow dats cool
Autor: putul ayan
AutorI love this video because it didn't dis God or evolution. I personally am a evolutionary Christian. I believe that God wrote The bible but that everything in it is a metaphor for something and there fore evolution could be real and stated so in the bible but just not deciphered yet
Autor: the personalitist
Autorthis video was in SeaWorld Indonesia also yes more videos about Coelacanths
Autor: CennaPlayz
AutorI think I saw the fossil of this creature you're talking about at the Iziko South African Museum. Over 250 historic and fossil archives were photographed and put onto Wikimedia Commons. They're in the museum's category.
Autor: Nkansah Rexford
AutorLoved the whimsical tone of this animation. Way to keep a science fun!
Autor: Jonathan Cannon
Autormy grandfather actually caught a trilobite
Autor: Zulfburht
Autoris this bitch in high school or what
Autor: Jack
"Warning: The following film contains the best story about a fish you'll hear all day"
Nah, Finding Nemo was better
Autor: Metal Gear Godzillanthropus
AutorLong lance torpedo
Autor: Ben Quinney
AutorInteresting! Not the only fish to give live birth though. Guppies and sword-tails do in my son's fish tank.
Autor: Sphynx Bear🐻
Autorok hold up bearly evold even evolutionist said that it had no chang
Autor: Henry Garza
AutorCan someone answer why the animals we have alive from the days of the dinosaurs and are still alive now are exactly the same?  We have fossils of frogs, bugs, bats, turtles, this fish, alligators, sharks, etc and millions of years later are exactly the same.  Why is that?  Shouldn't there be something different? Is there?  If there is I'd love to know.  
Autor: themightyflog
Autor: Truong Nguyen
AutorThis is very fascinating.
Autor: LunaSolTierra
AutorCertainly NOT a deity. Why can't religious nuts accept the fact that their sky-god doesn't exist?
Autor: Miko Wu
AutorBlah blah blah....
Autor: Proverbs31 10
Autorthat means... fish sex
Autor: RubbyDuckky
Autorwhy coelancanth did not evolve in million year.
Autor: 몬가미룰
Autor15,000 Bells
Autor: Jon Yodice
AutorBelieving evolution isn't true is just denying facts.
Autor: Mike Citone
AutorIt didn't evolve. Lol
Autor: Metalrus
AutorAnyone else found the narrator voice to be annoying?
Autor: J Evans101
AutorHey I live in Arizona and know of a water hole that only gets water every dozen years or so and when it fills up Trilobites come to life. <---BIG ONES! This is just north of Phoenix. Has anyone else ever seen these?
Autor: John Arizona
AutorBut I have a question for people who believe in evolution... since even a single microbe is so complex that if one little thing was wrong with its DNA it would be mutated to the point to where it would die, how could the human body in all its complexity have come along by a mistake?
Autor: Katt Girl
AutorSo how come this thing didn't evolve?
Autor: jackelboy
AutorLiving fossils are just to die for!
Autor: Hip2besquare
Autor: zodiacfml
AutorAlthough the scientific content/narration was interesting, what really made it for me were the visuals.
Autor: Hope Feeney
AutorAlso relicanth is called the living fossil Pokemon
Autor: Sondremomo De
AutorI tapped on this video because I watched a coelacanth octonauts video with my little cousins
Autor: Leyra Rillorta
AutorFascinating. I would love to see photos of these fish.
Autor: Holistic Health & Living
AutorSo coelacanths are zombies. Fascinating.
Autor: CuttleCraft Emexis
AutorLiving fossils are so fascinating!
Autor: Hybrid Librarian
AutorThe ceaolocanth could be another fish that evolved
Autor: OblivionMouse
AutorGreat animation 💝
Autor: Kiba Kibi
AutorI love Relicanths.
Autor: BioluminescentTree
Autorit'll be interesting when it finally evolves into milotic 😍
Autor: Donovan Everett
Autorthe animation was rad in this one. very sketchy
Autor: Colin Lee
Autortotally not get the point of this video...
Autor: praspurgh
AutorYESSSS I'm so happy to see this
Autor: chelseafcrocks82
AutorOne of my favorite discoveries! Although all the naturalistic assumptions are unwarranted and are only "demanded" if I have a naturalistic worldview. Another could take the information with a monotheistic worldview and teach creation and grand design. I am usually very impressed with the information provided by TED, but this was nothing more than naturalism propaganda. I would like to finish my comment by listing the facts add presented by this video: A 300 million year old fish thought to be extinct is now alive and has not evolved in said time (does not prove macroevolution). It has a bone structure and DNA slightly different from some fish (but how is this fish any "closer" to humans than aquatic mammals?). How does that PROVE that birds came from fish, monkeys came from birds, and humans came from monkeys? That is what we call assumption. Not conclusions demanded by the evidence. Like I said at the beginning, the only way that is DEMANDED is if I have already predetermined that the naturalistic worldview is true and all others false.
Autor: Chris Lyden
AutorI Love the Coelacanth,, but it has nothing to do with evolution... (this viedo proposes a huge theory and I disagree with the proposed ideas).  This fish proves the diversity of its creation and its life actually proves the lack of evolution because it remained unchanged.   
Autor: Jeremy Frazier
Autori love the doodles
Autor: Paola
AutorSo the coelacanth is viviparous, while amphibians (which evolved from the coelacanth) are ovoviviparous. This is confusing.
Autor: Denis Dionigi Del Grande
Autori know horsehoe crab is a living fossil
Autor: Junngie
Autor: ElMaestr0Xavier0
AutorWhy haven't the fish continue to evolve? Because that's a long time....
Autor: K W
Autorrelicanth is just a simple coelecanth in disguise as a pokemon
Autor: Sam Roculas
AutorRead "Your inner fish" for more on the coelacanth
Autor: Schmerznebel
AutorGreat lesson, but I found the animation distracting as compared to other ones i have watched from ted ed
Autor: rabbitlissa
Autorim so amused by the animation i wish i can give presentations using this 😂
Autor: may chavez
AutorMaybe it was extinct and evolved again.
Autor: sageyash
Autorpretty cartoons and nice children bed story ...
Autor: George Caragea
Autorit has been discovered that coelacanths also have lungs. They stop developing into full blown lungs as the fish grows. now why would god create a fish with lungs? since creationists seem to know so much about god and his plan, I ask them. why is that?
Autor: Nick Dertavitian
Autorhaha i'm alive (coelacanth says)
Autor: mr.ghostfreak chanel
AutorThank you for an amazing, accurate, and inspiring video. The cartoonish and comedic illustrations were perfect to make the coelacanth story fascinating.  Natural history stories are often dry- not yours.  Thank you for your sense of nature and humor
Autor: Heather Fortner
AutorWhether its prehistoric or not its another fish to fry or make into sushi
Autor: Glenmar Jordan
Autori adore the animation in this video!
Autor: Christina Huang
AutorAtheist are so happy they oversee what ruins this argument. If thing evolved like they claim they would, a 300 million year old fish wouldn't be close to similar as its decedent's 300 million years later. Your turns atheist
Autor: Alexander Thomas
Autor: Julian Meinhardt
Autorthe animation in this video is A+
Autor: dark shimmercat
Autor monotremes are mammals but lay eggs (also other species of fish, including some sharks give live birth, as do a small number if reptiles).
Autor: James Lee
AutorAm I the only one who figured out about the coelacanth through Animal Crossing?
Autor: Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
AutorThere is a mistake in the German translation. It's Quastenflosser, not Quantenflosser.
Autor: Lukas Mihara
AutorOh GoLlY a CoElAcAnTh!
Autor: BaRrElEyE FeSh
AutorInspiration for relicainth much?
Autor: Seamusjim
Autorthis is so amazing
Autor: Fernanda
AutorWhy Coelacanth is yet to evolve?
Autor: YouCan'tAlwaysGet WhatYouWant
AutorI absolutely LOVED the animation in this one!!
Autor: Qistina Nur Sabrina
AutorBut where are the transitional....?
- Enter the Coelacanth.
Oh, nevermind.
Autor: huyked
Autorhaha nice animal crossing reference
Autor: Leo Mayhand
AutorIt didn't come to life it was just there!!!
Autor: Philip Liu
Autor: talontension
AutorSo put that little guy out on land and see what happens. I wonder if a walk-around and put on some pants. I'm willing to bet that he would just die over
Autor: Redstone Cubi
Autor: vanillawhafer
AutorIt's theory of evolution, not scientific evolution... omg this is sometimes so funny to watch... this fish is the answer on 'why coelacanth didn't evolve' - there was no such thing as evolution.
Autor: Fran Reizl
AutorInteresting! Not the only fish to give live birth though. Guppies and sword-tails do in my son's fish tank.
Autor: Sphynx Bear🐻
AutorSo why is the fish identical to its fossil wouldn't it have evolved over millions now like you
Said it evolved into land creatures but that's not possible but we don't know everything.
Autor: Peter Salucci
AutorI'm sorry I am so tired of all this stupid million years junk I'm unsubscribed
Autor: Raxmax
AutorNot one picture :-(
Autor: RogerWilco
AutorA note for the Animator, the cousin should have been named Tony. The first fish with legs. 
Autor: Neeboopsh
AutorHow can people dislike this video?
Autor: hestole myname
Autor"..a creature that had barely evolved in 300 million years.."
How is that possible? It must've never left its environment, or had its environment change on it, thus never needing a reason to adapt to something new. Anyone know?
Autor: Joe Lackey
Autor"In the beginning, we were all fish. Okay? Swimming around in the water. And then one day a couple of fish had a retard baby, and the retard baby was different, so it got to live. So Retard Fish goes on to make more retard babies, and then one day, a retard baby fish crawled out of the ocean with its...mutant fish hands... and it had butt sex with a squirrel or something and made this retard frog-sqirrel, and then that had a retard baby which was a... monkey-fish-frog... And then this monkey-fish-frog had butt sex with that monkey, and that monkey had a mutant retard baby that screwed another monkey... and that made you! So there you go! You're the retarded offspring of five monkeys having butt sex with a fish-squirrel! Congratulations!"
Autor: Dean Nunyabis
Autorimma fish
Autor: Lt General Goon

Search for " What is the biggest problem in the future" on youtube. You will learn a lot about your future

Autor: TheAs57
Autorboth are sadly on the endarged specis list. one critically endarged the other, vulnerable
Autor: fred roberts
AutorRelicanth intensifies
Autor: Andrew M
AutorLmao coelacanth disproves evolution nice try doe
Autor: Juggs McBulge
AutorMr Eastwood, you should name your son Clint
Autor: Tylord
AutorI was very fortunate to see an actual Coelacanth when they brought it to the NYC Museum of Natural history when I was part of a science class program there. It was huge and inside a large freezer-like box with what I think was some kind of fluid to preserve it. It wasn't on display or anything like that. It was in the back rooms of the museum and the teacher and museum staff took our class to see it. I'll never forget it. What a massive and amazing monster of a fish it is.
Autor: Hector Agosto
AutorThis video lies in your face.
Autor: Alguem que Entende do Assunto
AutorSo the coelacanth is more like a Really small whale i mean they dont lay eggs like whales they have phin bones more like arms 
Autor: Joan Appelboompje
AutorGoodbye GOD. Hello FISH.
Autor: holyshetman1
AutorMy only question is "how did this fish barely evolve for those millions of years?"
Even tho that limbfins prof of evolution?
Autor: Cenia Candra
AutorYes but didn't we already know how fish evolved into mammals just by looking at the fossils of this fish? What did we actually learn from finding it alive?
Autor: Vlogs'n stuff
AutorCoelacanth would be on the menu of east Asians for sushi, sashimi, tempura, fried coelacanth, coelacanth caviar
Autor: Display Name
AutorThat warning in the beginning was wrong. I watched Big Fish today.
Autor: Danny
Autor+Alexander Thomas - "Atheist are so happy they oversee what ruins this argument. If thing evolved like they claim they would, a 300 million year old fish wouldn't be close to similar as its decedent's 300 million years later. Your turns atheist"

You should ask this question of an evolutionary biologist, since atheism has nothing to do with evolution. That said, to my knowledge, if a species is well suited to its environment, it might change very little over the millennia.

Ah, I just found the following article (you could have, too, if you'd really wanted an answer)...

'Living fossil' coelacanth genome sequenced


Professor Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, from the University of Uppsala in Sweden and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in the US, said: "What we can see is that while the genome as whole changes, the protein-coding genes - that make the living fish - are much more stable and much more unchanging.

"And if you think about it, this might be correlated to the fact that the coelacanth lives in a rather extreme and stable environment.

"It lives several hundred metres down in the ocean, and it may also be in an environment where it doesn't have a lot of competitors. So maybe it adapted to that environment a long time ago and it doesn't have a huge need for change."
Autor: YY4Me133
AutorAlthough most people would find this animation style rather ornamental or worse, distracting ; I found a quaint form of excitement and admiration in me as I watched the messy and sketchy animation. It really captured the feel of finding a thing thought to be dead in the modern environment.
I think there's a lovely and innocent beauty in the sketch.
Or Maybe It's Just Me? What do you guys think?
Autor: Dominic Gamboa
AutorThis fish is the fish that the Pokemon relicanth is based on
Autor: Sondremomo De
AutorIf landlife evolved from this coelacanth, and if coelecanths are not laying eggs, then why there are egg-laying creatures?
Autor: TheDocfri
AutorThat is incredibly amazing!
Autor: Tom Nguyen
AutorThe coelacanth is not a "living fossil", nor has it "barely evolved" in 300 million years. This video is entertaining but quite misleading. The many, many species of the order "coelacanth" are as just as diverse and varied as you would expect to see from an order of fish that has been around for over 300 million years. The extant species of coelacanth are notably different than the extinct species and do not particularly resemble any certain species of coelacanth that happen to be extinct. Skeletal arrangement and lobed fins are about where the similarities end. Size, color, structure and position of extremities all vary to high degrees. To say the coelacanth has "barely evolved" or that it is a "living fossil" is incorrect and a bit irresponsible. Creationists love these sorts of misnomers, as they fit readily into pseudo-scientific realm of intelligent design.
Autor: nick broombaugh
Autorsooo cool
Autor: Florence Marquez
AutorThe story they do not tell, is that the coelacanth has genetically evolved more or less as much from the fish that finally explored the land as any other tetrapod. There is less information to gather from his DNA than this vid would suggest.
Autor: padoga
Autorall I think about while watching the vid: humans are so f'ed up..mother nature is trying to breed a new one.
Autor: Darrell Ng
AutorPeople seem to always think of evolution as a two sided argument, like, atheists are pro evolution whilst theists arent, and thats not the case, I believe in go but tha theory of evolution does properly explain the changes of life on earth over time, I saw one comment saying that theory about the bible representing metaphors, I thought that was possible but, in my opinion, the bible was written by people, oviously people have perspectives, it probably wasnt written by god due to the fact that it has writers, whom are credited within the bible, in the passages, but whilst jesus was definetly real, god may not be a guy, like, a physical human-like person, god is a being, who controls the universe he created benevolently, and he's love
Autor: The Butler
Autorwait, if it doesn't lay eggs but gives birth, is it technically a fish?
Autor: Daniel Mbaabu
Autor Small Jeans LOL
Autor: Sathvik Malgikar
AutorI love the ocean and this is just amazing!
Autor: Stephanie White
AutorThe term "living fossil" is a horrible nonsense. Fossil means it has gone extinct. Living means it is still on the evolutionary process. By the way, because Coelacanths don't seem to have evolved on the morphological aspect, doesn't mean it didn't evolved genetically. The Coelacanths we now encounter are very different from the prehistoric ages. So many mistakes in a single video, yet it is basic evolution biology...
Autor: Enzo A.
AutorWhy didn’t this video actually show us a picture or a video scene of the actual fish
Autor: Lbolting005
AutorGo fish
Autor: imnotu24
Autorthat fish did not evolve cause evolution is false lol
AutorWow I didn't know that coelacanths give birth rather than lay eggs.
Autor: Jasper Geli
Autor: James Ginty
AutorBut why has it been this long and has relatively stayed the same?
Autor: tpespos
AutorSo if this fish started to grow bones in its fins, thus to enable it to grow limbs and walk on land. Why 300 million years later are they still the same, did it change its mind about growing limbs after all. I have read scientific journals before the discovery in 1938 and eminent scientists and evolutionist were hailing the fossil as a precursor to land animals. That turned out to be complete rubbish didn’t it.😀
Autor: liddy paul
AutorIf things do evolve and it has been around for quote millions of years then why is it not an amphibian or something
Autor: Nathan Edwards
AutorI hate to be THAT person... but... the coelacanth didn’t “come back to life”. It was never extinct. It was just rare, and we weren’t looking in the right places.
But great vid!
Lol I’m awful, please don’t hate me!
Have an excellent day!
Autor: M.A. R
AutorMy eyes my eyes! , hurts so bad
Autor: Grey Bond
Autor: Lucas dos Reis
AutorI'm confused about one thing.  If the coelacanth doesn't lay eggs, and this is an evolutionary link to the basic genes of mammals, then why do reptiles (which come after fish, but before mammals) lay eggs?
Autor: Shawn Ravenfire
Autordear TED-Ed, can you make that person smile?
Autor: hang pham thi thu
Autor: Deneheeb
AutorThat's not a coela'cant'h, That's a coelaCAN!
Autor: Star 3
AutorTrump supporters will swear that this is fake news
Autor: islezeus
AutorYour move, creationists...
Autor: Marcio Martins
AutorQuick, get the water stone!
Autor: dalton411970
AutorWhat about the tuatara. it was found in the time of the dinosaurs.
Its alive today and found on New Zealand
Autor: Ahmad yousef

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