Marek Malik Penalty Shot November 26 2005

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Autorthis is a shootout goal, not penalty shot. actually, it ended the longest shootout in NHL history. 15 rounds I think it was.
Autor: Ride300exRed
Autorafter 7 years of no playoffs it was at that moment i remember it so well that i thought the rangers are back finally my rangers are back!
Autor: Kheff
AutorI never get tired of watching this
Autor: Uffel80
AutorThe was the coolest shootout/penalty shot goal I've every seen. We're probably not gonna see anything like it for a long time. Another thing we're probably not gonna see for a while: That alternate jersey they were wearing in this game. Why don't they bring that back? It was a cool looking alternate.
AutorFirst man who used this twist is Robert Kysela from HC Litvínov from Czech republic.
Autor: Ondřej Frýba
AutorIt's a Czech thing.
Autor: inz h.
Autorthat anounser makes that shot great!!! like the way he screams and shit gives me chills love it
Autor: pacthes o'houlihan
AutorIt's just too bad that Sam Rosen was wherever he was preparing for a football game the next!
Autor: islandblader
Autor: Danny Grosthin
AutorWhy is it so good? 1. Malik is a defencemen. 2. It was scored on a very long shootout on sudden death. 3. you look like an total ass if you don't score. 4. Malik hadn't scored that year at all...
Autor: VideosNoOne
Autor@LegendKiller711 This is not the greatest goal ever scored. That my friend, goes to Ovechkin (and I'm a Penguins fan). This may be the best shootout goal ever scored, but it's not even a goal because it was in a Shootout.
Autor: jkmeans
Autorsigned a 1 year contract with tampa bay last october
Autor: Ride300exRed
AutorI was born in November 26 2005.
AutorThat was pretty AWESOME.
Autor: MoneyMan8900
AutorAbsolutně nádherně provedeno! škoda že dnes nemáme takové šikovné a tvrdé obránce
Autor: Roman Slabik
AutorWas watching this live... my reaction was very similar to the girly scream that John Davidson let out.
Autor: cecilbh
Autor@Smajkl hell yeah ;-)
Autor: Michal Malik
Autor: jamamafegan4
Autor@arensmichael33 Its not really the balls, its just he knew he sucks so.... fuck it Rigggght
Autor: RedWingsShootouts
Autorplus a sick goal
Autor: Yasha
Autorexactly from the least expected guy, not a single goal that season then bam best goal period.
Autor: Ironknite9
Autorit's a shootout not penalty shot.
Autor: Mckewanman
Autoridd, makes the shootout so much better so watch :D
Autor: Micke Andersson
Autor@jkmeans Marek Malik can barely skate upright and he scored that goal......this is the greatest goal ever.
Autor: snappy452
AutorThe greatest goal scored by the unlikeliest of players.
Autor: Javier Ramirez
AutorHold my crack pipe, I can do this.
Autor: Ramon Zarat
AutorCompletely agree - Just fucking brilliant! By the way, the shootout sucks ass. What a bush league way to decide a hockey game.
Autor: JoshDone
Autor@WhalersMedia Not Kolzig apparently :)
Autor: Geoff Peterson
Autornice, to bad it was in the shootout dumbass
Autor: canuckfan17
Autorthe commentator trip'n balls is the greatest, lol
Autor: Bacon
Autor: Grégoire Morin
AutorGreat play! What ever happen to Marek Malik?
Autor: Christopher Gamez
AutorAnyone 2018????
Autortry montreal buddy
Autor: australoameribelge03
Autor@LegendKiller711 Stephane Matteau says Hi
Autor: Floating Apple Productions
AutorNope.Firt i've seen it about 1995 by Otakar Vejvoda.And i'm sure even he wasn't first.
Autor: Magnificat83
Autorno it's the BRUINS
Autor: AGP12345
AutorThe great 8 indeed :)
Autor: Simon Ramsay
AutorHe will always be remembered for that, I think he is playing in a Swiss League now
Autor: hockey Fan
AutorThis is an usual shootout trick in Czech... Czechs teaching americans how to play, again :)
Autor: Karlos1893
AutorGreatest goal ever scored? It's impressive but it's not jaw dropping. You saying that if a goalie hurls it down the ice and a freak bounce puts it past another goalie then it's a top 100 ever goal? Get real.
Autor: kdfsjljklgjfg
Autoryeah thats why you're playing for the rangers putting up numbers
Autor: jxjag
Autorjj :-) cesky napad :-) Ota Vejvoda to vymyslel pekne :-) proste golman bez sance :-)
Autor: Uwe Schmidt
Autorthere have been longer shooutouts since this one. i was at one rthe rangers won in philly was longer but it came yrs later.
Autor: mrbob424
Autor: Micke Andersson
Autoras an islanders fan, that has to be one of THE sickest things ive ever seen
Autor: kurtstorm
Autorlol hossa
Autor: Connor Hanley
Autor"Malik has not scored this year, in on Kolzig, fakes i- WAHHHHHHHHHH HA!!!!!!!!" lmfao I love these commentators.
Autor: OneManArmy
Autori cant stand the rags, but that is pretty sick
Autor: Daniel Kaiserman
AutorThe announcers were from the Rangers and MSG Network.
Autor: PGOLDEN88
Autorhes on tampa bay and this is not a penalty shot
Autor: Matt Logan
Autor: Ninedaystorm Psn
Autornot a penalty shot but NYR rock
Autor: qwerty102938
AutorThat goal is up there with Nolan's goal in the all star game years back
Autor: mk02mk02
Autor@LegendKiller711 A 6'6" defensive defenseman
Autor: Frustrate
Autornot a penalty shot, its a shootout shot
Autor: Ironknite9
Autorits not a penalty shot..its a shoot out smart one
Autor: jonathanw393
Autornaprostej mazec :)
Autor: hnijen pocelent
Autorit was a shoot-out 15 rounds it was a amazing goal!
Autor: jacoalex1111
Autormarek je borec HC VÍTKOVICE STEEL
Autor: petrmyslikovjan
Autor: Alex H
Autor11.26.05 was some day at MSG.  Hours earlier, Nate Robinson hit a game winning buzzer beating 3 pointer in Allen Iverson's face to beat Philly.  Then this.
Autor: islandblader
AutorOnly thing he's known for in NHL
Autor: Highlight Haven

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