Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Topwater DOA Baitbuster Action

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Autorwhat month is this in>?
Autor: e ski
AutorNice!! I have two types of Bait Busters. Suspending and top water(which eventually sinks), guess they work great in schools of tails in a very calm area of water.
Autor: Christopher Hobby
AutorSounded like dynamite!!! Awesome!
Autor: Cannibust
AutorAbsolutely ridiculous. I love it. Top water or high water column fishing is so exciting.
Autor: Kyle Bryer
AutorI use braid for all types of fishing
Autor: Chris Myers
Autor2:42 was awesome! Do reds tail because they are that shallow?
Autor: The Reelist
AutorThat is some sick doa buster top water action right there!! Love the ML thanks for the video. Have you tried the new doa top water pt-7?
Autor: Christopher Hobby
AutorThey are either feeding in the shallows or swimming near the surface in deeper water when you see tails
Autor: Chris Myers
AutorThanks for a great trip Capt. Chris! Trip of a lifetime! This video only shows a few moments of what was a fish filled 7 hours. My last count was about 15 Redfish caught and safely released and nearly all of them over the slot. IF I hadn't had those 8 or 10 bad casts we would have been talking about a 25 fish day!! It can't be any better than that. If you are looking for a hard working, professional guide; Capt. Chris Myers is where you should start - Jeffrey Davis, the fat kid in the vid.
Autor: jeff davis
AutorAnother great video! Keep up the good work! I always keep some DOA and a pole in my truck, you never know when you might want to dip a line in the water.
Autor: Michael Stull
AutorCan not tell you how much fun this was and how great a guide and host Capt. Chris was.  I am still telling my friends here in NC about this and am busy trying to figure out how I am going to do it again.  Look him up -- worth every penny and even more time.
Autor: jeff davis
AutorWhat part of Mosquito Lagoon is that?
Autor: Chris G
AutorI wanna try a baitbuster do you have to fish them on the top like that with the shallow runners? I mainly fish flats which one would you suggest
Autor: 2342makaveli
AutorWouldn't a D.O.A topdog work just as well?
Autor: cpfishing
AutorThat's an amazing sign to see them in such big schools!
Autor: Chris Canning
AutorCan you make a bass fishing video? Also do you recommend braid for bass fishing?
Autor: rslim5
AutorYou did a good job catchin' those BigReds. The rod bendin' drag scream action was good music to the ears. This was a good video brother.
Autor: Christopher Hobby
AutorThat's some boilin water there! :)
Autor: Holvinelledithline
Autorso you can fish the baitbuster like a topwater!? im going to have to try that!
Autor: FranksTube86
AutorDO you have any luck with the DOA Baitbuster as a shallow retrieve, or only as a top water? I've been using it a little farther south in the Grant/Valkaria area with little luck so far. Haven't tried it on top though. Any hints would be appreciated, thanks.
Autor: Carl Spackler you tie a loop knot on your swimbaits like the baitbuster?
Autor: Dario Torres

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