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AutorHated this movie. Yes it’s intense but the death scenes are just disappointing and predictable. Yup, predictable and no plot-twist whatsoever.
Autor: RayPosSiable
AutorThis is my FAV movie I watched it a while ago it’s so goooooood. I want a 2nd ome
Autor: Lps.Savvy
AutorSaw 2 remake
Autor: Calvin Slawter
AutorWell their we go I'm never going in a escape room
Autor: Quickscoper
Autorguys how to watch or download it free?
Autor: lervyne almarez
AutorI rate it 8/10
Autor: Derek Imel
AutorI love this movie soo much it’s so good watched today and am so excited for the second
Autor: Ma’Haylie Jaye
AutorChi viene da le storie di Gianmarco Zagato
Autor: matilde foschi
AutorReally good!
Autor: Saint Mercedes
AutorOh yeah yeah
Autor: Tommy Berry
Autorthis movie...WHACK
Autor: Sara Lopez
Autor“Would You Rather” + “Saw” = this film
Autor: Amie Jobarteh
Autori kinda miss Weeds
Autor: theinfamoushobbitch
AutorThis movie was terrible smh
Autor: RNICE5257
Autorwell shiet I literally searched up "escape room" on yt and this was the first thing that popped up, what makes it worse is that I am doing an escape room tomorrow.. Jesus
Autor: heydakogames
AutorThe the first movie trying to copy saw.
Autor: Kevin Lockhart
Autoris that Zahid from atipycial
Autor: wolf
AutorThis really shows how badly people want money
Autor: Angie Wickstrom
AutorSaw the movie, it was unexpectedly good, puts you on the edge of your seat THE WHOLE TIME
Autor: Fluffikens
AutorI really hope no one dies
Autor: thecrazyrachel101
AutorSaw this today and thought it was a pretty good thriller ... Great acting by the cast - I hadn't heard of any of them before but they were all convincing. A little creeped out about the newspaper headline the girl reads while waiting to enter the escape room stating "5 Die In Fire", when 5 girls did actually die in the escape room fire in Poland - coincidence much?? .. No wonder there's conspiracy theories about Hollywood!
Autor: Carolyn Burge
AutorWatches this lastnight and I liked it got me really into and I want to see the second part.
Autor: kris buns
AutorSentí miedo pero la canción de fondo me tranquilizaba jaja
Autor: Marcela Siza Alberca
AutorJust saw it I’m scared asf now
Autor: Natasha xoxo
Autorjust watched this and i 10/10 recommend
Autor: isaiah willford
AutorHow original! Mind is blown.
Autor: M. Clean
AutorAfter Matt and Frank Castle abandoned her, Karen is into what?.....detective?
Autor: Pawan Kumar Jha
AutorPretty sure it’s a lot like the cabin in the woods?? Anyone else?🤔
Autor: Chelsey Conway
AutorTrailer lies they can only win ten grand in the movie not a million
Autor: Victor Rivera
Autori like little boxes
Autor: dave duha
AutorIt's like saw movie, but better
Autor: King Shad
AutorI just watched this movie and I loved it but MY GOD IT WAS STRESSFUL
Autor: Spooky Yoongi
AutorOkay basically they’re just remaking movies switching out characters and making them high budget because it’s already a movie called escape room that came out in 2017 with the exact same concept.
Autor: antwan gang an
Autori just watch like 10 sec of trailers and stop so it does not show too much and spoil anything
Autor: j b
AutorSo it's a rip off, House on the Haunted Hill. Cube and Saw. Yes I see, very original.
Autor: Gliese 581c
AutorFermat's Room + Cube(1/2/Zero) + Escape Room 2017 + Saw + Cavin In The Woods
= Escape Room 2019
Autor: Sungwon Shin
Autornot gonna lie I actually enjoyed this
Autor: K Andrews
Autor: I totally agree with your brilliant comment
AutorAre there two versions of this movie? Anyone?
Autor: Kea Michelle
AutorSo i legit finished watching this movie and i busted up crying when i thought Zoey died, like i swear to god! i legit busted up crying when i thought she died, but when the end came when i saw her behind the dude and i was like “YES!! Claps but when the end came when the found out she is terrified of AirPlanes, and i was like “Bishes you best not make Zoey die in this one” but in my mind i thought that so, if i found out she died, Imma be PISSED!
Autor: Chick-fil-a Ms. jr
AutorJakieś skojarzenia???
Autor: Haciekfilm
AutorThat song is creepy af
Autor: T Bills
AutorA movie about torturing people...
Autor: leigh prendergast
AutorGreat movie seen it today👍🏼
Autor: Queen Yami
Autor: Jordan Tripp
AutorI saw the movie like 2 minutes ago. RN I’m in the movie theaters. I loved the movie!! 10/10
Autor: Imtellinyou dawg
AutorBeginning of the movie started off well. Around the middle it was still decently interesting. The end was dogshit.
Autor: Dr Pepper
AutorI only know this song because of box trolls
Autor: Remmi Ross
AutorThat movie predicted the death of 5 people in a fire. If you watched the movie and remember the part where the lady reads the newspaper you will see the title says " five people dies in fire" Google escape room fire in Germany.
Autor: awesome sauce
AutorJigsaw 101
Autor: Luna Lin
AutorProbably showed a bit too much in the trailer but still looks worthy of watching
Autor: Andy Wheale
AutorJust saw it in theaters. If you want the ending read more

You thought i was going to trick you well your wrong.

Zoey and that blonde dude (forgot his name) win but when they book plane tickets (not going to say why, just go watch the movie to understand) the people who are behind the whole mastermind of the escape room planned out a way to make it so the plane would be an escape room with a 4% chance of survival, so its supposed to crash into a mountain if you cant find the clues and it just ends when they finish the test run of the escape room....... so i think there is going to be a sequel......
Autor: The Nubs - Fortnite
Autor: Daisy Huang Vuelvas
Autordon't trust the shitty critics. movie was great.
Autor: Irrelevant
AutorThis movie so good ❤️‼️
Autor: Mariah Ba
AutorI like how trailers now adays just show you the whole movie in a couple minutes.
Autor: Zeus Martinez
AutorLoved this movie. The escape rooms were well made, horrific, acting was amazing, great suspense, twist/ suprise ending. Great horror movie Hoping for a part 2😍😍😍
Autor: T P
AutorOh look, they remade "Cube"
Autor: gedion4000
AutorWas a good movie
Autor: Nurse Drine
Autorwatched it and it's Pretty good, it's almost like saw but the puzzles are more enhanced and of course they agreed to do it for money
Autor: Puggie Mocha
AutorIt was a very interesting movie considering I have been in an escape room before. Everyone who says it's trash, try getting locked in a room for an hour. Hell I was even handcuffed to my seat
Autor: Beonkia Anglin
AutorHow many of these type of movies are they going to make I can name like three off the top of my head that's the same thing as this
Autor: MusicthatsStrange
AutorTen Little Indians
Agatha Christie
Autor: Domenico Dolce
AutorHonestly this looks really lame but of all the movies playing by me right now, this is probably the one I can tolerate the most and my gf really wants to go to the movies today. So mediocre, predictable, poorly acted, forgettable saw/cube thriller wannabe here I come..
Autor: Dirty Water
Autorsaw/cabin in the woods/ belko experiment
Autor: chaptxr
AutorThe trailer ruins literally everything lmao
Autor: Regan Perry
AutorFor those who have watched it, is it worth watching??
Autor: Luwam Alem
Autor365 450 + 2 sva library adderall in threat at arty masonic on too many uppers upto cmroscosabc sleep doctor no understamd no smoki g bill mahr on abc.
Autor: K maz
AutorThis is like too many horror films already out there
Autor: Xanthie Kexing
AutorThere def making a second one of this movie because it ended when the gamers tracking them and saw that there flying to Manhattan so there gonna try to kill them but let’s see can’t wait to see the second part first part was great
Autor: Ibo Ibas
AutorThis movie was beyond amazing. So tense and thrilling, literally my favourite all time movie. Definitely worth watching, not predictable in any way.
Autor: Anonymous Unknown
Autor: Andres Garcia
Autorso glad i watched this film without watching the trailer
Autor: Sammie Wonders
AutorThe beginning looked like an apple commercial
Autor: A n a
AutorThis is a great movie. I saw it a week ago and loved it.
Autor: Aves ?!
AutorSwear this a rip off of Saw! 😂
Autor: Dayshia Hopkins
AutorI don't know why nobody's talking about Jessica from True Blood. She was the best thing about this movie. 😊
Autor: leonkennedy1259
AutorReminds me of Cube
AutorWEEDS ..😉
Autor: MEDDIDI Brown
AutorThe black girl and the white boy survive. The rest die.
Autor: Graziella Barretta
AutorIs this the new SAW or something?
Autor: Jolie Jones
AutorI feel like the one with glasses is in on it
Autor: Dolly Laston
AutorGood movie. Very interesting. Trailer looks shitty but it’s amazing
Autor: Tayyaba Rajgarah
AutorAt first I read “Escape from Tarkov”
Autor: sled necks
AutorPLEEEEASE BE A GOOD MOVIE it looks too good to be true
Autor: Ari Carou
Autori went to go watch the movie. and it is cool and a little silly.
Autor: Hyper Fire Tube
AutorReminds me of Mysterio's funhouse of doom
Autor: Alexander Jones
AutorIt’s good I seen this
Autor: Supreme vive 254
AutorGod, I hate movie trailers with music repetition. It freaks me out.
Autor: Emma Harper
AutorThis just spoiled the movie
Autor: Poy Baya
AutorI liked when they were in the room when they were upside down I think that was the one with the pool table.
Autor: lucas Lucas
AutorA million? I thought it was just ten thousand dollars!
Autor: trolly brine
AutorSpanish version is better
Autor: James Almazan
AutorI had to stop the trailer at because I was feeling that they were telling me the entire plot and when I saw the poster at the movies, It made me curious. x_x
Autor: AngSlyrar
AutorDoes anyone know what the age classification is for this movie in south Australia?
Autor: Gacha Girl
AutorI wanna see this so bad..
Autoris this a sequel to escape room 2017..or is it just a completeyl different movie with the exact same plot
Autor: Thomas
AutorI saw the movie today.

This trailer just spoiled like the first half of the movie wtf
Autor: Luke Queen
Autorglad i watched the movie before the trailer 👍🏻 this shows wayyyyyy too much
Autor: deana
AutorI’m so confused as to why the trailer says a million dollars while the movie says ten thousand?
Autor: Merushi Yanchan
AutorOkay I felt really bad about this, but when the two guys were in that checkered room and were like drugged or something, I couldn’t contain my laughter because their faces started to look deformed and it looked like they put a funny Snapchat filter on their face... 😂
Autor: Kenzie Sumner
AutorThey all die except the white girl, and they were there because they had killed someone before.
Autor: Rubio Carlos
AutorI'm dying to see this movie!
Autor: Jaylin Conley
Autorthis movie is 100% retake of the successful movie ''hyper cube'' same storyline same conundrum great movie hyper cube
Autor: spacies
AutorIt’s like would you rather
Autor: Katie Valentimes
AutorThe music scared me mannnn
Autor: Karina Raney
AutorI saw this on the movies
Autor: Skeleton Boss
AutorThe ACTUALLY made a movie about escape rooms. Hahaha WPW
Autor: J E ss E Y
Autor: Parvana KARIMI
AutorMy boyfriend and I just finished watching this at the movie theatre. IT WAS AWESOME!!!
Autor: Doris E
Autorsaw+cube+the cabin in the wood
Autor: JP Studios
AutorWhy in the trailer they say 1 million but in the movie 10k dollars?
Autor: Ian_Hufana _Playz
AutorI would be fubar...
Autor: Lorelai Rhys-Jones Spencer
AutorBird box 2.0???
Autor: max reichel
AutorThis movie is really good tbh
Autor: Lucy 45678_
AutorAm I the only one who saw this and wanted to yell, "Just piss in it!" and "Just piss on it!!!" ???
Autor: showguyusa
AutorToo many spoilers in this preview smh
Autor: Redman092000
AutorSo jigsaw?
Autor: Luis Teka
Autor: Iyus Sopandi
AutorI’m goin to see this, then going to an Escape room!! HELP ME!!!
Autor: Luke Warner
AutorSoooooooo it’s saw…… # 20???
Autor: Karolyn Chetirko
AutorSo basically alien vs predator vs puff the magic dragon vs Harry Potter vs fast and furious vs star trek GOT IT
Autor: Dandy Lion
AutorNo joke me and my friend both started crying when Jason died 😂
Autor: Some stranger
AutorSoooo...looks alright. Should I watch it or no? ....for ppl who have watched it
Autor: typoconnection
AutorI’m seeing this in 20 minutes with my mom who hates thrillers/scary movies I will report back when I’m done watching
Autor: Mifter Baples
AutorWho actually survived?


Be sure to know when you saw the movie...and let me know if you know the survivors
Autor: Kyle Young
AutorHmmm I might go.
Autor: Anakin Skywalker
AutorKinda glad i didn't watch the trailer before i saw the movie. I usually never go into movies blind to what it is about but this trailer reveals waaay to much.
Autor: Erin Smith
Autor: Gerald the sea lion
AutorSave me the time and tell what happened.
Autor: Courtnee with 2 E's new Account
AutorWatched it last night it was good
Autor: S M
AutorBit like saw
Autor: Raksha Cub leader
Autor@rosso it seems a lot like a calmer saw series
Autor: Jonah Smart
AutorEscape rooms scare me now...
Autor: Navid Mohammad
Autorreminds me of a particular webtoon lolll
Autor: wella
Autor: TheLaZe MaZe
AutorWhen "Cube" meets "Saw".
Autor: Evgeny Klein
AutorWhoa yeah good thing they used Priority Mail!
Autor: whoawhoapop1984
AutorPress more for 🔴spoiler alert!🔴

The people who put them in this game was John kramar
Autor: Im From England
AutorI get it now! It's a PG-13 version of Saw
Autor: keiran lee foord
AutorI am hoping to write this to cause a deterrence in anyone who is thinking about seeing this movie. I saw this on opening night. This movie was honestly one of the worst movies I have seen in the longest time. I am not over exaggerating, this had to be honestly one of the top 10 worst movies I had ever seen!

I spent $15 to see a movie whereby the protagonist was apathetic in her acting, the conclusion was underwhelming and almost nonsequential.

In the scene where Ben and Jason were fighting, it seemed like a 2 minute rave where the lights went in and out suddenly. This left me nearly vomiting because of the exposure to my eyes, and honestly felt sick after the movie.

Furthermore, the actor who played Denny miscued in his lines, leaving one feeling irritated by his performance. He seemed to be an annoyance to me personally in his acting.

Moreover, it felt like in it's promotion preluding the film's release, the production team deceived the audience into making it seem the film to be a thriller whereby one would feel gripped.

It has now been 2 weeks since viewing the movie, and still am disgusted by the horrendous nature of this film. This is the first movie review I have ever written (so I hope that says something). I am saddened foremost by how Hollywood chiefly propagates enmity towards the things of God. But for me, if speaking of production value this film deserve a Razzie Award.

I do not know if anyone will view this, but if you do: PLEASE STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS MOVIE!!
Autor: John Schertez
AutorShow to much in the trailer
Autor: Thaisen
AutorThis is like a Saw ripoff
Autor: Katelyn MSP
AutorNot gonna lie I thought max was jack black (don’t ask how I thought so my glasses prescription is well over worn out ) and I cried like a baby when he died 💀 until I saw it wasn’t jack 💀
Autor: Ken Doll
AutorIf you putting me through all of that, the prize needs to be more than $10,000
Autor: Tyra Richards
Autor: Sherry Goh
AutorMovie about volunteering to be a part of an escape room only to find out you will die if you don’t escape

Everyone: OMG this is just like Saw because they solve puzzles in order to survive!
Everyone: This is just like Cube because they solve puzzles in order to survive!
Everyone: This is just like Cabin in the woods cus it’s high tech!

Sure it’s similar to other horror movies but Escape Rooms are something a lot of people volunteer to do, I’m surprised this hasn’t already been done tbh. To me it’s like Hell Fest. Volunteering to do something because it’s fun but ending up in a dire situation.
Hopefully they can execute the idea of lethal escape rooms better than Hell Fest did with haunted house serial killers lol
Autor: Jama Jama
AutorThe book that show / called FAHRENHEIT i have that book it creeps me out now
Autor: kawaiiNatalie wolfgirl
AutorThe movie is great you should watch it 10/10
Autor: Marisela Lopez
AutorToo many spoilers in this trailer
AutorThis movie was so good!!
Autor: Adrianna Green
Autorthis movie is so so good and it scares you a lot
Autor: olivia skye
AutorThis is pretty Much a new series of saw movies
Autor: BananaBoiii 1603
AutorLiterally dying 😂
Autor: stories with andřiã

This is like jigsaw, but jigsaw is more graphic. At the end of saw you can have a chance to escape or leave, in this movie if you win, you die either way, near the end of the movie, one of the people playing won. But the game master wouldn’t let that person off the hook. So he tries to killed him. Pure horrific. And there are people paying to watch this as they die.
Autor: Mellys World
AutorImagine if they were just in the waiting room the whole time, and that the handle just fell off
Autor: Sevan Dedeyan
Autorwow ... good movie
Autor: MrToekidjan
AutorIs NO ONE else pointing out that the first code they use to escape the room is 451? That's a video game trope! Several video games (System Shock, System Shock 2, Deus Ex, Bioshock, Prey, so on...), have this thing where the first combination lock you encounter in the game has 451 or 0451 as the combination. This has gotta be a reference to that. They even point touch on the fan theory that the code is a reference to the Bradbury book.
Autor: TheSofox
AutorRhyme stealin' other soundtracks. Won't watch due to bitin'
Autor: Ryan Platt
AutorBoje się tej piosenki
Autor: YOSHI
AutorIt reminded me a lot of the movie "Cube", only Cube was way better!! It had a death race vibe, the point of the game though having viewers watch people fight to the death ect and no one really makes it out.
Autor: Abbie Quist
AutorWanna play a little game? Like if you get it
Autor: h20 is key
AutorI like how the address on the chicks ID is the address of a cemetery lmao
Autor: jack hanson
AutorHey, I've just watched Escape Room like an hour ago as I'm typing this, Let me tell you its like immediately into the action like that!

This movie was bloody amazing although there some sad deaths ahead but I'll rate this movie a 10 out of 10!
Autor: CrazyKitty365
AutorCan somebody tell me the theme song please !
Autor: Jasmin Buu
AutorUmmmmm....... He never says amillion dollars in the movie......... Its 10,000.... Excuse?
Autor: FinnleyThePotatoMaster
AutorI didnt know this was a movie I was just looking up escape room lol and I was gonna watch people escape it lmao this is good tho
Autor: Rayven bird
AutorWell now I know the entire movie.
Autor: Michael Parra
Autor: Jaide Lewis
AutorWhen it come OUT?
Autor: Hani Hani
AutorI saw this today, real good movie ah
Autor: Indi hhh
AutorMust watch
Autor: Mohamed Mujamil
AutorTem vídeo no meu canal falando um pouco sobre o filme e dizendo se vale a pena ou não assistir, venham ver quem estiver interessado! 💗
Autor: Madu Bom
AutorI watched it, interesting movie. Recommend it
Autor: l1998
AutorAnxiety level: Through the roof.
Autor: Courtnee with 2 E's new Account
AutorWatch Cube.
Autor: Let's Chat
AutorSave your money. The trailer is literally the entire movie. I just saw the film. It’s literally the trailer.
Autor: Tummy Yummy
AutorHello I Want To Play A Game. Make Your Choice
Autor: Josh Freaky
AutorStraight to Netflix movies are now in the theater? Who knew
Autor: stirling
AutorGreat !
Autor: Studier x
AutorWell done guys love this movie ao intense and misterious 👏🍿💯
Autor: Daisy Huang Vuelvas
Autorim going on a date to see this but i didnt watch the trailor until now... rip. bad choice of movie
Autor: sophie eee
Autor: Breezy Jeezy
AutorIt was a thrill ride! 😱
Autor: Shannen Knudsen
AutorDamn, don't they make good horror movies anymore?
Autor: Rogue Tiger
AutorThis reminds me of Zero Escape. Anyone else?
Autor: Revrsal
Autormy next escape room challenge ima be paranoid asf 🤣
Autor: Rhazael Ancheta
AutorRip off of Fermat's room
Autor: Kevin Pastor
Autor: AJ O
Autorsaw 10?
Autor: Dj menol sensation
AutorFor people saying they showed way to much- a lot of the actual movie is different to what they show in the trailer
Autor: Loving Hoe
Autorsaw + the balkon experiment = WOW
AutorWhy does it say in the trailer they win a million but in the movie it says they win $10,000??
Autor: Cee Vee
AutorWasnt there another movie called "escape room".
Autor: Legendary February
AutorThe Counter man is the real 🔥*GAME MASTER*🔥
Autor: Navdeep singh
AutorOh yeah yeah
Autor: Jamie Mcguire
AutorSeen this movie today sooo good
Only two of them survive in the end
Autor: Anny
AutorSPOILER (maybe)

Jigsaw spotted in the end of this movie so i think this guy is behind of this game
Autor: Don'tGoWith TheFlow
AutorDoesn’t this remind u of that movie of the clown jigsaw
Autor: A random guy on the Internet
AutorYo the brown girl is from a show lost on space
Autor: hassan Suleimankhel

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