The Word of the Cross - An Animation

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Autor: Elbert Tom
AutorPraise God. Amazing!
Autor: Brownie
AutorBtw, I watch this video over and over again with tears in my eyes!!!
Autor: Allan Cross
AutorWoah...that was insanely powerful.. thank you :)
Autor: Aiden
AutorWoW my God bless u
Autor: Gift Habeshaw
Autormuy bueno! :)
Autor: orlando barzola laurent
AutorAbsolutely brilliant metaphorical rendition of the Gospel! Clapping hands Well done! Jesus bless you!
Autor: Whipsaw
AutorMuito bom. Deus te abençoe.
Autor: Samuel Marcos
Autorthanks for all your work Chris ! Hugs and love from Albania
Autor: Katrin Hoxha
AutorHe's not Yahweh. He can't be both Father and son. And scripture says that He is dark skinned and nappy headed (Daniel and Revelation). Nice work, though.
Autor: Musica Flowerchild
AutorThank you, this was powerful, it made me tear up at the end. "Whomever the Father gives to me, I will in no wise cast out." So powerful.

Lately, I've been meditating on the truth that he is faithful when we are faithless, for he cannot deny himself. So powerful, thank you for this.
Autor: Ashton Kerr
Autoramen thank you for this video god bless
Autor: Jedidja Van Otterdijk
AutorSo Beautiful Brother!!!!
I'd like to use this video as part a small drama in a school as a evangelistic preaching/drama. Is that possible? I live in Asia.
God Bless you and your gift Brother!
Autor: Allan Cross
Autoramen :)
Autor: Minix_Fpv
AutorQue vídeo maravilhoso!! Incrível!!!
Autor: Jennifer Oliveira
AutorChris, thank you for another amazing video that speaks God's Word. Could you also consider making an animation about homosexuality or other controversial ideas? I am very curious as to how you would depict the situation in God's presence.
Autor: anonomyss
Autorthank you so much full of eyes team.... it just awesome..and it let us realize how much deeply our god the father loves us...
Autor: gautam kumar
AutorPraise God that was awesome! Keep sharing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God! You and all my brothers and sisters in Christ are in my prayers. God bless you.
Autor: Malcolm Taylor
Autor~ Glória ao TODO PODEROSO ~
Autor: RikkyFenix
Autorthis made me tear up. amazing :)
Autor: Jenny Blehhh
Autor: Mohammed Rayyan
AutorSo beautiful, so deep, so wonderful! Glory to God!
Autor: Camila Beserra
AutorGod bless you with all thing brother that God take care of all your needs in Jesus names and keeps doing the lord work no matter what people say
Autor: Jonathan Pagan
Autortruly powerful video.
Autor: Varun Daniel
AutorI like these biblical animations
Autor: Darraiha Edmonds
AutorVery very beautiful
Autor: Dankeapolis
Autorcan i post this on fb +Full of Eyes? ill mention you in the credits, this is so wonderful!
Autor: Adam Evangelista
AutorMy heart Melts each time i see ur videos am sure that he moved ur heart deeply and dreamed in u for what those videos are doing to the hearts of many people.... um backing u guys as i have the same dream in my heart...we here are worshiping him with all the prophetic arts we have :) as it is in heaven :) he is worthy of it all
Autor: Jean William
AutorThis is wonderful! Thank you for providing an awesome tool to help us share the gospel.
Autor: Kate Petersen face is raining...thank you
Autor: Mike Moore
Autorawesome video
I subscribed to your chanel too
and can you pleas make a video with the song (OUR GOD)
Autor: Johonan andrew gomes
Autorman your videos are truly anointed!
Autor: 82sbg
AutorThis is just.....AMAZING!!
Autor: Ramon Herrera
AutorMuito Bom! vcs são d+
Autor: Higor Pereira
AutorThis is an amazing depiction of the gospel! I have watched your videos for a long time and they always blow me away but this one was the best. Using essentially only the Word of God was a great choice. Thank you! I love what you are doing. Keep up the good work.
Autor: Jesse Babcock
Autor: Miryam Rahk'el
AutorBeautiful message, and great animation, but why do you persist on portraying the peircings through Christ's wrists, and not His hands?
Autor: OhmKnee
AutorI crying every time when I watching this movie. Stay Blessed!
Autor: Jezus Opoką Zbawienia
AutorThank you so much, as a christian that was a beautifully and powerful reminder of His grace.
Autor: truth1in1CA
Autor*brilliant, wonderful, breathtaking, AWE of His Magnificence. Praise Jesus the Lamb of God.....Amen!
Autor: ricky c
AutorThis was amazing!! Adding scripture references would have been awesome....
Autor: capten246
AutorOh my goodness.. I am in so many tears... This is just.. beautiful... I have heard this message a million times, but right now.. damn, I can't... This is too much.... Overwhelmed...
Autor: kingofprunes
AutorThis made me cry, I love Jesus and know him, but this made me cry, "For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death". "For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart". For "All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work".

God bless you, He has given you great gifts and talents, may the name of God be glorified through your ministry.

I loved how you just Bible references to do the full script. Truly, truly is the Word of God enough for men. This is one of the best presentations of the gospel I've seen, if not the best, grats.

Sorry for my english, it's not my mother lang.
Autor: Seb
AutorIm showing my youth group this. Pls pray that this will pierce their hearts. SOLI DEO GLORIA
Autor: Isaac Wong
AutorExcellent way to explain salvation and why we need it so badly.
Autor: IsadellaEstelPolanco
AutorGlória a Deus nas alturas!
Autor: Shirlen Amaral
AutorEverytime that I watch your videos my heart is full of joy and thankfulness. May God Bless you so much! I watch your videos over and over again. Praise the Lord, our Saviour (Alan - Brazilian in Indonesia)
Autor: Allan Cross
Autormuy bueno! Increible! Un gran trabajo!
Autor: Juan Gimenez
AutorOla gostaria de baixar as legendas em português de todos os videos que possuem legendas em português baixei alguns para passar na rede de jovens de minha igreja você consegue me passar algum link onde tenha as legendas em português para baixar ?
Autor: Matheus de Carvalho
AutorEpic yet beautiful at the same time
Autor: Wealthy Blackman
AutorMuito bom, parabéns!!
Autor: Jessica Carolinna
Autorhow does a backslider get right with god
Autor: Adam Edwards
AutorAMAZING!!!! Thank you and God bless you!
Autor: ewuwka
AutorThank you for the animation, Full of Eyes! I've made Polish subtitles. :)
Autor: Dragonarrr
AutorAbsolutely amazing, mate... REALLY well done to you, you have worked so hard on that, it's so plain to see. May it bring much fruit for the kingdom!
The word of the Lord never goes out void, and if I'm not mistaken almost all of the spoken word is pure scripture? I think there will be a lot of use the Lord can make of this, so hats off to you.

On a technical note, it's also pretty cool how you are branching out into mixing computer generated animation graphics with the hand drawings too! I like the mix actually, it was tastefully done here and it seems like a milestone with your animation career. Great that you are trying new things and being brave to do so!

All the very best to you and Courtney, God bless :)
Autor: Brother Tris
AutorThis is amazing!!
Soli Deo Gloria
Autor: Iara Barreiro
AutorAmazing... Absolutly breathtaking... I have always been blessed with your videos, but this one is very special. God bless you.
Autor: The Vapor Forge
Autor: Vivian Saadi
AutorWoW! Thank you!! It is very touching! I love the Gospel! Still there is more people, who shall know more about it!!
Autor: SaBuToxXx
AutorEsse é Deus, o glorioso Senhor que "estando nós ainda mortos em transgressão e pecado, deu o seu filho como nosso propiciador.
Autor: Mário Batalha
AutorI always love your work. Another great work here!
Autor: Ron Sheets
AutorWhat a beautiful message,!, hope and pray God will open eyes with this truth!! 👍🏻☺☺
Autor: Sergio Hdz
Autoramen. I wish all those who believe a Merry Christmas on behalf of all Christians in Brazil.
Autor: Mauricio de Almeida Soares
AutorMaravilhoso !! Glória a Deus !!!
Autor: Leticia Emily
Autor: internetsurfer777
AutorThis is the Apostle's Creed summed up
Autor: Kevin Bodden
Autorhi full of eyes..please do more animations like thse.. i have been watching each one of them and i couldnt get enough.. i share them with my friends.. it does something to one's soul.. you are helping a soul through this.. pls do not stop making meaningful vids. God bless you always !
Autor: Sy Ycoy
AutorA lot of christians from Slovakia are very thankful for ministry that you are doing by this manner. We are accustomed to use them in random situations when have a community because of their clear and easily understandable message. Perhaps, you won't be be against if I told you, that we are using them for many years without your permission almost since you started making them =)
Autor: Kristián Krempaský
AutorMensagem de tirar o fôlego, aleluia...
Autor: Jack Viana
AutorGlorious. Beautiful.
Autor: MrsRaquelPerez
AutorThank you for this powerful video! Sometimes I forget how beautiful the Scriptures are, and your presentation is a welcome reminder. Please continue to make these. May God bless you!
Autor: Benjamin Blevins
AutorSuch a powerful God!
Autor: Natalio Saleky
AutorGod bless you my brother! God continue revealing even more of it and continue to give you the ability to translate this blessed and powerful gospel through these images and videos. God bless you and have my prayers !
Autor: MaBelen777
AutorNot sure why the nail marks are in the wrist, and not the hands.
Autor: In His image
AutorWhich soundtracks - exactly (links?) - have been used in the production of this animation? :-)
Autor: Julius Vadiveal
Autor: marta lopatynska -de- Slepowron
AutorOh, Father... Thank You for salvation!
Autor: Hanna Dara
AutorExcellent :)
Autor: Kotw Tan
Autorthank you very much
Coptic from Egypt thanks you
i am Sara a Coptic believer we became christian by St Markos Gospel
Autor: Believers Waitlord
AutorIn the name of Jesus ( Yeshua ) humanity can be saved.
Autor: Erich Pengel
AutorAmazing! To GOD be the glory!!!
Autor: Carmen de la O
Autor: Cory Wilson
AutorThis is my attempt to present the gospel of the glory of Christ as we see it throughout scripture, using only the words of the Bible (slightly tweaked for the sake of flow). My prayer is that, if you love Jesus, these words and images will increase your faith and joy in the Lord, and if you do not know Christ, I pray that this would help to open your eyes to the surpassing beauty of God in His Son.
Autor: Full of Eyes
AutorHow glorious, wonderful, and Most Blessed is our God! That was a wonderful Gospel presentation. What are the songs called?
Autor: Gabriel Barnes
AutorGlória a Deus !!!!
Autor: Ana Lima
AutorHow can i talk to you bro? Your work is SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Autor: opa
AutorNós vemos e compreendemos tudo pela palavra da verdade. Só as Escrituras bastam! Parabéns, Full of eyes! Maravilhoso!!!!
Autor: Rebeca Teles
AutorI'm going to share this with everyone I can! Thanks, that really touch me even knowing the Lord
Autor: Onl7one
Autorpor favor colocar los subitutlos en español, gracias.
AutorSo beautiful! You have such a gift!
Autor: Justice 31
AutorGod truly is using you my friend, thanks for subtitles in portuguese... God bless you!
Autor: Natã Madeira
AutorThank You Jesus.
Autor: Steve Wallace
AutorAugust 15, 2018
A video from another youtube channel brought me here. I love your opening statement! We should love and worship God because of who He is and not because of what we think He looks like! God bless you!
Autor: Rochon B
AutorAmazing video! I will convert it to a format that is possible to share in WhatsApp, may I? I also changed some Portuguese subtitles to it.
Autor: Lucas Maia
AutorQue vídeo maravilhoso! OBRIGADO YESHUA!!!!!!!!
Autor: Fabricia Matos Passos
AutorThank you my dear dearest Lord Jesús...I love you so much. a daughter
Autor: Febe Dedio
AutorWowowowWOW I'm speechless. This video was out of this world. Awesome job.
Autor: Jessy Guedez
AutorAmazing, amazing!!! 😍😍😍😍
Autor: Natália Karoline
AutorWow!...Thank you Lord for using "Full of Eyes" to help us in understanding in new ways "Your Indescribable Love"
Big hug to all...from Colombia South America :)
Autor: Luis Carlos Tuberquia
AutorOur God... is so... good.
Autor: Cyana Mint
Autorthis is powerful it sure helped me, my new favorite channel, something to help me keep God on my mind
Autor: Tay Franklin
Autor: Marcus Young
AutorLike so many stated already....this video is powerful and the young lady was amazing

please invite her back to do more of your videos

God bless you
Autor: Xeria Santos
AutorLinda refleccion
Autor: Charli Tohabanda
AutorPor favor.. nunca deixem esse projeto acabar. É simplesmente maravilhoso... Vocês conseguem expressar bem as escrituras com as imagens. Deus abençoe.
Autor: Juliana Dantas
AutorI have been so blessed by these videos, and i know many other believers have been also. I just want to thank you for the effort and time you put in, and for you to know that the Lord is blessing what you are doing! I pray God will continue to encourage you with His joy
Autor: Elisha Walker
Autorawesome can someone translate it in spanish thank you
Autor: playstation41
Autorive become undone.........
Autor: gundam90303
AutorGreat job brother! Your ministry is a blessing to me! To God be the Glory!
Autor: Josh Lease
Autorwow i just cried from seeing this :,-) THANKS I NEED THET
Autor: sólveig Diðriksdóttir
AutorBeautiful! 😍😍
Autor: Mônyky Barcelos
Autorthis shows how God created us even though we may have denied,gone astray, or have turned away from him.
As a child missionary at my church, could I praise dance or mime to this?
Autor: Chloe Hampton
AutorThere is just no possible way for a person that has been saved from the wrath of God, but on the contrary, has seen the glory of the God in Christ through the gospel, to not feel the heart ache in thankfulness and joy and contain the tears in "...But God..."
Infinite mercy and love shown for the sinful, fallen human race who deserved judgement only...All glory, power and dominion to the risen Lamb of God who is Christ Jesus, our Savior!
Autor: Alejandro Luévano
Autor: Allan Wilis Sturms
AutorIs there any possibility that the first song will be available online for listening? :-)
Autor: Julius Vadiveal
AutorGlory to God! This video touches me every time I watch, when I feel something inexplicable, without words, because there is a great mystery in this video, which leads us to recognize that we are nothing without God, and that we depend on Him for everything! Just look at the Cross of Jesus' Sacrifice for our lives without Light, without Direction, only Jesus is the direction to Eternal Life with God! God bless you who are watching this video! Glory God for the production of this video that encourages to seek God!
Autor: Rafael Santos
AutorThank you so much for the video, brother! I will share this with my unsaved family. Pray they will believe! thank you!! So much love! :'D
Autor: Natalia Novak
AutorThis is so good
Autor: Jack Rutland
AutorFazem mais destes videos e bom abeça.
Autor: paulo gogle
AutorDude! Awesome work! I love your work!
Autor: Caio Cirine
AutorGlory to God
Thank you Lord for these channels that speak of You and strengthen me.
Full of eyes,.. It's good to meet you.
Autor: Márcio Luiz
AutorThis is absolutely incredible! To God be the glory for your beautiful gift! I love the way you're able to present the Word visually with such depth and passion. All I can say is WOW, well done! What a blessing!
Autor: Angi Lee
AutorAmazing! Thank you!!
Autor: Fco Javier CF
AutorHey Friend,
Erm is Risen Saudade a custom made song for this video? Cause I can't seem to find anything related to the song name at all o.o
Autor: Riki The Heropon
Autorinsanely awesome 👌
Autor: Jorge Meneses

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