Ballet Shoes Cake Pop Tutorial -Creative Edibles by Yuki-

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AutorThese are so adorable I'm going to try to see what I can produce I'm sure it will take me several tries to make it half as cute
Autor: rebecca3098
AutorAmazing..!! Thank you so much! I will try!! You are so talented..!
Autor: lily vega
AutorI can't contain links in comments here. Please search "JEM Bow Cutter Set" in Google! :)
Autor: Yuki Underwood
AutorNever mind. I found it from your website
Autor: Alyssia Carter
AutorExtremely clean cake pops!!!!!!!!! Please can you tell what kind of candy melt are you using. Thank you.
Autor: plume1915
Autor: Keyana G
AutorBeautiful and very creative! Thanks for sharing your talent. :)
Autor: JessiCakes Project
AutorHi I tried to make these are really beautiful but I had trouble getting the candy melts ( wilton) smooth.when I dip the Pops in the melted candy, it did not flow. Off. Stayed kind of lumpy and I don't know why any suggestions? Thank you!
Autor: Ann D.H.
AutorVery nice!!
Autor: thecottagegarden
AutorYuki these are so pretty! Where do you buy the flexible bowl for the melted candy/chocolate?
Autor: Alyssia Carter
AutorCutest thing ever. You make it look so easy lol
Autor: jennsoad24
AutorSo gorgeous!
Autor: NappynHappy81
Autorbeautiful job.
Autor: Rosalinda Valenciano
AutorQue lindo!!!
Autor: Kasandra Roble
AutorI use Merckens wafer (not CK Merckens. They are different). From my experience Merckens is the best for cake pops :)
Autor: Yuki Underwood
AutorI'm only able to see one video but I find links of yours. Love your work!
Autor: Freddy's toy review
AutorFound them!
Autor: Lacy Clegg
AutorThank you so much for this tutorial. I love how clean and tidy your work space is.
Autor: TheZontania
AutorExtremely Amazing!!! I just love how neat and tidy your works are. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial.
Autor: aprilbloom6762
AutorNice thank you for sharing! Can you tell me where I can get the blue mat from?

Autor: K Mims
Autor: Laura Lucy
AutorYuki can you tell me where I can purchase the mold to make the bow. I've been searching the internet, and have not found the one you are using. Thank you. I love your work, and hope to attend one of your classes in Vegas.
Autor: Patricia Trujillo
AutorSo pretty :)
Autor: Dana Samlal
AutorYou can find them at supply shops and online such as bakery supply online shops or eBay.. Please search "JEM Bow Cutter Set" :)
Autor: Yuki Underwood
Autorque bonito haces tu trabajo!! se ven muy bellas
Autor: Sandra Perez
Autoris your cake ball cooked to mould for the shoes ?
Autor: nanspan
AutorBeautiful Yuki
Autor: Donna Beltrame
AutorLove you work ...wish you would make more tutorials ....Do you make gumpaste or fondant flowers with wires ...would love to see your work on that. 
Autor: SoSue Me
AutorWhere do you buy the tool you used for the bow? Love your work! Thank you for sharing!
Autor: Cherie Johnson
AutorLooking/Expecting more tutorials from u.
Autor: Chef Mel Yisrael
AutorGreat job Yuki! What are you talking about , the video was perfect
Autor: Natoya Ridgeway
AutorThank you so much for the outstanding tutorial!
Autor: TheSunflowerTulip
AutorMore tutorials please! Your amazing!
Autor: Elizabeth Torres
Autor: Calibaker82
AutorAwesome tutorial!!! What a great tool for the bow! Thanks for sharing
Autor: robin weins
AutorThank you, Natoya! xo :)
Autor: Yuki Underwood
AutorIts Merckens :)
Autor: Bailey B
Autormost!! beautiful Pop Cake! in youtube!!
god bless you! make more videos! please!
is a joy just to see how you create this Pop Cake!!
love from P.R.
Autor: Linda Villegas
AutorThank you as always! For showing and sharing your talent.
Autor: Joana Monterroso
AutorWhere do I buy the bowls that your chocolate is in? Thanks for the tutorial!
Autor: Lacy Clegg
AutorBeautiful! Thank you. I can do this now.
Autor: Marguerite Dawson

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