BANANA BLUEBERRY CRUMBLE | vegan dessert recipe

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AutorI wonder how I can make a single serving or even two servings of this ? I can't finish all this by myself.
Autor: Dalia G
Autorthis looks so delicious!
Autor: ElisabethKay
AutorLooks awesome. Do you think arrowroot could be used in place of tapioca starch?
Autor: Stephani Hunter
AutorLooks very good !!
Autor: Melissa Taylor
Autor: Melissa Rogers
Autoromg amazing!! :)
Autor: Allie Live & Love
AutorIs there anything I can substitute tapioca starch with?
Autor: Sasha J
AutorI loovee this!! i will make this for me and my family tonight since I want to learn them to eat vegan food step by step :)
Autor: Roos de Boer
AutorYum! what brand of coconut yogurt is that?
Autor: LMS SML
AutorOk, my two favorite fruits: bananas and blueberries! A Yummy Combination!
Autor: Alicia Mendsey
AutorI miss you vlogs. Can you do weekly vlogs?
Autor: ivi122
Autorthis recepie looks soo yummy
Autor: Béatrice Castonguay-Girard
Autoryou mentioned vanilla powder in the recipe, where do you find that? not sure I've seen that in stores here...
Autor: Jen MV
AutorLooks awesome! Going to make today :)
Ps your hair grows so quickly! What's your secret?!
Autor: Samantha VandenHof
AutorCan i use agave syrup instead of maple syrup? by the way i love your video❤ lot of love from mauritius island🌴🌞🌊😙
Autor: Sous_les_ tropiques
AutorSuch a cool recipe! Thank you very much! Have a nice day!
Autor: Irina Shateeva
AutorIt's in the oven now! Thanks for the recipe!!! Simple and easy to make.
Autor: Brenda Jordan
AutorDelicious! :)
Autor: Pavlína Plevová
AutorThat sounds wonderful!
Autor: Yvonne Davis
Autorcan you use frozen berries?
Autor: Arlenassister
AutorGoing to be making this today!!
Autor: John Gray
AutorYum! Cheers to a healthier crumble!
Autor: Kadiyah Lodge
AutorHow many tsp or tbs do you use for the coconut oil and the maple syrup? :)
Autor: Sarah Altmeyer

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