Cream Tart Tutorial

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AutorI want to make this for a charity dessert auction...I know it should be refrigerated but would it be okay to sit out at an auction without ruining....?
Autor: pallison101
AutorHi, do you print an A4 or A3 for the template? how is the size of the cake ?
Autor: Liora Angel
AutorLooks so delicious! Can i do this with cake?
Autor: Rydapin
AutorWhat’s the recipe for the tart?
Autor: Jocy Edith
Autorplz make annabelle doll cake plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Autor: Geetha Ramesh
Autorare the flowers edible?
Autor: sharleen zammit
AutorWhat a Trend! If you want to see more, check out my recipe on my channel! :)
<3 <3 <3
Autor: Marlene Mercedes
AutorThanks for sharing. I just saw this design on FB and was wondering what it’s made of.
Autor: Christine H
AutorWow, so beautiful ❤️
Autor: SpicyPunky
AutorHi. You said that gelatin has to be 80 degrees before adding to the cream. If I don’t have a good thermometer how can I tell when is good to add it? It’s warm, room temperature or cold?? Hope you can answer me. Thank you. Great tutorial 👍
Autor: Elizabeth Ocampo
AutorHi can you please tell me the pudding in grams
Autor: afsar masood
Autor: ANNA Adamo
AutorI hope this trend lasts a long time :) so beautiful and memorable!
Autor: Sanity Faire
AutorLooks so beautiful!!
Autor: Dalicia's Recetas
Autorthese yummy desserts are so beautiful and pretty easy to put together. thanks for sharing!
Autor: donna ruvich
AutorWhere do I get the exact recipe
Autor: ANGIE Stojanovski
AutorThanks!! But where do we find the cutouts templates please?
Autor: Ashley Sampson
AutorIt looks so beautiful and yummy. I have a sweet tooth so I was drooling the whole time 😂👏

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