DIY I Made My Own Wig Caps EASY TUTORIAL Great for Cosplay Wigs

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AutorI have significant hair loss and find my wigs are really itchy. Will this help prevent some of that?
Autor: Jackie Gallagher
AutorHi. Thank you for this tutorial. I love it. I'm just beginning and want a "go-to" wig. Can I use this to make my own wigs by sewing tracks to it?
Autor: MsHarleyD
AutorI will have to try this. My head size is fairly average but there's only one variety of wig cap I can get locally and they only come in one color and they always give me a headache and tend to travel up my head.
Autor: Plain Popcorn
Autorhow can i get some like tht?
Autor: jasmine naik
AutorHave just made my own wig cap after watching your video!
You've just saved me from wasting my money on ebay! Thank you! xx
Autor: Mark Lees
AutorGorgeous. Thank you very much! It was very helpful <3
Autor: Sevak Kirakosyan
AutorThank you, Désirée!! This was a great tutorial and saved me tonight when I was scrambling to get my costume together!!!
Autor: medryx
AutorThis tutorial was so helpful, quick, easy and cheap to do! Thanks a lot!<3
Autor: Luke Servia
AutorWatching in 2018👍
Autor: nlr rln
AutorThanks so much I am newly natural and stay losing wig caps. this is perfect
Autor: yurika975
Autoror do you have another method for making wigs for large heads
Autor: Patti Liggins
Autorgreat video
Autor: QueenBeoutch
AutorBeautiful - really helpful
Autor: Bea Inspired Life
AutorThank You for making this video. About 5 months ago I did the big chop with my 14 year old daughter because of eczema. From the picture on my profile. Having short hair was a adjustment, but natural after 30 years of relaxers was huge. I just bought myself 3 wings and wasn’t sure what to do with them. This is all new to me and my baby. Your video kept me from giving up and going back to relaxers. Thank you once again for sharing.😁
Autor: Chat With Me!!!! D Monican
AutorGorgeous. Thank you!
Autor: Ariom
AutorYou look really lovely in that wig. It really suits you. Thanks for the video. I'm new to wigs and those net caps don't work with my head at all!
Autor: NerdGirl
Autorthanks gonna try it for Halloween
Autor: Erica Diaz
AutorI think it is perfect , Thanks .I am gonna make one myself 👍🏾
Autor: Dutch WithSkillz
AutorWatching in 2019👍😎
Autor: ragingconfetti
Autoromg thank you so much for this!!! i have a lot of hair and the normal wig cap couldnt hold them and it slided all the time.

now i can recycle my old stockings and not letting them go to waste :D xx
Autor: Jeannie
AutorTHANK YOU. I'm in singapore for 4 months and forgot to pack my caps. This is so helpful
Autoryou look pretty! ;)
Autor: Gacha H2OTsunami
AutorThat's really smart , i love it tfs
Autor: Ethell Ebanks
Autor: Simplici-T's Temple
AutorThis was in 2k13 and i'm of course in 2k17 but I used this method and I love it!
Autor: It's Ezekiel
AutorAwesome thanks and what a gorgeous wig! I bought like 7 that i love
Autor: Stephanier Oseguera
AutorLove dis... thank u
Autor: Yvette Bethel
AutorGreat blessed and thanks!!!
Autor: Aurore Njifakoue
AutorThe first time I tried this it worked very well and fitted my head perfect but I forgot how I did this method lol...but I'm glad the video is still up here because I would have been lost without it
Autor: Shavonni Brown
AutorThank you for sharing......thumbs up
Autor: Serah Joseph
AutorI'm a guy and I'm growing out my hair right now but im going to do this to keep my hair contained because when i wear my hats my hair is popping out all over the place lol
Autor: Tr00p3r /210
AutorOMH.Her hair is solo cute with the wig cap and wig.
Autor: Veronica Hernandez
Autorthank you very helpful God Bless!!
Autor: jill walsh
Autoryou're a genius. imma try this soon
Autor: Sunshyne Hayes
AutorNormal wig caps fit me, but I keep losing them so this is great.
Autor: Spawn of Death
AutorYay Thank you for this!
Autor: Tanja Berengue
AutorThank you so much for this video!!
Autor: I Have a degree in memes
AutorReally helpful! Thank you! I panicked so much when I realized I hadn't bought a cap xD
Autor: Yumi Shigeru
AutorDo you have any special advice for people who would be possibly be cosplaying as a character and running around? 
Autor: Hooded Slender
AutorThank You Thank You Veryyyy Muuuuchhh :"3
this really help me a lot :"D

Autor: Fuyu Nyan
AutorNEW! 💖 Frosted Candle Holders Holiday Decor ✅
Autor: Dezi1016 aka Désirée
Autorjeezh get to the frikkin point!
Autor: Purgatorrri
AutorThis video really helped me
Autor: Zoe Dedmon
Autori entered here to make a wig for my handmade doll
Autor: Lara Darwish
Autorwow thanks I can finally cosplay (well better anyways) before I couldn't because I have very long thick hair so this helps thanks!!!
Autor: Aliya DeBartolo
AutorI'm coming into wigs from a totally different place, but thank you so much! ❤️
Autor: Jessica Pierce-LaRose
AutorThanks I used this method for quick weaves as well
Autor: Livin' Life Out Loudd
Autorwow, awesome Ty for sharing
Autor: Sweet Kuki
Autorthought it was just me who does this but it's better then wig cap last longer too no clue go on you're head too .like this
Autor: latoya jones
Autorthanks so so so much for this! I have been struggling with shop bought caps and they are crap! I have really long (down past my butt) hair and it's really thick, I tried this and it works sooo well, thank you!!!!!
Autor: leah danforth
Autorthanks for this video, really easy and helpful!
Autor: NunnuKatriina
AutorThis was very helpful. Thank you!
Autor: Trinity Yvette
AutorThank you, it really helped me out :)
The dot doesn't seem to disturb me :D
Autor: BakOnYou
Autor2019 and i still look back at how this helped me👀💕
Autor: ramen. tacos
AutorThis is a life saver! I needed one for a cosplay. Thank you so much!
Autor: Erixion Ace
AutorWaooooo thank you very much
Autor: Evelyn Lucky
Autorgreat video well explained in detail
Autor: margaret o leary
AutorThank u Thank u soooooo much I gotta big head I made my first wig like but my head don't FIT
Autor: Ethel Mann
AutorYou look beautiful! And you are so saving me...Thank you!!!
Autor: erinnkb
AutorWow girl you are gorgeous! Thank you for the video!
Autor: Raven Martin
AutorCute love the wig honey 😍
Autor: Gigi's And Saucy's Lifestyle Its Liiit
AutorAlso, I new in getting a wig, and her about using wig shampoo, what do you use to wash your wig . Thanks Marina
Autor: Marina Malik
AutorYou are honestly a life saver with this trick thank you 😊
Autor: Najika Yokoshima
Autorone word "Awesome"
Autor: Saqiya Maseyaha
Autorthis is awesome thank you
Autor: sam gravier
AutorThanks so much I couldn't find any wig caps and I had a cosplay party the next day, I make my own wigs.
Autor: Rosa Mystica
Autorthanks for posting this video, very informative cost saving.
Autor: tt winston
Autor: MMinerva07
AutorHello! :D I've just began cosplaying recently, and ordered my first wig today, I'm really excited, but also nervous! Your video is really helpful, and I'm glad there's a cheap and easy way of making a wig cap! I'll be sure to use your tutorial once my wig arrives!
Autor: SunlightWolf
Autorthank you so much for posting this. So glad i found you.
Autor: MsShutupndance MSU & D
AutorThis is great, I'm a beginner cosplayer and your tutorial was really good!
Thank you! :D
Autor: Chiaki Fujisaki
AutorThank you this is so helpfuL!
Autor: Lauren Hansen
AutorI loved this video, excellent and what a lovely person you are, the wig looked stunning and so natural ... also happy new year to you and everyone commenting, from the cold UK !! xxx
Autor: Ness Lee
AutorThank you so much!!!!
Autor: Trashy Scum
AutorThis was soooo useful! Thanks so very much for sharing your tips with us. :D
Autor: Tia L
AutorGood tutorial, thanks. DIY starts at if you want to skip the discussion.
Autor: Mathi Bear
Autorthank you from Western Australia. Now I don't have to go out & buy one!  You look so beautiful btw
Autor: unfoldingwings
Autorthis is awesome thanks im suscribing! btw also in my photo thats my real hair 
Autor: panini head
Autorwhen you tuck the knot into the braid, it creates a nice pocket to put your mic in for shows
Autor: Jaylen Diller
Autorlove this idea
Autor: Radical
AutorOml this was so helpful my cosplay is so much better
Autor: Kitten
AutorThinks super helpful thank you so much
Autor: May Sal
Autor: gabysworldrocks huerta
AutorThank You!! This really helps : )
Autor: eat ass skate fast
AutorHi I wanted to know can I make my wigs on this like sew it in
Autor: James Saint-victor
Autori just tried that out and it worked
Autor: Benchamaj Cole
AutorThank you for this tutorial!!!! 
Autor: skittlesobsessed
AutorI can't find any nude wig caps, no matter where I look! I only have black ones, whichI can't under my light colored wigs. I'm going to use this method to make one. Also, regular wig caps squeeze my head and give me headaches @[email protected]
Autor: Megane
AutorThis was so so so helpful!!!!! I've always used the wig nets to hold my own hair back a little bit so the wig looks better but this will help so much more thank you so much! <3 I have very long hair so trying to get all the hair into a wig is hard without a wig cap to help!!
Autor: xEmber Bubblesx
AutorThank you so much this video saved my life.
Autor: Monica Marlow
AutorThank you Thank you! Bought a wig and really thought I could get away with not using a wig cap, till I tried to put it on and all my long ass hair kept creeping around lol.
Autor: Oh hi again
AutorYou are pretty
Autor: Allana Holderman
AutorBeautiful woman <3 Thank you very much for this video, I'm gonna try this!
Autor: lizzycify
Autor: doreen grennan
Autoromg i'm so happy i found this!! i had no idea how i was gonna hide my hair under my cosplay wig and i leave for the music festival that i'm dressing up at in a week!! thank you! its so easy and not expensive!! ^_^
Autor: OmgNoWaaayDanna
AutorYou are amazing😘😘😘
Autor: Ofoha Ugochi
AutorNicely done! Thanks for sharing!
Autor: A W
Autorloved your tute, it is amazing what we can find out there to solve the problems
Autor: Aussie Lass
Autoryour tutorial is amazing <3!! thank you !!
Autor: Alexandria Louiss Castro
AutorFantastic! Thank you for making this tutorial!!!
Autor: Rhiannon K
AutorThis was very helpful, thank you!! I need a wig cap by tomorrow and there is no way I can get one online by then and I just so happened to be throwing out a pair of old pantyhose that I was able to use
Autor: Clara Haddock
Autorthanks so much!!!
Autor: Diarra Janaee
AutorVery good idea hun I loved
Autor: Hagir Gadelmoula
Autorhow to gate this type of the wig??
Autor: Pauline Myoyi
AutorOML u look really sweet
Autor: Nado elmahdy
Autorthank you!!! This was so easy and simple! I used to use a bathing cap but wow this is so much better!! :)
Autor: Zoë Fischer
AutorWow this is really useful for cosplayers like me!
Autor: Coco Nut
Autor: Rita Gyasi
AutorThank you for the video!
Autor: Marisa Kirisame
AutorThanks! What a great idea, wig caps are always too small for me too, I have have below the waist hair and this works great!
Autor: Lele Mason
AutorOK awesome! I did just this then hand sewed below the knot, cut the knot off then sewed the top part. Fits perfect and I put my wig on and it feels sooo much better now! Thank you!
Autor: Jackie Gallagher
AutorAwesome and simple tutorial! Gonna use this wig cap for a cosplay I'm doing! Thanks :)
Autor: ItsJennarosity
AutorThank you so much for this video! I'm making a wig for my daughter's costume on a budget. I started to use a crocheted beanie, but I didnt want to ruin a hat. I learned how to make my own wefts out of yarn. I watched a lady use a hot glue gun to glue in her tracks. I thought oh man I don't have a wig cap and I found your video!! It was very helpful, I was about to give up!! I'm making a troll wig.
Autor: 1sweetmess
AutorThis saved me. It's Halloween tomorrow and I had misplaced my wig cap.
Autor: Ashley Seed
Autorthank you so much for this video
Autor: princess catie pierre
Wish I knew about this when I lost my hair from chemo!!  :o)
Autor: Neesie Davis
AutorThanks for making this video very helpful
Autor: shelly yastagirl
Autor: Lavaniya Lavan
AutorThank you ,so much for your help.
Autor: Beth Megan Smith
AutorThanks I'm using this method for my fancy dress costume. Great tutorial xxxx
Autor: michelle monaghan
AutorReally helpful & perfect & easy examples !
Autor: Jesenia Williams
Autorthis help a lot thanks
Autor: かわいいAnayeli
AutorThank you I needed wig caps for my twins for Halloween! So thankful I found this
Autor: Meagen Hassinger
AutorThanks so much for posting! Great tutorial. Very helpful.
Autor: Ayden Cooper
AutorI liked your tutorial.  You have a very loving warm aura.
Autor: Amber Nectar
Autoromg my head is so big... you literally made my day :) lol
Autor: Alaina Clarke
AutorI'm using this method for my Halloween costume. Looks easy and it works well. Can't wait!! Thank you!!
Autor: Olivia Johnson
AutorAnyone who is watching in 2018😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Autor: Fatima Kassim
AutorThank you so much you saved my day ❤️☺️☺️
Autor: Jackline Thomsen
Autoromg I had the same problem! This really helped me out I've shared this to all my friends this is really amazing thanks so much xxx
Autor: BabyKins.Elsz
AutorThis was really helpful because I lost my other ones. Thank you!🙂
Autor: Colleen Tarris
Autorthanks for posting this! helped out alot! :)
Autor: Megan Stinson
Autorthank you so much! my friends and I were going to give up since we couldn't find wig caps x3
Autor: EmbraceTheCrazy
Autorfor my cosplay on the first day I wore tights and then the next day I wore stocking, much better fit
Autor: kishori malvi
AutorThank you! My head is 24 inches around and everything I have tried is too small. I will be doing this after a quick trip to town to get the stockings. After hours of looking for wig caps on the internet I was getting frustrated. Then I clicked last on your tutorial. You have saved me. Thanks.
Autor: Kathy Chambers
AutorGirl,u saved me a whole bunch of stupid caps that don't fit.
Thanks 😍
Autor: jhusmarie
AutorThank you Gorgeous!
Autor: ICCosplay
AutorYou've just save my live. Where I live, I can't find a beauty supply and it's really expensive to get them shipped to my country
Autor: lamoskgr Moskow
AutorWow sexy mama u look so beautiful that is magic
Autor: angelica martinez
Autorthank you so much,i love u
Autor: xoxo ._. cody
AutorHi, I just bought my first wig and I got 2 free caps with it.  I have already lost one!  So i thought I'd look on YT about how to make one and voila!  Your video, thank you!  Was wondering---  I don't have a sewing machine and I'm legally blind, so I can't see well, certainly NOT well enough to hand stitch anything....about that knot--  I don't want a knot, it would be too big and bulky for my head, so I was wondering, instead of cutting the knot off and sewing it, do you think some of that fabric glue could work?  Or would the stretching make it not hold?  I have a lot of natural hair too, maybe I should get it cut off......  I am loving my first wig and I've already ordered a 2nd one on ebay for cheap.  I am shocked at how NICE synthetic hair looks!  I'm caucasian, and I read that a lot of women's wigs had hair that is just so darn shiny and fake looking...but I bought a new one, synthetic, at our local beauty supply store.  The nice Asian lady who worked there helped me so much.  So many beautiful wigs, it was so hard to decide!  But I got one, a dark brown, with some golden highlights.  And it looks and feels so real, I am just so surprised!  Best thing--it HOLDS its shape/style!  Being that I can't see well, I have never been able to style my hair.  But now, NOW I just put my cap on, put the wig on, brush it a little with the special brush they sold me, (it was only $1.99!!) and I'm all set and ready!  And hahaha, shhhhhh, don't tell, haha, but so far, after 3 days, my husband still doesn't know it's a wig I am wearing!  He thinks I really had my hair cut, highlighted and styled!  I've been dying to tell him its a wig!!  LOL!!!  One of the best $29 I ever spent!  Thanks for your video on how to make wig caps.  I definitely shall do this.  And you look beautiful too, by the way.  I'm 46, and I don't know WHY I didn't try wigs years ago.  What got me started was this damn ad I kept seeing on FB and online for SammyDress.  So cheap, their wigs, clothes, jewelry.  But then I started reading bad bad BAD things about that company.  I did some research online on wigs in general, checked on ebay, and then headed to the beauty store with my mom.  She wants one too, but we didn't find one for her.  For some reason, blonde is harder to find!  And maybe it is the blonde wigs that look so shiny and fake?  Well, we'll get her one.  This has been so much fun and we both regret we didn't do this sooner.  My grandmothers both had wigs--- old natty things from the 60's, they looked awful, so fake, ridiculous, like dead raccoons on their heads, hahaha.  Wigs have come a long way!  Thank you!
Autor: Molly A. Block
AutorGoing to make my own today! Thanks a lot :)
Autor: Moon SFX Make-Up
AutorThis is a very good tutorial! Thanks! I have short hair but I still can use this because I'm going to need a second cap a part from the netted cap...
Autor: Vivi
AutorThanks for this video. I have a hard time finding the beige color wig caps. By the way you are a beautiful and classy lady!
Autor: Donna Jones
AutorThank you I'm save my 1.99$now
Autor: marc enson derval
AutorI have dejavu
Autor: Mike Person
Autorthank you for this tutorial! you are a life saver! 😍
(new subscriber)
Autor: nhej23
AutorBeautiful! Thank you!
Autor: Melanie Kosler
Autorcan you make a wig using this
Autor: Patti Liggins
Autorwelcome anytime
Autor: latoya jones
AutorFor me I used a child's leggings snd i put the leg over my head, sizing where its nice and tight, then chopped it ohh like one for lol hair and since I have shorty hair I chopped off the majority of the excess.
Autor: Holy Macaroni
AutorOMG, thanks so much, you just saved me $10 bucks I am totally make it my self.
By the way you look gorgeous with or without a wig.
Autor: Marina Malik
Autorthis is amazing! I've actually been looking for ways to improve my cosplaying so that I can enter a show. One way I've wanted to improve was to make my own wig caps to make my own wigs with! I have a feeling that this method will be sturdy enough to stay in place for making and wearing, so it'll be a nice two in one! Thank you so much.
Autor: Katie darksoulblueeye
Autorthank you so much. this will help me out so much when i go to comic con next week :)
Autor: Bryony Mason
AutorThanks for this, the wig cap I bought a few days ago keeps moving off and while my hair isn't exactly long its far too thick, this will work really well
Autor: PSOHfan92
AutorI love it, thanks for that info.  The wig cap  I brought from Sally's was too tight and very uncomfortable.  Great Idea.
Autor: Patricia Campbell
Autorthis helped me so much. i got a new wig with a new wig cap but it was to stretched out that it wouldn't help. So when i saw your video i deiced to watch and do it. its helped me so much. thanks.
Autor: Alex Lane
AutorReally helpful! Thank you so much
Autor: Michelle A.
Autor: Naadei Dsane
AutorI'm gonna be going to a convention soon and I'm gonna be doing a cosplay so ill try this out :D
Autor: kat yefimova
Autor: องคฺลักษณ์ กับยองแยง
AutorLove it! This is a really good way to make a wig cap. Inexpensive, Simple and serves the purpose. Thank you. By the way ,your wig looks really natural. Looking forward to your other videos.
Autor: Mila Vazquez
AutorI actually made this for free because what I did was I went to a shoe store and just got some stockings from the store an used those, it worked great!
Autor: Mary Winchester Is on fire
AutorCan I sew my weave onto that cap????
Autor: hey_apple_hey
AutorThis tutorial was very helpful to me! Thank you ^-^
Autor: Skellexis
Autoryour wig looks so natural!
Autor: Gabby
AutorBabeeee, I'm so glad you posted this. I want to make my own because I'm tired of making the people in the beauty store rich. Thanks for making this vid.
Autor: Egypt Ra
AutorThanks so much. This video is so helpful yet the first 3 minutes is so repetitive. I have hip length hair and would like a shorter doo sometimes and only had one older cap that I could wear under my wigs. I tried "unseccessfully" to find others on a couple of sites to no avail.
Autor: C. Annette W
AutorLovely. can I also make a wig using this wig cap?
Autor: Tash/beautifully created
AutorThanks!  This is great for projects I'll be having throughout the year!
Autor: Amaya Hazumi
AutorI plan to try this for a show I'm in
Autor: Jaylen Diller
AutorReally appreciate when u Diva's share your beauty tips with me on the utubes. This one is a gem thank u ma'am :)
Autor: Jane Doe
AutorWhat is the RPG show?
Autor: GalCharlotte
AutorThanks for sharing
Autor: god is love
AutorAnyone watching in 2017??
Autor: Lifestyle by Kam
AutorI used an old thigh high that I only had one of (lost the other one) and it works extremely well. And I was less hesitant to try this method with it because I had nothing to lose. Also, since there is only one leg, it makes a smaller knot so that knot is no issue at all!
Autor: Mackenzie Jay
AutorThank you this was very helpful. I've been reading the comments and everyone seems pleased and you are so sweet to respond to the comments in such a humble nice way. Thank you again!😊
Autor: Tara Quinch
AutorThank you for this! I have had a wig that I have decided to wear and I looked at all the wig cap mess and was soooo happy to find your vid! I even have the control tops so I don't have to buy any. Thanks again!
Autor: ginzell
AutorI'm a little late but you are so crafty! This will definitely help me in the future! Well done! Thank you for this!
Autor: Isaiah L-J
AutorYou. Look. Amazing. @[email protected]
Autor: Yuki Taite
Autorwow! Impressed
Autor: Samora Isobel
Autorgood idea!
Autor: Elyse
AutorSo so helpful they don't fit me either
Autor: Allison Day
AutorThanks so much for this! Just bought some wigs, and completely blanked on buying wig caps to go with, so this will come in very very handy! (especially since I'm practically neighboring a Dollar Tree!)
Autor: GrymCosplei
Autorcool for my aunt she loves wigs and hates buying caps
Autor: Danille cohn
AutorThank you!!! I was in a panic because I bought a wig for a costume and had no clue I needed a wig cap to secure my hair. I just made my own thanks to your vlog! So again, big thank yous!!!
Autor: GirlWoman
AutorThank you! This was useful! :)

And you are beautiful!
Autor: Kreisikirppu
AutorI can't explain how beautiful and elegant you are I'm really speechless.. I'm mesmerized by your beauty!! I just love how you talk ans everything about you has just got me speechless i want to say more but it's won't be enough! Thank you very much!!! I just want to give you a big hug :')
Autor: Miss Dondon
AutorYaaaaaas honey, that wig slayed. Very beautiful woman :)
Autor: Niecey Weesey
Autorwho is watching in April 2017🙋🙋🙋I guess im always 2 years behind😂😂😂😅😅😅
Autor: Isabellakarimi Wilke
AutorExcellent Video.
Thanks for being so Detailed...
And Sharing!
Autor: A'Kiyia Kelly
AutorThank you girl!! You just saved me some $$$
Autor: Don’t Piss me off
AutorDang, love it...I'm new to wearing wigs and I'm having trouble with itching and finding wig caps that aren't comfortable. Yes, they slip and don't stay put. Cannot wait to try this.
Autor: Sherry Carey
Autoryou are gorgeous and this tutorial helped me alot thank you so much
Autor: candilover 13
AutorI'm wearing the wig for a wedding it was the bride's idea and everybody else is wearing wigs my cap wont stay on you have any suggestions? my hair is thin and very soft. but I do have shoulder length hair.
Autor: Evelyn Torres
AutorYou won a new subscriber (me) i need all of your videos in my life
Autor: Green_panther 1
Autorvery helpful 😏
Autor: Dessie Brown
AutorI have a 23 inch head and long, thick hair. Thank you!
Autor: Ender-Chan
Autorwow you look great in that wig looks so natural on u . I will be using ur wig cap method for Saturday I'm going to be miss piggy so have a long blonde curly wig thanks for sharing this video
Autor: victoria cobarrubio
AutorThank you so much for this! All the other wig cap tutorials I found required liquid latex, and I can't afford it. This is going to work out perfectly for my Halloween costume. Oh, and I'm definitely subscribing! :)
Autor: Nadia Jalal

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