Fuji Guys - FUJIFILM X-A5 - Top Features

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AutorWill the focus stacking be put into the rest of Fuji x’s cameras.
Autor: John Orr
AutorFuji xa5 How much?
Autor: hhong ppm
Autorhello just bought x-a5, i dont know how to auto rotate when taking selfies, any advice?
Autor: Evan Linando
Autorhow's the bottom part? is it exactly the same build as the X-A3? did Fuji improve the durability for tripod/monopod mounting?
Autor: ngkeno03
AutorWhy is that focus stacking mode under 4K? Is it not full resolution? What is the final resolution of the output file?
Autor: Rediscover Film
AutorHow is the autofocus speed if compares to xt20? .. is it big difference / almost no difference?

and build quality is rugged enough?
Autor: Picko Pictura
AutorDoes it give full manual control like dslr? I mean can i set iso, aperture, & shutter speed according to my choice to take photos? & what is the shutter range? Does it allow bulb mode?
Autor: Lalit Dewangan
AutorMaybe 15fps is just right when you want to record landscapes and sceneries that aren't moving fast
Autor: kitty purry
Autorme while recording there is a busy sign and stops the recording
help me fix it pls pls pls and i just bought my camera
Autor: samuel laxinto
Autordoes this have in-camera post process or film simulation for monochrome and Lomography??
Autor: DontLeaveMeLucile
AutorI would like to test the focus stacking in macro. Would it work with the Fuji macro lenses?
Autor: Emil Mondoa
AutorCan you do a follow-up video to demonstrate face tracking in video mode?
Autor: Roberto Lupi
AutorHi, I would like to buy a fuji camera, after comparing xt2 or xt20, I prefer xt20. But after seeing the comparison between xt20 and xa5, I found that, Xa5 is much more affordable speaking of the features they have. But Honestly, I got so confused, can you give me advice of which one do better if I have limited budget and want to use it as a professional photos for my job? really appreciate if you can help me... thanks anw :D
Autor: Fransisca Stephanie
AutorWhy my Fujifilm xa5 can’t use with 4k burst shooting even though highlights with 4K menu? They said because of memory card , I have to use memory card with USH speed class of 3 or better right?
Autor: Pech Socheata
AutorFuji xa5 include the across film simulation?
Autor: Ganeshgautama
AutorAwesome. Regarding the motion panorama, can i export it to normal stitched panorama?
Autor: Youssef Nosshy
AutorWhat about film sims? Does it have Acros?
Autor: Jera Cravo
AutorHi! Will it take manual lenses? Like the Mitakon 0,95?
Autor: mimhap
AutorAuto picture transfer with Fuji app work not smooth , I have reconnect several time, any idea to make it easy?
Autor: Pech Socheata
Autori have a question, if i want a Fuji model to make videos, which model you can suggest, the budget is about 700$
Autor: Alia
AutorWhats better to get for someone who just want to take photos for fun? This X-A5 or Xt-100??
Autor: Zeppu
AutorExcuses me sir, but I would like to know if we can use Wifi/Bluetooth connection to the Fuji iPhone App and use "remote shooting" with this new Fujifilm XA5. Thank you in advance for your response.
Autor: Oudom Tean
AutorHi guys I have a big problem, my camera won’t turn on. When I charge it the little light turns in green while I charge it but when i turn it on it shuts off. I’m worried, I already tried taking the lens, taking the battery and clean it and nothing works please help
Autor: Alejandro Espinosa
Autor15fps isn't a useful frame rate. Fuji needs to stop with this '4k recording' false advertising.
Autor: albedo0point39
AutorThere's some really great features here, focus stacking, inbody timelapse movieetc. Do you think they will be brought to the xt20 via firmware updates?
Autor: Thomas Hill
Autorthe screen colors look like a 1980´s tv. this camera is a FAIL
Autor: Gabriela Lamberti
Autori have a question, i just put a tempered glass on the screen but since then i noticed that in auto mode (SR+) exposure or iso the once on the left screen is in +3 and all of my shots is so bright. I don't know if it's because of the tempered glass or if i have done anything wrong with the setting. Pls kindly help me, i need to fix this before my travel in end of february.
Autor: Arielyn Bern
AutorMic input?
Autor: Wassup Internets!
AutorHello 😊😊😊

I just bought my Fujifilm xa5. I'm not a professional photographer but I enjoy taking picture for personal use.

I have some abilities to take near shots and I love that but every time I try to take landscape shot my results are much more lower.

Therefore I need your help please.
1. How to take landscape shot in day time (which settings you recommend)
2. How to take night landscape shot (which settings you recommend)
3. How to take group of people face focus.
4. How to adjust ISO for portrait mode.

Thank you for your time.
Autor: Jonathan Avci
Autoris the sensor the same found in xt2 or xt20?
Autor: B
AutorDoes it have follow focus in video mode?
Autor: Vaibhav Atreaya
AutorJust watched a critical review (watch?v=sqvnTCrDSHE). Any explanation on the reviewers experience?
Autor: Askanier
AutorThat HDMI recording out makes the owner of X-Pro2 like me so sad. I did try to ask for it many times but until now it's not going to happened :(
Autor: Rapeepat Boonmongkolwat
AutorI would love to see these new features come to my xt-2 and x-t20... it's one of the reasons people love fujifilm... x-a5 one of the best entry level cameras hands down!!!!!!
Autor: Tiago Silva
AutorHDMI out to external recorder! 1st for these entry models I believe. And was that a confusing mention to time lapse creating either the individual frames or a combined MOV file? (It wasn't explained to clearly, but great if that is true.)
Autor: Peter Jeno
AutorI love the new lens being able to focus to 5.12 inches which should be about 2 inches from the end of lens. No need to change lenses every time you want to take a macro. I wonder if it's quiet like the Canon 15-45. I wonder if the focus is as good as Canons M100 duel pixel. Seems like a great camera.
Autor: Florida Hiker
AutorXc lenses are sucks..!
Autor: eric mohd
Autorcool extra features that are unavailable in other premium cameras... thanks for the informative tutorial.
Autor: digerati digerati
AutorDoes 4k multi focus mode exist on the xt20?
Autor: Harold Bernard
AutorDoes the flash manually bend back the full 90 degrees (for bounce flash off the ceiling)?
Autor: Jordan Rubin
Autori have an xe-1 with the 18-55 kits lens. I shoot no video, only stills and primarily landscapes that print about 24 x 30. would the xa-5 be an upgrade worth doing for my needs?
Autor: Gary Conrad
AutorToo bad Fuji went with the 2.5mm mic jack instead of 3.5. No-one uses 2.5 - adapter time &/or lost sales.
Autor: Lyndon Smith
AutorDoes it support the 4k video recording 15fps only? What kinds of 4k processing does it have ? over sampling or line skipping? Will the 4K video be cropped to 1.17x size?
Autor: Liam Yoo
AutorCan i portrait pictures in funjifilm x-a5 for photography.
Autor: Debasish Mohanta
Autorhow to operate slow motion on this cam?
Autor: Linda Indrajaya
AutorI heard it's US 300 body only?
Autor: Widiartha Wahyudi
AutorAlright! A very good video, I like this guy.
Autor: Leigh Bedford
AutorWill some of the new software features also be released to the XPro2 and other Fuji X cameras?
Autor: Stefan Weiberg
AutorDoes it have AF-C feature?
Autor: Jeaf Gilbert
AutorHi! I'd like to know if this works well in low light?
Autor: Dana Andaya
AutorIs this still with the Bayer sensor and AA filter?...yes it would be nice if some new features were migrated to X-T20 etc...esp. focus stacking and timelapse movie....
Autor: MrKikoboy
AutorIdk if i am disappointed or happy they have included certain features in this budget model versus what others offer for a similar price? Idk Idk... 4k 15fps is for who exactly? Is it a software feature that was thrown in because it has the power to do so? and the 120fps is 720p. Well atleast they are trying to show us that these features are going to be in the X-H1 and done better. So i am excited to see them listening.
Autor: Dante Corbett

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