Full Coverage?! Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Powder Foundation {First Impression Review & Demo!}

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AutorWhat if you misted the skin with Mac fix plus, and put another layer. The neck didn't pick up because it wasn't primed.
Autor: Denene downsouth
AutorI was debating gettinf this for summer-but pulled he trigger too late! I have normal/dry skin and i only started wearing it in the fall and i'm in love! Shockingly my skin is not too dry and ig weara amazingly well. It also doesn't break me out or case any irritation and with a touch of councealer it gives me perfect(but not full) coverage. I'm really impressed by this foundation- and the ingredients list. 👍
Autor: achromaticyam
AutorJust bought this foundation, I love it!
Autor: Saba
AutorI'm a powder foundation only girl and this is my absolute favorite powder foundation. I use the fair honey and it's the perfect color for me, I'm super pale like you. I usually don't conceal cause I don't have a lot of scaring or anything. I'm oily and have break outs but not as bad as I used to, but I don't feel like I need a "flawless" face. I feel like with this powder foundation it looks better after it sits on the skin for a little bit. I was super excited to see you use this foundation. I've wanted to suggest it to you, but being that you normally want FULL coverage I figured you'd never try this one. But I'm happy you did and you had good thoughts of it! 😁❤
Autor: Desiree King
AutorHEYYY im just starting to do high end makeups . i have alot of acne and i have dry skin to combo. i was wondering which high end foundation is your favorite that doesnt break you out? i want something full coveragee . i would go look through every foundation video you made but like i dont know any brands. plus i watch so many of them already. But whats your exact favorite?
Autor: meee c:
AutorTry the benifit hello flawless
Autor: Lissette Jaime
AutorI'd like to see the liquid version too!
Autor: Sarah Ingerson
AutorI love you your vids. I just wanted to find out if you're still using the Neutrogena toner or if you replaced it with another? I saw a your video from last year. I was gonna grab some at Wal-Mart this morning but I just wanna know I it's still working for you. I'm 37 and I think my breakoutsar probably hormonal. They are around my chin. I am also the lightest in every foundation and other than being oily, cuz I'm dry, or more combo.bht I've got acne scars and I think we have very similar skin so what works for you might work for me. anyway! yeah are u still using that or have you switched out?
Autor: Natalie Fararro
AutorMe really like you .
I cry with happy when I see you. you make my face smile big
Autorplease do more powder foundations!
Autor: Morgan Taylor
AutorYou need to try it with the brush they make for it.
Autor: Kaitlyn Needles
AutorWhat brush did you use for the shape tape?
Autor: Shannon Miller
AutorI have dry skin and I find powder foundations perfect for my skin! you'd think they'd absorb all the moisture, but not really, at least on my skin. I find liquid foundations more of a problem because the liquid evaporates funny or like dissolve the oil from my skin, I don't know, but powders just work better for me.
Autor: Kordell Avery
AutorYour lashes are slaying me in this video.
Autor: Abigail Thomason
Autorwhat mascara do you use? your lashes look great always. Also, absolutely love all your videos!
Autor: Teresa Solis-Taylor
Autorthis is my favourite foundation on you so far
Autor: jeremie noel
Autor: Fair Jinx
AutorI really like using their kabuki brush that goes with it. It has really good coverage
Autor: Anne Novak
AutorI tried this back in the day when it first launched but I couldn't find a good shade. It looks so good on you that I think I'll have to give it a try again. Luckily I still have the recommended brush!
Autor: mirandamae90
AutorI absolutely love that you mix affordable makeup in with your high end stuff!!! ❤
Autor: Heather Longoria
AutorI think your gorgeous 🤗 irregardless of your acne. I also have cystic acne and oily ass skin and it's annoying. Thanks for all of these awesome, helpful reviews !!
Autor: jmcs2033
AutorThis foundation is much more high coverage with a REALLY dense brush
The one they sell goes best with it
Autor: Lynne Bass
AutorTaylor I just love your videos 😍 if I'm ever just cleaning or something and need something in the background I either put on you or Kathleen Lights. you're just soothing and lovely and I could listen to you talk about anything haha ♥
Autor: Catie Bryan
AutorI can't do powder foundations but it looked good on you
Autor: At Tiffany's
Autoruh are those hickeys on her neck
Autor: Haley Bennett
AutorWhat we ALL are wondering is ..... what kind of burger did you have???? 🤔😂
Autor: Viviana Pasillas
AutorWould love to see you retry the Amazonian clay liquid foundation!!! It's my favorite :)
Autor: Rachel Zelaya
AutorLove your videos :) Could you do a review on make up for ever matte velvet + foundation? I have heard that it is great, but I would like to hear your opinion.
Autor: Sejla Gracanin
Autorso excited for the first foundation friday since 15! was looking forward to this!
Autor: Lacie Lou
AutorHas this foundation oxidized on anyone? I got mine in light neutral. At first it looked great but later on I looked like an Oompa Loompa! :/ I haven't heard of anyone else feeling that way.. just curious
Autor: Ima Bingewatcher
Autordid you ever breakout from the amazonian clay liquid foundation?
Autor: little princess
AutorI wonder if you're not more beautiful with this type of make up, light on the eyes and so on
Autor: Isal tom
Autorsuper basic!?
Autor: Corrie- Onagoodday
Autordo you think putting this over a light tinted moisturizer or bb/cc creme as well as using concealer, would be better coverage and help to not have it separate? as well as it being more lightweight than using a liquid foundation with powder to set? let me know your thoughts, thank you!
Autor: Christine LeComte
AutorOk so I don't even know how I found you, but I have been binge watching you for a few days so I figure it's time to comment. Love your videos! I am twice your age which sounds creepy I know and my skin tone is totally different, but even at my age i struggle with acne. I thought it would get better after 40. I love your reviews. Your inspiring and love the professionalism yet honesty. Keep at it!!!
Autor: cheriangel777
AutorWhat brush did you use for your under eye concealer??
Autor: small_town. beauty
Autorcould you try the dermablend smooth camo liquid foundation and the new loreal infallible total cover foundation please?
Autor: Olivia Miller-Davis
AutorI love your makeup here. You look so pretty! 💕 all the way from philippines. 😘
Autor: RM Torres
Autorthis foundation broke me out so badly gave me the worst painful cystic acne. I liked it but it wrecked my skin.
Autor: Rebecca Mitra
Autorcan ya try the Jane iredale purepressed foundation powder?
Autor: Sierra Mosier
AutorThis foundation works best with the brush that comes with it. The tarte kabuki brush.
Autor: Campy & Deweys Mommy
AutorTHANKS for you being you. Just a bit of myself an FYI and may help others too. I have noticed the routine of the activities and your "heat" rash. I was living a familiar routine to yours and finally had the nerve to go to my dermatologist and asked her to test via biopsy for lupus even though I didn't have the face rash and she had been the one that said heat rash in the first place . And Yeap it turned out "Lupus erythematosus tumidus" very rare but I take plaquenil and after about 2 more flares of rash it hasn't recurred since for many years now. I am not giving a medical opinion rather a note about myself that may be a help to someone. ... Kisses to all. BLESSINGS, LACONDESALATINA
Autor: lacondesalatina
AutorHave you done a review on the tarte amazonian clay full coverage foundation in the liquid/mousse formula?
Autor: Zerifi De León
AutorI am blown away by how good your skin looks here
Autor: Nicole Victoria
AutorI can always count on you for a foundation review lmao
Autor: Hollister Ortiz
AutorI had adult cystic acne as well and the only thing that helped was Spironolactone. it cleared me up completely in less than a month. I am currently pregnant so can not take it but as soon as my baby is born and I'm done nursing, I will start it again. also, 40% lactic acid peel on the skin for 3 minutes every 7 go 9 days may help. xo
Autor: Krystal Henry
AutorLoved this! Your foundation reviews are so chill and helpful 👍🏻
Autor: Staci Durham
AutorHow gram thet foundation
Autor: Scha Elin
AutorGovern insist coastal gwliwt correspondent belief gravity off cool bias.
Autor: kathryn davis
AutorTaylor, I hope this isn't a redundant question. I am a new subbie, so if you have addressed this in the past, I did not see it. I also have cystic hormonal acne along the chin and jaw area, and I wanted to ask you if you've ever tried completely cutting out Dairy from your diet.

In the past I have "tried" it, but never 100%. I would occasionally eat butter/cheese. recently, when i did cut dairy out, and it made a huge difference in my breakouts. I did not eat dairy for about two weeks, and I had no new cysts. When I did eat a little bit of cheese on a casserole, I immediately broke out within an hour of eating it. So I was just wondering if maybe Dairy impacted your acne as well. xoxo
Autor: Coco Lush
AutorI actually have had this foundation for awhile now and used it 2x and hated it. after watching your video I might give it another go around. I originally bought it because I have oily skin....like slicker then a city slicker lmao so I thought this would be perfect....not so much. I forgot about having it til now so you made me wanna try it again. it looked great on you and seemed to last alot longer then it did on me so well see.
Autor: jaci lister
AutorI would watch you trying the Amazonian clay
Autor: Fatima Gudino
AutorWould love to see you try the new wet n' wild foundation, concealer and powder ☺️
Autor: Helen Adami
AutorI wanna see how it looks over liquid foundation to set it
Autor: Princess of Wales
AutorI bought the brush that was made for it , I love the brush! now Ill try it because i do have really oily skin so thank you for the review😁
Autor: lillith rose
AutorPlease do another Tarte Amazonian Clay liquid vid. Showing how it lasts.
Autor: Rhonda Jones
AutorI can't believe you got a burger instead of a burrito 🙄
Autor: Alex Miller
Autorthis look is so pretty
Autor: maclovia fierro
AutorThe Amazonian Clay Foundation is the worst foundation I have ever used.
Autor: Miriam Rose
AutorI watched you when I first got into makeup, but then gravitated towards other youtubers because I had perfectly clear skin and didn't feel like I needed products that were geared towards people with acne... Now I've suddenly developed cystic acne, and I am SO grateful for your channel. Even if (and that's a big "if") my acne goes away, I will 100% keep watching you because your reviews are great
Autor: Cameron Walsh
AutorYour face looks really amazing with this! like actually flawless
Autor: Jordyn Corum
Autorhave you tried this powder with a liquid foundation?
Autor: lsndr87
AutorCan you do a review on n the new Wet N Wild Foundation? I think it's called the photo focus and it had powder and concealer with it too!
Autor: Ashley Oakes
Autorwhat are those lashes??? I love them omg
Autor: littlebirdsx
AutorI use this with the dense brush that Tarte sells specifically for this foundation. It's weird looking but it buffs everything in really well!
Autor: Danielle Tripoli
AutorTaylor, I would really love to see a video using products that would be good for more mature skin. I realize you're still young but maybe you could suggest at least a few foundations for someone who is getting wrinkles. That would be great! Thank you.
Autor: boxiebabe
Autorher skin looks great in the beginning
Autor: Jocelyn Salinas
AutorYou're beautiful and your skin is looking really good!
Autor: Call Me Calypso
Autor💜 from the other side of the state! ☔️❄️⚓️
Autor: Jeannine C
AutorHi! Have you tried the bare minerals powder foundation?? Trying to look at your list but cant find it!! Hoping you'll make a review on it! Thanks
Autor: alezzur
AutorI have normal to dry skin and powder foundation tends to look a lot better on my skin than liquid foundation. I just prime with a hydrating/illuminating primer
Autor: Sara H
AutorWhat brush do you use to apply your under eye concealer?
Autor: Lindsey Fassbender
AutorIn my opinion this kind of foundation suites you better because of your skin type. You have oily skin in most areas of your face which is why liquid foundations usually get oily throughout the day.
Autor: Andrea Munoz
AutorCan you review the Tarte amazonian clay full coverage foundation? Would really love to see what you think about it as i quite like it and have simmilar skin type as you.
Autor: Zainab Bonab
AutorI'd love to see you review the Becca ultimate coverage complexion creme!
Autor: Robin Casserly
Autoryou have such good eyebrows
Autor: jordan smith
Autorhey I hate struggling with acne too , but do you think maybe coffee might be breaking you out ??
Autor: Kimi Reyes
AutorWill you try the Fiona Stiles Matte Foundation? I know they only sell it at Ulta.
Autor: Erin Byrd
AutorYour skin looks great.
Autor: Sun Seeker
Autoryou're so pretty
Autor: kentmcfuller
What brush did you use for the concealer?
Love your channel!
Autor: Mallory King
AutorThat mesh system is literally what Makeup For Ever did...
Autor: Grant Ding
Autoryour skin has been looking awesome 😊
Autor: Jessica Santos
Autorthanks for reviewing this powder! Find myself always wondering how/if the foundations you try transfer throughout the day?.....maybe include with your thoughts?.....As always, LOVE yoy and watching your uploads!!!🤗🤗🤗😆
Autor: Lisa Cogswell
AutorWhen you put on your concealer what is the brush that you use to blend it?
Autor: Melissa C
AutorHey! I love your foundation reviews. Would ypu be willing to do a review on Max Factor Pan Stik?
AutorIt's pm and I'm making coffee because you have coffee and it sounds good. 😂🙈
Autor: Desirae 1394
AutorLol I love that you updated us on your burger. I typically wear bb creams for day to day and foundation for special events and I have oily/combo skin. Do yall think I should try out a powder foundation to add a tiny bit more coverage and control oil? Any suggestions?
Autor: Sabrina Salinas
AutorI was hesitating to get it now i want it for sure . Thanks for that love your reviews
Autor: Gen R.
AutorCan you do a full face/brand review with IT Cosmetics? I feel like I haven't seen a lot from them because they weren't at Sephora for a while.
Autor: Luna Lahaina
AutorWhich powder foundation do you prefer, this one or the Bare Minerals one?
Autor: RandomRevival27
AutorI kinda like the way this looks for like a "no makeup" makeup look. I think i'ts nice.
Autor: Tazzie1312
AutorPlease review the new total cover loreal foundation! Love this series!
Autor: taintedharmony95
AutorOh my gosh you can talk
Autor: Valerie Edwards
AutorHi! Have you tried the Clinique SuperBalanced foundation?
Autor: Susan K
Autorcan i just say, i appreciate the fact that your voice and general attitude is REAL and not fake/forced like most youtubers out there. great review, thanks!
Autor: Aileen Estrada
AutorYou should try this powder foundation from Bettina Cosmetics
Autor: Kriss Bettis
AutorI use this as a setting powder,its amazing. sometimes if i want a little bit of makeup for my part time job or class. I'll put concealer where i need it, under eyes, blemishes redness. and then i'll set my face with it and it gives such a nice soft coverge. Its enough that i feel comfortable going out. and i have been struggling with my acne lately. it contour blush, bronzer and highlight go over this amazingly. It lasts a long time and doesn't irrate my skin.
Autor: Luna Grande
AutorI love this stuff. I have combo oily skin and this stuff is just the most natural finish that I have been able to find. It is the one foundation that settles least into my smile lines (which are caverns) and looks the most like skin. I agree, it's not the highest coverage, but I use shape tape underneath and am usually pretty good to go. I'm a new subscriber and I LOVE your foundation reviews! Thank you!
Autor: Caroline Guf
Autoryes plz do an updated version of ALL the tarte foundations please. I have such a hard time finding my shade I've finally discovered thanks to Stephanie Nicole that I'm a light to light medium neutral. 8 have a lot of redness on my face and my neck but that's just me plus sun damage. people at Ulta always was matching me to that and foundations just never qwr ed right. tati said that she thought golden ones looked better on people with my skin tone but idk. do u possible have any thoughts? oh and I have normal skin.
Autor: Twitchey1
AutorWould love a comparison of several powder foundations, what oxidized, what lasted, what got oily looking, what was too dark, etc.
Autor: Robin R
AutorWow your skin is looking bomb!
Autor: Sarah Chamblee
AutorUr skin awful😩.. maybe u need to do something with your skin..
Autor: Aien Shah
AutorGorgeous makeup app... stunning!
Autor: boltonlu
AutorYes please redo the amazinian clay liquid foundation again!
Autor: Cassie Le
AutorI’m going to try this foundation I think my skin looks better with powder foundation not sure y lol.
Autor: Manda_Panda 87
AutorYou look Beautiful! You inspire me!
Autor: Shirley Gonzalez
AutorIt looked like it lasted pretty well for just a powder! Thanks for the review as always!!
Autor: RiverOfBeauty
AutorYou have been doing sooooo much foundation recently ... your fans want to see your makeup look creations too!
Autor: Violet Wentz
AutorLooking good!
Tailor, Q: Are you using Dermacol a bunch lately? Just want to let you know that Dermacol is a 50% pigmentation foundation and therefore can cause breakouts.
So, nothing wrong with using it but I advise to not use it on daily basis for it being a heavy duty one. ☺
Autor: mademoisellekaya
AutorI think this powder looks so lovely on you!! Did you ever try it again as a setting powder instead? And if so, how did you like it?
Autor: 4alice
Autormy dentist said that piercings like that slowly wear down your teeth and gum area that the piercing is at. Looking at her little fish hook just reminded me of that lol
Autor: Maria
Autori have combination skin with acne issues blemishes marks on my face can you suggest bare minerals foundation will be good for me ?
i want a full coverage foundation but at the same time it shoudnt be powdery chalky feeling on face with mineral foundation as i love dewy look
Autor: fatima Fatima
AutorI HATED this powder. It was the first makeup item I EVER returned after using. I felt soooooo bad, I told the lady it was just horrendous and I'm sorry, just can't for almost 40 bucks 😭😭😭
Autor: Rolf
Autoryour eyebrows are flawless 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Autor: tdanyv 87
AutorWhat is your favorite foundation?
Autor: Madison Calhoun
AutorYou're the only YouTube-er that I've followed all their social media. Although I'm 14 years older than you, my skin is the same as yours so I really regard your reviews, especially on acne coverage... xXx
Autor: Gillian Wills
AutorWhat mascara are you wearing?
Autor: Jill McC
Autoromg, you're skin looks soooooo much better now... i'm happy for u...
AutorHave you seen the wet n wild new foundation coming out? The color range is fantastic
Autor: shamelesslykristen
AutorYAY! I've wanted to try this but wasn't feeling the ''is it light enough for me gamble?'' So glad you reviewed!
Autor: d.8709
AutorDump the tarte powder and put another powder in that cool container! 😊
Autor: ParTAYtrain
Autori really think you would have enjoyed this foundation more if you had the brush that goes with it. i wear this foundation and i haven't found a brush that compares to the dense kabuki one. the bristles are so short and densely packed that you get crazy coverage. you should buy the brush and review it again!
Autor: Heather Matthews
AutorFYI you're one of my favorite youtubers right now. Some I follow have just started releasing content that I don't find interesting. I love these foundation videos as I am also on the paler end and my acne can act up. I trust your opinions!
Autor: Ashley Swindle
AutorHave you since used this to set your liquid foundation? How did it work for you?
Autor: Kelsey McCall
Autorwhat primer would you recommend to use with this foundation?
Autor: iwishiwasatree
AutorHave you ever tried to dampen your beauty blender with a setting spray and pushed that into the skin before you start with a foundation? I have seen a ton of people say it keeps your foundation budge proof, and then spray it back on at the end, I would like to know your thoughts on this if you have tried it.
Autor: Kim Schlicher
AutorYes! Setting sprays have completely changed the way my powder foundations wear through the day!!!! This wore really well on you and you looked lovely (as usual:)
* Let is know how it works to set liquid foundation **
Autor: Susan Lynn
AutorHow do you find the right foundation shade if you have kind of alot of redness?
Autor: alycia nail
AutorPlease please please retry the Amazonian Clay foundation (liquid) . Please please please!!!! ❤️
Autor: Sara B
AutorIt's like you read my mind, I just about to buy this. Great review as always. Have you seen the new wet and wild photofocus foundation.
Autor: N K Fischer
Autornext could you try the Tarte Double Duty powder foundation??
Autor: Sarah Jennings
AutorDid you end up trying this on top of other foundation? If so did you like it ? I’d be really interested in that video :)
Autor: Megs W
AutorI am so glad to find a review on this product and especially by someone with skin almost exactly like mine! I am SUPER pale (I was tanning at the time my profile pic was taken- don't be mislead!) and used to have super deep/scarring acne (went on Accutane like five years ago) and now have some scarring leftover PLUS ever since having my baby about nine months ago, my skin has started acting up again big time so I'm once again having to deal with covering up a shit ton of whiteheads, blemishes, redness/inflammation, plus the scarring from before. I have been so curious about this foundation- I used to only wear powder foundation because I could get away with it but now that my skin is being dumb again I've reluctantly had to switch back to liquids for the most part. I still would love to be able to wear a full coverage powder foundation IF I can find a good one! Thanks for sharing this. I just barely discovered your channel and, like I already said, it's so nice to finally find videos of makeup demos done on skin pretty much identical to my own. <3
Autor: Alex Jones
AutorI find I have to set concealer with a translucent powder before putting a powder foundation over top or I get weird shiny patches. Is this just me or could it be the powder foundations I'm using? I use nude by nature and the l'oreal true match
Autor: Emmi Olive
AutorDid you find that the foundation gave you a glittery finish? I swatched this in store and it looked like it had little specks of glitter...
Autor: Justin
AutorIt makes you look cakey/dry. I think liquid foundation looks best on you..well at least on camera.
Autor: Ju Ju
AutorI bought this today because of you❤️
Autor: Victoria S
AutorGo onto the Everyday Minerals website and order one of their flat top kabuki brushes and then use it again. 😊 I stopped using powder foundation when I realized my pores were looking ginormous. Which kind of sucks. Every single one I've tried shows every texture and pore issue.
Autor: Kparso01
Autorcan you do a video on Bobbi Brown foundation stick?
Autor: Abigail Hernandez
Autorhave you tried sheer cover? I used to love it! I e not had it for years but it was actually really good.
Autor: FuturePrimitive Soap Company
Autorthe kabuki brush that tarte made to go with this powder is out of this world. its short, stiff and dense as all get out. normally im not into buying brushes just because they go with the foundation, but i use this brush with any powder and it makes buffing a cinch.
Autor: youshouldveknown
AutorCan you do the georgio Armani powder foundation Jaclyn hill is obsessed with?
Autor: Alysha Kendall
AutorOh my God yes I've been wanting to see powder foundation reviews!
Autor: Amanda
AutorHey Taylor (or anyone with it lol), so I've been thinking of getting that Tarte concealer because it looks amazing on your skin. My skin is pretty clear other than occasional pimples but it's majorly red and dry, and for some reason I can never get great full coverage with foundation to really cover that up, so sometimes I just spot concealer or wear concealer. Do you think this would this be a good concealer for that?
Autor: Vendela
AutorGood video!
Autor: Me Mel
Autorcan someone tell me the diffrence between bronzer & contour ?
Autor: Raul Sistos
Autoryour skin looks incredible!!! so jealous of your progress!!!❤️❤️
Autor: autumn manes
AutorPlease do a review for mac's new "next to nothing" foundation ❤️
Autor: Andrew Farrell
AutorI couldn't wear this foundation powder at all. It made my skin look dryer than it actually is. I'm glad it went better for you!
Autor: Rachael
AutorI love your foundation reviews! I just found out about The Balm - Time Balm Foundation. It is supposed to be full coverage and comes in a shade called "Lighter than Light". Maybe you could try it.
Autor: Lynn M
Autorplease try the ofra full coverage x
Autor: Hannah Lynch
AutorThe color match is awesome! Your skin really looked good with this one.
Autor: Susan Nadler
AutorWhat's the brand of mascara you use? Your lashes look great! Love your videos!
Autor: Tomigal Moore
AutorThe Makeup Forever hd powder has the same lid situation! I love the packaging but I'm not crazy about that powder.
Autor: Carly Laursen
AutorI have very oily skin and have been using this foundation daily for a couple months now. When I spot conceal first and do a couple layers I can get it to high medium coverage and that meets my needs. I wouldn't say it's very long lasting in my case though. Even with my favorite primer and setting spray I can really only bet on this foundation for about 4 hours before I start getting really oily and shiny. Just a heads up for anyone with an oily skin type thinking of buying! :)
Autor: Bailey Tindall
AutorWhat's your favorite full coverage foundation?
Autor: Colie Al-Salafi
Autorcan you try the new wet and wild photofocus foundation
Autor: Liz Barron
AutorLove your foundation Friday videos! That would be awesome if you could re-do the tarte amazonian clay foundation.
Autor: Tamara Fowler
AutorI hope I win the brush :)
Autor: Carla Carson
AutorThis is my favorite foundation. I spot conceal with Tarte concealer first, and then I actually use an old school powder puff to apply the foundation. Perfect coverage for my skin, which is an oil slick with acne scarring. Love it. I tried the brush, but couldn't get full coverage. So, I buy the little powder puffs, use a few times and replace them. After years of searching, this is my go-to.
Autor: NosyButNice
AutorDoes this have Flashback?
Autor: Steamy Vlogs
Autorlove love love u!! Could u do another review on the tarte amazonian clay full coverage 12 hour liquid foundation
Autor: Morgan
AutorPackaging is the exact same as the Bareminerals powdered foundation
Autor: Kristin Musa
AutorWhats the first brush you used?
Autor: maria cadenas
AutorCan you do this without all the concealer? It is supposed to be a full coverage foundation.
Autor: A mermaid
AutorCan you review one of those airbrush makeup machines? Like the Dinair one? We can donate to help purchase it because it is expensive! I'd love to know what you think of it! It has great reviews, but only for people with flawless skin and I don't have that 😓
Autor: Amy Ann
Autordid she dye her hair back to black ?? :)
Autor: mymoonlight93
AutorYour make up looks really ashy maybe try a different color
Autor: TheLittle OneSana
Autoryou sound a lot like lustrelux
Autor: Brayana Taylor
AutorCould you please try out Mew Cosmetics Powder Foundation for your next Foundation Friday? They have 84 different shades and you can chose from light, medium to high coverage.
Autor: Lora Orz
Autorcan you retry the liquid version please?
Autor: fayesolis
AutorYes if you could review it again that would be awesome
Autor: Fremdly Beauty
AutorI know I'm kinda late, but you should definitely give the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation another shot. 😊
Autor: Brittany Kiefer
AutorI've tried this product so many times and I never got the coverage I wanted. I was really hoping I'd get good coverage, so I wouldn't have to wear liquid foundation. But oh well. Glad there's so many other foundations out there.
Autor: Sadie Ainsworth
AutorThe mesh thing unfortunately kind of sucks -- once you've used up a bit of the product, you can't get to it anymore, and it doesn't shake out properly. I just had to rip out that mesh part, which made it super messy.
Autor: gottahaveshades
Autorwould this work well for dry skin
Autor: Susie Huckaby
AutorWhat powder foundation would you recommend for dry skin. Also I work construction soo I need it to last
Autor: alexa jimenez
AutorHave you ever tried the Prestige Cosmetics mineral foundation? I tried it after using bare minerals and have fallen in love with it! I have the same skin type as you, and the lightest colour (fair) matches me perfectly, although I think your skin tone may be slighter lighter than mine. Plus it was only £10 on Amazon (: Never going back to BM now! x
Autor: Alex Berry
Autor: Leah Hitz
AutorHi guys! FOUNDATION FRIDAY IS HERE! Wanted to let you know I have a Clarisonic giveaway going on on Facebook right now:

Also a couple FAQS: I've seen the Wet n Wild, Loreal Total Cover & Maybelline cushion foundations and will have reviews coming on them all! :) xx
Autor: thataylaa
AutorThis December 28 a new foundation, NYX Total Control Drop Foundation $14 is coming out. Can you do a review for that when it comes out? Thank you
Autor: 截ち切る
AutorCan you do a skin care routine please thanks Taylor
Autor: Glamorous Beauty
AutorOooh I really want to try this foundation 😬👏🏻
Autor: WavyKate
AutorI love the shape of your face <3 It`s totes a heart!
Autor: Arja Sadhukhan
Autor❤️❤️ i just uploaded a vid hope u guys go check it out❤️❤️❤️🤗thank u so much
Autor: Chung mian
AutorJust a suggestion what if you experiment and don't wear foundation for a whole month. I am very pale with combination skin and I used to have cystic acne. I found that medication did not help so I stopped wearing foundation which was difficult because I felt uncomfortable in public but after a month my skin cleared up a lot, also minimise your skincare and check all the ingredients in your products I found so many nasty chemicals and fragrances so I stopped using them. I also recommend the Paula's choice skin perfecting bha liquid, its an amazing non abrasive exfoliant that removes dead skin cells without irritating my sensitive skin. I hope this helps I spent so much money on makeup, skincare and medicine and non of it made a difference just try using basic products with fewer ingredients people nowadays are obsessed with cosmetics that claim to cover your skin and make it look better but in the long run it just affects the natural cell turnover everyday which worsens skin conditions like acne.
Autor: Lily Taylor
AutorI hate when I watch other YouTubers and when they say a con it looks all perfect but when u say it I see what ur talking about lol
Autor: roula saleem
AutorCould you review the new Rainforest of the Sea shade or the new gel foundation shade tarte just released? I would love to see if the formula is still the same and if the new porcelain is light/yellow enough.
Autor: fancydeer
AutorAnyone else miss 15 Days Of Foundation?!?!?!
Autor: Nicole Dawn
Autorskin looks great right now Taylor!
Autor: Agatha Hofmann
AutorAlways look forward to your videos, Taylaa. You seem lighter and happier-- keep the reviews and tutes coming!
Autor: Spinster Auntie
AutorI was actually pretty concerned if you got the burger or not 😂
Autor: Harley Kowalski
AutorI like this powder.. hate hate hate the packaging. it's hard to get out when you use up most of it.
Autor: Carlie Morgan
AutorHaving cystic acne that responds poorly to most liquid foundations, I've tried out quite a few mineral powder foundations and Mineral Hygienics Mineral Foundation has by far the best coverage from the ones I've tried. The shade range is also great for pale skin people like myself. For brushes, I found that BareMinerals READY Precision Face Brush and Sigma F82 and F80 gives the best coverage. Just a few recommendations!
Autor: B. Reed
AutorYou're so pretty!
Autor: Kermit Da Frog
AutorI Love Tarte.... BURGERMASTER!
Autor: gina o
AutorIs powder foundation just supposed to freaking stay? It's powder. How do you get it to stick??
Autor: willow
AutorWhat brush did you use to blend out your concealer?
Autor: Megan Schmitty
AutorI like the ring on our left hand :)
Autor: Rachel Heather

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