How To: Inject B12 Shots | Watch Me Do It

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AutorCheck out lugols iodine. If nothing else, it would be good for site prep. You should consider an alternative to the cheap Thai cyano.
Autor: Who Zaskin
Autorcan't watch your latest video , don't know why thanks
Autor: David Macdonald
AutorThank you so much for your video, I just did my first injection! I had watched your video a couple of times and then I had it playing as I did mine and I felt like I was doing it along with you which took the fear out. Thank you again.
Autor: Sharon Farquhar
AutorHow long is your needle? 1 inch? Also do you feel anything at all?
Autor: loveisforever
Autori just did my first ever self injection. what a memory i will have with a stranger in youtube :( . thank u.
Autor: tasi2008
Autoryou're not supposed to tap/touch the syringes hole with your finger before adding the needle. you could have contaminated it. it doesnt matter that you had a shower 20 minutes ago you could get bacteria on your hand by just picking up your phone again. and you should always swab an injection site for the same reason.
Autor: Ultimate Warrior
AutorI prefer tablets better
Autor: Samantha Kellett
AutorHi Katie. I have bought the same b12 as yourself. But my needles are to be short and I'm struggling to get all the b12 out. Where did you get yours from? Thanks pal
Autor: Scott Parry
Autorinjections are unnecessary. See the video by bite size vegan. She interviews doctor Gregger about B12 supplementation.

You can get the type of tablet he mentions on Ebay.

21st century health care B-12 2500mcg 110 tablets for £10.80 when I bought my last bottle.
Autor: dunklaw
AutorOh dear....Staggered to see you injecting yourself. Really sad that you feel it necessary.
Autor: turnermw602
AutorOmg lol. First video? Informative though.
Autor: Anthony Borgniet
AutorHey, I'm a med student and noticed that you're injecting yourself far too medially. The injection site should be more lateral. And please disinfect the injection site before you inject yourself because there are a lot of skin bacteria, that do not get washed off through a shower and may enter your body (e.g Staph aureus).
Autor: Aayushi Srivastava
AutorWhat happens of it goes in a vein?
Autor: Jonny Chaos
AutorPlease upload a new video of your b12 injection please do in arm
Autor: jhon macc
AutorWacht carefully for overdosis.
Autor: track eren
AutorYou are using the wrong size needle, doing it in the wrong spot on the thigh and contaminated it!
Autor: rennae benjamin
Autornice legs..super cute...I hate needles
Autor: bubba wood
AutorIm in love with Katie
Autor: G P
Autorwith ampules you should use a filter needle.
Autor: sm gonz
AutorEveryone should use an alcohol pad to wipe their skin no matter how clean you think your skin might be! It’s not an option when you’re doing an injection! It’s really not good to act like it’s optional. I’m not trying to be rude, I don’t typically comment on things like this, but someone could get a serious infection! PLEASE USE ALCOHOL EVEN IF YOU JUST TOOK A SHOWER IF YOU ARE GOING TO INJECT A NEEDLE INTO YOUR BODY! :)
Autor: Kai
AutorKatie....A couple of points on the techniques you are using to inject. You should ALWAYS clean the site with an alcohol swab before and after the injection. As someone mentioned below you should not touch any part of the needle apparatus with your hands. You contaminated your syringe in your video. Also, the product you used in your video, AMPAVIT 1000 MCG is cyanocobalamin, a synthetic form of B12. There is a lot of supporting documentation on using methylcobalamin B12. It is better utilized than cyano.
Autor: Lew Patrick
AutorNo need to pull out, u can inject it into a vein or iM no problem, even if you pull out you can‘t see if you pull out some blood or not because the color of b12 is red :) they made it red because there is no problem if u inject it into a vein.
Autor: SoufianeMimouniTV
AutorI see you have a vegan running shirt on is there any correlation between needing B12 supplement and being vegan.
Autor: jon 79jw
AutorAnyone know a good place to buy these?
Autor: Holly Vlogs
AutorI have never done the B12 injections but I am having a problem remembering to take a B12 tablet. This wasn't a problem when I was having fortified foods regularly, but I have now started to take all the fortified foods out of my regular food consumption. Liked the video! :D
Autor: Peach Mango Moon
Autorbeutiful legs
Autor: DelNegro10
Autorfair play sticking the needle in yourself Katie. I get someone else to inject it. The nurses inject in the shoulder. It's great being able to get the vials on the nhs.
Autor: Observer
AutorI was trying and hoping to see that 🐈
Autor: Craig gadson
AutorThank you! I was super nervous and it took me over an hour to meditate myself, But after I watched your video for the second time I got there! It wasn't so bad after all!
Autor: Michelle Ade
Autor* WAY TOO SLOW injecting needle! ‘Darting it in’ should be MUCH FASTER. It hurts less to boot. Plus you should’ve been more lateral so as to hit the Vastus Lateralis muscle. Please watch an RN show you how to (quickly dart) inject properly if you don’t want it to be uncomfortable *
Autor: Mimi Dawgs
Autorhejj quick question ... does one shot have 1000 mcg in it? and do you take this additional to b12 tablets or only the injection ervery couple of months? ... because im feeling some b12 deficiencies and i had 1000 mcg shots every week for the last 4 weeks ... :)
Autor: Money Pac
AutorThNKS KATIE! this was helpful!
Autor: Shawn Remy
Autordo you get it checked? , if so how often, it's just that most people will never have even thought they would have a B12 deficiency , why do you think you will need it so often .
Autor: David Macdonald
Autorthat needle is huge
Autor: Steven
AutorYour legs are so distracting.
Autor: stop eating animals
AutorSighhh from America, you are beautiful. :)
Autor: SirLongshank64
AutorI find using the side of my thigh is a bit better, more meat there, the only thing is don't go injecting there after a good cycle or run, the vastis lateralis get pretty tight and it can hurt like hell....
Autor: Steve Sturges
AutorDo you know how long you can live without it as a vegan? like do you have a b12 storage in your body?
Autor: Willi Köhler
AutorI have low inergi
Autor: track eren
Autorand btw u dont do it in the middle u do it upper a bit and in the side or it wouldn be efficient.
Autor: cOmInO
AutorGosh you have a nice leg. I love you.
Autor: Media Twilight
AutorVery good. You can tip those vials upside down with the needle in for drawing the B12 more easily.
Autor: natureasintended
AutorHow do you know for sure that it was entered into the muscle and not the fat? Is it bad if it gets injected into the fat?
Autor: Kelly J
AutorYou are luvly
Autor: Time Traveling Ninja
AutorThis hurts :( I got dizzy 😵 but well finally I did it
Autor: Miss Orange
AutorThank you for this video! I had to watch it twice to get over the anxiety of self-administering B12. It didn't take the fear away but it eased a little of the anxiety.
Autor: Etch. A Sketch
AutorCan you show me how to do a glute injection
Autor: Edwin Cuadrado jr
AutorI was a fan!
Very disappointed you show and teach how to use a needle and inject yourself.
Next is steroids? Other form of doping for enthusiasts.......?
B12! I thought the vegan or other good diets and decent nutrition intake would cover this aspect?
Autor: Desmond Allin

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