How To Make Margherita Pizza - Video Recipe

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Autorsimpel & tasty perfet pizza thax for prepair the easiaut way to makethe home pizza
Autor: Jyoti Sareen
AutorAt the end, couldn't help wanting to fold the pizza in half and eat it like a big taco!
Autor: KasCooks
Autor@AussieGriller Hahaha :)
Autor: Алекс
AutorMr. AussieGriller, listening to you is much better than watching some typical dumb ass american continuously repeat words such as "you know", "like", "and ummmm". Good job joey!
Autor: serhathoca
AutorGreat video, thanks for posting !
Autor: bornwestusa
Autor@justwatchingviids Thanks mate, will do
Autor: Aussie Griller
Autor@daveh013 lol yep, it's good for vegetarians and a tasty appetiser for us carnivors!
Autor: Aussie Griller
Autorwhen i get hungry- i always watch your videos and make myself something delicious. Rated and Favorited.
Autor: Lukas Ugrehelis
AutorThanks, and maybe u should try put on some cherry tomatos also
Autor: RusH l Darthur
Autor@Whit3Wolff lol thanks mate!
Autor: Aussie Griller
Autor@Fitange Thanks Ange :)
Autor: Aussie Griller
AutorLooks delicious! I made your pizza stuffed chicken the other day and it was amazing!! :)
Autor: Asiancookingmadeeasy
AutorI hate ur accent :D
Autor: saglik87
Autor@joker57082 Simple but tasty :)
Autor: Aussie Griller
Autor: Austinn.C Art
Autor@GMKING908 Yep
Autor: Aussie Griller
Autorawesome vid!!
Autor: Austinn.C Art
Autoryou dont have to use the corn on the grill he just did it to get a better bottom crust
Autor: TheEpicTurban
Autor@CookingwithKarma Thanks Karma :)
Autor: Aussie Griller
AutorI'm gonna try this, if i dont return you know i died in the process
Autor: IhazNoPants
Autor@adriandvinsk Hope you enjoy mate
Autor: Aussie Griller
Autor@TheAustinn17 Cheers mate
Autor: Aussie Griller
Autor: Whit3Wolff
Autor: RusH l Darthur
AutorLove your pizza dough recipe! It turned out awesome!
Autor: Judee T
Autor: GMKING908
Autor: brakaner
AutorSimple but bloody yum! :)
Autor: CookingwithKarma
Autor@deimantukas333 Awesome mate, cheers. Glad you're getting some use out of them
Autor: Aussie Griller
Autor: Frakak98
Autor@AUSbeggzy lol yep
Autor: Aussie Griller
Autor: John Nguyen
Autor@Waldquelle187 Cheers mate :)
Autor: Aussie Griller
Autormust be pizza weak lol
Autor: AUSbeggzy
Autor@TheAustinn17 Yep
Autor: Aussie Griller
Autorwhat is the point of putting basil after baking? =))) one more, why are American pizzas always different than those from Italia though they have the same names?
Autor: PhoenixPoke
Autorwaw you are good
Autor: monica mon
Autor@kikimushroom94 Yep
Autor: Aussie Griller
Autorthats what a call a pizza ;D
Autor: Алекс
AutorWow!Looks awesome!Can't wait to try that one also.
Autor: spocksbeard76
AutorYum! As usual that's awesome...
Autor: FitAngie
Autor@KasCooks Mate that sounds good
Autor: Aussie Griller
Autorwould the mixing of the sause go faster if you cut the garlic in little pieces?
Autor: cootjans12
AutorFr. Mozz pizza mmmm
Autor: Wc Kz

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