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AutorMy WhatsApp number
Autor: Hafiz Ghulam murtaza
Autorwhy does this have 111,100,100
Autor: Legend Thomas
AutorY don't u show uus on ur vagina
Autor: Chuba Pochury
Autor: LillianBeauty
AutorDid he just shaves a teddy bear
Autor: Jade Gerodias
AutorIlove your skin....
Autor: Dinsanga jr
AutorLol me as a boy I don't Shave my pubic Hair cuz I believe when you do sex it gives Taste 😂😂😂
Autor: 오마르
AutorDid he just shaves a teddy bear
Autor: Jade Gerodias
AutorI want to see how you shave your hairy pussy😂
Autor: SurfaceMedia
AutorIntro music please
Autor: Chhama chhama
AutorThe hair down there Ian air conditioner. Shave it, and you'll sweat more
Autor: Curt Christensen
AutorNon sense!
Autor: Ramil Gonzales
Autor: Petion Thomas
AutorWTF no private parts was shown
Autor: michelle flores
AutorYou got pretty hands n you know this 😅
Autor: Javid Ch
AutorI came here to gap.....ufff.. Discontented
Autor: DC Fanboy
AutorWhy am I not supposed to shave up just down only wat happen if I shave up
Autor: Leen cheipot
AutorIt could be nicer if showed reality🙈
Autor: makena Makena
AutorWe need to see it done on a live women’s vagina
Autor: Kevin Harris
AutorWhat the heck is this?
Autor: Oh Yeah Yeah
AutorPlease use a real vagina in your demonstration!
Autor: Joel Gulles
AutorIndian don't shave their vaginas or penis. Consider to be taboo or bad luck without the black forest
Autor: Ricky Tan
AutorFuck no porn
Autor: team gameing
Autorحلوووو هههههههههه
Autor: حسان علي
Autor: Love to Truck
Autorthank you so helpful
Autor: sara Benjamin
Autorwhy u are shaving doll's who has no pussy and its hairs, shave urs and show us ..
Autor: Masaodi Hasan
Autor: pirya kumari
AutorIf no one knew this then you must be very very smart
Autor: stacy vonrotten
AutorI still don't get it....drop your drawers and show me! 😎
Autor: Dennis Schell
AutorYo tamvien me rasuro mi puvis con un rasurador comp ese pero siempre me corto mi escroto por que lo tengo arrugado mi escroto tendras otro sistema por favor grasias
Autor: Johnny Garcia
Autor: Ramesh V shetty
AutorBloody bitch beauty is not between the legs, it is on the face.... that is only lust which u r trying to reveal. ...and only ugly women do like that. Beautiful girls need not.
Autor: ashutosh singh
AutorKinda hoping for better demo.
Autor: tryinout1
AutorWatch them piss flaps girls.
Autor: Ken Hewson Ken Hewson
AutorKuldeep singh
Autor: Kuldeep Singh
AutorThanks helpuful video... 😍
Autor: Anjna Sree
AutorWhy not do it actually....lol use the real thing ..
Autor: Robert Deleon
Autorwhy u didnt shave yours instead of the teddy bear
Autor: robloxiangamer yeet
AutorI used to shave my ex wife around the area between the vagina and a hole. Everything below the clitoral opening. It was a turn on for her just because I was in that sensitive area.
Autor: Thats just my opinion; How about you?
AutorReally a bear! Shave the beaver!
Autor: Ron Kanady
AutorWhat the hell is shaving private parts so important?? Why does it have so many views lol
Autor: OverNight_STUDIOS
AutorI just knicked the stump of my stick!
Autor: es kimo
AutorMc pour le video
Autor: another world
Autordang this shit has so many views😂So many girls have puberty hair🤣🤣🙏🏽
Autor: Jeffrey Patilla
AutorVery interesting vedio... Thanks...
Autor: renjith Rahool
Autoryes of course
Autor: Phehello Rametse
AutorMen delivery
Autor: Julie Alegbe
Autor: Karamullah Bhatti
AutorVery nice
Autor: Gobin Gurung
AutorThank you
So helpful
Autor: jinsiya nazrin
Autorbobo kang gumawa nito
Autor: Jade Salamanca
AutorWhere can I get the machine
Autor: makaleng M
Autor: tinku jha
Autor[email protected]
Autornice one thank you
Autor: Rea Devine Castro Punzalan
AutorCan anyone tell this song name?
Autor: Sandeep Nenapu
Autor: paulkazjack
AutorVery helpful vdo..Thanks a lotttt mam...
Autor: Jishnuja S
AutorBeautiful hand
Autor: alex Jo
Autor: Bhupendra Prasad
AutorHi friends subscribe me
Autor: All in One tv
AutorKeep on dear is good to educated our sisters and luv once
Autor: Nyuwiiri James
AutorShave your own pussy not the doll's one
Autor: Bhargab Borah
AutorThe thumbnail
Autor: MOO COW
AutorOhh So girls waste their time in watching all these Craps...Haha😂😂that's freaking hilarious...I won't even give damn on these Cheap videos IDK how did these video got 109M views😂😂
Autor: Maths Genius
AutorIs that your private part you shave? Dimonstrate a true parts that you shave. that many peoples can understand your video.
Autor: Joniel Cabang
Autor: another world
AutorThe title shaving your private part , now where is the private part?
Autor: shiella jane v. abrazado
AutorEpilet by piska fur kommt zunge butnariu eres spezialiste
Autor: Bruno Suster
AutorI love YouTube because I see very funny things
Autor: Love from me yes
AutorYou CAN'T SHAVE your " VAGINA " DUMB ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Autor: Ivan Horvat
Autorwalang kwenta
Autor: Lynsay Miranda
AutorX rated
Autor: Albert Latumbo
Autorvery helpful
Autor: godie Godie
Autor: Hitman Chand
AutorWanted to see yoUr,
Private parts,after shaveinG,
It will look beautyful,i think....
Autor: Lewin Kri
AutorI like my bitches au naturel.
Autor: Valan Sultanna
Autor: Takawira Chiwenda
AutorDacă esti constient că realizezi,tu care publici un strict necesar, ai spart youtube.
Autor: M Mancilă
AutorWhat has shaving a teddy bear and shaving an arm got to do with this? Crappy video, don't waste your time!
Autor: C J Murray
AutorWhere is the anigav???
Autor: Jeany Tilap
AutorReal man of God
Sofo AMANKWAH(C.H.A.C.)wenchi
Autor: Charles Amankwa
Autornice video, i want to contact you, please reply to me ( chsuneel20152gmail.com)
AutorThank you so much, i am shaving right now, and u saved me 😊😊
Autor: Ashwini Shetty
AutorIf you use a beard trimmer to get hairs down to the quick, then shave, things will go easier. With pubic hair, initially a daily shave for a week, then every 3 days. Yes there will be itching, but after a week it stops.
Autor: Geoffrey Hattersley
Autor: Erwan Balles
AutorThanks for sharing.. ❤
Autor: Natasha Studios
Autorso sexy
Autor: Laxman Chakma
AutorI do same as you
Autor: Pradeep Narayan
AutorI hate women who shave their muff 😕 it's childlike 😕 And I like natural women 😋 the hairier the better 😋 I just love to choke while I'm eating 😋 😘 😍
AutorHind whore
Autor: CAM Geurs
Autoris this for girls
Autor: shirlyn mangubat
Autorif you whant it ican do it for you
Autorwhy are the not showing exactly private part
Autor: Mark Paulo dawech
AutorThink she needs to find her blearter first!
Autor: China Lad
Autorplease what did u apply before shaving
Autor: Emma Esengwa
AutorAunty pl show the effect on Hairy hand n legs!!!!
Autor: Mohammed Mubin Shaikh
Autor: Gus Alfin
AutorLmfao....But what the hell I'm doing here?😂😂😂That's really shmeful for me My feelings got hurt😤😤
Autor: Maths Genius
AutorJust joking

My private is hairless
Autor: Leslia Marina
AutorWhat do you call a police woman who shaves her pussy? Cunt stubble 😂🤣
Autor: the real slim shady
AutorDamn... this has just been a tease
Autor: dicbyrd
AutorLadies...please don't shave it....trim it 😀
Autor: Paul Trekker62
AutorWhat else happen if I shave from bottom to top ... Pls reply
Autor: Ansha Biju
AutorYou shave your "PUBLIC " HAIR !!! DAAAAA !
Autor: Ivan Horvat
AutorKisi ko help chahiye to contact karo 9421206926
Autor: Rangrao Patil
Autor: Prince Hamdan
AutorFuck you marking money for nothing
Autor: UK BA R Heartless
AutorI like you video
Autor: kelvin bwanga
AutorI use VEET
Autor: Leslia Marina
Autor: Raj Kumar
Autor nice
Autor: Priya Singh
AutorHi guys,
Thought that the video was informative but as mentioned in comments there are different ways of shaving.
There's nothing worse than having a Jackson 5 hair cut going on down there!.
The Electronic shaver is good for me but then again I am a Family Man and not a Woman.
Take care guys.
Autor: lucknow1940able
Autorsex girl
Autor: Bonny Mutunga
Autor: Huh Poks
AutorNice loock soni phuddi
Autor: Khawar Nadeem
Autor: Shhs Mmmsm
AutorI come here to see some pussy, guess I’m disappointed.
Kidding, very informative video.
Autor: moi toi
AutorI love you vídeo
Autor: Alceu Antunes Branco
AutorI think it will be more attractive to show in main part...
Autor: C Konyak
Autorchikna dekhna achha lagta hai
Autor: Manoj Singh
AutorIf I seebush I'll subscribe
Autor: mo bignutz
AutorAfter how many days u need to get shaved for cleaner smoother skin every time?
Autor: Ghazi Shah
AutorHelpful & teachable
Autor: Muligo Theogene
AutorX rated
Autor: Albert Latumbo
AutorWhy using a doll ? It would have been better if u showed your own🤐🤐🤐🙄🙄😂
Autor: Alex Mazex
AutorFor girls private plays it’s easier than men because men have balls
Autor: Ehsan 11824
Autor111 M views!!!!!!!
Autor: Danny Maria Joseph
Autorpussy where
Autor: ellah ureta
AutorI sure would like to shave you're private parts, I hold the razor with my teeth and sweep away the pubic hair with my tongue!
Let's schedule an appointment!
Autor: Ken Semotiuk
AutorMakes your pussy STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Autor: Ronald W. Thornton III
AutorPasific jewel
Autor: Loreta Cook
AutorWhat A Nice Vagina Of Teddy!
Autor: Crizzlyjames Gison
Autor“Down there,” means pussy, cunt, snatch or vagina!!! Why didn’t you shave your own cunt, film it, then post the video??
Autor: Indred Kold-Fusion
AutorAstagfirwoh halazdim
Autor: muhammad syahidin
AutorNice video
Autor: Praveen Kumar
AutorThumb nail got this bitch 110 million views all viewers are fucken men
Autor: Usman Abbasi
AutorGood job
Autor: Tarak Biswas
AutorI've been using a sander. Thanks for the tip.
Autor: The Road King
AutorNice video
Autor: Prabhakar V
AutorBody shaving must go with nourishing skin cream.
Autor: Kajiiso Pfotte
AutorShave a real one
Autor: MabqusTxawjTxiab Lauj
Autor what is it in the bottle?
Autor: WhiteCrow X
AutorCan u shave your balls with this blade without cutting your balls
Autor: terence doonan
AutorThat's for you permisscuass pussies and dicks.
Autor: Me Only
AutorWho was the hairy dude.
Autor: Bikerjon1
AutorI'm only 7 how you keep it from growing back out CAUSE it sometimes makes me break out in a rash around my lips when I give my girl friend head ????
Autor: Billy Kidd
AutorSpoiled that Tuddybeer 🙄
Autor: Renju Rocks
Autor what's that?
Autor: jungkook's anae
Autor: Atoh Ronald
AutorImportant notice for everyone
Autor: Florence Delmonte
AutorWhat's the deal with shaving dam air gets to the outside make a video for women on how to clean the inside that's where the horrible odor comes from just regular sweat on the hair what dam medical journal you reading some crap from Hollywood hair actually keeps dirt and other germs away from your area it gets attached to the hair and you idiots are shaving this is what your doing washing the cup on the outside but filth is in the inside would you drink out of a cup that was washed on the outside but had shit inside didn't think so
Autor: rust in peace
AutorVery interesting
Autor: Vivi Ann KE
AutorNice,I use packing tape,it sticks great.
Autor: Gangstar #1
Autor: Nathan Sinodzima
Autor: Paul Vd Velden
Autor: Hafiz Ghulam murtaza
AutorMia khalifa is watching 😂
Autor: John mark Alvarez
Autor: Ava H18
AutorNice but i think it's for ladies lol 😂 😂
Autor: Saturday Stephen
AutorNo vigina see in the video
Autor: Tonyang Sandigan
AutorHow many women actually shave.
Autor: Reginald Brewster
Autor109 million views ..What the fuck ...I wish chainsmoker get some views from here
Autor: rajesh khandelwal
Autorso sexy
Autor: Laxman Chakma
AutorThank you
Autor: Zianei Steyn
AutorGo away Gents Or lady To tell
Autor: 03134485044 Ahmad
AutorVeet very saral product I'm using it........
Autor: The silent love
Autor: saindra putra
AutorI need
Autor: Hafiz Ghulam murtaza
AutorI didn't see nothing😤
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Autor: Peter Mavhunga
AutorI’m pregnant
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Autor: •S.W.A.T• Sérgio
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Autor: Chikezie Good luck
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AutorU lives in india?
Autor: Khadija Qudrat
Autor: 苹果嘉琳
AutorMy kitty are already shavy clean
Autor: Luvy Ombal
Autor: Vj Vj
Autornice ,,
Autor: Alexander Anub
AutorNo need to shave just use a.# 2 clipper guard on a pair of clippers. Same effect without the discomfort.
Autor: Dano1947
AutorWat z dat oil
Autor: princess provia
Autorhow boys shave pubic hair tell us
Autor: subhash bhardwaj
Autor visits this link to get more interesting videos
Autor: Noori TV
AutorFunny looking pussy!
Autor: Matt t
AutorIm disappointed
Autor: Tim Strickland
Autor: Manahil Ali43
AutorWash with hair shampoo then use hair conditioner as a lube while shaving.
Autor: Des Stanford
Autorintellectual lesson.. i love this... this can also make ur day too check out
Autor: Dpsalmist Funny Video Comedy House
Autor: Radzmhier Lawisan
Autor: Jangiti venkatesh Venkatesh
AutorOoof i did it wrong....
Autor: Its Frankie
Autor: Jangiti venkatesh Venkatesh
Autor: Mj Gacita
Autori want to see ur vagina
Autor: Sabun Ali
AutorThank for ur advice
Autor: mary Chukwu
AutorWhy don't you show vagina in video ?
Autor: John K
Autor: mayhnin maryarcho


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