In The Field: RMNP 02

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AutorGlad you’re back! Great scene. Keep on keeping on 👍🏻
Autor: deej807
AutorYou're back :)
Autor: Luke French
AutorI'd discovered your channel like 2 weeks ago, and liked it a lot, but sadly found that your last post was 8 months ago :( Now you are back! Please continue to make good videos like this and the previous!
Autor: Zeric Chan
Autorglad you are back , i always enjoyed your darkroom videos , hope you'll make more ! ( especially the "announced but never released " video about the RH design timer system !)
Autor: Gabriele Turchi
AutorLong time no see! Glad you're back. Great photo :)
Autor: Sai
AutorYou’re back! Alright!!!!!! Love the vids! Thanks for making them!
Autor: Jordan Bruno
AutorGreat looking composition. Welcome back I've missed your videos!
Autor: GrainsofSilver
AutorNice, that sun was definitely worth the wait - it really made the result a lot more dynamic; really great light and dark zones throughout the composition. Great to have you back!! :-D
Autor: James Pearson
AutorSuper awesome! Really glad I came across this channel! I'm planning/designing a cabin studio space in my backyard right now which I'm hoping can include a darkroom, and these videos are inspiring me to keep working towards having a space to do more film shooting with!
Autor: Jordy W.
AutorGreat to have you back. Beautiful photo and loved the walkthrough from set up to final photograph.
Autor: Jon Burtoft
AutorI really like your format and this professionalism, i am quite courious about. Regarding the amount of editing and quality in your footage (not in this particular video, buit in general), your amount of views seem stupidly low. Your channel is another sad example that nowadays "real" content and enthusiasm worths not as much (financially) as trash-content.
Autor: Lukas Langer
AutorThank you for your video :) I would like to ask why did you used Ilford FP4 ? Thank you.
Autor: RNDr. Ladislav Galdun, PhD.
AutorNice! Shadows and light are what I look for in my landscapes. 👍
Autor: Ryan McGinty
AutorOh yeah! You are back sir!!! Great photo op indeed! Now we want more! :)
Autor: Gaetan Cormier
AutorFp4 interesting choice and with a red filter to boot.
Autor: terry breedlove

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