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Autorbeautiful 😘😘
Autor: Ankita More
Autorur looking gorgeous ankita :*
Autor: Priyanka Rao
Autorlooking fab...which mac foundation u used ...shade plz?
Autor: Eman Doll
Autorhi. I previously use mac 310fit me maybeline sun beige soleil. now i want use mac foundation. which sade suitable for me. please help me out.
Autor: piyanka gupta
AutorLast week my brush set arrived, I order it from here
The brush quality is so remarkable and the shipping is free so I suggest it to you guys! I believe this brush set will make your makeup ritual more fun!
Autor: Coralie Elenore
AutorYou look flawless as usual n i love the calmness in your voice... So polite
Autor: isha mohal
Autorhi ankita i like ur every video but i found it repeted kind luk video
Autor: kushi kumar
AutorDear Ankita,
please suggest a dupe for MAC Rebel lipstick.
Autor: Shalaka Pamkar
Autorhello Ankita I also an Indian you look so beautiful
Autor: arts craft 201
Autor: tahira shah
Autor: Sharvani S
AutorAwesome video! Looking gorgeous too :)
Autor: HouseWork Hangover
AutorBeautiful UK l
Autor: Chandra Hazra
Autorstrobe cream & Mac Rebel are awesome....
enjoyed the video.... :)
have a nice day...!
Autor: Keerthi Reddy
Autorso nice!!!
Autor: Noel Gallagher
Autorlovely I have this ankita love uuuuuuu plz keep sharing its help s me
Autor: zubi khan
Autorwich Mac compact is suitable for fair oily skin???
Autor: Sinu Shiyas
Autorwowwwwww.lipstick is ur all tutorials u are my fav
Autor: Alka Lehal
AutorYour skin looks amazing 🌟 so glowy
Autor: Asema B
AutorPlease do Clinique one brand makeup tutorial.
Autor: Aaheli Jana
AutorReally pretty look! What were the purple brushes that you used?
Autor: Shreya Sehgal
AutorThanks ....and u r looking ausumn as usual ... would there be any custom charges for ordering the brushes
Autor: Nisha Pandey
AutorLooking very pretty !! Loved lipstick colour 💄
Autor: Payal Gawande
Autorohh i love tht look nd tht lipstick....beautiful 😍
Autor: Sapna
AutorI use loreal infallable foundation in the shade natural rose for my complxion and want to buy mac studio fix fluid/matchmaster foundation. Please let me know the shade numbers/names for that two mac foundations.
Autor: joyita roy
Autoru r looking FAbbbb
Autor: kankana ganguly
AutorIs mac face and body foundation suitable for oily skin ?
Autor: Beauty Maven
Autorhey ankita please check up DailyMakeupDose channel has copied your this video and showing it on their channel 😕
Autor: Tanusri Sarkar
AutorYou look like the before Kylie Jenner
Autor: Jadryl Veloria
AutorI loved this video
saw this 27 times
Autor: Arpitha Metpally
AutorAnkita. ..u & Mac.👌
Autor: Miti K
Autornice tutorials... u does a refreshing vedio with Mac products. missing ur earings.
Autor: Priya G
AutorNice video Ankita!!! Where can we get MAC in India? In Mumbai where's the counter?
Autor: Saakshi MARDANE
Autor: sowmya kommagoni
AutorSuper Super pretty
Autor: Naghma Syed
AutorSearching ur vid with mac correction pallet
Autor: Chandrakanta Thakur
AutorVery nice
Autor: rucha vaidya
Autorlooking awesome
Autor: cook with chhaya
AutorHi, Can you please tell me all the brushes you have used in this video? Request you to add brush names in all your videos going forward. Thanks!
Autor: Nipa Madhani
Autorur voice seems really calming n relaxing..very sweet voice luv u..
Autor: mariya zoha
Autorgreat video but talk a little clearly. You sound like you're mumbling.
AutorYou look so Beautiful!! Love it!!!
Autor: Raquel Bello
AutorMac and makeup studio keya same company product hai??
Autor: Mousumi Sarkar
Autorwhich shade in strobe cream ua using?
Autor: Uzma Ansari
AutorI like it, incredibly sassy not to mention lovely!!! My sister worked with the same thing and it came out gorgeous!Just thoguht I would share the opportunity on my end - I got a 100 % free sample of MAC Mineralize Kit!! Sample it out below! lookig magnificent and scorching girl!
Autor: Louis L
Autorgreat video :) keep them coming!
Autor: imlauradanielle
Autorhello di plse makeup setting spray btao jo afrdble ho
Autor: Proud Varshneys
Autor: soumi banerjee
Autornot Indian, but we do have the same skin color
Autor: Discotraxx16
AutorYour skin is just so amazing
Autor: fathima kulsoom
AutorYour a pro in makeup trust me 😃👍🏻 can you please suggest which foundation to use for oily to normal skin in mac.
Autor: Sriramya Andukuru
AutorHey coralista I m also nc35 .wanna try mac concealer n wanna try pro long wear concealer but unsure about the concealer shade.i dont have dark circles. 2 concerns wanna use it as if dont use concealr feel flash back and creasing.
Autor: Polky Inam
AutorHow much-needed
Autor: Iraqui Soni
AutorHello ise oily skin pr apply kr skte he glow aay ga...plzz reply....
Autor: Ishika Tomar
AutorHi ankitha...What is the brush u were using for primer n foundation??
Autor: lakshmi gayatri
Autori like your all videos...
Autor: Anjali Agrawal
Autor: Chaiti Mandal
AutorHello ankia you look beautiful and very cute
Autor: Kulwinder Singh
AutorCan u pls make a makeup tutorial on Revlon products
Autor: Nithya Shree
AutorWow amazing and beautiful
Autor: arsha imtiaz
AutorI like the way while you using ur make up and you look beautiful thanks for this video
Autor: Lakhwinder Singh
AutorAmazing video! I love the idea! So fantastic! Totally loved the purple lips! So gorgeous! I would honored if you checked out my channel! xoxo Thanks for the beautiful video!
Autor: Rita-Marie
Autorwhenever I watch your video you remind me of my cousin...Love your video♥♥♥
Autor: Aisha Tariq
AutorLovely look Ankita.. Pretty lippy
Autor: Bhawna Ahuja
Autorbeautiful <3
Autor: Komolika Bhattacharyya
Autor: Garry Grover
Autorplz speak to Hindi .so pretty & glowing ur lookin
Autor: Kishan Kumar
Autorno doubt that you are best makeup artist but i love your voice a lot bcz it's so adorable and soft.
Autor: sandhya kapgate
Autorlooking great.....awsum tutorial...
Autor: Shifa Shaikh
Autor: Seema Nikam
AutorPlease share your mac foundation shade as well... Please!!!
Autor: Pooja A.
AutorCan you tell me the name of the brush you are using?
Autor: Meena c.p
Autorwhich are the purple brushes
Autor: Nisha Pandey
Autor: Anuradha Joshi
Autor: Brownbeautysimor
AutorYou look super pretty and glowy!
Autor: Kaur Beauty
Autorwhich mac liquaid foundation is give fully high coverge, jst tell only one foundation
Autor: Saba Saba
Autorlooking very pretty more of one brand tutorials...
Autor: Deepti Satish
Autorwhere did u buy Mac makeup in India???
Autor: Trupti Dave
Autoryou are so stunning!!!
Autor: Eff Kai
AutorWhich shade is prefect for midium skin tone?
Autor: Dia Ghosh
Autorthat lipstick though😍
Autor: Somya K
Autorpls mention the information regarding makeup brushes too my dear
Autor: Anushka lalwani
Autorwhich brush did you use for applying the foundation?
Autor: Naina Talwar
Autorthank you so much for putting the lense's info :)
Autor: Bidisha Halder
AutorI just love the entire look is so subtle yet bold 😍
Autor: Sonali Saxena
Autori thot that lipstick was flat out fabulous..Rebel looks more maroonish.. And red..!!ne wz lovely look as always! :)
Autor: Ruchi Mehta
AutorVery pretty look Ankita! Please do a Mac eyeshadow swatch video. It would be very helpful, considering all of Mac eyeshadow refills pans just dropped in price :D
Autor: goldwaves
Autornot able to see the eye make which is d main learning point fr me... n thats all bcoz of the subtitles🤦‍♀️
Autor: Deepika Setia Verma
AutorIt's very very super woman easy makeup💄
Autor: Appu Chandru
AutorWhich brushes r u using in this video
Autor: Saru Gouda
AutorLove this look!
Autor: Alyssa Rose
Autorhi , nice video😍, can you please suggest good compact from Mac for oily skin , I planned to buy Mac studio fix powder plus foundation is tat good for oily skin , and I have doubt on two products from Mac is about Mac select sheer power and blot pressed powder, vter it can be applied alone on face or it should be applied only top over the foundation????? I know blot pressed powder is for oily skin and wat about tis select sheer powder is tat powder for oily skin ??? and after applying Mac studio fix powder foundation vter we have to apply any compacts over the top ????? please suggest me and clear my doubts am waiting for your reply.......
Autor: preethi chinni
Autorpls tell me which foundation is right for sweating skin in summer
Autor: Tanuja Jena
AutorWhat brush were you using for concealer and contour?
Autorbeautiful look.. loved itt😘😘
Autor: Ayesha Begum
AutorAre you used mac products imported from China?
Autor: Sukumar Babu Jonna
AutorMam mujhe ek baat puchhni h. Mene mac powder plus foundation liya h use lgane se pehle kya me face par moisturiser lga skti hu?? Winter nd summer dono me bataye k kese lagana h, meri skin dry h..
Autor: Sima Vasu
Autoryou r awesomeee.......
i have mailed u can u pls reply to my mail?
Autor: Shravya Ramu
AutorNYC...... I love it
Autor: Samapti Sarkar
AutorWhat shade are you in Mac studio fix fluid foundation?? 😘
Autor: Amir's Fun Day
Autorwhere do you stay Ankita because I am Indian a girl don't worry
Autor: arts craft 201
AutorTell me the dupe of rebel?
Autor: Yusra Rais
AutorWhich violet color brushes u are using @ankita
Autor: Sana Bano
Autorwhich brush u used for concealler
Autor: syeda Noor
AutorAwesom look
Autor: jyoti kumari
Autorwhich brush have you used for foundation blending????
Autor: Bhavani Shankar
AutorYou have an incredibly soothing voice
Autor: AD828
AutorLove the purple lippie. This will suit India Skintone so well :)
Autor: Perkymegs
AutorSuper mam
Autor: Prema K
AutorMac product is gud for skin
Autor: Aqsa Shamim
AutorI am a big fan of you
Autor: Kulwinder Singh
AutorWhere bya to mac original products
Autor: Nalini Pachange
AutorPlease mention the foundation and powder brush
Autor: Banhishikha Roy
Autoroily skin ke liye shi h kya ye
Autor: Khushbu Akar
AutorLooking gorgeous nd loved dis makeup tutorial😘
Autor: Heena Rajput
Autor: raina sharma
Autorwhat the hell there is nothing called indian skin like indian people are just so dumb just say normal , dry , oily , skin ughhh god
Autor: douha makki
AutorWhich shade of strobe cream is this ? Pls reply. I want to buy it and have some skin tone as urs. Thank you. Loved the look 😍
Autor: Shalaka Pamkar
Autorplease let me know how much u have paid for the custom? I am eager to buy that set of brush
Autor: Aaheli Jana
Autorhie, just loved ur work , want to ask uh which foundation is best for dry skin? nd that would be glowing too.
Autor: nikita madaan
AutorSo pretty!!
Autor: Tiffgod
AutorPls talk toh hindi
Autor: Mumtaz Akhtar

Which brush for concealer???
Autor: shaz syed
Autor: kaur gurvinder
Autorcan i use this foundation bcz my skin is so dry...
Autor: Sharik Raza
AutorAnkita could pls mention the prices of the products since I want to buy mac products pls
Autor: Dolly Nair
AutorYour voice is so soft and sweet😅👍👍💯✨😊
Autor: Dhanashree Hendre
Autorreally beautiful
Autor: Neetu Lalmalani
AutorI love this. Beautiful job!
Autor: Colour Poppy
Autorplz give proper detail on mac foundation plz plz quick reaply plz
Autor: Sobia Arora
AutorPlease. do more one brand tutorials, it is easy to get products and it helps us. I am very big fan of you.
Autor: Archana V
AutorPlease do your makeup collection
Autor: Priya priyanka
Check out this MAC makeup free giveaway, get yours now:
Autor: Eno-obong Ohia
Autorplease suggest me mac foundation shade skin is wheatish to fair
Autor: sumanlata Soni
AutorPlz keep ur microphone away from mouth while recrding ur sounds lik as if u r whispering in our ears..its really irritating..n sorry to tell dz...BUT ITS REALLY IRRITATING
Autor: Monica Ramapuram
AutorIt is awesome and quite easy to achieve. I like this kind of fresh look with bright lips!
Autor: Aaheli Jana
Autoroh my god!!! I am literally having goosebumps!! you look just like me. so much same!! I feel like I am watching myself. 😂😂
Autor: Saba Khan
Autoryou aren't u there at YouTube fan fest..? :(
Autor: mermaid000pranu
AutorWhere's the purple brush from??
Autor: Neeta Shewaramani
AutorWich cream shade you use plz rply me this is my highly request
Autor: Gulnaz Haider
AutorHey which foundation is best stay for long time?
Autor: sadiya banu
Autorextremely gorgeous look👍👍
well done
Autor: Priyanka Badge
Autorhello aap mayabeliene ke cosmatic prouduct se bhi makeup kerke dekhye plz
Autor: style manisha
AutorFrom where you have buyed your all mac products ? Are thy all real
Autor: anupama jaiswal
Autorcan u plz tel me the price of Mac face n body foundation for 50 ml in india
Autor: Shahana Khan
AutorSuch a bitch endorsing all animal tested products. Your voice should be like a demon. You are just faking the voice now
Autor: Sharvani S
AutorWhich brush did u use for foundation and strobe cream?
Autor: fareeha amjad
AutorWill you do a summer make up look
Autor: Kulwinder Singh
Autorrebel looks awesome on u!
Autor: Swarnali Sasmal
AutorDoes mac body n face foundation provide coverage as well?? Ive got open pores on my cheeks.
Autor: pinchuap canad
Autoryou are beautiful without makeup. and your video was enjoyable to watch. 👍👍👍
Autor: Saima Liaquat
AutorAap kon sa brush use kar rahe ho iss video mein link send karen pls
Autor: Geetu Tiwari
Autorbut sometimes the face and body foundation oxidized :(
Autor: kankana ganguly
AutorUr eye makeup is always sooooo amazing. Luv it!!
Autor: Kritika Singh
Autorplz tell me which shade is for fair complexion. Indian fair complexion. is mac studio fix powder plus foundation is good for oily skin
Autor: Deepa Sachan
I love u
Autor: Surabhi Metpally
AutorHi Ankita , the Mac face and body foundation is discontinued .. Can u pls suggest a substitute?
Autor: Shivli
AutorMam pls recommend mac foundation for oily skin
Autor: Meena Chowdam
AutorI want to know tat how cme ur looking so pretty n every makeup video......lovli dear......
Autor: Aishu Ananth
AutorDear ankita in this look you are looking dusky dan uh complexion
Autor: Sasmita Mishra
Autorkyaa baat hai
Autor: unus fareed
AutorMac foundation ki price kya h
Autor: Tanveer ahmad
AutorI love your makeup! 👌👏👏and your voice is so relaxing.😊
Autor: Elizabeta Bihler
Autorexused me mam
Autor: Jannat Khan
Autorso pretty😌
Autor: aanchal arora
Autorhai r u doing any training classes?
Autor: Sindhu Medagam
Autormac products are ridiculously expensive
Autor: KIRAN
AutorNice video
Autor: Bharti Sharma
AutorWhich makeup brushes do u use plz.
Autor: shadabali86
Autorelegant look n rebel lipstick 😍😍
Autor: s r
Autorwhat is your shade in mac studio fix fluid foundation?
Autor: Tejaswi Neeli
Autormy skin tone is medium ,not dark ,can u plz tell me,I buy 3 shade in mac match master foundation ,is it suit for me or it's look brighter ,plz reply me
Autor: anusha mithra
Autor: Nabanita Dey
Autoryou did a pretty good job 👍
Autor: ammaila basharat
AutorHai mam diz is chethana.. please advise me M so confused in choss'ng foundation fo ma skin tone. M already using loreal infallible 24hr foundation in shade 300 amber but i totally hate that shade bcoz it does look ma face ashy n make ma skin look dark..So i use la pro girl conceler in medium beig replacing foundation it wrks better than the loreal foundation.. So pleaseee suggest me which shades ca i use in P.A.C / l.a girl pro or in M.A.C please dont ignore ma msg..
Autor: chethana Chethu
Autorhii I have oily skin can I use Mac product for my bridal makeup .
Autor: Neeru Kushwaha
AutorI love you Ankita.. I love your every makeup Video because you gives all product name ND shade no. Everything about product as how to apply or use that.. Thanks for..
Autor: Anjali rao
AutorWhich is the best foundation , primer, compact powder ,concealer for combination acne prone skin?pls reply..thanks
Autor: Madhura Patil
Autorso good
Autor: Jimmy pixiwoo
Autoru don't have even small hair on ur face, wht u'l do fr tht. Please give me the tips I hve lot of hair on my face, how to get rid of tht.
Autor: Archana V
Autorplease do a makeup collection video..
Autor: mermaid000pranu
Autoroily skin ke liye shi h kya ye
Autor: Khushbu Akar
Autorapney konsa shimmer use kia first main please tell me?
Autor: Maniha Ahmed
AutorI really like it, remarkably sassy as well as attractive!!! My sister experienced the same thing and it came out dazzling!Simply thoguht I would share the good fortune on my end - Managed to get an absolutely free demo of MAC Mineralize Kit!! Try it yourself right here! lookig excellent and sizzling lady!
Autor: Louis L
Autorwhat you doing???working or studying?
Autor: Chippi Anirudhan
AutorWere did you buy this foundation from?!
Autor: Jewel Lidiya
Autoryou din't use mac's mineralise skin finish😳
beauty though!
Autor: manisha singh
Autorfabulous ankita!! rebel from mac is one of my fav too..
Autor: poonam chaudhary
AutorNo eyeliner .. no mascara
Autor: Skif
Autorhi Ankita, @corallista
can you tell me the benefits of tinted mositurizers... do u prefer them over foundation for daily use
Autor: Mani Sharma
AutorJust awesome..natural makeup..i want to buy mac make up range but its too costly....😔😔😔
Autor: Sukanya Maitra
AutorHey. . Can you pls advise whether to go for Mac strobe cream in pinklites or Mac mineralise skin powder in Lightescapdes???I want that soft pink glow. . My complexion is closer to yours.
Autor: snehali bhatkar
AutorPlz your makeup collection
Autor: Debananda Dhal
Autornice one
Autor: Ritika B Mishra

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