New Makeup Releases | Going On The Wishlist Or Nah? #62

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AutorYour eye look here is AMAZING. YOU’RE JUST SO SO STUNNING!!!
Autor: Laura Remen
AutorAs I was listening to the part about the ABH “dip brow gels” my fiancé thought that you said “dick brown” 😂😂 I am dying 💀 🤣 He wants to know what kind of makeup I’m putting on my face 🤭
Autor: Kate Lorenzetti
AutorLiked within the first ten seconds because OH MY GOODNESS THAT EYE LOOK IS BEAUTIFUL.
Autor: anotherlemontree
AutorI was shocked by those W n' W quads!! 🙀
Autor: G Nickson
AutorMel Thompson said those Pixi pressed glitter quads are really great!
Autor: Nancy Tresch-Reneau
AutorDo you have any tips for people with small eyelids? I’m lucky if I can fit 3 colours on mine. Do you have any colourful looks for small spaces?
Autor: Helen G
AutorSunday’s with Angie ☺️☕️💕
Autor: Ganache
Autor“You do not want an oopsie daisy when you’re trying to have sex!!” Hahaha love you girl!
Autor: Taylor McCullough-Fries
AutorAngelica, I really hope that you get the ClionCosmetics bundle in PR, Fingers crossed! However, if you don’t I just wanted to let you know that until Friday, 22 February this bundle is on sale at an introductory rate I think you save I can’t remember the exact dollar amount but it’s a decent amount and even if you get the bundle maybe in your followers like to know about the sale. I really hope to see you get in PR though it looks stunning I know that I’m going to Miami for the self and as I’ve never tried any of their products and have wanted to for a really long time and the sale has definitely been why reason to jump in! I can’t wait to see a video on these products from you!!!
Autor: Tiffany Byer
AutorI would love to see a review of the new Rani cosmetics shattered gems palette
Autor: Fatema Zakir
AutorI ordered some shadows from Clionadh recently and cannot wait to play with them. I’m so excited they are coming out with multichrome shadows!! 😍. I’m also eyeing emme cosmetics shadows. I want them all!!! You, Ange has led me into the rabbit hole of indie brands and I’m enjoying the ride for sure!!! 🥰
Autor: Sartika BS
Autor"You do not want an oopsie daisy when you're trying to have sex" 🤣🤣🤣
Autor: Kristy Parlor
Autorsorry, I'm too clumsy to tag you - please check out that Video about "Lessons learned about Make-up" - I'd love to hear your thoughts about it (if possible)

love your colourfull looks and general insights <3 (even though I'm a neutral girl all around)
Autor: Monika S.
AutorI'm so confused how you found out about that too faced collection 🤔 it's not on their Twitter, Instagram, or website. That palette is the worst offender for "neutral with a pop of blue" 😂
Autor: Jaylee James
AutorGlitter is a bit of a pain but I would love a video on glitter u like ..
Autor: HotMessNess MUA
AutorIn James Valentine’s Day tutorial, he used the new abh dipbrow gel and it looked amazing. He took some of the product off the wand with an eyebrow brush to define the brows more and it looked and performed great. I would use dip brow if they had a shade for me, but my brows are so light and sparse that it’s very difficult to find brow products that are light enough and ashy enough too.
Autor: Brandi Munguia
AutorToo Faced needs to chill on all the sexual names.
Autor: Always Emmy
AutorYou could try using brown eyeliner/mascara for a less harsh look. I never see YTers use brown :( it seems like it could really work for lighter featured people
Autor: Cole Crystal
AutorYour eye look is so beautiful Angie! You look like one of those beautiful cartoon women, like jessica rabbit or lola bunny maybe? The ones who have that specific eye shading to show us they're hot 😂it looks so pretty on you!
Autor: Zeyn San
AutorThis Kaleido palette is much more 'Forest-holic' than 'Aqua-holic' imho... :P they say deepest ocean inspired them, but... erm... it should be blue then... Green is a color absent in the ocean depths, I know it for a fact as an aquatic life admirer and aquarist.
Autor: RamirezzDolores
Autor review from smaller youtuber on the new ND palette
Autor: Jae Remi
Autoryou work so hard, thank you for that! I wanted to tell you that the new L' Oreal foundation is amazing...l So yes drugstore foundations are beating my high end ones. I just ordered those Wet n Wild quads a couple of days ago...I just couldn't resist. Just picked up the Lagoon glitter yesterday at Target, no Pixi glitter quads yet, so I'm gonna order them online. Devinah has got me dreaming of greens 😍 what do you think of that Mecca Maxima palette? It looks so intriguing in the palette, but it looks lackluster on swatches.
Autor: Alessandra Fryzel
AutorIf someone really said "Oopsie Daisy!" during sexy times, I think sexy times would be over and I'd just be laughing. 😂😂 You're too funny.
Autor: bribripot
AutorI totally agree with you on the Too Faced Color names. I think it’s get ridiculous! I’d never buy my daughter most of their products simply for the names alone. I think it’s getting out of control. 😡 I am excited about the Disney Collection sounds cute! The Pixi palettes look nice. I am pretty new to your channel, but I’m slowly liking them more and more. 🙂
Autor: RachelJRedHeadMom Videos
Autor👋🙋‍♀️ Yes...the greens
Autor: Nette BetterWithAge
AutorIs it me or does Angelica look similar to Ingrid Bergman? That is a total compliment 🙂
Autor: TanyaYve
Autorso mad at wetnwild for neglecting their european customers!
Autor: tinythingy4
AutorI would probably have picked up a snack size cocoa contour! I struggle to find a contour that works for me ultra fair skin and that looks perfect, but I dont want to spend the money on a too faced contour palette and would tbh be unhappy if I owned it!
Autor: Sublime Lemon
AutorOn the FLOOR with the "You don't want an oopsy daisy during sex" comment, Angie, your sense of humor is SO on point! Love you! 😂
Autor: Michael Hereden
AutorThis look really makes your eye color pop! Stunning!!
Autor: Meaghan Kelly
AutorThe Natasha Denona palette is so tempting for me!!!! I really want it!
Too faced 🤦🏻‍♀️😒
Autor: Paola Owens
AutorThis look is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Autor: Adriana Nicole
AutorI gonna try to recreate this look. It is so pretty 😊💕
Autor: Jessica L
AutorMy problem with Too Faced’s product names is that they have packaging marketed towards teenage girls... like, sometimes they release a palette with stickers (Totally Cute palette), then the next release is overly sexualized. Like... who is your market? I would have totally wanted that palette (Natural Lust) while in high school, but would have been super embarrassed and uncomfortable by the shade names.
Autor: Briley Black
Autor“You do not want an oopsy daisy when having sex”, that fucking killed me 🤣🤣🤣
Autor: Zombie_Girlie
AutorLove your eyelook 👀💄💄💄💄!!👄
Autor: judyluis17
AutorToo Faced is so disturbing with their cutesy-juvenile packaging and overall themes and their oversexualised porno phrases.... Childish and porno shouldn't coexist in the same brand 😳
Autor: Elsie Cloete
AutorI agree the contour pallete trend is kind of dying but they are still necessary for professional make up artists. Not all releases are catered to the average female/male make up lover consumer. For me personally depending on my skin tone whether I'm paler in the winter or tanner in the summer, I do use different shades of contour and bronzer. A pallete is extremely convenient instead of having to buy singles of multiple shades. I recently did makeup for a fashion show and I used my KVD contour palette and it was extremely helpful for me because I had different shades for multiple skin tones. I understand you're critiquing make up releases based on your personal experience on whether ur gonna buy it or not but you also have to think about releases in a wider lens. Just some feedback <3
Autor: cnegron
AutorThe Natural Love palette is for me, the one that got away. Seems like a contrary opinion here but I am excited about the Natural Lust palette and will be buying it for sure.
Autor: Beauty Dreams by Naomi
AutorYou should totally watch Nicole Cutler's review of the Wet and Wild collection, including the rebel rose quads and the cream blush!
Autor: Noa Shaindlinger
AutorI'd like too face to release a bittersweet chocolate line of bronzers as the current chocolate ones are my complexion shade.
Autor: Karena M
AutorAt I am now imagining all my high school friends meeting before school in the bathroom contouring each other lmaoooo
Autor: Greta Davis
AutorOmg Too Faced, stop it! I don't understand you and at the moment, I don't want to because my brain is making weird connections. First you release unicorns and rainbows and cute pink heart blushes, something that seems to be marketed towards underage girls. Then you go and release all this very very adult movie-like makeup. I don't like the combination, my brain is adding it up and I'm getting creepy vibes. Stop it, I can't...
They are just one big flop at the moment. First they had that diamond collection, we all now the back lash with that, then they do that pretty mess collection with the lip product with that 'ew' name, now they release this? What's next? An actual +18 dvd?
Autor: Kate go
AutorSouth Africa will be going into autumn from April so Australia will also a tad bit later if I'm correct😀
Autor: Elsie Cloete
AutorGrrrrl my eye allergy worsened....... no makeup for a least a week 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Autor: Carla de Souza
AutorDo eyeshadow really expire after two years?
Autor: Katia Carrasco
AutorI would love for you to do a brow tutorial. Your brows always look amazing!
Autor: Mrs Smith0917
AutorYou aren't a prude, you're a lady!
Autor: Nunya Bidness
AutorI feel like too faced doesn’t know who they are right now . A collection of more natural that would appeal to office style or people that like the natural glam .. then they have a collection with products called Pat the puss ... hmmm .. who are you too faced ? Every day girl ? Or edgy super sass ?

I agree I want that mixed bronzer ! Someone from too faced needs to see this and do snack sized high light / contour ! I would have purchased that !

Btw my opsie daisies have names ! They are expensive ..

That’s a funny tutorial to follow .. first I put spank me in my crease , deepen it up with don’t stop and “I can do it myself “ on my lids ... demonetized from youtube !
Autor: HotMessNess MUA
AutorWhats different in your background or am I just going crazy
Autor: Abbzey
AutorI trulie love the Too Faced palette, I almost hit pan on my "Natural Love" palette, it was such good qualitie! I'm very fair & so excited for this new take on the palette💜
Autor: Natasha Lena
AutorI LOVE your videos so much. Every time I see these videos pop up I get super excited. 💖👏
Autor: Will Handrick
AutorThose Clionadh shadows?! WOW WOW WOW. I want them all. <3 I have not heard a lot about the brand or purchased anything from them before, but that collection definitely has my attention.

I also have my eye on the Rani Shattered Gems--that sea foamy green shade and all those ocean-y colors are really pretty, and I like that it's not a color story that we see all the time.
Autor: Kiera Jo
AutorI 💜💜💜 Aladdin! I wanted to be Princess Jasmine so bad when I was a little girl. I was Jasmine for Halloween, but my mom wouldn’t let me go out in cold Wisconsin weather with my cute Harlem girl top, so I had to wear a TURTLENECK underneath!:( cmon mom that’s not cool...
Autor: Jennifer Moras
AutorIf you want to spend $15 on glitter, buy a set at Michael's or JoAnn, not one vial just because of the brand. Glitter is glitter. It's either biodegradable or made from polyester. There's no reason to go broke unless that shit is made from real mermaid unicorns from Jupiter.
Autor: Kittie Woodheath
Autoromg that eye look is amazing! I was just watching your latest GRWM but then saw this!
Autor: Pamela Cooke
AutorThis eye look is soooooo gorgeous and your lipstick is perfect on you as well! My favorite look you’ve done yet 💕
Autor: Siri B
AutorToo Faced should have mixed the two eye shadow palettes. Take out the repetitive shadows, join the non-repeats, create one beautiful palette, instead of having two palettes of very similar shades. Too Faced is having a very rough start in 2019, or is just trying to rip us all off.
Autor: Pretty Pibbles the Gamer Geek
AutorThe last one you showed (eyeshadow palette) was really cool. I love greens and gravitate to those palettes that have this color in them. I hope that I'm not too tempted because I'm 1 over my chosen amount to purchase for the month. I don't know if I said I could count my moisturizers, and skin care items against my low buy but if I did count them, I'm 1 over for the month. Love the video!!
Autor: Michelle Lewis
AutorI think the issue with the Too Faced names isn't that they are sexual, it's that they aren't sexy. With Nars, you don't just have a sexual name, you have a sexy name along with sleek packaging, and sophisticated advertisements etc. I want to feel sexy when i use the product. Too Faced has never felt sexy to me. They usually feel like a teenager who really wants to seem older than they are, so they constantly talk about sex, but they haven't actually had sex, so they just spout nonsense from movies and tv. It just gives you secondhand embarrassment 😂
Autor: Jackie Johnson
AutorAngelica, I would love it so much if you could tell us in your description box which eyeshadow palette you've wearing so that I know what video to look out for. I don't get time to watch all of them - this look is beautiful, I hope I don't miss it!
Autor: Hannah C
AutorWoooow your eye make up looks gorgeous. It always look beautiful, but I‘m extra stunned today 🤤💓
Autor: rosalieolivias
AutorBitter lace beauty is amazing! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Autor: Danelle Garcia
AutorOh that new Rani palette is beautiful! So is the new Clionadh bundle!
Autor: DragonVet 15
AutorToo Faced is really going too far with their names, at least for me. I'm fine with people doing whatever they want in real life as long as it's not harming anyone, however a lot of those names in the Too Faced palette I have only known in situations of extreme abuse. Honestly, that palette is very triggering to me, and I think Too Faced should be much more thoughtful in this Me Too era. It's fine to say, "Well, then this palette just isn't for you," and even based on the color scheme alone, I agree. But I don't think it's just ME that is being hurt by Too Faced's decisions, and I think I need to stop buying from them altogether.
Autor: moreisnotenough
AutorOmg that Snapped compact is gorgeous 😻🖤
Autor: Ros with 1 s
AutorCan you maybe do a video on how you do your eyebrows? I'm shook that you say you don't have any, they look so nice!!
Autor: lu l
AutorI can guarantee you that in terms of packaging that MAC collection is going to be amazing! Personally, my favourite Disney movie is The Sword in the Stone, I don’t love the Disney Princess movies as much and if I do I like the older ones just because old school Disney animation is absolutely magical. I totally agree with the Too Faced thing, it’s just gross. I think because it’s a theme it just makes it a lot worse. I think it just becomes too much. I’m kinda of iffy about them at the moment especially with the whole Rich lives matter thing.
Autor: Cat Orchid
AutorThis is my favourite series by you 👌👌
By the way, this look on you is amazing - can’t wait to see the tutorial.
Autor: 7anan R
AutorI love your makeup releases video, you have great enthusiasm for makeup. I learn about smaller indie brands from your videos, some of the more well known stuff has been getting too expensive for me.
Autor: diane d
AutorWe need more snack sized makeup!! And I'm also eyeing the CP red liner. Want a red monochromatic look ❤
Autor: kitty cloud
AutorI'm excited for the ABH Dip Brow Gel & plan on purchasing it when it's released in ulta or sephora.
Autor: Amber Rhoades
AutorThis look has your light eyes really popping out!! Gorgeous!
Autor: metrini
AutorYour eyeshadow is beautiful!!
Autor: Danielle Sherman
AutorToo Faced has always done that, though. My 10 year old palette has "sexpresso" as one of the names. I actually really want that palette, if it's as light as it looks. I wear a lot of pastels and pale neutrals. Photos under all those studio lights are deceiving, though, so it probably isn't as light as it looks.
Autor: Raven Lake
AutorGlitter is going to be a huge fashion trend for 2019 but it's just small chunks of plastic. Being a big fan of glitter I did some research and found an eco glitter called ecoglitterfun. I hope Angela or u take sometime to look into it , it's beautiful and sustainable <3
Autor: Bigby
AutorThe spiced up names wouldn't be so bad if they weren't such washed out ashy neutrals. There is such a disconnect between the names and those dull washed out shades lol. And why the spicy names? I get it's Natural Lust. But TF already has that tacky Pretty Mess collection with tacky spiced up names so again they are redundant. Uggh they are hopeless!
Autor: watertownnative
AutorUlta is divided roughly in half by “drug store” and “high end”. It’s not a perfect divide, but generally all the stuff of the left side of my store (by the registers) is drug store and you can use the coupons from the fliers on that stuff. Most of the stuff on that side doesn’t have testers, unfortunately. They are getting a little better about that, but the Makeup Revolution display has been recently updated and there are no testers. They added a whole isle of Morphe during the most recent reset and there are testers for that and I saw a few for the NYX holiday stuff which is really nice. People are monsters and they treat testers like shit and test items that are not testers, but we can only change the world one baby step at a time.

I wish for a YouTube tag about in store shopping pet peeves and maybe some of the major influencers who get us to buy buy buy could get us to respect respect respect the testers (and not test something that isn’t a tester!)
Autor: Jew Dy
AutorI love your eye looks!!!! Please do a tutorial!!! <3
Autor: moe ekayi
AutorThat’s for sharing the pixi ! I may have to try those pressed glitters . I got a pixi light in a light green and it’s so pretty ! It’s very pretty !
Autor: HotMessNess MUA
AutorHi Angelica, I’m a fellow brow-less girl lol...can you do a brow tutorial because yours look soo natural! And agreed on the brow gels on a brush, I can’t use any since there’s zero hair for it to grab on 😅. And I want all those Wet n Wild palettes and Pixi glitters 😍😍😍
Autor: Lyric G.
AutorYou're makeup is so pretty ☺
Autor: Cbreazy
Autorthose ABH loose glitters aren't even eye area approved. that's why I passed... but then I wonder if companies just always say that to avoid any legal issues even with "cosmetic" glitters?
Autor: VS Jess
AutorI love Charlotte Tilbury but if you put your finger over that pop of blue you have that palette. I feel like they just throwing palettes for the heck of it, I also wanted the pillow talk quad, but since Emily noel release a video with the exact dupe for it not anymore. Love your videos. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Autor: Yoandra Maceda
AutorVery late, BUT a cream blush I LOVE is from BH: Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Cream Cheek and Lip Tint. It's creamy and can go on top of powder products. Its beautiful!
Autor: Amanda Brown
AutorI just realized Devinah’s March bundle is for St. Patrick’s Day.
Autor: Reese Reaves
AutorI love your idea about a snack size bronzer duo!!! I wish they would’ve done that as I feel like I waste the majority of contour palettes and would love to have a simple small duo
Autor: Brianna Pascua
AutorYessss I love Alladin and Beauty and the Beast! My top favorites are The Lion King movie(s) and the Pocahontas movie(s), but Alladin is 3rd, Hercules is 4th, and The Little Mermaid is 5th 😂
Autor: ZombieQueen 6161
AutorThat Natasha Denona cheek palette is cute. I would definitely buy it if A: It was waaay cheaper, its just way out of my price range and B: I was a bit more into blushes, I have my two faves but that palette interests me though. That Two Faced Bronzer compact has super pretty packaging and product. Again though I dont really bronze. The Eyeshadow Palettes packaging is pretty as to but the colours in it are all to similar to one another. Its a waste of a palette when brands do that. Like the two vertical rows with the pink, green and black would be the whole palette for me. The rest I wouldnt miss. Aladdin is my #1 fave disney movie and that M.A.C packaging is super pretty. That bobby brown palette makes me think to much of the naked cherry and the KVD Lolita palettes but that 9th shade looks pretty though. Would like a single of that. And last but not least I love the earrings you are wearing in this vid ^_^
Autor: FF sake
AutorLove your eyeshadow 😍 It's difficult to wear orange & blue together without it becoming dull or muddy & your shadow is popping! Beautiful. Makes me think of the desert- Africa or Australia. Red rocks & blue sky 🎨

Michele Wang did an in depth review & demo of the Natasha Denona blush palette. Her channel reviews luxury brand makeup & skincare exclusively & she really knows these products if you're interested in knowing more.
Autor: yensid
AutorThat awkward moment when the shade names give your a darker color than the products
Autor: QueenAuna
AutorThese videos are my favorite
Autor: Kalie Vesely
AutorI got the Natasha cheek palette the scary red is a cream formula which is better because you can get the least amount possible on your finger and have one small dot on each cheek🤣 But I really like the texture combination of the palette it really brings out something different from only using powder or cream. And speaking of expansive eye palettes, I have Natasha Gold, Viseart dark matte, Pat McGrath subliminal... and like 15 Tom Ford quads. I do Not like Pats formula but it’s probably my preference her shadows are very thick and heavy while I have very little space to work with. I don’t like Viseart either again there’s not much you can do with just matte on my eye shape. I love the gold palette the blue and gold combos are really beautiful. And I can’t live without my Tom Ford honeymoon/nude dip quad. I haven’t seen anything like them.
Autor: Terrance Xu
AutorTotally agree with you on the Too Faced eyeshadow.........Too Faced listen to Angelica...." spice up the colors, not the names".......
Autor: karla hemphill
AutorI’m actually really excited for the ABH brow thing, I’ll be getting the mini. I have tried to do my brows but they just looked too defined, because I have full brows. But they look kinda weird sometimes not being touched and the rest of my makeup being done. I’m trying to do a no-buy until my birthday (end of May), with an exception of a concert I’m going to in April. So we’ll see what happens.
Autor: Nadi Claire
AutorI got my first Bobbi brown eyeshadow palette last year, I got the ultra violet and their eyeshadow formula is amazing!! I’m really intrigued by that new one!!
Autor: Véronique Hezumuryango
AutorYT has been acting weird lately for me; if anyone can see this comment, can someone please hit me up with a like so I know I'm still visible. TYSM 😄 Also I talk about all-inclusive palettes with my friends regularly (who work full-time as pro makeup artists), and we agree that it's probably more useful for more brands to differentiate what they're selling for the everyday consumer vs working muas. I won't ever use products that don't suit my complexion, but items like contour palettes are necessary for mua kits, which get used constantly and need to be replaced fairly often.
Autor: Kale Vasa
AutorSnack size little bars would have been so cute!
Autor: Liz B
AutorI just ordered the Devinah Over the Rainbow set. 35% off!!! So excited to get some of her shadows
Autor: Tamara Sparks
AutorI looooove this eye look. Your eye looks are one of my biggest makeup inspirations. Without your eye for color, I would still be rocking beige.
Autor: Sarah Ingerson
AutorThe part of this video with the TF spring have two photos of the eyeshadow palette. One has colors in it, the other is solidly uniform washed out brown. I mean, when I look at even the colorful one, it all looks like a broad spectrum of cheap cocoa powder color to me, with a few fruity pebbles cereal pieces thrown in. But that’s weird, that that rightmost corner photo has no color. Either way, this palette makes me realize that you can be bored before you’ve even seen something, and all of the names cribbed off of KvD’s test paper aren’t helping.
Autor: Paige Shaw
Does this remind anyone else of the Kat Von d anniversary palette? Idk there's something about the packaging and colors...
Autor: Jackie Johnson
AutorI have recently fallen in loveeee with Natasha denonas face products. It’s an actual issue, I want that bloom palette so badly 😭😭
Autor: Caroline Mercer
AutorYou do not want an oopsie daisy when you are having sex... LMAO! Girl you fucking make me laugh! I love you so much! I just love your sense of humor! If i ever go to sweden or if you r ever in California, i would love to hang out with you! We can go get coffee and go makeup shopping!
Autor: Sandy Yang
AutorJag fattar inte, hur, var och när får jag tag på information om nya releaser.😂 love your videos and especially these types, for me it is really hard to find where to find information about new releases even though I go to the different brands sites to find the information but no.. I like to do that due to that I want to know if I should or should not buy a palette I am eyeing now or if it come something better in a near future🥰
Autor: Amanda Eriksson
AutorI think the two faced contour kit is good for makeup artists and people who self tan. A lot of people who self tan have different products for each color they are when they tan and when they are their natural color. Only needing one palette for all your skin tones is great investment.
Autor: Brandi Munguia
AutorAngelica, I am on a low buy but I also want the ND blush palette, and I haven't bought any makeup in February. I think the Cliondah eyeshadows look beautiful, but I wasn't over the moon with the mattes in the Paleo palette, so I am going to skip on that.
Autor: Banshee Muse
AutorOmgnes! AN... I totally agree with you on your ideas on buying /feelings regarding makeup! I absolutely love your truths!
Autor: TAZ Wise
Autor“You don’t want an oopsie daisy....” 🤢😂 TF should start selling their stuff in adult novelty stores if that’s the direction they want to go. 🙄 The names remind me of immature high school people who make fun of sex all the time.
Autor: Celeste Celestial
AutorMy issue with Too Faced is that one month they are releasing a palette shaped like a puppy (seemingly marketing to children) and then the next month they release a “sex palette”. Its just icky
Autor: Kelsey Green
AutorMesmerized by your eyelook! 😍😍😍😍💙❤️🧡
Autor: Cecilia H.
Autor"You do not want an oopsie daisy when you're trying to have sex." 😂
Autor: Jenny Howell
AutorToo Faced always misses when trends pass on. I think they make good products, but they always miss the mark with packaging and marketing for me.
Autor: Courtney Rodgers
Autor"You do NOT want an oopsie Daisy when you are trying to have sex, okay???" 😂 My favorite part of the video!
I think Too Faced releasing snack sized contour duos would have been ingenious. I would have picked one up! But even though I have a diverse friends group, we do NOT all get together at 7 AM in my room to do our makeup. Unless you're a makeup artist, the design is impractical and wasteful.
Autor: Karolyn Anderson
AutorCan’t wait to see your tutorial in the eyeshadow look your wearing today it is absolutely stunning!
Autor: Tiffany Byer
Autor$48 seems like alot for a 12 pan eyeshadow palette.
Autor: Lulu Zaida
AutorCan you show your current brow routine and products? I love how they're looking. As Someone with 5 brow hairs, I'm also trying to improve my paint job lol
Autor: Bobbie Hanks
AutorI can’t wait to get my ND bloom palette! After I saw the IG video I had to have it!!
Autor: Wendy Rucker
AutorThe Makeup Forever palette reminds me of a Zoeva Pallete
Autor: Desi Garcia
AutorPlease do a video showing all of your duocrome shadows. Especially the singles.
Autor: Lisa Cole
AutorHad to let you know you encouraged/inspired me up my eyeshadow game. I've been trying more "daring" looks thanks to you and I'm never looking back. This look you're wearing in this vid makes your eyes look otherworldly! <3
Autor: Mary King
AutorSo many adds on this!!
Girl get yo coinnnn ❤️❤️❤️
Autor: Afsara Bushra
Autor: Sharon Hayes
AutorOut of everything, I'm most excited for the Pixi pressed glitters! I've been really interested in starting to incorporate some sparkly shadow toppers so perfect timing. 💜
Autor: Belle Clementine
AutorClionadh Dreamweaver Collection REX is so beautiful...thanks so much for bringing so many indie brand!! I love how you always bring up indie brand I never knew. <3
Autor: moe ekayi
AutorThat's funny😅

We got ND in Sephora Denmark not long ago, but I thought it swatched quite badly😅(swatching the Lila)
Autor: Cevalip
AutorWow, Too Faced is getting more and more obnoxious with the names 🙄 your comment was on point tho, they really should think more about the colors instead of the names. 😂
Autor: Ines
Autor lmao
Autor: jesus
AutorThank you 👀
Autor: Stephanie Y Anderson
Autori want those colourpop liners
Autor: Leidy Karaiscos
AutorYou’re not being a prude...the names on the palette are SO TACKY...😒
Autor: Gina Duffy
AutorI love your videos and understand the need to include commercials. But I think there are too many in this video. Just letting you know my opinion.
Autor: MarissaHurst2
AutorI bought the Rani palette. I completely adore her lipsticks so I am excited to try out her shadows. I love Clionadh, but the two of the mattes in Paleo are not good. Shimmers=amazing though.
Autor: Sher
AutorI have no problem with sexy/savage product names. But NOT when on the other side the marketing of the brand is cute and girly. Do it 100 % or not at all Too Faced.
Autor: MademoiselleNora
AutorYou deserve all the invitations from brands & more. You were the first person I heard rave about the pixi highlighter, I'm so excited to hear about your event opportunities.
Autor: Shayri Garg
AutorI'm sorry but I hate Too faced marketing. I really hate it. I'm not very concerned about the names usually but they are crossing the line. And the worst thing is that they put everything into childish packaging and give them very inappropriate names. I don't get that. And tbh I do not want to support this with my coin.
Autor: Ann Kolomenskaya
AutorI both agree and disagree with you about the too faced contour they should definitely release these as duos there is a huge demand for that however the full set of six could be used by a person with a lighter skin tone who tans deeply in the summer it is just that the number of people who can use all of it are far outweighed by those that can't and would benefit from a smaller duo.
Autor: Nikkidarkangel Yvonne Alabaster
AutorPsst, I use cream lipstick as cream blush. 😉💄 Pro tip from Wayne Goss. 😁
Autor: Naomi PR
AutorDamn! Can we stop and pay respect to that eye look!!! 🧡💛💙🖤
Autor: LostInWonderlandAgain McKenzie
AutorThe bloom palette is amazing I love it so much
Autor: Blair Warner
AutorI am so surprised you are so interested in the shattered gems palette enough to possibly get it as one of your 3 buys. With how many steel tones are in it, I figured you wouldn’t be into it.
Autor: Brandi Munguia
AutorBeauty and the Beast is my all time favorite Disney movie also. When I was younger, I went through 3 vhs tapes because I watched it so much, the tape broke when I rewound it.
Autor: Brandi Munguia
AutorI'm waiting for mine as well!!! So excited!💙💜💛😎
Autor: Nicola
AutorYou're truly amazing!! I spent a week away without wifi so I couldn't keep up with Youtube, and when I came back I couldn't believe the amount of great quality, entertaining videos you had uploaded (I binge-watched all of them in one night, of course). You're truly my favorite youtuber and content creator, so creative and hard working!!
Autor: Antonella Di Blasio
AutorI so bad want to see you do looks and review the Clionadh 66.5°N collection🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊 and the Dreamweaver collection would be so great tooooo
Autor: Elsie Cloete
AutorWhat is on your eyes? I cannot stop staring at your eyes!! They're gorgeous please spill the details or do an eye look on it??!
Autor: Laura Dillon
AutorIf they were so gung ho about all the sex names, they should have named oopsie daisy back door instead.
Autor: Brandi Munguia
AutorSpeaking of ABH, I talked to a rep of theirs (I work at ulta) and she said that something BIG and game changing is coming in March. I’m think complexion. But they really are shaking up the game this year with all these releases. I think the heart glitters are adorable and tbh, I prefer loose glitters over loose pigments. To each their own!
Autor: Aspen Spring
AutorThe ND Bloom palette is my new obsession! I’ve worn it everyday since I received it❤️ It’s well worth every penny and more IMO.

The Wet N Wild Rebel Rose collection is also so nice and great quality. I’m super happy with the entire collection thus far.
Autor: Jamie Blake
Also.. These light+medium+deep palettes need to stop.. I don't care if they're Highlighters or bronzers or whatever. Separate the shades so people can buy the ones they can actually use. You would think that would be commonsense.
Autor: Nush InSpace
AutorHave you tried the MAC glitter reflects? I'm so tempted to buy this, although I don't know how to use it lol
Autor: Lindsey Bailes
AutorAnd pleeeeaaase get the greens from Devinah😂😍😍😍
Autor: Elsie Cloete
AutorOops, I definitely fell asleep when you showed the TooFaced collection..
Autor: PositivelyCatatonic
AutorYour make-up is freaking hypnotizinggg OMG you're beautiful but this is something else🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍
Autor: anticeptic4soul
Autor‘Unless you’re in a very diverse friend group and do your makeup together’ 😂😂😂
Autor: Helen G
AutorFor me, the value of Natasha Denona is split evenly between colors, performance & packaging. No one “needs” it.... but I do love & enjoy my Safari palette. The new blush palette is STUNNING but the effect it gives on the face (from the promo & reviews I’ve seen) look surprisingly similar to the look I get from the BeccaxChrissy Teigen glow face palette.
Autor: Dee Dee
AutorIs your eyelook now here somewhere? if not will you post it please???🙋🏾‍♀️
Autor: Karena M
AutorWatch Mel Thompson’s review and demo of the ND Bloom palette.
Autor: Teresa Rolfe Kravtin
AutorI was just thinking ohmigosh no colourpop this episode! And then there it was. 🤣 I love them but I can’t keep up! I must say though that I got 3 of the KL pigments and seriously regret not getting the entire set because I love them!! I know you said you may pick them up in the future and I would love so much if you did a video on looks with them! Or any pigments really! Love your videos always awesome content!
Autor: honeyb3884
Autori’m so thankful the new too faced compact has the shades sort of separated but together? like they can be used on their own, or as a nice glowy bronzer? that unicorn one they had was too confusing 😂
Autor: Anna Wilhelm
AutorI guess that Too Faced wanted to make an eyeshadow palette for suburban housewives that are into bdsm. So if your name is Marcia, you only dress in pastels and you like to be spanked, this is the perfect palette for you.
Autor: Haghenveien
AutorWOW. Your eye makeup is amazing! That icy blue is making your eyes more than pop! Your eyes look like you used CGI!! Amazing!! I love it!
Autor: Elisekimopie
AutorIve been so lucky not liking anything for some time now, but all good things come to an end! Clionadh and Devinah had my heart racing!!! 😍
Autor: Asha M
AutorI feel like Too Faced wants to make 50 shades of [brown] a thing 😂
Autor: Leslie
AutorThose two faced pallets look like they got the idea from the Limecrime Venus pallets
Autor: justkimberlylyn xoxo
AutorThis thumbnail 😆😈
Autor: Naomi PR
Autori am in the uk and my nearest Sephora is in France! and they dont deliver to the uk :(
Autor: kimsnet1
AutorInglot! Yay! Just got back form Vegas with my annual Inglot haul! Crazy hard to find a brick and mortar store in US
Autor: Jackie Greene
AutorI am definitely going to be picking up that Keleido Cosmetics palette sometime in the near future, it's looks beautiful!!
Autor: Samantha Hogan
AutorI love contour palettes, I know a lot of people who do.
I use every color and don’t think it’s overdone or old.
They’re good especially if you tan, or Somedays your tan and some days you’re not so the darker colors make sense, Not to mention having everything in one pallet is actually very realistic
Autor: caitlin bazinet
AutorHonestly few 'mainstream' things excite me nowadays. The only things that make me go wow are Indie releases - Clionadh, Devinah, Sydney Grace... Yes!!
Autor: Elsie Cloete
AutorPlease vlog the events ! Can’t wait ! So happy you are being invited ! U deserve it 🌷
Autor: HotMessNess MUA
Autor“You don’t want to have an oopsie daisy when you’re trying to have s*x” 😂😂😂😂
Autor: Katie Marie
AutorI could care less about the Too Faced “Natural Lust” eyeshadow palette or contour palette. However; our whole wedding was based around the colors found in a Peacocks feather, and we used feathers in our flowers, bouquets, centerpieces, etc. We chose that b/c 1 of our 1st dates in college was to a zoo that lets 🦚 walk around freely. It was a CRAZY HOT day, so we were in shorts & sandals & found a bench in some shade to take a break. Well, this lady in a pencil skirt, dress shirt & at least 4” heels was near us & had a stroller w/2 toddlers (both EXTREMELY overdressed for the weather) & she let the little boy out to walk. He was MAYBE 3yrs old, & of course he beelined for the pretty bird. Well, this mom starts trying to chase him in her stilettos on the cobblestone path & I KID YOU NOT...she yells at the little boy, “No No John, you mustn’t touch the dirty OSTRICH!!” 🤯 OMG...we busted out laughing so hard, but she had no clue we were even there! It was obvious she was overwhelmed, so my b/f went & bought 3 bottles of water & took them too her & made up an excuse about working there (we lived 2.5hrs away) & making sure people didn’t get dehydrated, & we just went on our way. (See why I married him, lol). However ; anytime one of us (or someone else) says or does something that makes us laugh, the other one says “Don’t Pet The Ostrich”!! 🤣 Turns out, 🦚’s mate for life, if their partner dies, they only look for a new one if they’re very young, etc., so that makes them more special! I may have to get 2 bronzers...1 to use & one to keep? LOL!
Autor: Rebecca Ude
AutorI think that Too Faced made the contour palette like they did because Kat Von D won't be selling much more of the Shade and Light after her scandal... but I also totally agree that the palettes are out of style right now.
Autor: Meaghan Kelly
AutorI love your makeup today 💚💜💙💖❤️👍🏻
Autor: Lisa Greig
AutorLove ur eye look
Autor: Amanda Wright
AutorI personally don't want to be turned on by sex while playing in makeup. That's my girly time to escape the pressures of sex lol and I'm 25. You look lovely Angie.❤❤❤
That might be a great palette for strippers tho b4 work!
Autor: Mo'Love2you
AutorErmahgerd I bought the Bloom palette. I have the Diamond & Blush palettes. This is soooo beautiful. I like her creams. They’re a little drier and build really well. I think she does cheek products well.
Autor: Reese Reaves
AutorI have never in my life bought a high end 'anything' along the scale of that ND face palette, and I'm 53. However, I am seriously tempted by that blush palette! It would take me 3 months to save up the money, as I'm on Disability, but man I'm tempted lol. And does Too Faced not realize that many women are in the middle of the Me Too movement? 'Pin Down'??!! 'Tied Up'??!! I really liked the look of that last palette, but I'm in Canada and the shipping charges are insane! $25!!
Thanks for another great video❤ I look forward to this one every week😍💖
Autor: Michelle Stratford
AutorI got 8 Sephora close to me but non of them carry Natasha Denona nor Hourglass and Ive been wanting to swatch their products for so long 😭
Autor: Matthieu Becker
AutorThat Kaleido palette looks overall so pretty. Basically have those shades, but I love beautiful smoky cool tones shades and I'm like I love it. Not buying it because I have basically all the shades like I said and I'm on a no buy right now.
Autor: Sara Watts
Autorsome of the clionadh shadows from the new collection are repeats .
Autor: AmberNicole
AutorI think the mufe palette is a collaboration with a big youtuber in France! And the shades are exactly what she wears
Autor: Envy Smiths
AutorI LOVE this eye look. Can't wait!!
Autor: Bobbie Hanks
AutorI wish I could get that Too-Faced peacock compact in a purse mirror type thing. Or empty compact I can put a refill of my favorite pressed powder into. I have a thing for peacocks and that design is gorgeous. I actually really like the embossing on the powder itself - just don't want buy anything from Too-Faced that's limited edition - been burned on the quality before and I know they have a poor track record with good LE items.
Autor: Maria Hammill
AutorSuper FUN look! Yes yes yes. I’m on a low buy too.. not even 3 items per month. I bought sacramental lipstick from Necromancy Cosmetica and a few purple/pink shades during the Devinah sale! Yay. I’m putting together my perfect hand picked purple palette w gorgeous singles. I’m honed in on my own colorful style. I know which formulas I prefer so I’m thrilled to focus on indies and brands I enjoy supporting. I prefer PML over ND, all day long (as far as luxury goes). Lila is beautiful but it’s just not a purple palette. Plus, her formulas don’t last on my lids... go figure.
Love your style and vids!
PML has great shade names, Astral ghost Orchid and Faux Real.. winner!
To my thinking, it’s cheaper to put out larger packaging, makeup is relatively cheap once it’s in production. Too Faced is tone deaf.. and mid priced crap..
Autor: Giulietta Ciambotti
AutorOne of my problems with Too Faced is that they always have gone for cutesy, childish packaging but have risque names like "Better than Sex".... PICK A LANE, Too Faced. It's awkward to try and be both.
Autor: Miss Vendetta
AutorOopsie daisy. You don't want an oopsie daisy during sex. Omg. I'm dying 😂😂😂😂
Omg the blues pressed glitters from pixie 😍
I'm not big into single shadows those shadows from Clionadh are gorgeous
Autor: Samantha Barfield
AutorI really like your necklaces. What is the shorter chain from ? I am super picky about my necklace chains Lol Is that a certain style of chain? I'm not that interested in much makeup that's coming out right now. I just got the Colourpop It's my pleasure palette for V-day and I really am happy with it. I would like colourpop to come out with another 9 pan palette like that with red/ burgandy orange-ish pink-ish/ maroon/brown color story palette curated the same as the Purple It's my pleasure palette. They did that palette so well. It's pretty much fool proof Lol. I also would like a mid-tone blue-grey single shade.
Autor: Keesha Hampton
AutorI love the look of the Natasha Denona Bloom palette but I’m super fair and the highlighters look a little dark for me. I do still have the Diamond palette on Darya on my wish list though.
Autor: Amy Plays With Colour
AutorI ordered the whole wet n wild collection the other day :) I can't wait to get it in the mail!!
Autor: Adrianna Bruni Craft and Design Co.
AutorAbout the Too Faced ''snack contour palletes''. I just bought a similar mini bronze/highlight pallet from I ♥ revolution. They dupe Too Faced, but there ideas are much better and the prices are very affordable 😉
Autor: Lotje1488
Autorplease do a grwm in swedish with subs! that would be perfect 🧡
Autor: Alina K.
AutorI really want to try Devinah but I just can't afford nor justify paying 48-50$ (usd) in shipping 😭
Autor: W
AutorBefore I even watch this, one thing: that eye makeup thooooo! 😍😍😍 gorgeous!
Autor: Kasee Hall
AutorYou don't come across as a prude. Their naming is ridiculous anymore
Autor: Lindsey Bailes
AutorYou made me laugh at the whole oopsy daisy comment! That whole rant was too funny, thanks for that. You have a great sense of humor!
Autor: Susan Peltier
AutorI love your videos.... & um I'm sorry to ask this here but I think you have a wide international audience so maybe I'll get lucky.
Has anybody tried the 3ina liquid liners or their pencil liner in sage green & yellow? I've bought like 2 yellow liners & they both don't look good on my eyes. If I don't find something soon I'll buy the LH mood crayon with a heavy heart. 😅😂
Autor: Shayri Garg
Autor"No one wants an oopsie daisy" 😂😂
Autor: Gardenia Romero

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