Ohto F-Lapa Review

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AutorIt's awful. I thought it would be smooth from the reviews on jet pens, but instead it's all scratchy and the ink flow doesn't just skip, it long-jumps. I'm soaking the nib overnight and using a different ink tomorrow. I hope that helps.
Autor: Tulipsaki
AutorDo fine nibs smooth out if you use them on toothier paper?
Autor: Tulipsaki
AutorThank you for the videos they are really helpful. I just bought one based on your review.
Autor: Andrew Choi
AutorYour handwriting is amazing.
Autor: Martin T Pham
AutorThe Pilot Varsity/V pen is a better pen and is extremely cheap.
Autor: pachystomiasmicrodon
AutorIs this made in Japan? I'm thinking of getting one for a black ink EDC.
Autor: Tulipsaki
AutorSandpaper works. I don't know how fine mine is - I usually use it smoothing out pencil nibs - but after soaking the nib all night in water, letting it stand on a crumpled paper towel all day to get all the clogged ink out (new pen too, thanks a bunch, jetpens) and then running it over the sandpaper a few times, it's now very smooth.
Autor: Tulipsaki
AutorMine says FF-10B, I wonder. Not too bad at €12,50. Where you buy yours? - Profielen lezen, ook een kunst >.<
Autor: JustineBieberxoxo
AutorThe f-lapa is definitely a nail. But overall not a bad deal for the price point! Great review as always
Autor: Sailor Sapporo
AutorIt only does really well with the ink supplied with it. I now have the black FCR-6 Ohto ink in it and it won't flow too well. It just skips parts no matter what paper. Really annoying. Now I have to find another much more flowing ink to use it without hassle.
Autor: JustineBieberxoxo
Autorohto have gotten generally bad eviews from what I have seen, i believe even the cheaper pilots are better...have you tried the 78g?
Autor: SgtHamster45
AutorAssuming I actually use it for projects and it's not *the* project, I'm fine with that.
Autor: Tulipsaki
AutorTried to find how to get out the nib and or feed. Can't find out how and I am fairly clumsy(putting it mildly)so: can I just pull the nib and feed out? It feels pretty tight and I am not sure it works that way with this pen.
Autor: JustineBieberxoxo
AutorWhen you removed it, did it go back in and write without breaking? I was thinking about changing the nib on mine!
Autor: Glassjaw003

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