Weber Charcoal BBQ - Peppered Picanha Steak

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AutorNice Video, thanks for the advice! What's the name of the song in the video?
Autor: Agustin Zamora
AutorExcellent video! Great piece of meat.
Autor: Vinh Bennett
AutorLooks great. What internal temp did you hit on the meat? How long did you let it rest?
Autor: Chris Billingham
AutorEvery Household should have a >>>   Weber Kettle
Autor: Terrie Smidt
Autorsbagliato tutto, preparazione, cottura e taglio
Autor: sysman76
Autor55 Celsius??
Autor: Gianluca Pascolini
AutorYou should never turn a picanha to cook upside down (fat down)
Autor: Andre Saldanha

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