Steven Yeun: Not All Asians Look Alike! - CONAN on TBS

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Autoras an asian, I thought some white guys look the same. Everytime I saw skinny white guy with beard, I thought he was pewdiepie.
Autor: Fadli Ramadhan
AutorThis has been a PSA thank you.
Autor: Alexis Hayashi
Autorlol in our small eyes all whites and blacks look alike
Autor: Muliadi Siri
AutorSteven actually looks like a young Jimmy Page
Autor: Chanelle Kennedy
AutorGood to see Jackie Chan looking so healthy
Autor: Oberyn Martell
AutorAdmittedly, I thought they were the same person. I think it's the fact that the eyes (at a glance) look very similar. It's only as information filters in from your peripheral vision do you start picking up distinguishing features.
Autor: D. Davidson
AutorBlack Damon
Autor: Samuel Saephan
AutorAnyone here from voltron??😂😂😂
Autor: SpacePoofs
Autorwhy dont make a real hollywood movies with thise ppl
Autor: sajire
Autorthe black Matt Damon will never get a ticket to Kimmel's show
Autor: Monika
AutorI love how he had to point out that it was him at the end, cuz people wouldn't be able to tell. lmao
Autor: T Sing
AutorCan't believe G Dragon was here. Conan should invite him again.
Autor: Aman
AutorMan ......if Steven yeun was a bad guy, I seriously could not hate him
Autor: Gerard Cortes
Autor: Lemon arts
AutorYou guys are mistaken, thats not Jackie Chan
Thats Jet Li
Autor: C Hang
AutorMy favorite Steven interview hands down. HILARIOUS! Lol!! 😂 You’re a 12 year old girl! LOL
Autor: Lucy Elly
AutorI don't know... id have to see him with his eyeball popped out, just to be sure..
Autor: 120starter
AutorDaniel Radcliffe is so funny in this
Autor: SubjectT17
AutorI actually couldn't tell that last pic was him XD
Autor: rodrigo hernandez
AutorI wamma fimd my twin look alike
Autor: L Lol
AutorThis was hilarious!!!
Autor: Technosis 909
AutorThat black dude looks like terry crews!!
Autor: HAM_Venom
AutorI'm Asian and "Why do you all look alike?" Is the most annoying douche bag question ever. Ever.
Autor: Anniev
AutorEverytime i watch Steven Yeun - Videos i just can't get the picture of Keith Kogane out of my head
Autor: Shooky Cooky
AutorI thought on twd they said he was Korean
Autor: Savannah Rose
AutorWell, I'd say Justin Chon looks like you.
Autor: Greer Jones
Autor😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌he looks nuthin nothing like steven bc Stevens attractive lol
Autor: aiyanna s
AutorI think steven looks like a korean actor named jang hyuk :< plz tell me its not just me
Autor: yeroroo
AutorOh Andy
Autor: Scupacium
AutorRacism can be really funny sometimes.
Autor: LoL Darth Ynot
AutorThe dude at looks way more like carykh than he looks like Steven Yeun.
Autor: Hunting Sunder
AutorConan looks like that guy from that Johnny Depp film about that Irish gang guy
Autor: hi
AutorPeople are racist im asian and people call me and my brother ching chong
Autor: ImUnrelenting
AutorJapanese actor Hagiwara masato!!!!!
He is look like Yeun!
Can you check this out
Autor: なると多趣味
Autorwhen i went to korea wtf there are 200 steven yeuns all in one plac
Autor: Zetsuke4
Autorthis guy gon be so gorgeous in 20 years
Autor: haxpaxed
AutorI realized that it's not that all Asians look alike by the way Asians can't tell western apart either. So I conclude that if you practice your eyes and look at a lot of Asians they actually look so diffent. And If Asians practice watching western too they would actaully tell the difference too.
Autor: My Me
Autorisn't this the guy from Jackie Chan who was the villan in rush hour?
AutorOh jeez!
They all look same.
My wife is Asian.
I banged my mother-in-law, thinking it was her.
Autor: Samarth Srivastava
AutorOh, I'll miss him being on Conan's shows.....
Autor: onigoroshi442
Autorthe closest asian guy who really look like him is a korean comedian named kim joon ho/ kim junho
Autor: a b
AutorAll I can hear is Keith from vld
Autor: Jessica
AutorConans laugh>>> Jimmy fallon
Autor: richard escobar
My bf looks like Steven Yeun!
Autor: Minnie Kim
AutorI cried when Glenn died.
Autor: Lulu, Drinker of Coffee
Autor"I don't know what I'm doing" same
Autor: Tele
Autorhey, that asian dude is boby lee right ? XD
Autor: Artilius Relax
AutorIs it bad that i just realized hes not from fast and furious
Autor: Joey Wolfer
AutorThank you for shining a light on this social issue. I too am sick and tired of being mistaken for Steven Yeun.
Sincerely: 6 ft , 200 lb, 54 year old Persian guy !!!
Autor: neoperseus
AutorWow, Conan is interviewing Jacky Chan
Autor: Aditya Waghmare
AutorI'm Asian and everyone look like chicken
Autor: Tin Muffin
Autorbring back this hair™
Autor: Alaina Comer
AutorThat 1st Asian guy wishes he look like Steven Yuen. How can anyone even mistook him for Steven, he look much older and uglier.
Autor: starkness65
Autorthe second one is way to good
Autor: Chris
AutorOf course they don't! My son in law's Chinese mother asked our waitress at a sushi restaurant if she was Korean...and she was. So. They don't even look like other Asian nationalities.
Autor: Karen Shaub
AutorIs he in a video game
Autor: Geek Plus
Autorwow! asians want to be so white! you know whiteness is europe and the americas! nothing else! ever! don't ever forget it!
Autor: tonymsff
Autorwow! asians want to be so white! you know whiteness is europe and the americas! nothing else! ever! don't ever forget it!
Autor: tonymsff
AutorBut Asians do look alike, sometimes I can't tell the difference between my dad and his twin brother 😭😭😂😨😱
Autor: Lily Miura
AutorAll Asians don't look alike but a lot of Asians do look very similar. That's just a fact.
Autor: SoCali
AutorI think Steven is wearing Invisalign brackets in this video
Autor: FinallyFoundIt!
Autorhahah this is so hilarious how is this even a subject, of course they look nothing alike!!! awww Glenn is such a sweetie!
Autor: MMaya
AutorBut to be honest these Asians do look alike
Autor: Dranzer Jetli
AutorWho else just hears Keith in him?
Autor: Voltron. Red
AutorIt might sound racist but for me as an Asian man . Black men or women look alike . Just got back for a trip from Kenya and Tanzania last month .. Damn I couldn't tell them apart . Yes They are not exactly the same but It's not easy
Autor: Nam Srikhammul
AutorSteven was great in the Karate Kid
Autor: Dtonationify
AutorAsia for americans = China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Mongols and pretty much all yellow races.
Autor: Junjun
AutorDon't forget that Magic Johnson looks like a bald black John Travolta
Autor: Tong Pa Fu
Autorsteven yeun is such glenn in real life
Autor: Animesh Srivastava
AutorStevens hairstyle in thumbnail look like Eugene's XD
Autor: Assassination XD
AutorWhen the walking dead first came out everyone and their dog said how I reminded them of Steven. It was quite annoying and not flattering.
Autor: Joseph Ng
Autoryeah kinda the same race but still specifics
Autor: Cameron Karr
AutorStevens face in the last seconds looks like "I look him. Whatever they say. I do >[" I appreciate what he does on reddit.
Autor: Aimz Sparrow
AutorMan, Jackie Chan hasnt aged one bit
Autor: explosmateer
Autoraudience hesitated to react on that last one until Conan confirmed that it WAS Steven Yeun
Autor: Sity
Autorryan higa looks like him 😁
Autor: Loln2025
AutorOhh Steve Yeun, he never can keep his head on his shoulders

.. haha
Autor: SnowVilliersHero
AutorThey should make a skit for that ethnicity lookalike
Autor: Yusuke FuryRoad
AutorHe’s so hot I can’t omg
Autor: Molly G
AutorHere in San Francisco one best be able to tell the difference between Chines, Japanese, Koran, Vietnamese, ...
Autor: Steven Torrey
Autorbut he does look like bobby lee
Autor: stabbing_bunny
AutorThis man's cheekbones are insane
Autor: nkean6
Autor😂😂😂 Black Damon!!
Autor: BeepBoop
AutorHe looks like a guy I'd make in Sims.
Autor: Iman Toumi
AutorWhite people think that about every race, not just Asians. White people are the most diverse race so of course they're gonna think all Asians look alike. I mean, they do..and that's okay. Blonde hair-blue eyed people all look alike. Think about it, at one point in time, most likely every tribe on earth was practically clones of each other, especially the men.
Autor: dM
Autor"Mixed message, you know?"
"Yea I know, but like.. I don't know what I'm doing, really" lol
Autor: quietastronaut
Autor: piercetheparx
AutorThe "Black matt damond" kinda looks like Terry crews
Autor: dingus dongus
AutorHello buddies !! immediately Video truly looks like strongly briloiant$digital
Autor: Luke Walsh
AutorWhile western people think that all Asians look the same, Asian people think the same thing when seeing caucasians. All whites looks the same to each other. LOL
Autor: minty109love
AutorI hate whenever people say that all BTS members “LoOk ThE sAME”
Autor: whatever why
AutorI thought he was korean
Autor: Joseph Resendiz Jr
Autorwhat's his official reddit?
Autor: Beatrice Gatta
Autorrip glenn
Autor: WaterBenderboi
AutorOkay but the age thing can really be difficult for white people... Not that it's thing to age... Slower i guess
Autor: Henry P. V.
AutorHe's an Asian dude that plays an Asian dude disguised as another Asian dude who thinks that another Asian dude doesn't look like any other Asian dude. Questions?
Autor: Marcus Larsson
AutorJust like Indian aren’t Asian 🙄
Autor: Laura Nope
Autor: Mustafa Alshaer
Autor Oddly enough, the Asian guy in the Cabela's cap looks more like the comic book version of Glenn than Steven Yeun does!
Autor: Peter Cockerham
AutorIt'd be your problem if you don't look like us all, live with it and be proud, Yeun!😂
Autor: Sun Li
AutorThat’s f*ck up. Did they really think that asian dud looks like Steven? Lmfao
Autor: xlynsanity BB
Autor: Rebel YT
AutorPlot twist: The world is Jackie Chan
Autor: shugarwax
AutorLmao was that Paul Dateh?!
Autor: Christine
Autor: JustLance
Autorthis jokes works, if i say: if i saw a white people with medium long hair i thought i see justin bieber
Autor: Lee Jun
AutorNot all, just most.
Autor: Jackson Winkleson
Autorhe actually has a very distinctive face unlike some so I'm surprised that people mistake others for him.
Autor: PurelyAfrican
AutorI can't 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Autor: destiny sanders
Autor“We had a bonding moment. I CRADLED YOU IN MY ARMS” that’s all I hear. Being a voltron fan attacks me sometimes
Autor: Elena G.
Autori no right im asian and people think that im my friend parker are the same and ASIAN DO LOOK A LIKE
Autor: Toxic universe
AutorRacism is here
Autor: Unknown
AutorTrue but Most white people look alike. They really do. I can't tell them apart.
Autor: Trent Timoy
AutorGradeAunderA racism test. even Asians fail the test. Im african and the racism taught me that all types of black people look alike. i failed the test and i promise you that you will fail too.
Autor: Makoto Akiyama
AutorWhen I say "they all look alike" I don't mean that every Asian person is just from a race of carbon copies. I mean that I can't tell the difference between different Asian ethnicities and people get offended by that. I'm sorry but if you can't tell the difference between me and a guy on the other side of Europe then you don't get to complain.

That's why white people do the whole "guess where they're from" game, because people get annoyed at us sometimes when we can't tell.
Autor: Lazy Spark
Autor: JulieBishop
AutorJet Lee has aged very well.
Autor: Thomas
AutorI worked at a restaurant for years and a lot of people who weren't white would tell me I looked exactly like george clooney, it got out of hand, especially since I am blonde with green eyes
Autor: Tom fight
AutoriS ThAt AnOtHeR CHiNeSE
Autor: whatever why
AutorAM I THE ONLY ONE WHO DIED LAUGHING AT THIS HELP (I was gonna make a Glenn joke but um)
Autor: ani
AutorWhy does he remind me of Milo Ventimiglia
Autor: Ingrid Lopez
AutorCompare John Travolta to Magic Johnson
Autor: Tong Pa Fu
AutorNot all Asian look alike. So TRUE
Autor: Just Peaceful
AutorHahaha good explanation Steven
Autor: Isabelle Xiong
AutorStill Asian Face¡
Autor: D.I.N. Music
Autoroh god the black matt damon was hilarious
Autor: Jay Sato
AutorI love when Conan makes obvious gags and Steven looks secretly offended
Autor: IN73RJ3c7I0N
AutorAsians do seem to look more alike that other racial and ethnic groups.
Autor: SoCali
Autorsteven yeun interviews are so entertaining.
Autor: Pralay Aryan
AutorI find it that when we refer to word asian, most people think chinese. Were a lot of asian people from other parts of asia look nothing like the asians portrayed in media and if there is an asian who is not chinese,japenese, and other asians who look like the two I mentioned, are not referred as asian at all.
Autor: Ed Mark Arreza
Autori can only hear keith omg stop
Autor: Georgia W.
AutorSo Brad pitt is same as the Asian, Asian is same as Steven yeun(caus all Asian is same) and im the Asian (who is exactly same as Steven). So that means im same with Brad Pitt
Autor: 박세진
AutorThe first dude looks like Asian Benedict Cumberbatch
Autor: Poops McGee
AutorLove Steven Yeun so awesome, and chill
Autor: dkursu
AutorI thought Bruce Lee was dead.
Autorso annoying when people say all asians look alike. same as when they think chinese = chinese, japanese, korean, vietnamese, thai etc.
like why can't they just say "asian" when identifying an asian person? but no, they say "chinese" automatically.
Autor: Dom
AutorClose your eyes. Now YOU look like Steven Yeun
Autor: Emily Leung
AutorGood to see Jackie Chan is getting better at his accent.
Autor: Volkmar
AutorAnd even within Asians, they are very different. Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Southeast Asians etc are all very different. You might not realize it when you walk on the streets of America and the typical Asians you see are Asian-American. They are NOT the same as Asians from Asia (what Asian-Americans would call them 'fobs'). Asian-Americans are basically Americans. "Fobs" or Asians from Asia, have their own set of cultural values and Korean fobs are totally different than Chinese fobs, etc.
Autor: Tong Zou
Autor: George Ramos
AutorJackie Chan looks really young how old is this?
Autor: The Shakemeister
AutorAs an Asian, I totally agree
Autor: 예레예레옝옝옝
Autoris it only me that didn't recognize the last picture was steven?
Autor: 이럴슈가 뷔상사태야
AutorIn LA Steven has a house that everyone can come to. He doesn't ever go there but throws parties every night. In the entrance is pictures of him and Calebs. It's Rlly cool
Autor: Joseph Resendiz Jr
Autorthe guy in the photo actually looks like a skinny Andy.
Autor: Sakata Gintoki
AutorKeith scouts the Reddit...

oh..oh my gOD
Autor: Jordan La Force
AutorNo exceptions
Autor: KarlTheKiller_Gamer
AutorI'm Korean and I will say this : there are only two types of Asians; Steven Yeon and the rest
Autor: 박준규
AutorIdk in the thumbnail they kinda look alike
Autor: Kadomatsu Joestar
AutorPetition for another guesting of Steven Yeun!!!
Autor: Rara Zap
AutorWanna hear a Racist Joke?

Autor: Aditya Waghmare
Autorlol, I get the same thing. Someone's told me I look like the guy from Heroes. I don't look like the guy from Heroes.
Autor: Khanikun Khan
AutorIn my country we used to believe America polluted asia when they dropped nuke on Japan and all Asian babies with small eyes and locking alike there genes got affected by the nuke 🤣
Autor: Fahad Aldowseri
AutorBlack Damon
Autor: Rodrigo Cáceres
Autor: cheeseburger
AutorDamn! Steven Yuen looks really close to Glenn Rhee from Th Walking Dead
Autor: Galaxy Wafflezz
AutorWatched each and every interview of conan and steven togather. Who else did?
Autor: Preetham Dcnz
AutorI never fail to rewatch any Steven Yuen interviews with Conan everytime it pops up on home
Autor: Choy
AutorPffff whiny american, people look at me and think I'm russian! NOT ALL europeans LOOK ALIKE!!!!! X"""""D Go call a real ukranian russian, or a belgian french and see what happens, I dare you! See if your health insurgence covers that mistake. But I'm glad things are less serious in USA with this mistaken identity.
Autor: Hisame Artwork
AutorYellow fever 😂😂😂
AutorSteven yeun do you have a pet dog cause my python is hungry
Autor: Jonathon Parzyck
AutorI look exactly like steven yeun but 10 years of age
Autor: Thang Kang
AutorWell 90% Asians look alike so their basically all doppelgänger to each other 😂😂
Autor: Bubblegum T
Autor: Agent T. Yang
AutorHe found a picture of Black Damon..
Autor: Ryan Boodia
AutorI f*cking love Steven omg
Autor: Sof Vargas
AutorWell hes not "asian" asian looking hes American asian
Autor: Nick Z
Autor: karla trujillo
AutorBlack Damon
Autor: adam brothwood
AutorGotcha Glenn
Autor: UnicornDreams Gari
AutorMister Yeun: You have no idea how many women out there were real happy to see you on American T.V. Finally, a nice- looking Asian man who is not relegated to East Asian cinema or stupid, bit parts here. And I can tell various people apart. For instance, you are not Joo Jin- Mo. Nor are you Namgoong Min. But you're right up there!
Autor: Cat Cooper
Autoris that 2 bucks
Autor: AskEpic
AutorI watch a lot of Korean television - I've seen look alikes for Arsenio Hall, Ice Cube and others. :)
Autor: CrixusHeart
AutorSteven Yeun is South Korean you retards
Autor: Cameron Karr
AutorAll Asians look the same
Autor: Sandor Clegane
AutorTwo Chinese men walk into a bar.
The bartender looks up and says:
"Why the same face?"
Autor: Bill E Zane
Autor: Keith Lee
Autorelasian wood
Autor: 1rickopotamus
AutorDamn that Donnie Yen guy sure is funny. I also loved him in Star Trek, Rush Hour, Harold and Kumar, Godzilla. Big Trouble in Little China
Autor: Matt Schumacher
AutorAsian Brad Pitt, that's amazing lmao
Autor: Danni Kris
Autor That guy looks more like Matthew Lillard.
Autor: Joe Paragon
AutorWear a cap, be asian. OMG it's Glenn!
Autor: Vancess
AutorPoor steven
Autor: Mem'Ree Vasquez
Autor: Mikhail Tagallie
Autor: Caro
AutorWhen i first started the walking dead i though he really looked like Ryan Higa (the youtuber) i still do •-•
Autor: Kaikimya •
AutorA 12 year old girl...Steven your mother would be proud. Lol
Autor: Robert Valdez
AutorHe looks like Steven Ho
Autor: Sue The Dude
AutorIs it just me or steven yeun look like Kim Tae yeon of SNSD.
Autor: Rima Y. Pratama
Autor0.57 his face im crying
Autor: Cristiana Colangelo
AutorConan actually had to tell the audience that Steven Yeun was in the last picture before they got the joke. Who else did they think it was?
Autor: coolio9488
AutorI know not all Asians look the same, but a lot of them do. But hey, a lot of white people look the same too. And Latin Americans, people from India, African-Americans, etc.
Autor: K. The Artist
AutorPals Omg net I guess wonderful resvlt your ..
Autor: Sara Perrin
Autorgod i love this guy
Autor: William Faris
AutorThe black Matt Damon guy looks like Terry Crews 🤔
Autor: T. Belt
Autorasians all look alike is simply a westerner inability to recognize other cultures
Autor: Grumpy Cat
AutorI'm a 13yr old black girl and I can't go outside anymore because I keep getting mistaken for Steven Yeun.
Autor: D. C
AutorI like this Chinese guy! :P
Autor: TheSimcraftFixion
AutorHe look like mike chang
Autor: steven john
AutorGlenn vs Stone Cold Steve Austin confirmed
Autor: Daniel Knights

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