Trippin balls on salvia

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Autorevery video I watch on saliva, is the same....everyone veg's out...looks lame...whats the point?? but kids will try anything...really time u won't come back...evil ya
Autor: Marisa Sanders
AutorIs that bong glass?
Autor: Kendall Dearkos
AutorCalmest one ive seen.
Autor: LaLa’s World
AutorDude i think your girl was trying to let u know that there is actual people in the otherside aka hell or the spiritual world who are suffering and are connecting with her. Notice she started smircking and laughing like something else was controlling her very creepy dude seriously play this video again until you get it"
Autor: Indigo
Autori figured she would bust out laughing within seconds but nope nodda nodda word
Autor: Anne vay
AutorLOL I was havin a really weird trippp ! I kept like feeling my lips cuz I felt like my face was melting off hahaha everything was hilarious but I can never actually talk when I'm on it
Autor: maeghan rose
AutorAll I can remember is that ass!
Autor: XxRymenxX
Autor"fuuuck that videos gonna be hilarious" hahah
Autor: Bleh Blah

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