FSX Multiplayer Landing Competition: Crosswinds at Madeira (Top 10)

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AutorCongratulations on reaching 15000 subscribers! :)
Autor: Bravo Sierra
AutorI'm the 801th viewer and 101 liker 0_0
Autor: explode hi
Autor2nd landing was #$%#
Autor: HBSurf
AutorI finally got 10th place :D
Autor: ProFX
AutorOuch no. 9 that front landing gear touchdown SLAM...
Autor: Fuxi
Autorfor any one who does not know where to go for landing comps go here
Autor: supreme rc
Autormusic is shiiiiiiitty
Autor: Xelexotrov
AutorWas somebody trolling during the 9th place landing with those GPWS alerts?
Autor: Stlweather
AutorAt the start when they all fly in and there's like 15 of them I bet Madeira tower where like oh shit
Autor: bmxwaffle
Autorhi airforceproud! i love your videos but because i dont have fsx myself, is there any airprots in Bangladesh in fsx? thats the country im from. please reply, thanks 😊
Autor: MKSFire10
AutorNumber 8 has the same Steam name as me.
Autor: Ewoud SVG
Autor: TrustyMarlin63
Autori dont think n1 should get a 10 in technique, landed with all wheels at the same time while crabbing
Autor: luis laurencio
AutorNickFlight always using the 747...maybe his favorite aircraft ! xd
Autor: Hmd new
Autor: Airplane Engine
AutorMy first top 10 in a competition! I came in 6th! Side note: I noticed the video was uploaded just after I landed in a real airplane. Ironically, it was an A320 and I used a 737 in the competition.
Autor: NJ Sullyalex
Autordoes the online works normaly on the steam edition
Autor: Jamal Mallah
AutorLoved this video, keep it up man.
Autor: SlipzRecordings
Autorwould be cool to do an autoland and win competition.
Autor: Edvinas
Autor: Owen Qu
AutorNice... GJ ;) one question, if you factored one criteria higher than the others, what would it be? Smoothness? Technique? Or Centerline?
Autor: JackieNoobFilms
AutorNice man really cool could you try the Martin air MD-11
Autor: Feike Zelst
AutorDont really understand the technique score. Aren't there only like 2 techniques like crabbing or slipping. Should the category be approaches? Idk still liked the video
Autor: Pilot737_Sanchez
Autor15,000 subscribers! Yay! Congrats!
Autor: Colin Boone
AutorMan you're a real pilot aren't ya cause I saw half of the latest vids and it seems like you are
Autor: Russel Lord
AutorGreat vid
Autor: Fergus Walsh
Autori think they should make one landing in Bogota, Colombia in the runways 31
Autor: David Manrique
AutorFinally a landing competition at my "home"
Autor: Broseph Stalin
Autorwhy does the 747 left and right gear is not facing down
Autor: Delany Davila
Autori though madeira airport had some of the runway builded to bridge
Autor: Aviation Unlimited
AutorCould you show me how?
Autor: Khang Nguyen
AutorI love the B747
Autor: Ferrari Playz
AutorThis featured one of the most challengest
Autor: Khang Nguyen
Autor747 engine strike on a 737
Autor: S1L3NT_110
AutorReally nice landing for the 747
Autor: Pete Mitchell
Autorw00t? The last one is the best? He's jumped after the 1st touch.
Autor: yrussq
Autor Interesting...
Autor: Tucker the YouTuber
Autorwho's this MF nickflightx this MF runs for real I can't😂😂
Autor: Harsh Kumar
Autor: SkubaSteve84
AutorQue Foda >. <
Autor: Jhordan Gabriel
AutorThese guys don't know what good landings are
Autor: AtomicPizzas
AutorHow do you play multiplayer with the shutdown of gamespy? Thanks.
Autor: dodoproductions14
Autorwhat is the name of the server you guys use for these flights?
Autor: michel de Souza e Souza
Autorlooks nothing like maderia
Autor: channel no longer in use
AutorWow that really looks nothing like Madeira and the airport there.
Autor: NetAndyCz
AutorNow we have to wait 8,954,671 years for King of 747 one
Autor: coffee
AutorI swear landing crossed is really bad technique due to the strain it puts on the gear
Autor: Aayush Ganesh
Autor+airforceproud95 What's the teamspeak server
Autor: Airforce23 Wotb
AutorI figured out how to get a 747 on top of a building during the landing competition.
Autor: Evan Schildgen
Autor"Too low terrain. Pull up" AFP95 for Boeing alert man voice 2015
Autor: MrRandomCapital
Autorhey what's ur server?
Autor: Lu Powers
Autor5th should have been 1st
Autor: GGrant
AutorMaybe someday we'll see a CYXS competition, but in FGFS.

If I can get the fgms source code
Autor: Ellenor Malik
AutorThe problem is the last B747 decapitated the b737 pilots with its far left engine as it bounced down the runway
Autor: DnBen R
AutorMe, Who's Going to be first, Who's going to be first
Screen- Number 1, NickFlightX
Again Really?
Autor: Xequit10 Gaming
AutorDerpinson deserved that win. Nick landed too hard
Autor: GamerMitch
AutorPeople are using the 747 because it is big and stable and makes landings look smooth. I mean come on, it's madeira!
Autor: patrik streng
Autori don't get it it said in the calander 6 september their is gonna be a competion in pm
Autor: BluLenox
AutorLove your videos, keep up the excellent work!!! Is there any other way of finding out when you are doing compitions, or trolling apart from twitter?
Autor: Spookster Gaming
AutorFlying the crj into a windy airport was tough, but very interesting. Congrats on everyone in the top 10!
Autor: Boeing 169
Autorpretty good landings here. Shame my coffee spilt a little on some.
Autor: Spirit Wolf
Steam ID: Boeing 169
Plane used: CRJ7
Autor: Mikey 101234
AutorAnd of course Nick Flight wins
Autor: Aayush Ganesh
AutorGotta love those videos, thanks for sharing. One question though, is there an active ATC during such events?
Autor: Enver Unver
AutorAm I first? Nice vod!
Autor: Snipah Chaimber
Autor9th place alright, i really wanted to see how i did on my landing.
Autor: Wendell Kury
AutorNice landing competition dude , hugs from Portugal :D
Autor: psilvavc
Autorgo inverded and tine land it that wolld be cool
Autor: Corey Payne
Autornice dude..and try fatmawati soekarno airport on bengkulu..
Autor: alvin fahmi baihaki
Autori thought madeira had an extension to the RWY...
Autor: Starman 737
AutorHoly guacamole more Boeing’s than my in level
Autor: flitzerox fortnite
AutorNickFlightX always wins
Autor: craigers37
AutorI would've been in this video if I didn't give up because of the disconnecting. It was my first comp.
Autor: coffee
AutorLol, I thought Derpinson was gonna PIO the fuck out, but it was just youtube being a dick
Autor: utbdoug
AutorI don't have any control over my rudder in FSX so I have to use Autorudder.... It's such a pain in the ass on crosswind landings in FSX.
Autor: FederalAce
AutorHad a slice of buttered bread after that beautiful 747 landing.
Autor: Vince K
Autorsome get madeira aerosoft please :(
Autor: sEALs - YT
AutorWOW ! that's really fun ! must be TOP 20 ! LOL
Autor: セントグロリアナRukuriri
Autor: xMagic_
Autorwhen and on what server do you hold the competitions on?
Autor: Echo Mike
AutorWait until u see what I can do suggestion do an airobatic completion would happily join an show off
Autor: Space Dreamz
AutorAll these noobs writing comments
Autor: Milan
AutorI like how that B747's engine struck the cockpit of that 737 and the end... Lol😂
Autor: Breylan Johnson
AutorI think I am the only Portuguese viewer of this channel and proud of this Madeira airport, my homeland city :)
Autor: João Gonçalves
Autorthank you. I hope to be there next comp.
Autor: Echo Mike
AutorMaidera is always always storm and full of crosswind. Nice vid
Autor: Khôi Minh
AutorWhat if they prefer ILS Landing.
Autor: sai rahul
AutorHow do you join in?
Autor: Michael Seeds
Autoredit nvm went to www.fsxcc.comwhens the next comp at?:
Which airport?;
Server name?;
For what (eg: tail draggers etc etc);
Autor: Clockpie
Autor#2 should have been in first place.
Autor: No One
Autor: Aafresh 14
AutorLuv it keep it up mate
Autor: Oli Mackenzie
AutorWhat About Innsbruck Rwy 08 ? Not Rwy 26 Its Facing The Mountains Meaning It Will Be Hard But "Just Do It!"
Autor: reigel torrevillas
Autor: kevindt12
Autor: pedropablo2014
AutorThose were some pretty good landings... Nick had a perfect landing if you ask me.
Autor: anthony2154
Autor: Nuclearation
Autor133th comment!
Autor2 was better than 1
Autor: Penguin in the freezer!
AutorI don't know how to install the Steam Edition into my old FSX.
Autor: Khang Nguyen
AutorLoved the video, Subscribe to our channel if you need music! Once you have subscribed email us and we will help you out.
Autor: Galaxy Records
AutorLate squad, where you at?
Autor: olympique325

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