The Smallest Characters in Fighting Games

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AutorFaltou o iggy do jojo bizarre adventures
Autor: がまろう
AutorNeco-Arc from Melty Blood
Autor: tailsfoxboy
AutorPichu and jigglypuff from Smash bros melee
Autor: HOSE B
AutorI think this is a good idea bro.
Autor: Ultimate KillerKombat X
AutorWhat about Iggy and Pet Shop from JJBA: Heritage for the Future?
Autor: superharith
AutorThe smallest character that comes to mind is Nando the rabbit who is playable from the start, not a secret character at all, and is the size of most character's foot. He's the smallest playable character in the game Guardian Heroes for the Sega Saturn. There are unlockable characters (like 40) that are also very small, but Nando the starting character I think wins smallest size.
Autor: Tails Clock
AutorNo mention of Iron Tager from BlazBlue or Chang from KoF in the tall videos and no mention of Choi from KoF here. Come on man
Autor: edictzero
AutorYou really couldn't mention Pichu from SSBM or Kirby from the whole series??
Autor: HandsPlasticX
AutorAkamaru from Naruto Gekitou ninja taisen 4, and Pojo the Chicken from mace the Dark Ages.
Autor: kingnitros
AutorLieselotte Achenbach from Arcana Heart
Neco-Arc from Melty Blood
Dorothy Albright from Arcana Heart
Minato Tomoka from Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax
Autor: Saki Tsuzura
AutorUniversal fighting system???
Autor: Alan Ricks
AutorKayin's daughter Naru is a hidden playable character in Battle Arena Toshinden 3. Anita (from Darkstalkers) is a hidden playable character in Marvel Super Heroes. Melty Blood has Neco-Arc, who (at least by a Type Moon wikia) is 60cm tall and weighs 8kg. Mace the Dark Age is another game with a playable chicken, the hidden character Pojo. Some of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventures games have more playable animals, with Iggy (Boston Terrier) and Pet Shop (falcon). While most of the people in the Bloody Roar games turn into human-size hybrids, Cronos simply turns into a Rockhopper Penguin for his regular transformation.
Autor: BainesMkII
AutorWhat is this Samurai Shoutout you speak for, and where can I play it? :D
Autor: Manuel Sacha
AutorAww, no mention of Iggy or Pet Shop in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage to the Future?
Autor: Duothimir
Autor"That's right, there is a rooster in the roster." lol
Eternal Champions is awesome. Great concept, very creative finishing moves, and that SWEET theme song
Autor: João "Agile"
Autorwhat about kirby or olimar?
Autor: Everton Miller
AutorHow about Pojo the chicken from Mace the Dark Age
Autor: David Lotruglio
AutorKon from Bleach: Blade of Fate

Yachiru from the same game wasn't as small but had enough effective tools in the original Japanese release that, combined with her small hurtbox, made her top tier despite being intended to be a joke character and caused Sega/Treasure to nerf her significantly in the English release
Autor: SyaoLin213
Autorthey're all some kind of animals
Autor: Darshan Bhambhani
AutorI'm just here for Servbot haha. edit: Omg you missed Iggy...!? I thought he was a shoe-in. He fits in one.
Autor: Krystal Myth
AutorIn the Bleach DS fighting games, it's possible to have Kon in his stuffed animal form, vs. a full size Menos Grande.
Autor: wanderlustwarrior
AutorAfter BlazBlue centralfiction updates 2.0, the DLC character Jubei is way smaller than most of the cast and have no differences between standing or crouching with the only indicator is his stance change. Most of his hurtboxes come on middle to Low making most of high profile Attack completely miss on the ground with exception of overhead.
Autor: Sean Marco Louis
That’s 3’10”
Autor: Zombie Guy
AutorChoi king of fighters
Autor: Jack Neumann
AutorNice list.
But what about Rocket Raccoon in MvC 3?
Autor: MavErik
AutorForgot their names, but the 2 tiny characters from melty blood actress again
Autor: Terroir Ilham Aditya
AutorRoll in Tatsunoko VS Capcom
Viewtiful Joe and Rocket Raccoon in UMVC3
Autor: BigBossMan538
AutorOlimar and Alph from Smash 4
Autor: Shahars71
AutorThe Atom in Injustice 2. He can shrink to the size of an atom.
Autor: kash smith
AutorHow's your card game going?
Autor: Felipi Medeiros Macedo
AutorDid you know one of Slither's moves let's him fly like Tails?
Autor: Gustavo Chavarria
AutorServbots is the best...c'mon capcom make Legends 3
Autor: Lucas Vinicius
AutorI¿m a yugioh fan so I'm going to see how does that card game works
Autor: Slayerthecrow
AutorAtom - Injustice 2
Autor: Rauan Maia Holanda
AutorChoi Bounge from the KOF series.
He is 153cm. He probably has the smallest hitbox instead of his bigger counterparts Goro Daimon and Chang Koehan, they both have big hitboxes and are also pretty slow...
Autor: Evil Justin.Y
AutorWow this is a huge list. I only knew of Roll, Jubei, Gon, Servbot, and Petshop. Edit: Forgot about the cats from sfxt,
Autor: Dan Sora
AutorI was gonna say: "if u don't talk about servebot, I'm gonna jump in the video"
Autor: PSI Wall
AutorGood video, but, Where is Roll from MVC?
Autor: Energía Oscura
Autorno pichu ? :o
Autor: Rasta Claus
AutorOh! I had the Inuyasha game, the adventure mode was really fun.
Autor: Super Adaptation Wars
AutorIggy from JJBA: HftF
Autor: Flash Kick
AutorSo Yoda in Soul Caliber is the equivalent of Sonic in Smash Bros?
Autor: The Banana Melon
AutorIggy jojo bizarre adventure
Autor: aldrik santiago
AutorIggy from Jojo Heritage of the future
Autor: Meta Knight
AutorI remember you could play as Akamaru, Kiba's dog, in some of the first Naruto fighting games and he was easily an absolutely microscopic character created for the sake of nonsense.
Autor: Dommer4kill: DX
AutorServbot from marvel vs capcom 2
Autor: Hoovy Sandwich
AutorPichu in Melee
Autor: Swift_Heracross

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