Uncharted 2 - The Reunion - Puzzle

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Autorthx, was so #"¤"# easy when i found the notebook page lol, I only checked the last two pages :P
feels like the game is made for 6 years olds when you read the journal, but befor eI did I was stuck
thx for showing me there was another page before on a quest that comes after
Autor: Belnick6666
AutorThanks for the help I was getting really confused when I was playing.
Autor: Cave Colors
AutorI was looking at the page after the daughter for a year..... Th.x
Autor: Huiliu Mendez
Autorthank you
Autor: mylistofdoom
AutorNo wonder I couldn't solve this, I didn't open the notebook on the right page haha, thanks!
Autor: shiningray
AutorThanks for the video it helped
Autor: Tim Chapman
AutorI found it to be a very easy puzzle, did it on my first try, took me a very long time, though..
Autor: tylerboy565
Autor: MinnesotaChills
Autorvery helpful many thanks:)
Autor: rainier villaruel
Autori love you
Autor: tiffany murphy
AutorThanks man I'm very happy with this Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Autor: محمد حكمي
AutorThose monsters (Demon Yetis) scare the crap out of me! Why did there have to be monsters in this game? : (. Excellent game though.
Autor: Chuka Ikokwu
AutorThank you very much, you healped me a lot.
Autor: TheKuba1214
Autor: TwentyGs
AutorI don't have any friends :( but I'm happy without them friends are bad fuck them nikkaaaaa
Autor: Yilmaz Esingen
Autorthx bro
Autor: Austin Ken
Autorthanks, I already did it, I see Uncharted 2 very easy, but Uncharted one as hell.
Autor: Creative Style
Autor: moorbre
Autor: Twin Twister
AutorThank you so much because off you a passed this i was stuck on the damm tiger / bird lol
Autor: Queen:X-Tina
AutorRight now on my first playthrough in 2017 yeah I didn't get my PS3 until late
Autor: Black Phoenix
AutorTricky? I found every puzzle of the game to be quite simple. Just match the colors... Survival Horror games are tricky.
Autor: Bruno Silva
Autorthe putting the statues in place is easy the second part is so hard bud!
Autor: KolerikRocks
Autor@tmg331 Me too, that's why I need youtube haha :)
Autor: KyleSF92
Autorfuck this puzzle seriously
Autor: fist full of anchovies
AutorGeiles Gameplay!!! very good gameplay
Autor: Rosana Beat
Autorhey man can you help me i understand the puzzle and ive done it but its not unlocking the door its not doing anything
Autor: Razz
AutorI'm a first timer & idk how this works but how can I get yur number big boy ;)
Autor: LarryLyncher
AutorYou fucking suck at explaining shit. I got cancer from trying to watch your video. Fucking annoying.
Autor: Big Birb
Autorthanks for this. thr color is FUBAR on my 20 year old tv, so I would have never gotten it without help.
Autor: salemcripple
AutorAll this just to open a god damn door??? I could've just walked round the temple instead of using that "secret exit".
Autor: Doom Guy
Autorhey thx a million man i apriciate it whats ur name on psn my is atomik_flash u should add me
Autor: Connor Mc Callion
AutorDamn puzzle!!
Autor: Eric Hutchcraft
AutorYour Chanel is a piece trash
Autor: Nagel Chiaradia
AutorDragon! Dragon! He don't do that tongue thing.
Autor: ChishioAme
Autorthanks dude I was stuck on this puzzle and couldn't figure out how to solve it
Autor: kmoose324030
Autor: Evert De Jong
Autori got super stuck on this part!
Autor: wiiagent
Autorthanx mean i been doing this for olmoust 2 ours thanks
Autor: Fernando Melendez
AutorLols it only took me two minutes my first attempt all of you are stupid I am the master I came on this video to say that just because I wanted to blow me fuckers *evil laughter*
Autor: cryofdoom666
AutorOMG , THIS WAS SO FUCKING HARD i was streesed out , as soon as i opened the notebook i GOT IT RIGHT AWAY
Autor: WhItEmAjIc123
AutorThe reveal was a let down for this puzzle. It opened a door that is located on the other wall of the building he is in??? Couldn't he have just climbed around to that side of the building??? Bleh.
Autor: Mike H
AutorThanks man
Autor: Marcospunk48
Autoromg thanks dude
Autor: amontes28
Autorthanks dude
Autor: Jimmy Fucksalot
Autoralso, good choice. fuck trigonometry lmao
Autor: Jimmy Fucksalot
AutorHi my name is Jacob
Autor: Lillie Coleman
AutorWho's watching this in 2018??
Autor: Joe Riley
AutorThx bro
Autor: Ty Baker
Autorhorrid video
Autor: SeasonADay
Autorthat was great help.... Thanks!
Autor: WildRoseCountryGirl
AutorHold on.... So this puzzle was just to help u climb to a window, which u then slide back down on a wire. Bit pointless seeing as though the bad guys found a way with out solving the puzzle. Im confused
Autor: Watchthisspace82 Watchthisspace82
Autortried this as its on the screen n nothing happens
Autor: eegs80
AutorWow! You have friends! You're SO cool man!
Autor: Morris Wein
Autorthanks buddy
Autor: Marry Benavides
AutorBeing red/green color blind made this take much harder than it should have been.
Autor: Tom Bauer
AutorHaha you have friends
Autor: ziggy Furesh
AutorThanks bro! Im still stuck here.. Not anymore Thanks
Autor: Heidi Ha
AutorLol i completely guessed on the first part of the puzzle but i was stumped on the second part. Had to look up a guide lol :D
Autor: Jabby8934
AutorThanks alot
AutorThanks man I was stuck on this one
Autor: Fuad G
Autorthanks a lot. hardest puzzle so far. i never got stuck on any of the puzzles b4 this
Autor: Zachary K
AutorThx rly helped 👍
Autor: Joe Riley
AutorIt tollally work thanks
Autor: Asael Villa
Autor: Omega Eraser
AutorFinaalyy I Thoought I Would Never beaat this level ;)
Autor: Miles Lewis
Autor: Mathieu olivier Dufresne
AutorFortunately I was that dude in high school with glasses, always reading, and sitting by myself at lunch. Want to know why? Because most kids in my high school weren't even worth hanging out with! It's nice having a select few that give a damn about you rather than a whole lot of fucks that only humor the thought. Still, you were right, this guide got me through this section years after the initial post date. Awesome foresight man. Helping your unknown G's in 2016.
Autor: Joseph Franc
AutorFor me the game went to one page before the page that actually helped, the one with the color coded symbols and shapes.  It went to a drawing of the monastery.  And it did the same when I was with Flynn later.  Because of this, this puzzle seemed incredibly difficult to me; I had no clue what I was doing.  But it's actually pretty simple when you get the right information.
Autor: Patrick Daly
AutorThanks man
Autor: BlackCoat Gaming
AutorIt helped
Autor: Donat Papic
Autorthanks you are the best
Autor: agustin aramberri
AutorBut yea why do there have to be crazy pshyco zombies and yetis in uncharted? The zombie things in the first game scared the crap out of me :/
Autor: Jabby8934
Autorlol "i have friends its nice i am sure most of u guys have friends" fucking faggot
Autor: jas sandhu
AutorOMG thanks dude this puzzle was stressing me out, and i didn't know what was going on you saved me from snapping this disc in half.
Autor: TheBroadcastDragon
Autorgracias¡¡¡¡ en realidad era fácil , es que había otras paginas q despistaban. De lo mejor que e jugado este año, y esperando el Demons Souls...
Autor: subsigma
Autorit took me 100 times and it didn't work
until i saw video i finally got it
Autor: Sarah M
Autor: Veraqul
AutorI hate you
Autor: Whiterun Guard
AutorAeee , valeu brother
Autor: André
AutorI get the box part but after that those sliding things puzzle doesn't make sense at all. how the fuck i supposed to know last page was useless i had to turn the page opposite way my 1 hour from my life wasted.
Autor: Shoxrux Asadov
AutorThis puzzle was very easy
Autor: 12gmaan
AutorHey dud thanks for the video, it helped me solve the damn puzzle. I do sleep in class too lol
Autor: Ahmed Ben Salem
Autornaughty dogs autism
Autor: Uriel Gabriel Ezio
AutorI could either spend 20 minutes trying to solve it, or spend 6 minutes watching this video, I chose to watch this video
Autor: Interioroutbreak69
AutorWorst uncharted puzzle of all time.
Autor: The Elliot Equation
AutorEveryone Is complaining about this puzzle being difficult but I nailed it the first time I played the game... It's not that hard
Autor: Isaac Silva
AutorThanks for the help
Autor: Fresh2 Death
AutorOh my god whomever made this video is so fucking stupid. The part that i needed help with he just fucking skipped it
Autor: Daniel Zuniga

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