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AutorTheir best song. I know this album gets a lot of shit for it's production and straying from AJJ's traditional sound. And that's valid, I guess. But this album also has Sean's best songwriting. By a mile. It is AJJ's best album just on lyrics alone.
Autor: Ryan Albertson
Autori was brought to tears
Autor: Vampire Calendar
AutorProbably their best song, especially in context to the rest of the album.
Autor: Leon thepro
Autorcan we get a music video for this one please
Autor: skoopty wooop
AutorI think this song is about "insert personal reflection."
Autor: Gabriel Salazar
Autordang i always get chills when the music begins getting louder and more intense
Autor: Alex Martinez
Autorwatched them preform this song two days ago, everyone was completely silent and it was beautiful
Autor: ashe gooden
AutorI get literal chills up my spine when I hear this. Listening to AJJ play this in person was a religious experience.

I have changed. My horns have grown longer and my skin has gotten redder. I've accepted myself, my evil and my failures. Thank you, AJJ.
Autor: Ear Ooze
Autorwho the Hell was Tommy?
Autor: Zetsar
AutorAfter so many albums listening to Sean struggle with life, and even worse, feeling so related to those feeling, these lyrics get a whole new meaning. AJJ through their history have had tons of changes and they've grown up a lot, so thank you guys cause you've also helped us grow and overcome difficulties. New favorite AJJ song.
Autor: UndergroundTico
Autori think this is about parenthood and how you really can't tell how your kid is going to turn out but you love them anyway
Autor: Arrogant Anarchist
Autorplausibly the only place the blowout/distortion was done right on this album
Autor: Shada
AutorIm not sure I like this album, especially compared to the last two, but this song is one of my favourite AJJ songs. Very strong.
Autor: Dio Brando
Autorthis and shrooms
Autor: Samus Victoria
AutorThis album is very different... I like it.
Autor: VinniHP
Autori love this song
Autor: Zalewd
AutorThe Bible 2 is not my favourite AJJ album. It definitely strayed from their usuals. People Who Can Eat People is my favourite, Knife Man next favourite. I've listened to them for years - 2nd most consistently listened to band of mine. This is my favourite song now, truly and genuinely this is the best song they've ever written and produced.
Autor: AdvancePlays
AutorSuch a perfect song.
Autor: Dronto Ottrond
Autordo you know when the barber is shaving the back of your hair with their razor and you get that very specific kind of goosebumps and depending on your day you end up cumming and calling him daddy? this song basically
Autor: Dronto Ottrond
AutorSuch a perfect, cautionary piece on that devil we all nurture inside us. One truth, one right, one good, one fight, no more fear. Until you are wrong, and you look around and see what you have hurt.
Autor: theEx0du5
AutorPeople always say Bible 2 is shit and while it's different, still fucking rocks
Autor: Jakub Zolnik
Autoris this what you stumble upon when you're high?
I like it
Autor: Daddy Snert
AutorYoutube isn't counting views correctly because half of these are mine.
Autor: Ear Ooze
AutorFuck yeah
Autor: Isaac McKerr
AutorI found a small red boy inside my tummy
With 3 dollars in change and a Milky Way Lite
In my occasional pursuit to find something more meaningful
Than yet another word that rhymes with die

I cut him out and put him on my table
His shallow breathing chest would fall and rise
His 'South of Heaven' shirt was way too big for him
His horns were long and sharp and then he opened up those eyes

That said
"I am, I am, I am, I am the truth"

I showered him with love and adulation
One day he was just as tall as me
I showed him all the books that I was raised on
Your Madeleine L'Engle(s) and D'Aulaires' Mythologies

And in a montage that could warm the heart of Hitler
I raised him up so proud and motherly
I swore that I was glancing in a mirror
When in the language that I taught him, oh god, he began to speak

He said
"I am, I am, I am, I am the truth"
"I am, I am, I am, I am the truth"

And his eyes became a beacon, an LCD projector
Broadcasting all my memories in a clear and vivid picture
His tongue became a staircase, his uvula - The knocker
Of an ornate wooden door that lead me straight into my future

His throat became a hallway with a thousand baby pictures
And I became forgiveness, I transformed into the closure that I lost
When I learned about the tragedy of all of us
I lost it when I learned about the tragedy of all of us

Incorrigible illness in the loved ones hidden out of us
I lost it when I learned about the tragedy of all of us
I walked through the hallway to a room of only mirrors
Reflecting me in bondage so I watched myself get freer

I let my horns grow longer, I observed my skin get redder
My soul became a hammer, I started to feel better
My hatred turned to pity, my resentment blossomed flowers
My bitter tasted candy, my misery was power

The truth in me grew brighter, my nature and my nurture
No more shame, no more fear, no more dread
I am, I am, I am, I am the truth
Autor: Drake Bell
Autorit feels like my soul just came
Autor: Plank
AutorI personally don't see the small res boy as evil. I see it as the person inside of us who we fear who may not be as bad as they seem or not even be who they seem. Like when you hate yourself for something you're not and you dont know who you are, and something inside of you, almost like your inner child comes out and tells you how it is and who you are. It tells you the truth. And now knowing the truth you accept it learn to love yourself with all your flaws and for who you truly are.
Autor: Nancy Culpepper
AutorThis is such a perfect companion peice with cody's theme. It just fits so perfectly together having this more of an exploration of cody's mental state and how he personally sees himself being mostly a song of self reflection while touching on mental illness in the process
Autor: Neutral Milk
AutorNot sure why people are sad, this song is pretty damn funny.
Autor: MartiniGasolini
Autorthis was one of the most powerful songs I witnessed on a live show, as far as I can remember. hot damn
Autor: A K
AutorWell uh, now i'm crying.
Autor: An Ro
Autorim so high and i cant stop crying
Autor: O Hansell
Autorkinda reminds me of eraserhead
Autor: Aleph Null
AutorThis song is both powerful and relatable in a way that is difficult to describe. 100s of plays later and still gives me chills.
Autor: izzeay
AutorWhen I learned about the tragedy of all of us....
Autor: dani S.
Autor: Rylan MacLellan
AutorAndrew Jackson can get this jihad any time he wants if ya know what i mean hehe ;P
Autor: Ethan Clay
Autorthis song is so intense it actually makes me cry
Autor: Jack Cochran
Autorthis is the kind of song that i feel like i'm not ready to hear yet. does that make sense ? it's too much, emotionally. i need to prepare for that kind of movement, it's so impactful
Autor: lovelyraincoat
Autoryou've hurt me a lot Sadie I'm sorry but I can't do this anymore. I loved you and looked up to you but you never cared about me you only cared about me when you wanted something from me. You never fail to abandon me when it gets just a little hard for you, yet I poured out my heart and soul for you no matter what. I loved you but not anymore.
Autor: Kate S
Autor: slug jaws
AutorDeep , made me feel things I had lost
Autor: Donny Whitedonny

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