Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene

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Autoryeah, watch the illuminati disappear when you start spouting FACTS.
Autor: James Hadaway
AutorI usually have ambient or "space music" on when I'm creating. I happened to see this or one before it and I had to get up and make sure this is what I was hearing! Wow! Haven't heard this in a very, very long time! Such memories. Early 70's maybe?
Autor: Cynthia Clayworth
Autorthe original psychill - all others followed
Autor: steight oftheHart
AutorΠατρινές Φάρσες
Autor: TheNerf Gaming Lab
Autormusique aérienne faite d'anticipation et de SF
Autor: Jacques Martin
AutorJean Michel Jarre, Jan Hammer, Tony Hymas, love these guys.
Autor: ReneeNme
AutorПод это музыку уходят души.
Autor: Андрей Цымбал
AutorWery wery good!!!
Autor: білявка Діденко
AutorWe lived in a tower block just along the river from the docklands in London 1988 and when he played there we could hear it on the top of the block and see the light show on the night sky
Autor: Bas Gardner
AutorI can remember Dj Hell playing Oxygene 2 in the sunset at Love Parade 20 years later i still get goose bumps thinking of this...
Autor: Nebeltänzer 1980
Autor: Ahmed Egyp
AutorPimples are mad, you are so small...
Autor: The Light
AutorAny questions? What a f........ Masterpiece
Autor: Cy Home
Autor40 ans plus tard, qu'est devenue notre planète où toutes ces multinationales sont en train de la faire crever.
On n'a rien compris !
Cet album est toujours d'actualité.
Quand les grands de ce monde cesseront de ne regarder que leurs comptes en banque pour s'occuper des générations futures ?
Autor: Philippe Renauld
AutorWhos breath. Bible
Autor: A Т
AutorWas the segment beginning at used in the movie Gallipoli?
Autor: HerrMikael
AutorJean Michel Jarre - truly in a class of his own - grew up with this album as an incredibly inspirational gift for the love music - incredibly talented - cheers 😊
Autor: Greg Hall
Autorhermoso, beautiful, magnifique
Autor: Guillermo Antonio Amoroso
AutorUna obra de arte como ninguna. Masterpiece of all times....timeless
Autor: Aldo Novoa
Autorэто просто класс так держать Jarre
Autor: andrey lipin
AutorJMJ Forewer!
Autor: Александр Смирнов
AutorThis sounds so much better when you have smoked loads of old style morrocan dope.
Autor: Andrew Sanders
AutorHello world, this is my cover:
Autor: МУЗЫКА 80
AutorYour not elton John funeral for a friend so after 4 mins pack up thanks.. oh my days someone give me oxygen 😁😁
Autor: Justin Brown
Autorkill jester
Autor: stavros343
AutorJust simply amazing❤️❤️
Autor: Becky John
AutorFantasic musician, a geni from the 1970 ies first electronically music... 😎😍😎
Autor: Yellow West nmNOTwanted
Autormy dad was a freak danke padre
Autor: TheJamesmiller66
AutorAdvertising, with a content you don't own? Seriously?
Autor: Chikki Eric
AutorWas this music used in a film called midnight express
Autor: Joseph Mcmullan
Autorleftfield were deffo influenced by this genius also the late 80s/early 90s dance electronic movement too
old skool house music was mostly sampled from jmj
Autor: david
AutorFuck you! administradores...! se pasan deverga !
Autor: Enedino Padilla
Autor: Emile Alvarez
Autorj amis toujours ce genre de musique .....
Autor: sandi mongi
AutorОхуенный оксижен!
Autor: Натаниель Бампа
AutorThe best year of my life.
Autor: bumble1612
AutorIf you like Jean Michel Jarre, you may be interested in how I have used some of his genius on my channel.
Autor: Emile Jeffrey
AutorCette musique est pour l'eternite' .
Autor: Vali Milea
Autor: margygren6666
AutorThe one called MetalJesus brought me here.
Autor: EggChen6DemonBag
Autormagnifique merci jean Michel pour ton génie !!!!
Autor: caroline dupont
AutorTodo un clasico esta musica debia lanzarse al universo para que vean como por este medio se establece que el ser humano ha evolucionado y que para este arte no hay lugar tiempo ni espacio.
Autor: ED JIM
AutorC'est ce disque j'ai acheté en 76 pendant le festival du film de Cannes, en pleine promotion des affiches partout, dans les magasins et les disquaires de l'époque, affiche de prémonition.
Autor: jacqout1
AutorI first heard this song almost 30 years ago. My father was playing it on his turntable. It will aways be a special piece for me.
Autor: Jason Mimiaga
AutorThe Space-Jarre - the unbeatable master of such a phenomenal music. A music that was like from another star in the year when i have heard his music the first time - it was an experience without any drugs :-)
Autor: werner hansen
Autor: rrr rr
Autor: victor alejandro
AutorWe had the privilege to remix oxygene ..thank you Joof
Autor: E-Mantra Official
AutorI first hear this record when my brother was a DJ at the skating rink in Parkland. I snuck in his room I plugged in the headphones and really cranked it up. When he moved out I asked him to leave the record, he did. I found it a few years back and gave it back to him, he still has it tucked away. I guess this is why I was drawn to Yanni's music. I've seen Yanni 3 times, i would have liked to see Mr. Jarre..I. did catch a concert on YouTube some years back as he was brought in by a small boat. Live I'll bet would be cool.
Autor: Joseph Patrick
AutorConsider that this was made in 1976.
Autor: WarpRulez
AutorVarg brings me here...
Autor: DLord Locke
AutorI like Part 4 the most ()
Autor: Caesar
Autorj aimais toujours ce genre de musique .
Autor: sandi mongi
AutorC'est grâce à cet album que j'ai étais reconnu deprecif petit, et que en grandissant j'ai fais 3 tentatives de suicide, merci Jean Michel..
Autor: Christophe Le bail
Autor is where the bliss starts
Autor: ariadarabi
AutorJean Michel Jarre is the only decent thing the frogs 🐸 have given the world 😆
AutorKlasse.Da bekomm ich glatt Gänsehaut.
Autor: Mario Mader
AutorWhat fucking moron would interrupt this track with fucking commercials. Youtube's time as come. It's time for a change.
Autor: videoclipits
AutorYes, I remember this well. Other worldly and sci fi feel to it.
Autor: Sundi Johnson
Autorhayranıyım bu adamın muzigine ozellikle bu albumunu cok seviyorum
Autor: Ulku Atli
AutorGold is God, diamonds are pure light, love and the best creation, compacted and silver is the house of God,
protecting from many elements, now chose what do you want to but from the 3?
Autor: The Light
AutorStare klimaty, potrzebne powroty. Słuchałem tej muzy z wypiekami na twarzy szpulą Dama Pik, kiedy to było?
Autor: Robert Wachowski
AutorMy mom and her friends would meditate to this album during the late 1970s. I remember it well. Great album cover.
Autor: 1statzuno
AutorPart one is probably the best thing he has ever done
Autor: Matt Hurley
AutorPuto Amo
Autor: Antonio Marin de la mata
AutorGenio,visionario...todos los adjetivos se quedan cortos...
Autor: Carlos Riquelme
AutorI think this music uses alpha waves of our brains...
Autor: Roland Fisichella
AutorWieso macht ihr denn nicht gleich 3x 20 min Werbeblocks in eurem bepissten upload rein, unglaublich!
Autor: Czkalli
AutorI am a teenager and this music has helped me calm down after a stressful day of school
Autor: Belatrix Lestrange
AutorClear this is music from the another Galaxy, extra-terrial music. This is not music from the earth. All the best JMJ!!!
Autor: Cristi Cazan
AutorI listened to this every day when I was 16 years old and I can listen till rest of my life!
Autor: Sladjana Simic
AutorMe creo que se podías mejorar unas disarmonías feas, a tiempo estás
Autor: MAR
AutorWatch this!
Autor: The ANomaly In Black
AutorGo east.
Autor: Kaisergun
Autor: The Light
AutorLa musique de Jean Michel Jarre est un langage pour que les terriens communiquent un jour avec les extraterrestres !
Autor: Dav Hag
Autorpart 4
Autor: Oliver Greenfield
AutorJ'avais une 10 d'années lorsque mon cousin m'a fait écouter ce disque pour la 1ère fois à Varsovie... et 40 après cette musique n'a rien perdu de sa beauté froide, empreinte d'espace et d'un sentiment d'infini. Il en sera ainsi dans 40 ans, lorsque quelqu'un d'autre l'écoutera.
Autor: Jaroslaw Nietupski
Autor@ the "Blade Runner part" Path of inspiration...
Autor: Juglar Loco
AutorI like the little bits of idm music he does . But his big sound is so new age it bores me to death . When i want a big sound i turn to classical music from modern(not today's postmodern) to romantic, classical, baroque eras etc all the way back to the middle ages
Autor: emotionalinvalid
AutorDoes anyone else think of the old Mel Gibson film "Gallipoli" when they hear this? Especially ? "General Hamilton! Go like the WIND boy!!"
Autor: Gumboot Zone
AutorJarre inspired me with Oxygene to take the plunge and make a real breakthrough in my life some 40 years ago! Magic tunes that penetrated my soul then.
Autor: Stephen M. Sweid
Autor: Greg Greg
AutorSuperb..this and Queens News Of The World..take me to a carefree Summer. This album is mentioned in one of Dirk Bogarde's books...
Peace and New Year etc..xx
Autor: Nai Noswad
AutorHaha hahaha haha incredibly funny!
Autor: Callum
AutorCette pochette est d'actualité.
Autor: Xavier Petit
AutorCreated by a genius... a timeless symphony
Autor: Dlaivison Silva
Autorferst time I lissen in 1975.....and I m back agan....this is like timemashine!!!!!!!
Autor: Igor Kaprov
AutorI'am 52, I love this!!!
Autor: Абдулазиз Шерматов
AutorThe beginning of this album so boring.
Autor: Hannes Heinz
AutorEn Chile mi padre me enseñó un asteroide mientras era niño y sentía miedo de esta música. Mi papá me dijo que no temiera a las estrellas porque serian parte de mi vida.
Autor: Samuel
AutorI like this, kinda reminds me of Self-Actualization FM from GTA IV

UPDATE: oh wtf that's from The Journey from GTA IV XD
Autor: LasVegyn 1998
AutorUnos de los albunes mas prominentes del genio frances de la musica electronica ; Jean michel jarre.
Autor: Astaroth : vengador paranormal C.G.67 jara carrasco
AutorHeard this in a Jackie Chan tribute video by kingofkungfu2000 i think
Autor: Mustafa Al-Gaberey
AutorAlmost 55 and still shocked by this music.
Autor: marco jimenez
AutorIncredibly !
Autor: Ed Knoxwill
AutorThis is the real Jarre, not that of today....
Autor: Tangent Of a Dream
AutorToujours aussi bon ; même en 2019 ! :-)
Autor: filsdedieu100
AutorJe crois que c'est grâce a Jean Michel Jarre que l'on appelle cette musique "la musique électronique"
Autor: Fédérico Xavier LOPEZ
Autor: samlonzo70
Autoryou're here because
Autor: JDM Racing
Autor: Giampaolo Gardellini
AutorGood morning to you all
Autor: Frank Ulriksen
AutorEres enorme los transfondos insuperables me llevas 🅰 el pasado. Y al futuro 💺
Autor: Alejandro Linares
AutorÎnca o muzica pe placul meu !
Autor: Margit Cseke
AutorHello world! Hello everyone from Russia!
AutorC’est nul
AutorMONO? Why would you castrate such an awesome album by putting it up in MONO?
Autor: Statstistician
Autor: Sajtos Bukta
Autor: Ghozt Films
Autor: Dragan Damnjanovic
AutorYo tenia 8 años y estaba solo en mi pieza y puse un cassette en donde estaba Oxigeno 4....hasta el dia de hoy a mis 49 años pienso y siento que es una de las obras musicales mas grandes de la historia. Mis respetos Señor Jarre
Autor: Marcelo Figueroa
AutorJean Michel Jarre is genious....
Autor: Ivan Sucur
AutorI had this on a LP and it was so so so much better listning to. Some thing is just missing
Autor: Technolifter
Autorclose to closure!
Autor: Mark Paradis
AutorMi ídolo , gracias por acordarme....
Autor: Jesús Maldonado Pérez
AutorThis is how we really defeated Haley's Comet.
Autor: Skram Amme
Autor Anybody else love that part or is it just me??
Autor: Signman 68
AutorI done some acid and started listening to this
Autor: Hash Browns
Autorgreat musician ! forever! thank you for music Jean-Michel !
Autor: Kiril Mintchev
AutorЭта Музыка Будет Вечной! Даже можно не менять Батарейки!
Autor: Андрей Червинский
AutorEn mis viajes encontré piedras interesantes
Autor: Samuel
Autorit will be my girlfriend if you did it with 8d audio
Autor: يوسف السيد
AutorOr even better when you have smoked loads of Pacistani black.
Autor: Andrew Sanders
AutorSe spune ca dracu atunci când nu are ce face isi cântaeste coada - Oare de ce ?
Autor: Ferdinand de Paoli
Autor: Gabriel Becerril Yescas Becerril Yescas
Autor: V3KT0R
Autorcome and die isis and George Soros.
Autor: James Hadaway
AutorThey are all in one room.
Autor: The Light
AutorБожественный Альбом ...
Autor: Grishanov Sergey
AutorSempre piacevole da ascoltare
Autor: Mauro Fallanca
AutorI bought this in 1983 - LP, 33 rpm, nuff said.
Autorje n ai qu un mot a dire superbe j adore
Autor: philippe volpato
AutorHis music was too strange for my tastes but he was hot and sexy as hell.
Autor: Mimmi6559
AutorI’m 62 and remember buying this in 1976 all my friends loved it and bought copies. Jean inherited his musical gift from his father who was a famous film music writer
Autor: Peter Broadey
AutorFantastic musica!!!🇮🇹😇
Autor: Oleg F
Autor18.46 for you lynda blazers 1988 r.i.p darling god bless xx
Autor: Hayley Pritchard
AutorWhen feeling a little down in the dumps I turn this on and the trip begins. I jump on a soft white cloud that feels like cotton wool and rise up and up and up until I reach space where a comet is passing. I quickly throw my lassoo and catch the comet and then hold tight as I fly amongst the stars. Wow what a rush this is and I salute the aliens as I whiz past mars. I travel through space and see the earth coming closer and closer and as I ready my parachute. I slowly drift back to earth with a huge smile on my face and gently land in my garden.
Autor: steve raby
AutorWell, I do not know if anyone here likes pop culture, but the Aquaman soundtrack uses and abuses Jean Michel Jarre's features, I found it sensational
Autor: Ed Carvalho
AutorБраво!!! 🙏🙏🙏
Autor: Tanya Alekseeva
AutorYou know why it’s called oxygen?
You can’t live without it
Autor: James Berry
AutorThe REAL pioneer to electronic music. Kinda god to me. Thank you so much, JMJ.
Autor: Stjuard Sivcevic
AutorA friend of mine just told me his father took shrooms and tripped balls listening to this.
Autor: Tó Trigo
AutorPrivate Video 18+
Autor: yassine KAWANA
AutorIl mio idolo... Ti seguo dal lontano 1976. (**)
Autor: Falco2561
AutorJean Michel obrigado pela tua bela música e pelos bons momentos de bom som que me tens proporcionado , que a inspiração não te falte meu Caro. Bom Ano .
Autor: josé Almeida
Autor23.17 takes me to another place - sublime
Autor: famousdod
Autor: 直原真治
Autorme trasporta a otra dimensión
Autor: Antonio Marin de la mata
AutorSłyszę Oxygene part II a "widzę" fale na Oceanie ??? Wytłumaczy mi ktoś to ???
Autor: Tomasz Koval
Autorgod bless the cia, sorry I mean the feminists 4 towns away....
Autor: James Hadaway
AutorAt , that little chime, I heard that so many times as a kid in dimly lit Arcades, coming from various machines, the smell of stale sweet popcorn in the air and the flashing lights all around you, awesome times, glad I grew up when I did.
Autor: Sewell 27
Autor: Malina
AutorThe Journey FM anyone?
Autor: AFriendlyBloke
AutorBrilliant 😁👍🎄
Autor: Annmarie's Youtube
AutorNagyon szeretem az oxygene és az equinoxe is Jarretol!!!
Autor: csaba kelemen
AutorMy first vinyl album, and a a few years latter, when moved to CD's, also my first CD. And i haven't stop listening to this masterpiece ever since.
Autor: Carlos Rocha
AutorI grow up with this music 🎶
Autor: Madaras Stefan
AutorGTA IV, The Journey FM.
Autor: aaa aaa
AutorThe best of the best!
Autor: Sladjana Simic
AutorNo Metaljesus comment yet?
Autor: drakey poo
AutorOxygène (Part VI) - чайки рулят...)
Autor: qwarker
AutorKoja dišu. Biblija Gospod Bog
Autor: A Т
Autor: oscar julian lopez rincon
AutorMusic done right.
This and 2002,
The Music Of "Cosmos"
- back when things were Original's and Everyone Knew Who Composed them.
Autor: Jeff Wolsieffer
Autor2019 still awesome
Autor: Rapana Sampson
Autorycomo flotar en el espacio o la nada muy buena music
Autor: juan marchant
Autor.... And your Mind Takes Off!!!!!!!
Autor: Ivanaldo Júnior
AutorMathew Bellamy from Muse said in an interview he was listening to this so I thought I'd check it out.
Autor: Sage Oblouk
AutorMakes me feel like, i'm walking, wandering and exploring through the landscape of an alien planet.Scary, creepy, maybe deadly, foreign but wonderful at the same time...Strange occurrences taking place every now and then...
Autor: Aksi Tatar
AutorWuaoooo 😍😍😍🌹❤❤❤
Autor: Maria Gonzalez
AutorGrazie di esistere
Autor: Lauro Monticelli
Autor18.48 tune what a track
Autor: david
AutorOxygène Part VI is my all time favourite
Autor: LavosCore
AutorDas weckt Erinnerungen an meine frühe Drogenzeit, in den 70ern.
Autor: Achim 54
Autor38 years ago I bought a Sansui SC636 cassette deck. My first cassete deck. The first cassette I played in it was Oxygen. I enjoyed every minute of this set. A year later the motor stop working. I replaced the motor with one of a 8 track player but the speed was never the same. I sold that great deck... A couple of days ago I went to my favorite flea market and I saw an SC636 that I bought for 5 bucks. When I got home I tested it and noticed the speed was not consistent. I opened deck and got a surprise... My name was written inside; the 8 track motor I place inside was there. I couldn't believe it! My beloved deck got back to me and with it many good memories along! Thanks life!!!
Autor: Enrique Gonzalez
AutorHas anyone here become addicted to Oxygene and Equinoxe? I have!
Autor: Flor Chavez
AutorStill wonderful
Autor: Gefletschtes Gebiß
AutorEs el Chopin, de nuestra era....!!!
Autor: Juan Velasco
AutorSzkoda ze to mono. Nie słuchajcie tej muzyki jest płaska
Autor: Marek Majerek
AutorYou Tube your interrupting Ads SUCK !
Autor: West Rig
Autor: Johnny Montero
Autor1. keep this track playing.
2. open this: in a new tab but mute the audio... just watch old pics with JMJ playing in the background :)
Autor: Louise Brugman
AutorGracias Jean Michele
Autor: Samuel
AutorAh yes_ classic 70s electronic symphonetta. Jarre is s genius.
Autor: Peter Green
AutorIncroyable .. ça fait presque 40 ans! J’avais les cassettes! Il était très en avance 👍🏻
Autor: Philippe Marceau
Autor - A bit 'Clockwork Orange'?
Autor: smokeybarr
AutorOxygène (Part II) <3
Autor: Midinaut
AutorJe suis né en 1976 ; quant j'étais petit , j'ai entendu cette musique , peux être en 1986 ; que c'est bon de réentendre cette musique en 2019 !!!
Autor: filsdedieu100
AutorMetal Mothafuckin Jesuz bought me here👍
Autor: Danky Bong Blunt Tree
AutorThis makes me want to vote remain
Autor: Jorgeyy Boyy
Autor: D Deusdat
Autor: Peter Gillies
AutorJean Michel est un grand il est et restera le maître incontesté dans la musiques électroniques mais dans un styles différent les Spoutniks , les Chadows les aiglons ne sont pas mal non plus , j'ai 72 ans , et toujours aussi accro a ses albums je possède un grand nombre d'albums vinyle et cd , ainsi que des cassettes vidéo .j'ai vu plusieurs de ces concerts grandiose , qui reste inoubliable , avec beaucoup de souvenirs . sauf un celui du mont Saint Michel non pas pour le concert et les projections , sur le mont qui était a la hauteur des spectacles de J M . en et fait a la fin du spectacle il y avait tellement de monde , vu l'accès au mont une seule petite route ? il nous a fallu plus de 4 heures ? on était arrivé de bonne heure l'après midi pour avoir les meilleurs places . je n'ai pas de préférences particulières j'aime bien tout ces albums . SUR YOUTUBE IL TOURNE EN BOUCLE TOUTE LE JOURNÉE .
Autor: gérard gobin
AutorTengo 46 años y no me canso de escucharla
Autor: Milfred Leyva Lazaro
Autordedicado a Carmen Porter e Iker Gimenez
Autor: Antonio Marin de la mata
Autor: PureBlanc

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