Ndefwa Na No - Kay Figo (Official Video HD) | Zambian Music 2014

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AutorThe boobs tho
Autor: Sam Chomba
AutorMake up sis...
Autor: My country siya
Autorall yo niggas criticizing u suck.... do yo own music lets see
Autor: jamie stanley
Autorsong beats video
Autor: Chileshe Chilangisha
AutorThat hair though. Epic fail!
Autor: Qibilii
Autor: حمادة كوجاك
Autorthat's my girl kayfigo
Autor: Dee Banda
AutorLove you
Autor: shemmy Shirley
AutorThis shit got me fucked up... 
Autor: Rutendo Phiri
Autorthis video is a mess..wat is this rubbish
Autor: mutale chisanga
Autorthe make-up make her look like a Nigerian witch...shes got a good voice though.
Autor: Super Moox
AutorA little ... well, very creepy. Good song though.
Autor: Nzila Ng'andu
AutorThe song is okay...but the music video is hideous! Who ever did the choreography on this needs a reality check! Also Please fire your make up artist and wardrobe! Jesus Christ what kinda crap is this! Stop embarrassing us! That is all.
Autor: Miss Moss
AutorHonestly, it's really good, the make up is intended to look creepy, and it gives the video an extraordinary excitement, what's more? One of its kind! Halfway through the video, her face bounces between normal and creepiness, wonderful staging! Her voice doesn't sound like Mampi, the two voices are totally different. Mampi has that lovely husky female voice, while hers is sweet female voice! Stop Hating people, she has everything just good!!!!!
Autor: Asedri Amin Amin
AutorLe style lé cool
Autor: Brandon chicoré
Autorvery local
Autor: Fredy Jc Ndenga
AutorThis girl tries too much...
Autor: Hildah Chongo
Autor: ardian zhdrella
AutorMerci pour votre muzik respect c trop bien peti salu a toute la République nationaliste de kanaky yes bigeup kay fygo✌✊✌🌄🌘🌞🌳🌲🌴🌺
Autor: YuLisha MaDhiOusS
AutorKay Figo твая голос авигенна
Autor: Bekzat Almasov
Autor The question is how did you find yourself here eh?? The fact that y'll here means she's worked hard to make her name known.So shut up and let some of us enjoy the music. Thank you!
Autor: Delilahibram
Autorthat's my girl
Autor: Dee Banda
AutorУбили. ....
Autor: Абумансур Рамазанов
Autorthat's my girl kayfigo..
Autor: Dee Banda
Autorwhats with the triangle on her left eye?  
Autor: Deborah Sitimela
AutorShe needs a new stylist, make-up artist, choreographer, new beat. 
Autor: Temwani Chima
Autorluv u
Autor: Everson Darlington
AutorThere is no art in her lyrics and she keeps singing most of her songs using this same intrumental. It's almost like she just sings the one line that comes in her mind and repeats it and calls it a song.  
Autor: Jeff Mweemba
Autormmm nice song, keep it up,
Autor: Albert Mhone
Autorthat's my girl kayfigo..
Autor: Dee Banda
AutorI'm not a fan.She tries so hard to sound like mampi. Just saying..
Autor: Jennifer White
Autorоткуда она кто подскажите
Autor: Kapa Jorobekov
AutorLike the boobs !!
Autor: Black Africangirl
Autor: Орхан Мустафаев
Autorshe has put on weight........... she looked sooo much better before iye. love the beat thou
Autor: Natasha Munaretto
Autorcomon this sound is boring tired irritating over played ignorant fontini gimiky lets do better i give u 1 out of 10
Autor: phillip nkosana
AutorKay Figo даусын оте керемет
Autor: Bekzat Almasov
Autorworst dance CREW ever 
nice try 

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