Nican Tlaca - Wakan Tanka (El Gran Espíritu)

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AutorGood,but where is black metal?
Autor: Eszter Benkovics
AutorWe must take anahuac bck
Autor: ramadorsince1983
Autor: Adolfo Serrano
Autorbeutifull music
Autor: alicia Diamantee
AutorAmazing!! The sounds of our ancient past reawakening to lead us forward M/88!!!!!
Autor: john vences
AutorHail Wakan Tanka
Autor: Biosayera
Autorwhere I can get some songs?
Autor: BeingofEvil
AutorExcelente sonido que revive lo que en nuestra sangre llevamos y nos llena de felicidad, el legado de nuestros ancestros.
Autor: Hex Manhatan
Autor: christian renteria de la fuente
Autoranahuac is useless unless we can cleanse the whole world. perhaps we were put in the hands of our pressers to gain the knownledge they do for a chance one day to make the who planet anahuac. much love my brethern of all anahuac ( canada, n.american, mexico, central and south america and the carribean ) nican Tlaca
Autor: pulque Monkey
AutorThis is really beautiful. We are missing what the Native people have to offer. I would like to hear much more of this spirit in music.
Autor: ruapraia
AutorFolk from the Old Woods...
Autor: Erydiam Wintermoon
Autorpride my friend ahoooo
Autor: sacred path
AutorYou have done your people proud through this music. Celtic hails from Michigan!! 
Autor: King CHUD
AutorI heard that filmed dance was fake and orchestrated in those days when things like "buffalo" bills shows existed
Autor: Nazgul OvHell
Autor88 brother
Autor: Adpt
AutorThose sawastika... It's a shame Hitler used it and made the swastika, which created a fear/repulsion towards the original sign which still lingers today...
The group TYR made a song about that "Shadow of the swastika".
Autor: Poodleinacan

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