Monsanto Loses GIANT Lawsuit

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AutorUsing Roundup hasn't killed anyone. This is fucking retarded.
Autor: SpurnOfHumanity
AutorDeath to Monsanto!
Autor: Al Darfco
AutorRoundup kills, and so does SEVIN(tm). I should know as I was taken to a cage (didn't know it was a cage when I went in) and sprayed with SEVIN for 5 1/2 hours straight without protective or breathing gear. I and three others. They are DEAD. I am damaged for (what is probably going to be a very short) Life. I guess I'm the lucky one...
Autor: Charles Patterson
AutorUnfortunately the study they used as evidence has already proven to be completely wrong, with data intentionally held back that would erase the supposed concusion. There's a reason we don't do science in a court room.

There is, to this day, no reason to think glyphosate causes cancer. In fact, it's probably the least toxic pesticide we have.

Autor: Brendan Beckett
AutorAttorney lacked alternative method of weed reduction, though clearly questioned at the last.
Autor: Rustin Wallace
Autorthe problem is with this industrie you ban one product 3 month later they have another one with a different name and probably even more poison in it
Autor: breakshot74
AutorAnd yet, not many alternative media outlets, are talking about how round up, has contaminated the entire food chain, as well as the drinking water, and how glyphosate contaminates water ways, streams, rivers, and saturates the soil, along water ways, streams
Autor: SouthDetroit Entertainment
AutorDrop in the bucket... Major contamination of our crops & soil for 20-30 years. We will be producing contaimed food for centuries.. here's a thought= citizens stop buying it, governments out law it & ban it from all government bases, buildings & faculty.
Our government elites got millions from MONSANTO to endorse them & look other way.
Autor: Gigi Devoe
AutorAbsolutely shocking decision
Joke of a trial.

Round up is used the world over, and has not to be caused cancer by the EU and the CDC and countless others of international health experts that says it safe.

If it did cause cancer they would be millions of of cancer victims directly related to the use. A much higher cancer rate among field workers.

Maybe the guy drank the stuff.

Seems like the jury got conned by the sob story and felt sorry for the janitor
Autor: BL4CK KN1G8T
AutorI too have a semi relevant story. born and lived most of my life in Napa Valley. being very athletic I erode to work and back for years. in clouds of Roundup as it was sprayed on vineyards. now at 69, I am diagnosed with...non hodgkins lymphoma. not a smoker, very light drinker, vegetarian most of my life...hmmmm
Autor: audibleburp
Autorturns out the environmentalists are always right pretty much.
Autor: muuuuuud
AutorPull they're business license,that privilege should be reserved for those businesses that don't kill people
Autor: Biscuit
AutorMonsatan is a international corporate criminal organization.
AutorObama signed the Dark Act to protect Monsanto, their products should be banned from the public market along with GMOs
Autor: OldTrafford King
AutorUrbicide! haha... Americans.
Autor: Nilguiri
Autormonsanto products are illegal in the country i live in. simple
Autor: Buddy Piper
AutorYes it's about time I hope farron and Mike win there cases against the kockbrothers

Like the tobacco companies they won't stop spreading lies until you force warning labels on their products and make them illegal but they won't pay up either just like the tobacco companies
Autor: ihartevil
AutorFuck Monsanto and Bayer I hope they go bankrupt and the lying motherfuckers at the top go to jail.
Autor: R L
AutorI wish they would jail ceos not fine them. A fine is meaningless to someone who pays with access to limitless money. Take their time and I’m sure it would have better results
Autor: Cory Johnston
AutorIt saddens me that there are so many gullible people that will believe companies like Monsanto when they say their plant poison is safe. It's poison. It kills, at the very least, plant life. Do yourself a favor. Just know that poison is always poison. There is no "safe" poison.
Autor: tecnoblix
AutorAfter years of handling, selling, and using literally tons of glyphosate, I knew this day would come :(
Autor: bnose202
AutorThe biggest story in this trial is the fact that Monsanto willfully miss leads the public to believe that their product is safer than it actually is. Monsanto is a terrible corporation for a lot more reasons than this trial alone. Quite frankly, they are terrifying. They own something ridiculous like 80% of the worlds seed supplies.

I am absolutely 100% against banning glyphosphate though. I don’t agree with its Excessive use in agriculture. I don’t want my food to have glyphosphate residue in it...However, this is an incredibly useful chemical and is actually relatively non-toxic compared to other herbicides that it has thankfully replaced. People who are calling to ban glyphosphate don’t know what the hell theyre talking about. I may horticulturalist, and I can tell you that there are thousands of perennial noxious and invasive weeds out there that no other natural or less toxic herbicide can kill. If you wanna live in a sea of kudzu or multiflora Rose or privet or bristly Greenbrier or Japanese clematis or crab grass or English ivy or oriental bittersweet.... then go ahead and don’t use glyphosphate. It is the safest option you have to eliminate these weeds.

You need to use common sense when applying. The guy in this lawsuit stated that multiple times he was covered in glide phosphate from head to toe. That is incredibly reckless. Wear pants and longsleeves, Use a sprayer set so it realease bigger drops rather than mist And don’t walk through wet plants! Commonsense can save your life and reduce exposure. Eat organic food is another important one.

So to summarize, Monsanto is a fucked up corporation. But glyphosphate is the least toxic yet effective herbicide for perennial weeds, invasive etc. use it ONLY when necessary (know your weeds). Eat organic food. If you need to use it, use pure concentrated glyphosphate (not roundup).
Autor: Tyler K.
Autorthe only problem is that this prick convinced some ignorant jurors to vote his way, but there is no scientific evidence Round up causes cancer:

The article is by the well known septic Steve Novella.
Autor: HConstantine
AutorNot giant enough, they're still in business and poisoning more people
Autor: Biscuit
AutorHello Froggy from Daredevil.
Autor: chris virginia
AutorI've enjoyed most of TYT up until now. But this is now standard 101 Left wing. Pro environment equals vilification of pesticides regardless of the science. Trust science with climate change on one hand, mistrust science with chemicals on the other. Ignorance based on fear, exactly what the conservatives are accused of.
If TYT are so concerned about cancer risk then why push the progressive agenda to legalize weed? Smoking weed isn't a healthy habit for the lungs. So the recreational use to get high is more important than most useful and safe herbicide to increase food production from our farm sector.
Autor: Stuart Hancock
AutorSadly people will associate this with all insecticides and GMO food.
Autor: bendadestroyer
AutorI have seen an upsurge in their advertising.
Autor: beatrix the great
AutorMy boy Johnny I
Autor: Jules C
AutorIF they go bankrupt they won't have to pay.!
Autor: Gigi Devoe
AutorI mean whose bright idea was it to use a Nerve Agent as a pesticide.
Autor: Erutanx7
AutorThey lost me at the part about not banning Roundup. I say, YES, ban the crap! It's been proven to do far more harm than good! And while we're at it, let's ban cigarettes and every other tobacco product! They cause us nothing but pain and misery and give us nothing in return.
Autor: OrionPax09
Autorthis product has been banned in Québec Canada for 35-40 years, I would have to check for the rest of Canada
Autor: john pouw
AutorAre there alternatives? Yeah - vinegar! Works like a charm. Look up "DIY organic weed killer". Also pouring boiling water onto a weed will kill it.
Autor: Sarah O
AutorThat lawyer just made a killing!!

Just like Monsanto 😑
Autor: Zachery Jones
AutorWow, Monsanto's corporate shills are going all out to try and discredit this verdict
Autor: Red Dwarf XII
AutorSO often I come across a stooge online who comments like Monsanto is all pure all good. Sure seems like many are paid to comment or just are that stupid. Sadly even Neil Degrasse and Bill Nye aren't immune to stupidity when it comes to MOnsanto
Autor: bigraviolees
AutorThat lawyer just made a killing!!

Just like Monsanto 😑
Autor: Zachery Jones
Autor300 mill? pffffft a drop in the bucket for them. Like getting a $10 ticket to them.
Autor: Jim Barclay
AutorNo one really cares...
Autor: Charles Patterson
AutorLets Hope and Pray the TRUTH gets out about all the POISON VACCINES that are KILLING people everyday.......... INNOCENT LITTLE BABIES !!!!!! COME ON...... IT'S MURDER !
AutorThey won’t even feel that 289 mil. They probably already factored that in when they decided to put it on the market.
Autor: nole 89
AutorDid John ever fuck up here. Why didn't he research this?
Autor: HConstantine
AutorI wish this show was available in full to members
Autor: playandrepeat
AutorWell it’s about time. Not only are they (Monsanto) causing cancer to many humans but the main target for Mon Satan is the human brain. Yes everything is in their name which was no coincidence.

Monsanto = Mon or Man
Santo is the root word of Satan

The FDA or Food Drugs Administration headed up by Michael Taylor, was a Monsanto executive attorney and lobbyist for this Evil corporation appointed by Obama.

The point that organic Food is a natural drug while Artificial Drugs made in labs do not cure anything. In fact each drug prescribed needs other drugs to counter the effects of the previous drug that did not work.

This is why the FDA does not allow Monsanto to label its ingredients while they are suppose to protect us from damaging effects. But since they are experimenting on humans, they won’t allow organic super cures to be promoted.

Now WE know why the republicans and Democrats killed the Health care bill. Because anybody who has been addicted to eating Big Macs, Happy Meals and other foods that are processed & engineered in laboratories for profiteering, are guaranteed future victims of dementra, cancer and excessive obeasiveness, which are now appearing everywhere. People who can’t even walk a mile because their bodies are so toxic.

It all begins when the liver declines in purifying the blood and the pancreas can no longer process sugars and starch which supports the Heart functionality by damaging the central office called the Brain. And we wonder why all news is fake.i

The proof is in the FDA itself lead by a lobbyist and lead attorney from Monsanto “Michael Taylor” ... Do your own homework.. This is all visible now After looking at all trump appointees and supporters. You can see that their brains don’t function by the lies and hate in their hearts. Drugs and unnatural foods are the cause of this epidemic.

We can also see cabinet members who don’t give a rats ass about health or humanity sues. If this is not Satanism then I rest my case, because those who don’t agree are already dead just like trumps who
can destroy democracy and rights of human beings without our knowledge of what has happened to 45% of Americans or more. This is why Trump Time is here..

You Want More Proof, just go back and research the periods of DDT, Agent orange and Dow Chemical companies who are now Under the care of Monsanto. You will also learn, that the federal government paid farmers back in the 50s and 60s not to grow natural food crops in the Midwest - destroying farmers while Monsanto was flooding the market with unnatural foods.

The bottom line that they
(the corporate killers) who now have more rights then humans (supported by the Supreme Court decision) are so greedy that they now will end up going broke once everyone realizes they can be sued once everybody wakes up. I woke up and turned myself around to cure myself and this is what the controllers fear the most
—- Brain Repairing.
Autor: Tattletale RED
AutorThey are links to bacon causing cancer as well, they don't say it on their packaging so, lets sue the meat industry for billions.

Damn these lawyers are low lifes, lie lie and lie to get their money.

These rich ass lawyers won't help this guy out now, even though they will make millions of him.

Hopefully Monsanto win their appeal and justice is done.
Autor: BL4CK KN1G8T
Autorcrying in front of a jury > science
Autor: Lahring

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