Bankera Interviews #1: Antanas Guoga

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AutorThey are on 28 Aug
Autor: khairul anwar
AutorGreat interview! I love that guy and Bankera! :)
Autor: Explore Crypto
AutorAntanas says bankera is already enabled on spectrocoin site? Not according to their support team I just spoke to. People need to be more careful with the way they present information. Perception is important when you're dealing with people's value; which requires their trust and confidence.
Autor: drumcrazy72
AutorAll i can say...get BNK while you can. Campaign is going to end (near 90%) already sold. BNK is definatley a winner....see ya on the moon :)
Autor: ales pajek
AutorLoving your product ! But no offence , i think it would be smart to get a faster talker , and more charismatic front man. So important !
Autor: Gaming Footage R9 Fury
Autor: Noel F
AutorThat's a nice idea. I wish you all the best!
Autor: David Moussa
Autortres bon projet j'adore ce systeme décentralisé mais à la fois traçable grâce au KYC
Autor: spectrocoin - crypto currency bankera
AutorI watch poker Tony G one of my favorite.
Autor: love love
AutorCEO doing Ph.D in cryptocurencies?
Autor: Main Admin
AutorGuys, I am a big fan of this project, But please fill me in on your pre-ICO issues, its been 24 hours and still can't see my ETH deposit on SpectroCoin.
Autor: david carroll
AutorThe interviewer is a misunderstanding.
Autor: Paweł Głomski
Autorhii...i m intrested.... in it...cntct me
Autor: Sourav Dash Official
AutorSo what happens when you've sold all of the ico tokens / BNK coins
Autor: Echo
AutorHaha well if Tony G is up for it i go for it too! I love this guy, on your bike, on your bike, go back to russia, lol
Autor: Rampant King
AutorHi, why exactly can't Americans can't invest into this? they are a huge market.
Autor: Lowell Jordan
AutorProject Bankera review for our team
Autor: Ronald Gette
Autor"Why you got involved in Bankera project?" - I like people of Bankera, I like the team which runs that project: says Tony G.
But when ICO has finished, he left the advisory board, and the Bankera haven't announced that oficially on website or other channel yet. Just on Twitter, and Facebook when people were asking about why Antanas Guoga left the advisory board, Bankera and A.Guoga replied: he is leaving because he helped them at that stage, and he is believes that the project will have success without him (some sort unclear message).
Then A.Guoga mentions: blockchain and specially bank on a blockckain is different because it is TRANSPARENT. (Is it?)
Advice: google forums, about A.Guoga leaving Bankera, you will see yourself people.
Autor: ansis
AutorHi, are you running a pre ico?
Autor: david carroll
Autorim interested what shall i do?
Autor: Rolando Anacan Jr
AutorDamn. All i hear from him is this is going to be a great investment. I wonder how would they facilitate blockchain technology if other banks don't accept their business model, fast intenational payment wont be any faster than now lol, probably slower. You don't need blockchain to transfer numbers inside your own bank (although it is a good solution, but this is not an advantage you would build bank on top of it). Their White Paper is very poorly written for a "bank of the future" - it doesnt really explain anything basically. Just some general bitcoin talk. When she asked him how does Bankera differentiate from other banks, all he says is its going to be really fast in a fast way - and of course a bright future and good returns. Seriously, that is all this guy have to say about it?
Autor: Ambrož Strmčnik

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