Electromagnetic Door Lock

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AutorThanks this helped a lot actually. Had no idea how to get the bracket off or if it even came off at all, this showed exactly how even though mine wasn't the same model. No idea why it's got so many dislikes.
Autor: Ben W
AutorThis music is so loud, the voice is barely recognizable...
Autor: LZ1ETE
AutorHindi lanbuge
Autor: Om Prakash
AutorGetting it off the mounting plate was the reason I watched and you guys were so thorough and then skipped right passed it.
Autor: Trey Burdette
AutorIs this lock quiet? If not, does anyone know of a very quiet lock for use in a communal entrance with keypad entry.
Autor: James Wilkinson
Autori need codes to change password like *9999#
Autor: Moha Most
AutorCan any one tell me how I reset a P T A button on door entry system
Autor: Cha Ewart
Autor: Nestor Flores
Autor: D Knight
Autorvery loud background music
Autor: uday kumar

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