How To Make Cinematic GoPro Videos: 5 Tips (Hero 6)

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AutorHi mate :) what music did you use in the video from the beginning ?
Autor: Oz
AutorVideo starts at 5 minutes.
Autor: Justin Apodaca
Autortheyre aint nothing cinematic about these shots
Autor: JzD Productions
AutorWhat would be the right settings to do slow mo?
Autor: Courtney Debus
Autordat ass thooo dayum
Autor: Jaime Grageda
Autor"I agree with you past Tom" hahah great content mate
Autor: Enox Fam
Autorwas this video shot with a gopro ? Reason i ask Im not very tech savy but my gopro (hero 3+) seems if i tried to shoot a video similar to this just up close talking to the camera. Im either to far away and seems like not connecting to audience cause I'm to far away or if the camera is to close then it seems like it distorts your face because of the wide angle ? Thanks!
Autor: clint cockburn
AutorAbsolutely LOVE this! Have just filmed my first EVER YouTube video (soon to edit!) and planning to make some fun travel videos on my next adventure, these tips are so helpful thank you! One question though - what do you mean about finding the cinematic feel edit tools online - where can I find those to get the right post-prod look? Thanks again!
Autor: Tanned, Toned & Travelled
AutorGood vidéo thx !
Autor: Sieg Heil
AutorMy GoPro 5 camera quality is not like that
AutorInsane points on the Hero 6, I am upgrading from the Hero 4 Silver as well. This was the seller, where is your Amazon Associate link?
Autor: Crushed City
AutorGood tips. I use the gopro all the time but never thought to treat it like a good camera. Simple thing to do that I know will make better videos.
Autor: CanadianLlama
Autorthanks for the tips! Definitely helped with the video I just made!
Autor: Kevin Capretti
AutorThink I’m gunna get one of these cameras
Autor: Cyan Media
AutorWhy so much blah blah blah to get to the subject🤔
Autor: Julio Jimenez
AutorSuper high quality content, thank you!
Autor: Mont Frédéric
AutorWhat aspect ratio would be best to record video on a go pro ? Which one do you use
Autor: Dennis Goh
Autor: skyline media
AutorWhere to get that tripod stick handle?
Autor: Tuan Le
AutorHow to do this color correction?
AutorPost production is a difficult task for most people like me who only save their videos as the way it's shot, I don't know sh*t about content creating. I am a first time owner of an action camera "the GoPro Hero 6", Prior to purchasing I did a tone of research for the best features, performance to most suit my budget, after narrowing it down to just a couple the GoPro Hero 6 wins hands down on every aspect despite the hefty price tag. It's superb built quality & future proof features makes a good investment for any level user, I hope you can advise me on a problem I encountered with pairing or connecting my camera with the GoPro Multi Controller app installed on my smartphone. Despite entering the correct camera name & password it still indicated camera not connected to WiFi network, how to solve this issue & what bluetooth connected devices enables for, cheers.
Autor: Wilson Lee
AutorWhen I have a hard time sleeping, I turn your channel o.............Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😘 seriously love your videos. Very educational and informative. Thanks
Autor: candy land
Autor You welcome.
Autor: Michael Cena
Autorthat ass tho
Autor: Big Trillin
AutorStarts at
Autor: Amber Taher
AutorMost of the stuff is always done in post, you need a good software.
Little bit creativity.
Some footage.
And you will know what to do.
Autor: HasH Brownies
Autor0.20 really looking good. Awesome camera
Autor: TheMap007
AutorHey guys, I tried to make my own travel video! Please have a look and leave a comment! :) thanks! This video helped a lot
Autor: Richard Lee
AutorToo much talking.. just go straight to the point
Autor: AGuitarFingerstyle4U
AutorAnd a tip to you... Taking before you really starting the video will lose the most of the watching youtubers
Autor: Benjamin sylvander
AutorHey! Great tips, i tried to follow them all and made this vid that felt a lot more cinematic than my others. What do you think?
Autor: Oscar Lorenti
AutorAmazing thank you
Autor: kashif Mehmood
AutorSooooo much small talk. This video could easily be 3min
Autor: Ralle
AutorInformative. I kinda wondered if it could be done. Especially with the slight fisheye view. However, why would you wanna make a GoPro your main Camera tho? Much more can be had for those overprices buggers.
Autor: Bart Ros
AutorThis is by far one of the best gopro tips video ı ever watched. Thanks man!
Autor: Ali Ardahan Sütçüoğlu
AutorVid starts at
Autor: Lorenzo Cordero
AutorWeeeeel 1 GoPro & 1 Sexy Ass WINNER A B C D E & F Roll in the hay hey 👍🏻
Autor: iSpike
AutorWhen I lost the footage to my regular camera I use (Sony A7r ii), all I had left was my GoPro footage, and it actually turned out pretty good! Check it out
Autor: ThreddMedia
AutorSexy guy
Autor: Joe
AutorWoman that gorgeous should be illegal, sir do you have a license for that. BTW totally wouldn’t use That to describe her but the joke wouldn’t be as funny, not saying that it is funny now but you know.
Ok back to your video
Autor: MrACP1911
AutorAnyone here with the FDR X3000 haha. With Optical Image Stabilization.
Autor: mojojoedwards
Autorvery useful tips!!!
Autor: AnnoyingBro Gaming
AutorMake sure to skip to to start Video.
Autor: Francisco Oliveira
AutorIf you think the 6 stabilization is good you need to try the 7.
Autor: Ricardo Lourizela
AutorFirst step is to get a model with a nice butt
Autor: Gregori Fernando
AutorBad video...
Autor: Serkan Ozer
Autor: Banan Obanan
AutorFor water diving do you use case?
Autor to skip past all the waffling and get to the tips.
Autor: Luke Hinds
AutorDoes anyone know if the $50 gopro sound adapter works on the hero 6?
Autor: TravelHomies Vlogs
Autor is that nick pescetto?
Autor: Hakiem Kamil
AutorJust signed up! Just started my channel and I was super excited to discover yours- can’t wait to get working on a GoPro vid!
Autor: Kate Malham-Wallis
AutorLooks so good with that format and style
Autor: Kimakaze Productions
AutorVery good. This guy knows what he’s talking about. Well done
Autor: One World Images
AutorWe need more footage of your girlfriend's ass in this video...
Autor: David Gunther
AutorGood content
Autor: Travel Diaries
Autordam shawty thick af
Autor: Connor Studios
Autorsangat bermanfaat
Autor: wisata tegal
AutorHi Thomas, I want to create my own travel videos for me,but I’m yet to decide on gear. For the start I want to be something that I can carry with me easily so I thought, a good smartphone with gimbal stabilizer or GoPro (also maybe with stabilizer). What do you think? Which one is more versatile for the most occasions?
Autor: tavitavi1000
Autor Is this the Gopro 5 you are talking about ?
Autor: Johnson Pinto
AutorCan I do all this with Hero 5?
Autor: Boi Mesa
AutorThank you. I am starting to shoot with this. Hope I can implement everything you say....
Autor: Infinite Tripping
AutorYou exaggerate alot dude.... come to the point
Autor: Savvy Day Tripper!!
Autor: Harry Halvstiv
Autorhow to? buy sony fdr ;D
Autor: Alexander
AutorStfu you spanish rat from a shithole country
Autor: Blue Sky
AutorI really want to buy this gopro..... but its too expensive..... what the helll why this stuff is too expensive???
Autor: Boom Panot
AutorCan you put a download link for LUTs used on a boat footage? Thank you 👍🏻
Autor: ChasmHD
AutorLove the tips. Very informative. can i ask what your thoughts are regarding shutter speed when shooting movies. Normally its said ot use x2 the FPS. I know Protune can allow us to lock this in, but i dont see much talk of anyone doing it. Talking about general shooting rather than slow mo etc. Subscribed!!! :-)
Autor: Dave Pearce
AutorThis guy looks like Jon Snow and Orlando Bloom had a baby
Autor: africandialects
AutorThanks for the tips. I really don’t understand the current universal over use of blasting everything with orange and teal, but hey, to each their own. Make every movie look like transformers
Autor: Neil Seaver
AutorHmmm, yep, you know your isht. Subbed :)
Autor: KittFPV
AutorVery nice tips..thank ya 👍🏻✝💕
Autor: keldoll Tv
AutorThese are all super helpful tips. Thank you for the knowledge!
Autor: UrbanSleepers Official
Autorcan i edit gopro and also drone shots smoothly with imovie in macbook air..??
Autor: Rubisco Talks
AutorThis is really fabulous content. Thank you for putting so much effort into it. I'm preparing to document a cross country motorcycle ride. I will use a lot of your advice. Best to you!
Autor: Ride With Boog
AutorThat starting video with the nice ass omg insta like
Autor: Young Glow TV
Autorwhat is the main camera are you filming on
Autor: Marcus Amadeus
AutorThanks for the good info and tips. Sound/mic options on Hero 6?
Autor: Tim Layton
AutorRule 2. Just do everything slow mo.
Autor: Anthony Leigh
AutorWhich sound track
Autor: Mohsin Nawaz
Autor nice booty
Autor: Sagar Kumar
AutorWhat tripod was that you was using on your hero6
Autor: JoeyMx112
AutorAwesome tips brother, cheers!
Autor: Kingaroundtheworld
Autorwhat are you blabbering for 7 minutes!! come to the point!
Autor: Rocky Atlantis
AutorThank you for
Autor: DG121480
AutorGreat Tips! Thanks man
Autor: Michael Phothasone
Autor: ode jepun
Autoralmost a commercial to the new gopro...
Autor: Mathitos Channel
AutorDo you suggest to buy and extra memory card when you travel for two weeks? How does this camera perform at night? If you can comment something I will love it 😊
Autor: Lourdes Perez
AutorThe footage while riding the bike is awesome.
Autor: More Locations
AutorNice tips and video.
I think the captures from your gopro looks better than the camera you are using to film this video (gopro looks sharp and colour rich and the video looks to soft and washed colors)
Autor: Eduardo Rodrigues
AutorJust wasted the last 15 minutes of my life!
Autor: Willie Suarez
Autorwell explained, thanks, I'm getting mine soon
Autor: Stanley Tang
AutorHey There, Love your Comparison, Can you please Suggest me some thing

I Generally Do music Videos, Do you think Hero 6 will be a good idea to use with my Setup for 4K and Slow Motion, How do you Compare with the Quality?
If a footage from DSLR and Hero 6 Both Added up and made a Music Video will it provide some good Quality ?
Thanks In Advance
PS I havn't use any of Action Camera Before Only DSLR
Planning to Buy Hero 6 Only For My Music Video Shoot as it has 4K @ 60 fps and 1080 Slow mo , and ofc i'll buy gimble ,but first need to make sure about if quality if up to mark,
Autor: DeA Music Studio
AutorHow does the GoPro Hero 6 footage compare to the iPhone 8 plus or X?
Autor: OrganicFarmer
AutorWhat’s the best settings for Instagram? I’m planning to make cinematic videos on instagram but my concern is it might mess up the video quality when I upload it. Any suggestions I would appreciate it🤙🏽 also please feel free to check out my mobile cinematography works on IG ✌🏼
Autor: Kentz Villa
AutorGod damn!!! Was that girl in the beginning really butt naked?
Autor: Pineapple 303
AutorAnd so?
Autor: Ludwig Kropp
Autor: Alex Taylor
AutorHey man can you send me your gear list pls?
Autor: Carlos González de Cósío Vargas
Autor: ads asd
AutorGreat tips. Thanks
Autor: Sweta Shrestha
Autori really agree with past TAN. just subscribed.
Autor: francis james kho
AutorActual content begins at
Autor: Phil Hovey
AutorGreat video man! More people need to hear this.
Autor: Neema Naeemi
AutorToo much unnecessary talking....
Autor: Dr. Md. Imtiaz uddin
AutorIn terms of length how long do you recommend a video to be?
Autor: Jpcorrea___
AutorReally Awesome tips. I have looked at a few other videos talking about GoPro 5 and 6 and I was still kind of confused about which I should be getting. Now I think it's pretty clear. Thanks
Autor: Isaac Ben David
AutorCan I ask what settings u use on the GoPro6 when filming and the settings when making a slo-mo, im new to the GoPro and trying to find the best settings for beautiful shots
Autor: Marcel Mol
Autor: KotKtoryChodziłPoGłowieAdama
AutorWhat microfone and camera do you use for this video?
Autor: Marta M
Autor you’re welcome
Autor: JSTV
AutorOnce you’ve seen the girl’s ass, nothing important starts until
You’re welcome
Autor: Athan Datu
AutorThank you for posting this. I just got the Hero 6 and made my first video with it here using some of your tips.
Autor: Rocked
AutorTip #6 Ocean scenes will look much better if everyone buys reusable coffee cups instead of filling the sea with plastic.
Autor: Simon Mitchell
AutorLove the bonus tip, that is a huge piece of info
Autor: SupaCoopa
AutorPlease write, what monopod-tripod was in this video? Thank you
Autor: Igor Blinkov
Autor: Jonathan Mack
AutorI recognize Barcelona and Collserola (bike part)
Autor: reivaxlig
AutorGood morning
Autor: Paul mate
AutorReally great teacher, explains things very well
Autor: Jake Sorensen
AutorI have the hero4 sessions. It comes in a waterproof case and the camera itself is waterproof.
Autor: adrian mixit
Autorthank you for the tips
Autor: 5150mxVW
AutorWhat editor did you use?
Autor: gabriel enopia
Autor: Muhsina mkm
AutorJesus Christ the Son of God died on a cross for all the sins you've ever committed and if you believe and put your trust in Him you will live forever in heaven.
AutorJust getting into YouTube... if anyone wants to check out my vids I'd appreciate it. This is little vid of a trip to Iceland
Autor: Lee87
Autorthats really beautiful fotage , now show the cinematic stuff.
Autor: Jonathan Julbe
AutorYou just made me buy a GoPro Hero 6. Thanks a lot for you helpful tipps. Great work!
Autor: Svendura
AutorThanks mate. Just subscribed to your channel. What editing tool do you use?
Autor: Tim Clyde-Smith
AutorGreat video.. Thank you so much..
Autor: mathew georgge
AutorWhy does GoPro footage always look pixelated on YouTube
Autor: Johnny Lucas
AutorGo pro 6 is 30ft deep water proof.. without a hardcase..
Autor: Liezyl Javison
AutorJust color grade your video , make sure its stabalized and add black bars. Thats it. 😅😅
Autor: jason bianan films
AutorI really like your name

Autor: Thomas
Autorstart at
Autor: 黃盈達
AutorHey Thomas, how did you record audio for this video? Lav mic? Sounds super clear!
Autor: Cody Bouscaren
Autorthe cropping in B roll had really bad chromatic aberrations tho
Autor: William Sheedy
Autorhai bro,, i want to ask,, what software do u use to edit the video with gopro?
Autor: pandu irawan
AutorAwesome info, already helped me immensely in only 8 min. thanks mate!
AutorHi, great video! btw, what selfie stick is that?:) It looks so simple to use..
Autor: Igor Pop-Arsov
AutorIs it better to film in slo-mo or will slowing it down during editing be just as fine?
Autor: Crystal Taylor
AutorThat booty doe😭
Autor: TayWilliamsTV
AutorAre the beautiful Girls included with the camera?
Autor: Filmore
Autorwhat is this po site or what?
Autor: Bulent Aydin Best electronic Music Writer in WORLD
AutorHey! How framerate you make in post for a cinematic video? 24, 25 or 30 fps?
Autor: Ringo Merayo
AutorStabilization on this bike scene looked really good. Is there a big difference noticeable when also using a gimbal? is it worth it?
Autor: YaKoO
Autor this was entirely shot on my gopro hero 5
Autor: Christopher Buckenham photography
Autoranother time sqeeeeezer.Absolutely nothing.But 15min to talk about that?Anyway..he foold me.I watched 4min long.:)
Autor: Helios the Illusionist
AutorWhich tripod are you using?!
Autor: Juno Jo
AutorIs that girl in starting wearing something down
AutorHey Thomas, great video! Thanks
I want to ask you this, with what program on you pc/laptop do you add music and play with the collor ect. Of the footage? (Fine tuning your video's) ?? Looking forward to your answer. Thx. Kind regards
Autor: Michael Schiffelers
AutorGood Work (i myself use the Gopro Hero 7 black)
Autor: Peter Hoffmann
Autor your welcome
Autor: Evan Playz
AutorAny suggestions on an inexpensive microphone for hero 6?
Autor: Paul Gilmore
AutorGood tips
Autor: Eduardo Tarusov
AutorNice tips. Noticed you got a little bit muddled with the frame rates though. As I've just got my hands on the hero 6 Black, it's showing 4k at 50fps max and 200fps at 1080 max. I started out with a gen 1 gopro hero wide...and shot footage using a headstrap to my cycle helmet (before it was cool!) Rewind 18 months ago I bought a gopro hero 4 silver and started to get a bit serious with filming, and started basic editing (from scratch) i would like an honest opinion on my video I shot in Egypt to see whether or not that was any good cinematic wise? I had even gone out my way to buy an expensive gimbal to try and get the most out of the gopro hero 4 just to see how better it had got; 4 generations on.

Now onto generation 6, I am in awe of its capabilities and can't wait to try it out properly. The gps would be handy for travelling abroad as you could use it as a placeholder for a favourite place to visit or as a guide to return back from getting lost lol.

Anyways, good video, very excitable hands by the way, just chillax more dude!
Autor: Hadleigh Murad
AutorHi Thomas, I just got a hero 5 session and I'm going to make a travel video with it to Costa Rica. If I want to have things in slow motion do I have to change the setting before or do I do it after in the edit? The session only has one button so it may work differently than this camera you're shooting with. Please let me know !! Thanks
Autor: Heather Ione
Autor: Marianna Odwyer
AutorThanks for tips
Autor: Kitty and the Gang
Autoryou have my undivided attention from
Autor: Finch Films
AutorDoes anybody know what gopro stick is shown in the video? I downloaded Thomas' gear list but it isn't in the list...

Edit: Nevermind I figured it out, it's a gopro shorty if anyone's wondering :)
Autor: Amira
AutorGreat tutorial!
Autor: Aron Liefting
AutorSpeaks fast agree
Autor: Darren Shortall
Autorhey Thomas..

are u gonna make a new : how to on the gopro 7 black..?

ty for all your´s how to, so good tips and tricks.. love it
Autor: Peter Jensen
AutorWhat editing software would you suggest for the hero 6? I have a PC and iMac, TIA!
Autor: _yhtuv
AutorHow about the sound ? Using external mic?
Autor: Miliarto Lie
AutorThanks man, i'm gonna buy a Hero 6 and these tips were really helpful!
Autor: Luca Manenti
Autoryou rock mate
Autor: Zsolt Pentek
AutorHey, I just purchased the Hero 6 with a feiyutech G5 gimbal. although I haven't started yet, I am hoping to start some travel vlogs/ travel tips/cheap traveling videos. I am wondering if you would suggest shooting in a flat or wide view while in a selfie? When would be a good the best time to shoot flat, or not flat? and how would I find problems transitioning from a wide view shot to a flat shot in post-production? I have watched a lot of your tip vidoes, thanks so much!!
Autor: Dakota White
AutorOmg! Got my attention
Autor: Paul Loader
AutorWhat selfie stick is that???
Autor: bajoelz dive freakz
Autor: skyline media
Autorhe man - great video! What is the GoPro small black hand grip extendable tripod brand you show in this video? It seems very compact and I can't find it in your gear. thanks
Autor: Norman & Tracy
Autorawesome vid thanks!
Autor: Darren Eck
AutorThanks for your input! Check out my first attempt and your feedback will be greatly appreciated!
Autor: Moemsie
AutorWhat's the tripod?
Autor: Reynan Delos Santos
AutorVery good video! keep it up. Definitely learned something here.
Autor: Philipp Behrens
AutorDo I need editing software to make my video better? When I upload directly from gopro app to phone, its not good quality.

I just bought the gopro6 yesterday!
Autor: Corey Flores
AutorIs that the gorpo stick? Or is it a 3rd part stick?
Autor: Paul Gilmore
Autorbut this video really help me to understand as i am beginner
Autor: Sagar Kumar
Autor5k yw 😀
Autor: Sasha FlyPlaneGuy
AutorHey great Video. Iam experimenting with some LUT´s for my FPV Channel just raised. Cant find the good tone you sec. Thx in advance and keep up !
Autor: Lucky Rotors FPV
AutorWow you know Jason Paul!
Autor: Black-shiip
AutorI really like how informative you are.
Thanks! Is the stabilization the same in hero5?
Autor: K S
AutorHey please can you explain how to render a gopro video (renderinf settings) to keep maximum quality . Thank you

I use sony vegas pro
Autor: Gabriel
AutorBro please rename this intro to gopro hero 6
Autor: Tom Condon
Autorgopro looks in slowmo very good but in fastaction like on a bike it looks so bad, i prefer a Yi 4k+, its cheaper and better with sony chip inside, gopro is so overrated

thanks for ur awesome tips!
Autor: myoutlaw
AutorStep 1: buy a real camera.
Autor: The MX Guru
AutorDo you use microphone for Gopro?
AutorOmg the video is so cool and perfect
Autor: pikalti
AutorCheck out the cinematic look of my GoPro edit on my channel !
Autor: Thomas Bergonzi
AutorStop drinking anything. It contrived, out of place, and awkward to say the least.
Autor: Diego Forest
AutorReally good advice I have a GoPro 5,
Will take into consideration thank you, god my English got worse since I’ve been in Thailand, thanks for the tips
Autor: Darren Darmanin
AutorHey Thomas, thanks for the tips, they're really helpful. As a rookie, I want to ask you.. If I want to shoot slow motion footage, should I shoot slo-mo in high fps, or shoot 24fps and later edit it into slow motion? Thanks!
Autor: Ymengg
AutorOh my gosh youre helpful but please next time dont talk so much or dont be so redundant :(
Autor: Gaylen Christine Galan
AutorToo much plain talking. You could cut it down to like 3 minutes and it’ll get much more views and comments
Autor: 2kran
AutorToo much talking crap.
Autor: Key Wizard
Autor: Jarret Chambers

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