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AutorChen's face at
"Is that sour cream?"
Autor: Flubbering Philistine
AutorI dont know if Chen got more hard counter ingredients then the other Iron Chefs, or if I just remember his more because he always had great reactions to that stuff.
Autor: Ironman1o1
AutorNot one 19 or 20.
Autor: Aldus Valor
AutorChen always gets ingredients that hes never seen before lol
Autor: SeanDaRyan
Autor: Don92 Inspire
AutorPoor Chen-san!
Autor: BoredCertified
AutorThis Iron Chef episode should be ranked in the top 10 of all time. My bias here is that this one could be ranked the best IC episode of all time to me.
Autor: Edward Auyeung
Autor: chen must've been like "me, i wasn't used to this thing".
Autor: Dustin Hemmer-Ritchey
Autorlol chens reaction
Autor: Salamence Hydreigon
Autor — Edsuo Joh — has challenged the iron chefs and was on the 2000th dish special and was on the dream team with Sakai-san and Ichinabe-san.
Autor: Billy Sou
AutorAw I thought the challenger would win. That meat pie... man O.O
Autor: Paul J
AutorYogurt.......oh my. Now that would be hard. I mean there are things you can do. But most of that is time sensitive. Its takes mad skills to be able to use it in such a short amount of time. Also I want the chairman's wardrobe he has fabulous taste. Honestly the theme today would have been fun for Iron Chef Morimoto
Autor: TraciPeteyforlife
AutorThat look on Chens face at 8:47. "FFFFUUUCCCCKKK!!"
Autor: CaptCow
AutorI was extremely impressed with Iron Chef Kenichi. Chinese cooking is never paired with yogurt since most Chinese people tend to be lactose intolerant, so I'm very surprised he managed to pull out on top, especially since his dishes tended to be extremely unorthodox. The flavours must have been something amazing if he was able to pull out better scores overall.
Autor: Leo Howler
Autorby far one of best all time ingredient battles. chen is my favorite iron chef original.
Autor: Pei Kang
AutorI love watching Chen cook. He's just so funny
Autor: Chanaly
AutorI don't blame Chen for reacting like that to the yogurt. Chinese cuisine has almost no dairy.
Autor: Alex Powers-Witowski
Autorthanks for the upload! havent seen this one yet
Autor: Lee Boy
Autoris that chick bra straps showing or is it part of her dress lol
Autor: Lílí Inez Ortega
Autorwhile the other iron chefs are humble, i think chen is just there to have fun. he has this gleam in his eyes
Autor: Salamence Hydreigon
Autor: Jacob Goldsbury
AutorI loved this show. One of the reasons is that even though all the Iron Chefs have different personalities and approaches, they all seem to put the cooking first and the challengers tend to be the same way. To have Chen pull off this win despite his unfamiliarity with yogurt - and the challenger picking Iron Chef Chinese when Chinese isn't even really his thing - does a lot to illustrate what all can be done with cooking versus than just making Chen out to be someone "defeating" the challenger. I remember when one challenger's big gimmick was working with no assistants, and then after the gong rang to start the battle, Iron Chef Sakai told his own assistants to beat it. There's just something about the attitudes that come over in the original show that none of the US copies have.
Autor: hubbsllc
Autoralways feel bad for chen, but he always blows me away with his dishes
Autor: Kao H
AutorMe in every ingredient revealed: Ah crap what am I supposed to make with that?
Autor: nocturned85
AutorLMAOOOO Chen looks like he's gonna either puke or cry (or both) when he sees the yogurt
Autor: ToruKun1
AutorAoi san sounds like Vic Scully legendary announcer for the LA Dodgers
AutorChen Kenichi is truly an Iron Chef. It takes a lot of cooking skill to take an ingredient that seems so perplex to you and come up with amazing dishes like he made. i dont think many chefs could do that.
Autor: lojosol
AutorClassic episode. A riot from start to finish.
Autor: BrownsFan

His face when he wins: :o WHAHHHH?! for reals? yall drunk!
Autor: Jackie Elizabeth
AutorGood choice of opponent for the challenger. All of the Iron Chefs, except Chen-san, specialize in the types of cooking that he does, as opposed to fusing them together. And Morimoto-san isn't to be messed with when it comes to fusion cooking.
Autor: Victor Vogel
Autori honestly thought the challenger was going to win. Chen always pulls it out tho 
Autor: SeanDaRyan
AutorNO WAY!!!! :D
Autor: Vivien Yin
AutorThis challenger seems like he came not just to challenge the Iron Chef, but to challenge himself as well. He has a French-Italian-Japanese fused style, but he challenged Kenichi, a Chinese cooking specialist. A style unfamiliar to the challenger. Interesting.
Autor: HarbingerOfBattle
Autori misheard kaga's introduction of the challenger as Itou Junji and thought a horrible unforeseen accident was going to happen.
Autor: Sarcastic Marauder
Autor - It's the Iron Chef! Chen, caught by surprise.
Autor: NJT6015
AutorThe ingredient waited
Yogurt elevated
Challenger elated
Chen jebaited

60 minutes later
With many a spectator
Iron chefs confusion
Still culinary gladiators

The victor is called
Chen is appalled
How his name got called
Who knows, he gave it his all.
Autor: Big T. Anderson
AutorThis is one of my favorite Chen battles. His personality is beyond awesome, he's not overly confident like Sakai and he still slays in the kitchen. He's a total Boss.
Autor: Dueville7777
AutorThe thing is, chef chen is always acting funny, but behind that guy is a genius
Autor: Muting
Autor: Jackie Elizabeth
AutorLOL, Chen's reactions.
Autor: George Wang
Autorlol wtf is a chinese chef going to do with yogurt?
Autor: Maria Ferguson
AutorYogurt is great for getting color and flavor on baked meat. Lamb marinated in yogurt and a yogurt sauce
Autor: Hmni Kadoza
AutorIf I was a chef on this show, for Yogurt I'd have four dishes. A salad, a pasta dish, and main dish, and a dessert. I'd have fun. Some times I like to think about what dishes I'd make with the themed ingredient. Most of the time I get about 3 or 4 dishes in mind.
Autor: Eszra
AutorHahaha!!! I love Chen, he is so funny.
Autor: George Cabezas

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