Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 - TOTALITY Middle Tennessee

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AutorThe media coverage was facinating. We got 75% coverage and there were all these cresent shadows in the tree leaves. We are supposed to get totality here in 2024.
Autor: Shannonm75
Autorthis is really nice you dont see anything like this to often
Autor: gary t Katranis
AutorVery cool! In Ohio it didn't get very dark, just enough to make shadows look different and cool it off a little bit. Thanks for sharing!
Autor: Erin Hankie
Autorvery nice view.
Autor: rolf sinkgraven
AutorGreat video. Here in California we only saw partial shadow as if it were a very cloudy day.
Autor: MewTwo
AutorSaddy I had to watch it on tv I Had rain darn thank you for Sharing
Autor: Jeanne Widdicombe
AutorI saw it in Oregon at . My vid wasn't so good.
Autor: Henry S
AutorThe Sun is actually a millions times bigger than The Earth and about 70 millions times bigger than The Moon. Those other stars have planets and maybe eclipses around them too.
Autor: RJL738
AutorI'M JEALOUS!!!!
Autor: DragonGem2
AutorLooked like God's eye looking at us! Very freaky tyvm!!!
Autor: Debbie Mitchell
AutorCame from Pittsburgh PA and watched the eclipse in Maryville TN. Great place!
Autor: Brian Cunningham
AutorThanks for filming this! I always watch your Abandoned Places videos and love watching your exploration. I'm in Southeastern PA (which also has its share of abandoned places) and we only got a partial eclipse so it's awesome to see totality! By the way, you guys should visit Bucks County PA, lots of abandoned and old stuff here. 😀
Autor: mjshah1979
AutorLuckg you got to see totality
Autor: Pyrotechnics 8
AutorThanks for sharing this, Rick and Bekah. It's the first eclipse video that I've seen. It turned out great. :)
Autor: K Dalessandro
AutorJust like what I saw from Madras, Oregon. Awe-inspiring and absolutely moving in a way that is nearly indescribable. Thanks for posting.
Autor: Irik Beln
Autor: mikeyz mama
AutorThank you Rick and Bekah
Autor: Frankie Tortonesi
AutorCool! I watched it irl and I didn't go blind cause I was wearing the glasses xP! I'm soo glad that I saw it because it happens every 100 years, and I won't be around for 100 years.
Autor: Myzory
AutorCool. It didn't get dark enough here in southern Missouri for the street lights to come on but it did cool down a lot and it was a little darker. It was fun to watch with friends. Thanks for the share.
Autor: Beatrice Hall
AutorThanks for sharing. Only saw just a partial eclipse here in NY.
Autor: Owen
AutorI hope you used solar glasses if not it will burn your retinas ...
Autor: Jodie
AutorExcellent Capture. I love to hear y'alls reaction
Autor: TJ Hanby
Autorawesome !!! we only got like 80 something percent here in Ohio . got some cool pics though
Autor: Brucee-b mcconnell
Autorit was 84% here in Mn. It gradually got darker, but then we had cloud cover,light rain, and little bit of thunder:( .i watched the coverage on ABC and there were some people that paid $10'ooo.oo for seats in a stadium where the eclipse was supposed to last the longest, but they only got a few seconds not mins.! It was stated people shouldn't look at it with the naked eye because it would burn the retina & you wouldn't even know it was happening,no pain when it happens. Hope you are ok.
Autor: marilyn denler
AutorDidn't see anything FROM UPSTATE NEWYORK GAL
Autor: Marysue Clouthier
AutorThanks for the video! Come check out my video of the peek in Philadelphia PA!!!
Autor: Pro Tech
Autorwe got 96% here
Autor: 500mos
AutorOh, you have a great view! I was supposed to have about a 97% view of it where I am at, but somehow it was still really bright outside, and it was pretty much just like every other day. :(
Autor: Chante Moody
AutorReally cool Rick, thank you!
Autor: History Lover
AutorWe had a pretty good view up here in Michigan. I'd say 75-80%. Still cool!! And educational for our little girls next door!!
Autor: Jan Brown
Autor: tina miller
AutorThis is something we will remember for the rest of our lives.
Autor: alieninvaider
AutorThanks for sharing this. I'm one of your international followers from the UK and yours is the first footage I've seen of the eclipse. We had one here in 1999 I remember it so well it was a fantastic sight !
Autor: Chris Johnson
AutorR&B, I thought you guys were in PA now. Little road trip? Nice job.
Autor: Gene Conlon
AutorOnly got 80% here in Wisconsin, at , but was still very amazing So cool! Nice video
Autor: Vicki Paczesny
AutorI love these things and I was upset when I missed it. So, thanks for putting it up .
Regarde, Ody
Autor: Ody Slim
AutorLucky you're able to see the full eclipse. It was only around 56% covered here in SoCal. Did the ol pin hole on paper trick to see it xD
Autor: Kagusaki Wolf
AutorIt got a little dark here. it was only about 90% or less here in Central Alabama.
Autor: Celeste Lacey
AutorWow 😳 that is to cool great video
Autor: Louis Rivera
AutorIt was gorgeous.
Autor: Elaine Tompson
AutorThank you for sharing. It got cloudy here. Didn't get to witness it
Autor: smylinjenn40
AutorThanks for sharing
Autor: R VideoKo
AutorWow you for sharing
Autor: Carol Connor
AutorHere in south-central Indiana it was like looking through tinted glass. Sunlight but shadowy at the same time.
Autor: Andrew Brendan
AutorAlabama could hardly tell, thank you for sharing
Autor: Julie Garrett's World
AutorIm on nashville tn laid in the back of the truck and saw the whole thing
Autor: drfalcon4102
Autorit was cloudy for me ;c
Autor: TTC Blaze
AutorI had a study to do on this thanks for uploading!
Autor: Im totaly Not TheBallisticGamer 6
AutorThis is all Trump's fault
Autor: S. Carter
AutorCool! And wow, you get 149 thumbs up and no thumbs down? If I posted a video like this, or ANY video, I'd immediately get tons of thumbs down and thousands of mean, profanity-filled comments and threats, just because I have posted in places that we shouldn't smoke pot! This abuse has gone on for years online!
Autor: cindybin2001
AutorThat was a BETTER shot than my news channel captured! THANK YOU RICK AND BEKAH! To commemorate this event I pass along a song one of my favorite artists sung a cover too which fits the event as my gift to you Rick and Bekah!
Autor: ChatBoxGuy
AutorSo glad you got to see and share that. You even captured Regulus (left of the Sun). I hope you got to look outside of the camera. It's a shame all the lights came on, as if an affront to the natural spectacle. Clear skies Rick and Bekah!
Autor: Jim Hendrickson
Autorway coool i saw it while in hilton head sc was cloudy but got a few glimpses
Autor: Kim Twister
AutorWe had totality here too.
Autor: piggyjo
AutorPretty cool.
Autor: Legion of Weirdos
AutorThis was my first time seeing a total eclipse! Very very cool. :)
Autor: CraftyChica
AutorGood shot! You can actually see Regulus at the sun's . Incredible.
Autor: sportscardude
AutorUnbelievable! Great shot! Must have been an experience.
Autor: Austin Lee
AutorVery cool, guys. It got quite dark-- awesome shot! Thanks. I was inside a clinic for a medical appointment during this time. Although, our sky in ND where I was: very cloudy. And we didn't get the 100% like this! Thanks.
Autor: Jay G M
AutorAn excellent shot. At the same time I watched the live CBS coverage and saw Nashville's Grand Ole Opry house in total darkness. Definitely a sight to see.
In Yakima we had 95.3% totality, I was about 125 miles from 100% totality. Wasn't as great as this but I did feel the temperature go down several degrees and the birds fly home. Hopefully you found some awesome abandoned places along the way!
Autor: VHSgoodiesWA3
AutorGood Job for no tri pod! Wowza! lol
Autor: sweetnameless
AutorThis is second time I saw the solar since 1979 you know how old I was? 12 years of age.
Autor: William Cross
AutorBro.. I cried!
Autor: Elaine Tompson
AutorWhat an amazing event...thank you for sharing!
Autor: dixie hefner
Autor: Olivia Joy
AutorJust witnessed this at 125 pm montgomery county tn time!! so freaking amazingly awesome, jaw dropping experience.
Autor: Courtney B
AutorThe Sun is a star, so you can see more than a couple of stars.
Autor: RJL738

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