Thankful for Family Who Understand Chronic Illness ❤ (5/8/17)

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AutorHi Jaquie -- what shampoo do you use for Harlow? We too have issues with our pup having some dry kin and seasonal allergy issues.. we have tried a few different ones but always seem to leave her with "dandruff" the dry skin, and its just not the most pleasant looking! Thanks!!
Autor: Shannon Mehring
AutorI know this is superrr late but Go Knights!
Autor: Program rG
Autorharlow is so cute! <3
Autor: tinyGIRAFFE
AutorGlad you had a fun day! Also your cousin is a cutie congrats to him!
Autor: Gina Cordova
AutorCan I just say how amazing hippos coat is?? The raw diet is really showing off the benefits! 😍 glad you had a better day and got to spend some time with family! Love you guys! 💕
Autor: Vikki Boycheva
AutorSORRY FOR THE LATE VLOG – Our home internet is down! There is something wrong with our router and despite troubleshooting all day, I was unable to fix it. We have someone from our provider coming out to fix it tomorrow afternoon (it was the earliest they could send someone), so tomorrow’s Vlog may be up late as well. To upload this Vlog, I took drastic measures and visited a Starbucks to use their internet. 😝 Apologies again for the late Vlog, we hope to have our internet working again by tomorrow (May 10th) afternoon!
Autor: Chronically Jaquie
AutorI had the cough variant asthma too, thank God it is gone, it left when I stopped grains. Can you have your doctors take the longest time available to have the IVIG done? I hear doing it for at least 3 hours is the best, at least its something to look into? We love uno too, so glad family came to visit. Blessings!
Autor: Ana Larson
Autor: Daniela Zita
AutorThank you for doing this! I am deaf in my left ear and hard of hearing in my right caused by my Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I love your videos because you speak so clearly and look directly at the camera when your speaking. The volume on your videos is great to compared to lots of other channels. Auto Generated subtitles help a little, atleast for me since I'm not completely Deaf and only miss a few words. I know how frustrating it is for me and can't imagine how hard it is for others who hear less than I do. I will gladly help with subtitles in your videos! 😊 Love your channel! You, Judd and Harlow make a great team!
Autor: Katie Sago
AutorHar is amazing and you are so strong! Keep up the good work!
Autor: aimee lawson
AutorYou should have a Patreon.
Autor: Yuyuf Likes Fud
AutorAlso I live in the UK and I have friends studying in Oxford :) Congratulations to your cousin!
Autor: Molly CircusZebra
AutorHappy to see you doing better!! Thanks for uploading and sharing with us :)
Autor: Anelys Perez
AutorW00t w00t Tampa Bay Represent!! Hooray for winning Uno!! Glad you got to spend time with your cousins, and you are very lucky your family understands. My brother is still learning. It's strange, he gets better when I get more diagnoses, and when I have to get steroid shots. But you are right, the best way is to remove them. It's not worth a spoon on them.
Autor: Saturn dazed74
AutorYay for eating all your lunch!!
Autor: Emily Treacy
AutorAhhh! Yaaay! I was starting to get worried about you! It's all good though I'm glad you're all good! =:') xx
Autor: Molly Jepic X Clews
AutorI am so glad to hear that your internet was down (and that was the only problem!). I was checking youtube every hour or so religiously for the first couple hours, and then instagram and youtube frequently as the day went on because i was worried something may of happened and i was just looking for ANY update. I'd rather have your internet be down than you be in the hospital or something!
Autor: Bumpy Back Roads
AutorAs a Belgian, I'm just wondering why your cousin is wearing a Belgium shirt.
Autor: Tykain256
AutorHarlow is so CUTE..good girl
Autor: Theodora Paz
AutorIt's incredible how tuned-in dogs (and especially SD) are to their trainers. ^_^ It was really nice of your relatives to be on camera!

I'm also a physics major, and hoping to go to grad school in a year and a bit :D
Autor: Steph
AutorI live just outside Oxford, if you cousin ever wants a friendly face and a home cooked meal while over here then he will always be welcome in my home.
Autor: Jen Burton
AutorI'm just glad it wasn't medical issues. I hate therapy re-evals and that coughing fit scared me a little! You have so much going on medically, I can't keep up even though I watch every day! 😜
Autor: Claire Elizabeth Blake
AutorSo many good vibes from this vlog. The others have them as well, but this one is giving a bit more in particular. See you happy and smiling and having your little and big victories (like winning Uno obviously lol), it gives me hope and happiness too. Thank you Jacqui and know that you're very blessed with the support you have around you! <3 Que Dios te bendiga!
Autor: Potterhead4Vida
AutorOmg i love mac and cheese
Autor: Sieren Tokiio
AutorLove to see you having fun too!
Autor: Sam Marie
AutorI like bananas but touching them makes me wanna throw up lol
Autor: Trines Nails
AutorThe blog being late scared me, glad it was just Internet. Congrats on eating lunch. It's the little victories in life.😂
Autor: Lanie Wisniewski
Autori love how she stoped
Autor: bettafriends254
AutorI started watching your channel a couple weeks ago and I'm so in love. it makes me so happy to see someone like you doing everything possible and seeing someone like Judd to stick with you through all of it. I watch your videos every day, peace be the journey, thanks for reading!
Autor: ChicGeek12
AutorCongrats to your cousin who got into Oxford, not an easy feat!! We used to live there and it's a fun city :)
Autor: fivebyfivewhat
AutorYes, I am just happy you are okay!
Autor: Kara Carta
AutorThe link for the cc Works i have worked on it a bit, but couldn't finish it as it is now lunch time in Australia (and i'm hungry) so i'll continue to do them when I finish my lunch! hope you all are having an AMAZING DAY!
Autor: Maddi Rose Salter
AutorThat was so scary when you had the asthma attack. Thanks for keeping that in the video. You are brave to help raise awareness by showing an attack.
Autor: Charlene B
AutorYea YouTube captions are so off
Autor: Shelbi Jackson
Autorare you fluent in Spanish?
btw glad your okay! :)
Autor: Gia Rivera
AutorWe totally understand if your videos are late, I was just worried something had happened to you! 💗
Autor: Kenzie Rose
AutorHI AND I SAID SMILE MORE😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘.
Autor: Mehry Henderson
AutorGood to see you laughing and having fun. Seems like you had an awesome day.
Autor: Dee Israel
AutorI had an abdominal MRI today and they had me drink nasty stuff that I was gagging on then I reacted to the glucagon shot and threw up all day. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with nausea all the time. It sucks :(
Autor: Fiona M
AutorCongrats to Daniel on his graduation and for his acceptance into Oxford. His dissertation is going to be loaded with all kinds of big words! Actually, physics philosophy is something I'd nerd out about.
And Isabel, just gotta say it: she's pretty cute. You've got a great family!
Autor: Glen Hunt
AutorI really enjoyed this vlog! :) Glad you are having fun with your family!
Autor: amelia erwin
AutorThe fact that jelly is also one of your sensory hells makes me kind of happy. I CANNOT STAND IT. I get so upset when there's any jam on my plate or kife (my family love it...) and I also dislike all kinds of cooked and processed fruit (I cannot handle stuff like apple sauce and compot) and uhm..yeah. Kind of comforting to see others having the same issues
Autor: flareontoast
Autorevery time my partner hears your introduction music in the house he'll call out at the same time as you "we're going on an adventure!" and i call back "you've got freezing cold hands!" haha. we love you!!!!
Autor: Erika E
Autorthis is what i do with my dog in the house when i dont have the energy to take her for a walk and i'm on too many painkillers. i think these videos are very helpful as i'm going through the motions of getting diagnosed with eds :)
Autor: Arabella De Cadenet
Autorlets get this up too 2 thousand viewers every one share once please
Autor: shopgirlfaith
AutorI LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! I made a youtube account just so I could comment that hahaha. You're such an inspiration Jaquie, and i'm obsessed with Harlow ♥♥♥ Thank you for doing so much for your viewers!! You need a name for your fanbase :)
Autor: CC
AutorI would love to help put subtitles (I only know English). I contributed a little to this video but I have finals tomorow, so I'll look and put subtitles on other videos after finals.
Autor: Kitten 00
AutorWow I didn't know you could set it up for us to caption. Thats cool. I can't work currently and really wanted to do something that helps people, I can't donate money and my chronic illnesses make volunteering so hard and I have found it difficult to think of what and how to do so without out making it harder on myself. The fact i can watch your videos while sitting on the couch or in bed and slowly type one handed and take my time and breaks and do your captions is AWESOME! Its perfect for me to do and it helps you as well as anyone wanting to watch that is hearing impaired. LOVE it and will be a huge contributor even as a slow typer lol
Autor: Sarai C
AutorLove how jaquie says yall
Autor: Hanah Coyle
Autorgo Jaquie!!
Autor: Rachel O Connor
Autori tried opening the link to submit closed captions but it said 404 error page not found...?
Autor: drexel quin
Autor is so cute!
Autor: Krista2882
Autoromg I stayed home sick from school and waited ALL DAY for this vlog💖💖
Autor: Ericka Liu
AutorThank you for the cc!!
Autor: Hanah Coyle
Autorhi jaquie and harlow,
my mom suffers from the same thing i have.we both have degenerative disk disease,osteo arthritiis,sacroilliac joint disease.i also have something that causes me to become nauseated if i don,t eat and when i do eat.i seem to have some gastritis.i also seem to have some regurgitation.yeah i too like cold mac&cheese.just wanted to say you have my full support.i have a question regarding service dogs,can i chose the breed or do they choose the breed? i have a keeshond/chow he,s 8 years old but i fear that he may be too agressive to a service dog yogi doesn,t like strangers,the only person he,s good around is my mom.he,s going to go blind soon due to small cataracts on both his eyes,i too have the same problem.other than the cataracts yogi is healthy.i would hate to put a healthy dog to sleep.i also have rhuematoid arthritis in my right mom has it real bad in her hands.i,m also having headaches real bad now,almost like migraines,it,s been years since i had one that was back in 1990.i,m also losing weight too which i don,t understand.sorry for my rant here,maybe you can understand some of what i have.
Autor: Carla Page
AutorYay for the captions! You're so generous in wanting to make your videos more accessible for everyone. What a precious soul ☺️☺️
Autor: Sydney C
AutorYou have got to be feeling the love girl, when everyone cares so much when you are a little off schedule. Glad you had such an awesome day with family!
Autor: Kathleen Morgan
AutorJackie your videos are so amazing. Even though I don't go through what you go through on a daily basis you still inspire me to be positive even if everything isn't in my favor. I will continue to watch your vlogs for as long as you make them. Also Hippo(can't spell her name lmao) is such a well behaved and beautiful dog. Now I need to figure out how to tame my golden puppy too 😂😂❤️❤️❤️
Autor: Bryce Streett
Autor As soon as Judd heard the word "sleep"...BAM! :-)
Then again...was that real?
Autor: Bert Visscher
AutorOur internet is down too!!! Ba humbug 😪 I'm not sure if you've answered this in the past (if so, sorry for asking again!) but are you wearing a Fitbit/watch/or some other thing I can't properly identify? I keep wondering what that pink thing is!
Autor: mcfloan
Autoryay for closed captions! i'll work on some videos when i can, for sure!! :D
Autor: ZtheMonster
AutorAnd yes yes yes about the captioning!!! I use captions on all videos because of sensory processing issues (not hearing problems) and the YouTube ones are so crappy. I'll definitely contribute and I'm just super glad that you've decided to do this :))))
Autor: Molly CircusZebra
AutorThank you for opening your videos to be captioned!! I am deaf and struggle to understand your videos sometimes. There are companies that will caption your videos for a small fee but allowing subscribers to caption is an awesome (and free) option.
Autor: Sensory Disney
AutorAhhh I am so glad you are okay! You worried me! Harlow immediately stopped playing when you had your attack it was so amazing!
Autor: Dastiel4ever
AutorOmg the growl that Harlow let out was so cute. For the outpatient infusion center do you think it's one where you have your own room or one where everyone is in the same room and if it will you have to wear your mask the whole time
Autor: Shelbey DeBlieck-King
Autori was getting worried. i checked every hr to see if you vlog is up. i'm sooo proud of you for winning the uno. i love that game. and congrats to your cousin. wow, hes really smart.
Autor: Wakako Tsujita
AutorOMG Jaquie you have reached 15K! Congrats ! So lovely your cousins came to visit you ! That is so so lovely and so lovely to see them. That means a lot to anyone with a chronic illness. No worries about late vlog, hope internet gets fixed soon ! :)
Autor: Maria Solano
AutorI sent you a message on facebook but you are a on Animal Addicts page on facebook on your training with Harlow it is a awesome piece congrats love your videos
Autor: jason allen
AutorGlad you are ok I was just checking instagram to see if something was wrong
Autor: PotsAndPups
AutorI love how as soon as your asthma attack hit Har calmed straight down and just lay on you. She really is the perfect service dog for you ❤
Autor: Sophie Goldblum
AutorJaquie - finally got started on your informative videos. Your chronic illness video was amazingly detailed and so thorough. What a great advocate you are! Thanks for all the hard work. It could not have been fun to hash through all those issues but SO MANY people will benefit from the time you put into it. Kudos to you! Keep them coming!
Autor: Karen Ratcliff
AutorI wish I had such a supportive family.. mine get mad when I can't do something with them and when they plan something they never think of the fact I can't get into some places cuz of my wheelchair and that there's a lot of things I cannot eat due to swallowing issues.
Autor: kpopfan forever77
AutorHave you thought about getting a dog treadmill?
Autor: Erin F
AutorAre Harlow's eyes okay? They seem to always be weeping fluids.
Autor: Courtney Rohrer
AutorI love watching your channel it makes me feel like I'm not alone (i have social anxiety and PTSD)thanks for being my favorite youtuber
Autor: _Flamingred _
AutorHi, I love your channel keep up the amazing work ❤️👌
Autor: Raina R.
Autorits amazing how you can be playing with harlow and then when u are going through somthing she stops and makes sure you are okay
Autor: Jess Jeffery
AutorGreat vlog!
Autor: imfreetobeme8
AutorI love watching you and Harlow interact! What a beautiful friendship 💜
Autor: Sam Marie
AutorJaquie how do you resist Harlows beautiful brown eyes! She is adorable!
Autor: RellaRen
AutorWatching your vlogs always puts me in a better mood. You're so positive, and I think that's really important when dealing with chronic illnesses. Seeing someone else suffering with a chronic illness and handling it the way you do is so inspiring. Thank you for all you do for us!! :)
Autor: Joy Smith
AutorI am so glad to see you having a good normal day. You ate, played with Harlow and got to visit with your cousins. I know everyday has its ups and downs.
Autor: mikegrl1

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