71 Seconds Changed America | Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story

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AutorSummary: An A__hole shot a young man who was brutally beating his head against the sidewalk... for having offended him in a credibly racist fashion. Then - black america had an instant and very very strong opinion about it simply because of Trayvon's skin color. Black activists in america had zero to say about the Kelly Thomas killing. The biggest racism in america today is latinos hating blacks, blacks hating whites, both hating asians... and only white feel guilty for it.
Autor: DeShawn Michaelson
AutorI see a lot of trash in the comments ...
Autor: kee b.
AutorTravon was a Criminal Thug ! When he Attacked Zimmerman he was drinking Syssurup a drink mixed with candy ,soda, and Codeine.The same drug Chris Brown was on when he beat Rhianna ! Fact !
Autor: Hop Man
AutorThis kid wasn’t a hero, an angel, or anything like that. He was a thug.
Autor: Robert Lockhead
AutorThug kid got what was coming to him
Autor: tazsnuts99
AutorHi like this fib now
Autor: John Olivo
AutorJustice was served the night a violent thug entered a gated community and attacked someone and was shot for it
Autor: Sandlin22
AutorWOW the racists are in full effect....I'm out!
Autor: tonysr1983
Autorfirst to like
Autor: Beneko Odukb
Autorthese comments are disgusting. Wow :/
Autor: imani johns
AutorTruly a American hero that George Zimmerman was
Autor: George Rivera
Autor>The only time the police couldn't account for that night was 71 seconds. 71seconds, so many unanswered questions.
Except the questions were answered and the case was solved. Anyone with two briancells and a phone would know this
Autor: Saphire Systrine
AutorRest in POWAH my nizzle lol
Autor: Captain Freedom

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