Concerts Fail Compilation ( metal ) momentos graciosos y accidentes

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AutorI wonder if the social services paid a visit to that girl with the child in the wall of death
Autor: fattwat1
Autor and the mother of the year award goes to......
Autor: Indy Jones
AutorWhen corpse grinder get off stage run motherfuckrr lol
Autor: Chris Munoz
Autor . ese tio si que lo esta pasando del putas... jaja
Autor: jaifer zaal
Autorja ja ja ja que joda
Autor: Gabriel C.
Autor yeah i totally wouldn't see that without the circle
Autor: Osmil Oe
Autor: dedi syarifudin
Autory esa oendeja con el bebe? que le pasa
Autor: blanco negro
AutorMost of the audio isn't live. Shame one you.
Autor: Daniel Trottier
AutorChe schifo di musica, quasi quasi e' meglio il neomelodico napoletano eheh :p
Autor: Aldo Longo
AutorHahahaha loucos
Autor: Sanctus Umbra
Autoromg no one caught that professional head banger...... WTF
Autor: Seth Hamilton
Autordo your balls hang low ??? fuck you troglodytes
Autor: D A V VE T E R A N VE T E R A N
Autorajajaja el tio del minuto xD
Autor: Maj Dren
AutorWhat happened at ?
Autor: copstolemywife
AutorAlmost everyone in this comment section is an asshole of some kind.
Autor: Baron von Penguin
AutorWow that girl with the baby amazes me. such valor. Majestic recreation of Narnia at its finest :'v
Autor: Ricer Accent
AutorThat BITCH didn't just bring a baby to a pit, she brought it to a fucking Wall Of Death
Autor: Samsaranian Supreme
AutorWho’s playing at ??
Autor: Jayanta Panigrahi
Autoraos o cara da própria banda chutou a guitarra do também vocalista? uhsuahsuahs VIOLENCE
Autor: Vinícius Diego
AutorPretty bad when one of the four members of your band stops playing and no one even notices lol
Autor: Josh d
AutorДалбаёбы дикари пиздец
Autor: Wieso braucht man einen Namen?
Autorcringe worthy
Autor: Matthew Witherington
AutorFalling on your ass is soooo metal!!! \\m//
Autor: Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
AutorO tiozinho no final kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk so pode ser BR vey kkkkkkk
Autor: Luiz Mariano Netto
AutorAlguien me explica que pasó en Cannibal? No entendí por qué Fisher se baja del escenario.
Autor: Saberia Cherniak
Autor>black metal
>in some mexico
it dosnt work like that, it wont make you white
Autor: Arbeit
Autor hahaa he hurt himself with the bass and then stops de concert to put the blame on the crowd for his injury haha
Autor: Raul Menem
Autorwhat was the fail for the slayer concert?
Autor: flauffle wauffle
AutorThe first band is high...
Autor: Pat Rubbish
Autor faith in humanity restored
Autor: Ac Contreras
AutorAnd Now special about Bruce Dickinson fall's on stage :D
Autor: Karel Kordina
Autor: Pedro Carrasco Sen
AutorBawbags, every single one of you.
Autor: Geo Arthur
AutorAnnihilator, kewlest ever not a fail though:>>>>>>
Autor: Kazio Kau
AutorAlguien sabe la cancion que enpiesa en el minuto ?
Autor: MusicaMetal :v
Autorfalto el que canta y vomita
Autor: Javi Rodriguez
Autor ?
AutorSays the stupid man who looks like a ricky martin fan
Autor: Humungus Erectus
Autorwhat happened with corpsegrinder? I've saw him in person and he's huge! wouldn't fuck with that guy
Autor: TheRottingElvis
Autorhaha The slayer clip was epic. "Waaaaaaaar..." siiiiiilence :P
That was the best part of this entire video.
Autor: SunShine
Autor: Jonathan Gonzalez
Autorum monte de loko noia filha da puta
Autor: Fernando Sales
Autorwhen CorpseGrinder jumps off stage to go to know you done fucked up
Autor: Jay Richard
AutorThat chick with the baby needs to get her fucking ass handed to her. What the fuck?
Autor: CazMatazz
AutorThe tuneist
Autor: unryu1
AutorWhen one of the guitarist fall, the music sounds exactly the same without them.
Autor: Shane Matthew
AutorThis video was fucking terrible. It's one thing to be bad at playing an instrument. It's an entirely different thing to unable to recognize funny situations in the rock world. Seriously, there were so fucking lame.
Autor: Peter Jackson
Autormore than half of these were just awesome
Autor: Murder McFly
AutorViolencia? Foi o proprio membro da banda que chutou o baixo...
Autor: Efeito Dunning-Kruger
AutorWhat's that stupid woman doing with a kid in the middle of a concert. Then people come arguing against abortion. Holy shit! No. Not the kid, her mother should've been aborted.
Autor: Gustavo Costa
Autor was really funny, LOL. Good that nothing bad happened there.
Autor: DaSmooth
AutorCan anyone tell me pls....
on min,
what the name of that song?
Autor: Metalhead \m/
Autor: AaronBrooke Chacon
Autor22 aug wtf
Autor: kapaderos
AutorThe drummer at should definitely get a thug life moment.
Autor: Christian V.
Autor It's not a baby it's a midget metal head
Autorwhat the fuck
Autor: Failmaniac
AutorWow, I guess really shitty music has consequences.
Autor: maconsumner
AutorIt is never a good idea to touch someone who is paying people to kick the ass of anyone who touches them.
Autor: Zachary Murray
AutorAll metalhead are drug addict fuck yourself metalhead I hate this fucking video
Autor Brasil
Autor: tʍ乃モㄥㄥッ
AutorY de repente un comentario en español :v suscríbanse a mi canal :'v
Autor: Verónica González
AutorYo estuve con mi sobrino en el mini-festival thrashero del Salamandra (L'Hospitalet de Llobregat) el 11 de noviembre del 2012, cuando Kreator tras las brutales actuaciones de Morbid Angel, Nile y Fueled By Fire hizo saltar los plomos precisamente durante su interpretación de “Hordes of Chaos”. Estuvimos unos tres cuartos de hora esperando a que volviera la luz y se reanudara el concierto. Recuerdo a Mille Petrozza gritando cabreado "Fuck the promoters here, fuck this people!" cuando por fin regresaron al escenario...
Autor: ROY BATTY 2019
AutorYes, I agree these bands are fails on every level.
Autor: MattC78
AutorHahahah jbt.😂😂😂
Autor: Sinister 32
Autorannihilator part was fakkin epic
Autor: caandca
Autor: Aristóteles
Autor: fabio hellborn
AutorWho the fuck are these bands? Is that why they suck? This was ear piercing!
Autor: Nicole M
AutorPorra meu somho ter uma banda assim! De death metal
Autor: Belzebu Cha
AutorEl ultimo del top parece que esta bailando cumbia.
Autor: • Gustaff Mejia •
Autorwhich devourment song is that at
Autor: Harun Malik
AutorSo the guy in a thrash metal band got punched (or whatever) mid set and stopped the gig to complain about violence? "Oh look at this i'm bleeding"

Autor: Gio Fergom
AutorI'm glad they got the baby out, but that Mom sucks.
Autor: Corey Mullis
Autorim not sure but i think a man at is slash when he was a very young
Autor: Bo Van
Autorpoor editing
Autor: Parks Miller
Autorthat stupid lady bring the baby..thanx to metalhead
Autor: Umat Akhir
Autorthey should do a video with famous bands
Autor: Battlesix
Autor lol dude at the wrong concert
Autor: KuηtyRose
AutorIt’s annoying when they swing their heads in a circle. Kinda lame.
Autor: WoioW oioW
AutorSo growling and making low strange sounds with a scratchy voice in a microphone is called metal now? Sorry thats not metal its just a loud noisy person who can't sing
Autor: sinner sometimes
Autorque cancion toco anhilator ?
Autor: brandon hernandez
AutorI too like to hump my friends when they fall down.
Autor: VXCV
Autor Fuking Wankers
Autor: lars' 1996 toothpick
AutorSo many blast beats..
Autor: jonathan zeon
Autornice to know your story bro... I am so happy for have found friends here in YT..KEEP GOING!!!😊👍♥❤♥
Autor: BetChang
Autorw t f
Autor WTF!!
Autor: Renzo
Autor I was waiting for Ace Ventura to show up
Autor: borisiwanow
AutorAll losers lol. Love this. Get a job losers! Actually no, keep entertaining us. Metal dudes are awkward.
Autor: skidrowsux1977
Autoratleast they made sure the woman and kid got out of the way before they moshed hard
Autor: chuckieboy
Autor does anyone know that song? :D
Autor: Pája Tamten
Autordragonforce is a studio, juilliard, band with no street cred.
Autor: kevin kling
Autorthrash metal bands have good taste in fail
Autor: Petrectet 123
Autor: Не человек Видимка
Autormost of that is just noise
Autor: Joe GI
AutorYouTube, music section. Sennstrato -allz I want for x-mas
Autor: Sennstrato Sennstrato
AutorSometimes these fails become part of the show.
Autor: Tom Sainz
AutorSe necesita ser muy [email protected] para meterse con un bebé a un pogo. Mujer estúpida.
Autor: Jurián
Autorthe name of the band at ?
Autor: reformtorta
AutorFirst it's not a baby, it's a toddler.
Second don't judge the mom, maybe she didn't know what's happening next or she realised it and wanted to get them safe.
Third celebrate or be grateful for the metalheads helping her out of this situation 😉
Autor: PikkuNoita
AutorHerman Lee or Herman Idiot...
Autor: jack Chosen One
Autor Carlton?
Autor: Chris Munoz
Autoren una orquesta o con una banda de jazz no pasa. porque son musicos posta jaja
Autor: javier lobeto
Autor - Band's name: "ENTANGLEMENT".
Autor: a n t i m a t e r i a
Autorid shit my pants if corpsegrinder came after me
Autor: Skankhunt41
AutorSome of these clips have about the best video quality I've ever seen on u tube. In this day and age there is no excuse for less than the best...can't say the same for the "music" and whats with metalheads and short pants?
Autor: ThousandKnives II
AutorAural mayhem! So many notes in so short a time😱 I couldn't listen to any of them for any length of time. But it's still a million times better than rap.
Autor: copstolemywife
Autor: Jeff Banner
Autorthe kreator one was fucking hilarious!!! what metal band mimes there performance hahahah
Autor: DefMettle
Autor: 11 11
Autoranyone know the song of Municipal Waste's at around ? That riff was sick
Autor: Joe Nance
Autor you can say what you like about metal fans but they are almost always gentlemen.
Autor: Ians surname
AutorSeñora siéntese con su BB que no nos deja paternos con libertad
Autor: alcatel664
Autor What is the name of the song?
Autor: Metzger Malek
AutorMan, pretty powerful lyrics on that Devourment song. That shit was inspiring...
Autor: ll Kasper ll
Autor: Yawar Inti
Autor: Aris Grunge
AutorExpliqueme en los comentarios ¿Que fue lo que pasó la banda kreator ? ¿Que se la luz?
Autor: Marquito Nalvarte cisneros
AutorQue cultura mad demoniaca, proteger a la madre y su bebe, somos demonios
Autor: rockerx2007
AutorConcerts Fail Compilation
Why Do Metal bands not expect demonic things not to happen at their concerts' I guess it's because they live in another reality as usual
Autor: Donnie
AutorOh man... ...that guitarist is so furious and still funny... Hahaha... What a funny reaction
Autor: Pachuau Lalhlimpuia
AutorFuck that guy who pushed the "old man" in the last video.
Autor: Kaesewicht
Autor lol they are playing in a classroom
Autor: El Padrino
AutorWheres the fails?...Lil Wayne aint here !
Autor: Rkk O'Tilley
Autorwhat happen to REAL music ?
Autor: william121852
AutorTwo guys of "CANNIBAL CORPSE" are vegans !!! That' s way j like them.
Autor: enzo viglione
AutorMy favorite was the guy dancing in the pit😂
Autor: J.D Hawkes
AutorStupid b*tch. Smart metalheads.
Autor: Iqbal Alian Nugraha
AutorL O L
Autor: adhie brutalSlamm
AutorDon’t fuck with corpsegrinder
Autor: Benjamin Zarndt
AutorWhat up with the useless red circle?
Autor: fishcock
AutorLa banda del minuto
Autor: Rodrigo Miranda
Autor jajajajaja
Autor: Half life 3 Confirmed. Half life 3 Confirmed.
AutorI don't think this as much of a fails-video as it is a metal-ppl-are-responsible-video.
Autor: Erik Sundstrom
AutorViolator siempre tiene sus fallas jajajaja...pero es un bandon!
Autor: GianPiero Possessor
Autorдолбоящеры тупорылые!)))))))))))))))))))
Autor: ZorgsteinKilloo
Autorwahhh im big fans ur band u know wht r u doing it i throw it into the garbage kreator poster fake in the concert..
Autor: zack paulo dsbm
Autor...oh I see.
Autor: I Suck at Guitar!
AutorSome of these, the "music" itself is a fail.
Autor: TheCoolStuffHD
AutorYankis de mierda!!!
Autor: minabo taduro
AutorYouTube video, sennstrato, sennstrato - allz I want for x-mas
Autor: Sennstrato Sennstrato
AutorThanks for using our footage at
Autor: Dr. Light Productions
AutorQuem diria que tem banda brasileira ae.
Autor: Lucas Pereira
AutorWhat was corpsegrinder angry about
Autor: Alexander Hamilham
AutorThis bitch with child should've been stomped to pieces right after she put her kid somewhere safe :/
Autor: Cold Void
Autorque manga de estupidos y q musica de mierda pedazo de inservibles
Autor: Uberto Medina
Autorwho in the right mind would bring a baby into a moshpit
Autor: Metalcore Michael
Autor estos metaleros respetuosos lo digo sin sarcasmo
Autor: Axel sama
AutorEstos si es Rock y no mamadas 😂🤣
Autor: Cristina Miranda
AutorThat Devourment video is a prime example of why you don't scoop your mids
Autor: John Smith
AutorWhats that The Agonist song?
Autor: Vojnik 14 Revolucije 88
AutorOK but the one with the baby shows just how nice metal heads really are. They stopped the pit just to help her out.
Autor: King Canoe
Autorque retrasada la que estaba con el bebe XDD
Autor: heavyhead 7
AutorHerman Li 😅😃
Autor: engel bert
Autor epic
Autor: Benja Vasconcello
AutorSe comportan como animales irracionales, no se sabe quiénes son peores las bandas o sus fans, insultan a la música. 🤢
Autor: ce cs
Autorkkkkkkkkkkk kraio o mano ia mete a guita na cabeça do maluco que doidera kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Autor: renner José
Autorcuanto payaso suelto
Autor: juliprive
Autor the best! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Autor: Elton Axt
AutorUh, the singer for Municipal Waste diving into a crowd of metalheads from the top of a Marshall full stack is NOT a fail....that is 100% Win.
Autor: MrScalilou
AutorWhat happened at ?
Autor: copstolemywife
Autorminuto como se llama ese tema alguien sabe
Autor: David Herrera
AutorIf the Chris Barnes was coming after me I'd be so freakin terrified I'd probably cry.
Autor: River Samek
Autorlol that kreator gig XD
Autor: morganmetalmajor
AutorMetal is for Narcissists...
Autor: KonamiBadass
Autormatalheads canot twerk
Autor: Salty Crotchwhiff
Autor"we're all creatures! We're all monsters!" lol
Autor: pumasgoya
AutorLast guy is the classic drunk person enjoying a heavy show. We got to love them.
Autor: Marco Peláez Fernández
Autor"No puede ser posible, pero se cayo" jaja
Autor: Así Es
AutorSave tranvolin
Autor: Bibi bibi
Autor: Angel Hernandez Reyes
Autor what happened?
Autor: Vicky Jost
Autor En serio?? Playback? Se lo merecen XD
Autor: Kusunoki Toribash[OFFICIAL]
Autoro ultimo foi o melhor kkkkkkkkkk o troxao
Autor: felipebrasil5
AutorJust stop being metal plss..XD
Autor: AnGeL PiE
Autor: Rokz 4
Autorwhat happened with kreator?
Autor: AlfonsoEA
AutorMaricones anormales todos ustedes, si todos ustedes los que comentan y las bandas de mierda que adolatran, metanse LSD, para que vean la realidad del asunto. se me rompio el codon.
Autor: Brain Salad Surgery
Autor - Everybody please calm down, it's just "Another Baby in the Wall"!
Autor: a n t i m a t e r i a
AutorIncreíble lo que hace la marihuana!!
Autor: chencho
Autor jajajaaj xddddddd
Autor: Remy
Autorim embarrassed to be white now thanks.
Autor: brad hoke
Autorcomo se llama la canción de minuto
Autor: Pablo580
Autorel ultimo me mato de risa jajajajajaja
Autor: Tomas Vino
AutorMassive respect to the dudes at
Autor: Moth
AutorName of the first band?
Autor: Simone Pomi
Autor la peor madre de toda la historia!
Autor: sejrec56
AutorI will never be as cool as that baby........ wall of death at 4 yrs old bitches
Autor: Jason Laurent
Autor mano do céu !
Autor: Odair
Autor LMFAO!!!
Autor: unknown
Autorhaha "umm hi excuse me Pigslayer? sorry, I've seemed to have gotten my pigtails caught in your little thingie you're playing with could you maybe if its not to much trouble stop playing for one sec kthnx"
Autor: Josh d
Autorhahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahah the most retarded mother of year hahaha
Autor: AngryKoala Insane
Autor: dieselscience
Autor: a n t i m a t e r i a
AutorStupid mom
totally irresponsible
Autor Who the fuck brings a baby to a fucking metal concert, where there is possibly drunk people who will crush everyone who fall to the ground? Let alone a baby and a small woman.
Autor: fishcock

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