Grayson, Fake Dems & More: TYT Now (Full Show)

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AutorA reasonable republican? The sky is gonna fall.
Autor: Kunta Jay
Autorwhere are the regulars of TYT?
Autor: MrCleanboy12
Autor@stepmothercity it's hot o_o
Autor: Tripp393
AutorGrayson needs to be in congress where he belongs.
Autor: CognosSquare
Autoralan grayson needs to come to california. as much as i like pete starks i think alan grayson can beast here better
Autor: masterkayaki
AutorGrayson...... "FOR THE WIN"
Autor: Robby3461
AutorCongrats! Voters knew what to do. :)
Autor: cyninbend
Autor@biggydx I remember they were both literally the balls of the Democrats. I sure hope Grayson does get back into Congress cause now more than ever, he's gonna have to literally play both cojones if the country ever has a chance to recover. If I had lived in the 8th District I would vote him in seconds flat. But maybe "President Grayson" sounds much better :D
Autor: NaziGOPBallmer
AutorTHEY USED MY JOKE <3 43:49
Autor: Shinius
AutorI'm not sure if TYT is going to take my request, but I would really like to ask Alan Grayson about the President's potential de facto line-item veto power mentioned by Brit Hume.
Autor: fiercedragoon1982
Autor@canadianeh24 I completely agree!
Autor: T&A
AutorThis blond host, isn't usually excited to be on this show?
Autor: Mr. Officer
AutorGrayson we need you back. Now that Weiners gone the left doesnt have anyone vocal enough.
Autor: biggydx
Autor"I know 2+2 actually is 4, and I don't have to look it up in the Bible".. AWESOME!!! :D
Autor: dreamcoyote
AutorMitch McConnell wants to make Obama a 10 term president, look it up. Obama has decided to withdraw 100,000 troops from Afghanistan in 20140, look it up.
Autor: NaziGOPBallmer
AutorI wish Grayson was running where I live!!! He would definately have my vote!
Autor: samala5793
Autor: Paradoxian LP
Autor"I know 2 +2=4, and I don't have to look it up in the Bible".... Awwww man, do I miss Alan Grayson! I want to know how I can volunteer for his campaign.
Autor: Boobalopbop
AutorObama is apparently faithful to his 10 wives.
Autor: JPJPR
AutorLove the fact that Grayson is back.
Autor: WorldGreatest1
AutorTina, look at the camera and not at Tim when you're explaining a story. Tim knows the story . . . address your audience. Tim even tries to cue you to look at the camera by glancing over to it once in a while.
Autor: Blissmonkey
AutorYay, they said my Santorumism first!!
Autor: mjr256
Autor@biggydx Agreed.
Autor: T&A
AutorI prefer the full shows, good work.
Autor: flake452
Autor: mikel1982
AutorAnd stop funding the criminal Israel while youre at it :P
Autor: Blakken
AutorLarry Grayson is a fucking shill!
Autor: phatcontrolla
Autorgood interview :) i love this guy, too bad he didnt run for president
Autor: canadianeh24
Autor@flake452 Oh come one, he could care less.
Autor: Ungoogleable o_O
Autor@bb1televator hahaha
Autor: T&A
Autor@ThePhatIndian I agree, I usually think she's so pretty. But she looks like I dunno either she had a bad reaction to some botox (chinky eyes) or trying a new shade of foundation that is making her skin look cakey and chalky.
Autor: Boobalopbop
Autor3:00 - Kind of like Anthony Weiner, right? 6:57 - "Taxpayers against Fraud"? Where's Grover Norquist? I thought he was supposed to represent the interests of taxpayers, huh? 7:37 - Like Eskow said, it's about telling ppl what to think about rather than what to think. 8:38 - I'm glad Grayson picked up on the same thing Paul Krugman did. President Obama is such a bad politician that he doesn't even realize that the Republicans are being quiet on SS cuts so that they can stab him in the back.
Autor: fiercedragoon1982
AutorTina = hot o_o
Autor: Tripp393
Autorah BULL!
Autor: Jackass200018
Autor@kazooga1234 Thanks for the Santorumism! Keep 'em coming.
Autor: T&A
Autor: dblazer321
Autor@Sanorpas Thanks for watching
Autor: T&A
Autor@NaziGOPBallmer Yes. Yes it does. :)
Autor: biggydx
AutorObama has killed Osama 10 times
Autor: RoddyFC
AutorGrayson = fuck yea
Autor: Tripp393
Autorholy shit...make sure you kids full screen this...Tina is beautiful and Tim...<3
Autor: ooMONKEYoo
AutorTim's laughter gets to me after a while.
Autor: SaintBaltimora
AutorHow many poor trees had to die to make all those copeis of Sharon Angle's stupid book? To die to become a copy of an insane person's book of vile ignorant crapulence. I'd be PISSED if I were a tree that this happened to.
Autor: bb1televator
Autorhey sharron angle. 4 of your books makes you a square
Autor: masterkayaki
Autor@thenorwegian76 Please my fellow european "maths" americans use some crazy words.
Autor: flake452
AutorOoh, shut that door!
Autor: Kurzula5150
Autor@flake452 Thanks for watching.
Autor: T&A
AutorI usually dont like interviews on TYT, but this one rocked.
Autor: Sanorpas

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