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Autor: Javier Lepe
AutorEugine i tried twice, i used the same measurements. my souffles had raised but they do not stay long after 5 mins i noticed they simply contracted back like a browine?? 
Autor: Asma Siddiq
Autor진한 초콜~~~^^
Autor: 1 2
AutorHi Eugenie! (: I would like to ask, can I replace the flour with corn flour?
Autor: Elaine Chin
AutorHi :) No, it's 2 ramekins (one-cup-size).
Autor: Eugenie Kitchen
Autormini casseroles are good for souffle, too. Happy cooking!
Autor: Eugenie Kitchen
AutorEugenie can you please make marshmallows plz
Autor: Fathima Shahla
Autorhi, i just tried this recipe yesterday and it's turned out not so well :)
Well, i think it a little bit too sweet and waterry, can you give me some advice on how to make it better???
Autor: Nhi Ali
Autor이거 강력분으로는 되요?
Autor: 전예원
Autorhello ms eugenie... can it be cooked in microwave???
Autor: aishaaloha
AutorHi eugine..can u make video for homemade whipped cream?
Autor: Lynna Usman
AutorSorry Eugenie****
Autor: Ebba Ahlqvist
AutorYou should make a spongebob slice cookie
Autor: JJVlogs !!!
Autoryou're so considerate.. An you treat a foods with lots of love
Autor: pork chõp
Autor수플래 좋아하는 2인!
Autor: 유 유
AutorI love all your videos! you are such a talented chef! if I may make a request? can you please do a macaron video? Thank you for all your hard work ;D
Autor: juicy russian
AutorI have a guest and I would like to make this recipe, Chocolate soufflé. I have 6 adult, how many eggs, sugar, chocolate chip or the ingredient for 6 or 8 adults. Thank you. I'm having French dinner on Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015. Be great to get your advice. Thank you.
Autor: Esther Liu Ho
AutorWhat if I don't have any ramekins?
Autor: Venice
Autoromg >.< dont pay attention to me - I have no clue how I didnt see the macaron video you posted, so sorry... but really happy you have it up already )))
Autor: juicy russian
AutorMake opera torte
Autor: Charlotte ThaiThai
Autor: Rose Guasque
Autorok to double the ingredients to make 4 ramekins?
Autor: June Yoon
Autor: 놀자!또이야
Autor오븐만잇으면 완성하는건대ㅜ
Autor: 울미
AutorHow many servings????
Autor: msalv28
Autor수플레 맛있겠어요^^
Autor: 강지윤
AutorHi, main oven only. :)
Autor: Eugenie Kitchen
Autor수플레 만드는데 진짜 간단하네요~
Autor: 강지윤
AutorLoooove your videos!! An extremly good job Euginie!
Autor: Ebba Ahlqvist
Autor: 님존예
Autor: Eugenie Kitchen
AutorYou are right :)
Autor: Eugenie Kitchen
Autorwhat are the ingredients?
Autor: Hana Kuddah
AutorHi, It's possible, but not much. 30 minutes in advance.
Autor: Eugenie Kitchen
Autorcan I use microwave instead of oven? Please help me!!
Autor: Quangduong Tạ
AutorI'm in love with your techniques eugenie!
Autor: kharbootah100
AutorIs it ok if we use cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips instead????
Autor: Mark Villegas
Autorhey my souffle is too watery what can i do?
Autor: Shusmy Ahmed
Autorhow many ramekins does it make?
Autor: TheCupcakeGirl01
AutorOMYGOD <33333
Autor: Janina Mauricio
AutorI love soufflés I make mine with protein powder everyday :)
Autor: FitAngie
AutorI love all of your videos. very well-prepared with detail instructions. I will try to make them some time :)
Autor: Thang Nguyen
Autorhello, i am new subscriber. can i make these in cupcake or muffin pans. i dont have oven bowls
Autor: Ana Sam
AutorMeringue pronounce mer-ring
Autor: Lily Cody
Autor저 꿈이 요리사인데...
저의 꿈을 이룰 수 있을까요?
Autor: 놀자!또이야
Autorشكرا لك ، انتي جميله جداً
Autor: وجدان
AutorPossible. :)
Autor: Eugenie Kitchen
AutorHi Eugenie
Love your video.
Do you think can use those cupcake board type liners for easy eating on the go?
if yes still same temperature and time?
Autor: meg
Autor역시 저는 그냥 수플레보다는 초코가 더 좋아요bbb
Autor: 꿈이담긴 볼
Autor이벤트신청은 어떡해합니까??
유키님 영상업로드많이많이해주세요!
Autor: UTTER B
AutorWhat a lovely kitchen. Just out of curiosity, do you speak French? :)
Autor: Sunny Lee
Autor1st ? 2 nd ??
Autor: milla tan
AutorHi, That's not impossible but the size of individual molds is too small for a souffle.
Autor: Eugenie Kitchen
Autori make that. but when i make the little whole it's flat so fast! and you don't, why is that happend? is that the wrong oven or i didn't use the ramekin or whatever. please help me!
Autor: Sriwidadi Sulistyaningsih
Autor보기만 해도 군침이 흘러요ㅜㅜ 저도 정말 초콜릿을 좋아하는데, 오븐이 고쳐지면 만들어 볼게요~
Autor: 말가려서해라
Autor: Rose Guasque
AutorLOL Happy for ya, C! :D
Autor: Eugenie Kitchen
AutorThey rose beautifully. I love souffles and custards but I never think about making them for myself. I may change that tonight!
Autor: fofalooza
Autorpersonally I didn't separate the egg yolks from whites, or add vanilla extract or do anything to the ramekins and they still turned out perfect. I'll try tomorrow following the exact same steps and see if they taste any better. But thanks anyway for a nice straightforward tutorial :)
Autor: Harry cubeguy
Autoris granulated sugar just like white sugar, icing sugar or caster sugar?
Autor: TheCupcakeGirl01
AutorI just tried this recipe, it's so good and easy to make, Love it
Autor: Yu Livia
Autor유진님~ 영상에 관련된 질문이 아니라 죄송하지만 뭍히다 할 때 뭍이 아니라 묻이라고해요! 뭍이라는 말은 없다고 하네요 ㅎ.ㅎ영상 감사하고 한국채널 구독해서 보고 있답니당 ~:-)
Autor: 설지현
AutorCan I keep the batter in the fridge and bake it later or next day?
Autor: Edna Ng
Autor: _ 민더[ 인디고 ]
Autor: 김채영
Autor약간 복잡해보이지만 맛있겠네요^^
Autor: 박설지
AutorEugenie! I made this last night after watching your video and they were perfect! Perfect! Thank you for this amazing tutorial.
Autor: Lilsnukems
Autorwow 21!!!! thanks sooooo much. your Such a great cook! :)
Autor: TheCupcakeGirl01
Autorcan we use cocao powder instead of chocolate chips???
Autor: Aysha Faza
Autorcan we replace the vanilla extract with vanilla powder ?
Autor: khalid ftot
Autorانا من السعوديه وسويت لايك
Autor: lnno son
AutorHi!!!! How to make chocolate coulant??
Autor: qadashbru
AutorI'd tried to make the souffle as your direction. It tasted alright, however, it came out too runny inside. I check your souffle is soft and dry, yet u add some chocolate after that. Any advice for me? Thx
Autor: Andre Bern
Autor💪🏻ill make it thanks 😍
Autor: هذي أنـآ
AutorI have a question, when u turn on ur oven , to u turn on the main oven or do u also have the top oven on?
Autor: R y a n
AutorEugenie, sooo good. I love your recipies, I wish I could try them all.
Autor: Stane Mazgon
AutorThank God, actually I finished soufflé before asparagus! :) Enjoy!
Autor: Eugenie Kitchen
Autorthanks dear :)
Autor: Momina Patel
Autor유리 그릇 오븐에 넣어서 구워도 괜찮을까요???
Autor: 이유진
Autor벌꿀 수플레도 보고싶네요! 벌꿀 수플레 만드는동영상 올려주심 안되나요??
Autor: 김민주
AutorI'm planning on making these for a dinner party later in the week, and I was wondering if it's okay to make the batter a couple of hours before cooking them?
I'd prefer have to make the souffle's from scratch with my guests around, and I don't want to cook them ahead of time because I know that the only way to eat these bad boys is straight from the oven.
Autor: HumanoidSparky
Autorthank you for your video, I like all your receipts
Autor: Le Mai Thanh
Autordo you lived in English speaking contry?
Autor: rr yunu
AutorHi..when out of heat,then it is the time that I will put the Chocolates?
Autor: Harvey Balgos
AutorHeres a tip: If you whip up egg whites or whip cream at the end dont hit the bowl with the wisk because if u do that u'll might break the egg whites or the whip cream
Autor: pandlexd
AutorIm just like mohang mohang umm meringue
Autor: Jamie Kim
AutorMmmmm. I sure love this too!!! Thanks so much for the recipe. You made it seem so easy to bake. I will definitely make this, & SOON!! Can't wait. Regards. Ivy Ling
Autor: MegaKaraokefan
Autorhi :) i dont have ramekins, then what do i use?
Autor: Momina Patel
AutorYou should make a sponeebob slice cookie
Autor: JJVlogs !!!
AutorI made this souffle and it was delicious!
Autor: Arcaniea
AutorIs it possible to make the batter in advance, then bake it when guests come so that its fresh?
Autor: hellojanedoe
Autor궁금한게 생겻는데 왜 초콜릿반죽에 머랭을 섞고서 다시 넣는 거죠?
Autor: 영서
Autor: 셰림_
Autorits delicious
Autor: shanu
Autorhow long does it take for your souffle to deflate?
Autor: Janice Vazquez
Autor오븐만있음 돼는데 없어....
Autor: 0613 13
Autor제가 수플레를 만들어봤는데요.. 이게 저희집 오븐은 세서 그런지 180도에 10분구웠어요(200도에 굽다가 위가 타려고해서..) 굽고나서 먹었는데 거품같은 맛인데 원래 이런 맛인가요...? 처음 먹어봐서...
Autor: 박찬양
AutorI watch her videos for entertainment they are really interesting..
Autor: MejoTV
AutorHi, Béchamel sauce can be made in advance but French meringue can't be pre-prepared.
Autor: Eugenie Kitchen
Autor유지니키친님 진짜 요리도 잘하시고 얼굴도 이쁘시고. 마음도 착하신듯 해요~~앞으로 맛있는 음식들 기대합니다^^
Autor: You Tube쿠키
Autor유진님, 베샤멜 소스를 만들때 루에 뜨거운 우유가 아니라 차가운 우유로 만드는게 훨씬 쉽습니다
뜨거운 우유에 차가운 우유를 넣으면 덩어리가 뭉치지 않아요
Autor: Sea Oh
Autorshe must works out like crazy to stay thin and eat those sugars. Damn, love em souffles.
Autor: Fleetingdreams
Autor바닐라익스트랙 대신이 넣을건 없나요??
Autor: last daybreak
AutorIt look amazing
Autor: miguel gomez
AutorI'll be sure to try these out it seems really nice.
Autor: Yusuf Mo
AutorHi, 2 1 cup-size ramekins and granulated sugar is everyday table white sugar.
Autor: Eugenie Kitchen
Autor이거는 박력분으로는 안 돼요?
Autor: 정호석
Autor: allsix

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