H∆SHTAG$ Season II - #Grime | Red Bull Music Academy

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AutorWhats the beat at 8.10
Autor: SnapaTV
Autormaddie collins is a posh publisher that makes money from whatever artist is blowing up at the time
Autor: Scott Murtagh
Autorsorry .. I couldn't continue to watch this once a bunch of London (uk) ppl start saying hip hop came from reggae and actually believing it .. smfh.. hip hop came from dis mixing disco beats in what we call hip hop now..
Autor: thepublicenemyink
Autorannie mac? mista jam? ratking? and a bunch of US people no one's heard about.. worst grime documentary i've ever seen.
only person here who knows what he's talking about is spyro.
Autor: Joe Deamer
AutorFootage from Sidewinder bonfire bonanza @ club ocean hackney 2003. I was inside the club that night, such an important moment. First time sidewinder was held in London! Unbelievable vibe and enjoyed every minute.
Autor: Back2Basics
Autorhaha where is SPF666 talking shit tho?
Autor: Ye Ye
AutorSo we're just going to pretend that Dizzie didn't happen...
Autor: Luke Minall
Autorwhats the track @ ???
Autor: mpbourke
AutorApple Music needs to recognize grime as a different genre from hip hop. Let's not get it twisted, uk rap should still be hip hop, like krept and konan and that, but grime shit should be in its own category. Julie adenuga is the only one who's most likely to bring this change if she put her mind to it, and made it happen. If it was its own genre, ppl all over the world will be like "what's this" and check it out and here the grimey shit that makes grime grime.
Autor: Jitzoh
AutorThis is so fuckin corny!!! Shoutout rapid & spyro tho
Autor: Yesuman OTB
Autorshould have just spoke to spyro and rapid for 15 mins. only certi persons actually doing anything with the music here.
Autor: steppa money
Autorjynx my nigga i see u
Autor: drunkdenny

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